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F-35 procurement process 'manipulated'
The government not only misled Canadians regarding the costs of the F-35 but the procurement process was "manipulated" to achieve the government's objective, says a retired bureaucrat who has penned a new book titled Canada, Democracy and The F-35, which is due out on Monday. MORE...


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22h46 - Projet de loi C-38 · L'opposition dénonce l'ingérence du fédéral


"We should not kid ourselves, he argues, however, Bill C-38 will be adopted, because they [the Conservatives] have a majority."

There are two issues involved now with Bill C-38 The "Jobs, Growth and Long-Term Prosperity Act"

The First that it contains not only matters relating nto the 2012-2013 Budget but rather "it also amends about 60 different laws, eliminates a half dozen others and rewrites the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. "

The second that "The Conservatives passed a motion Thursday that will limit second-reading debate on Bill C-38 to seven days, infuriating critics who said it was far too little time to discuss the implications of the broad, 425-page bill."

Read it on Global News: Global Edmonton | Conservatives pass motion to limit debate on massive budget implementation bill 

To provide as much information as possible to aid in your arriving at considered views on these issues access to google articles are provided below.


From: "Dr. Raymond Denson"
Subject: Re: Daily Digest May 15, 2012 005

We don't have to buy the F-35. Bombardier, if given the chance, can build a perfectly satisfactory Canadian fighter plane, and all the associated jobs will stay in Canada.
Raymond Denson.

From: Robert Ede
Date: Sat, 5 May 2012 08:42:22 -0400
Subject: Perils of a Majority Commons in the post-1940 merged PMO/PCO era.
Cc:,, Rt Hon Stephen Harper <>

Opposition fumes as Tories limit debate on sweeping budget bill
"Lumping it together in an omnibus bill like this is undermining the very institution that we all represent, and our ability to hold government to account," he said.

Mr Cullen et al,
Indeed this omnibus Budget Implementation Bill is an affront to the Constitution/BNA1867 - but so is every party-whipped action carried out by a Majority PMO since the Order in Council P.C.1940-1121 was approved in March of 1940 (attached pdf).

The BNA sets out an Executive Power and a Legislative Power - both being part of the One Parliament described in s.17.

When the wily Rt Hon Wm L M King crafted, presented and approved the abovementioned Order in Council that extended duties within the Legislative power to the Executive Power's Clerk of the Privy Council (a scant 3 weeks after the death of the incumbent GG and 3 months after the retirement of Lemaire, the longstanding Clerk) he effectively merged the PMO & PCO.

This move usurped the Privy Council (no longer to be independent advisors to the GG) and thereby eliminated the check/balance over the Legislative power that was the whole idea behind the GG's powers to Reserve or Withhold Royal Assent.

Our current "friendly autocrat", Mr Harper is no more a constitutionalist any more than he is an economist, but he holds the reins to the merged PMO/PCO - a convention/tradition that is wholly inconsistent with the spirit & letter of the as-written Constitution/BNA 1867.

Perhaps no one saw the consequences to Mr King's unification-of-powers during the nationalization/mobilization of Canada during the early days of WWII - more likely no one cared as long as the huge task was accomplished - but it is wrong for the present days.

Either we have a Constitution or we don't. If we don't follow the as-written text .... what set-of-rules ARE we following?

At your service on background and details

Robert Ede,
The Majority of Canadians P.A.C.

From: Ric Levenston

Joe, if you want to be unbiased you need to print stories from the other side. Try: Have you fact-checked Elias Akleh's literature references? If not, you're just perpetrating more hate and anti-semitism.
There are about 56 Muslim countries that kill or expel Jews and only one Jewish state.
Ric Levenston

 Have not, will do.
From: Larry Kazdan
To: Vancouver Sun LetED <>
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Canadian banks didn't need - and didn't get- bailouts, Terry Campbell, May 04, 2012

Re: Canadian banks didn't need - and didn't get - bailouts, Terry Campbell, May 04, 2012

Many Canadians are still suffering as a result of the recent financial crisis and a depressed economy. But in 2009 and 2010, while receiving emergency lending from the the Bank of Canada, CMHC, and the U.S. Federal Reserve, Canada's largest banks were consistently profitable and able to increase the multimillion dollar compensation packages of their chief executive officers, who were already among Canada's highest paid. This government liquidity support to the banking industry amounted to $114 billion, the equivalent of 7% of the Canadian economy, or $3,400 for every man, woman and child in Canada.
These figures are estimates, uncovered by the research of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Unfortunately we do not know the exact amount each bank received because, unlike in the United States, the details of this extraordinary financial support by the Bank of Canada and CMHC has not been made public. This gives new and cogent meaning to the phrase "the invisible hand".
Larry Kazdan

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: some things never change

"They hang the man, and flog the woman,
That steals the goose from off the common;
But let the greater villain loose,
That steals the common from the goose."

An anonymous protest poem from the 17th century.
Subject:  The night of May 4th DD

Joe--tonight, May 5th is to be the brightest full moon since 2006. Are the heavens trying to tell us something?
Sadly, the title on the picture you posted re May 4th should read 'the birth of the age of entitlement'? After all, our politicians around the world believe that they are gods to be followed blindly by the serfs of the planet.
The Country Roads song you posted is one of my all time favourites. Getting back to our roots is the only thing that will save this country.

another one of my favourite songs

We have to keep our country--we have to fight until the end
Subject: the truth must not be spoken in Canada?

Soldier says military muzzled him for speaking out
Subject: Orwell was so far seeing--this is today

Jeff Rense Reads Orwell - The End Of Freedom
Subject: Canada will follow blindly

FBI: We need wiretap-ready Web sites - now
CNET learns the FBI is quietly pushing its plan to force surveillance backdoors on social networks, VoIP, and Web e-mail providers, and that the bureau is asking Internet companies not to oppose a law making those backdoors mandatory.
by Declan McCullagh May 4, 2012 9:24 AM PDT
"If I Wanted America To Be A Dictatorship"[video]

There just can't be moves this organized! Can there?
If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.
George Orwell

From: The Natroses

Curious, what is being discussed in the media of late, and in particular newspapers, the issues of the day. using headlines such as, "Making Canada's Past A Slave to Power", speaking around the issues, at the issues, skirting around the fringes of outcomes such as our vets being denied specialized mental health services, that speaks more of the 'state granting rights and privileges and the taking away of them whenever deemed fit by the governments of the day. Nasty politicians, comes to mind, but Al Gullon post, is accurate and dead on: "
The next morning, when the barber went to open up, there were a dozen Congressmen lined up waiting for a free haircut. And that, my friends, illustrates the fundamental difference between the citizens of our country and the politicians who run it. "

In Simpson's article in the Globe and Mail, it skirts around the central premise, that is ailing all nations, not just Canada - is the consolidation of political and economic power to a central points of many at different levels, where power and economic clout decides what will be the experiences, knowledge and goals of their citizens. " The Conservatives display two-facedness in the telling of history, systematically reducing the role of the informed and the neutral in explaining the country to Canadians, while enhancing the capacity of the government to cherry-pick what it chooses to highlight." Â

Repeating the narrative and reinforcing the role of the political system, that the political system has the rights and privileges to decide what is best for its citizens. Leaving the central premise that is ailing all nations, untouched, the consolidation of the political and economic clout, leaving the many citizens restricted in choice, freedoms and rights by default, Restricting democracy results in the consolidation of political and economic power to a central point, as well as restricting the natural flow of common citizens making sense of their world, based on their experiences and personal knowledge. The consolidation of political and economic power is in essence to make citizens believe the myths, but more importantly don't believe their own personal experiences and what they know to be true according to their knowledge, as false.

A citizen who just lost his job due to consolidation of fish plants, the vet who has been denied health services, the security guards hired to prevent the dumping of garbage by its citizens who cannot afford the fees to entered the garbage dump, or the citizen who is in need of emergency medical help, to meet the criteria of the demand to have their bodily fluids tested before emergency medical help can be rendered, are all examples where the ordinary citizens must either accept the myths of the ones that hold economic and political power, ignoring the realities, or be prepared to accept help that is administered under charitable economic terms of those that hold the political and economic power in their hands. So the vet who was turned down, can now look for help under the charitable umbrella, as the unemployed fish plant worker under the guise of make work projects of 'moving rocks' and 'painting white picket fences' of those who hold the economic and political power. As for the garbage dumping and bodily fluids problems, are both examples to be used to further divide and pushed citizens into believing the myths, and ignoring the realities - the truth.

Forcing bodily fluid samples is an unnecessary intrusion: commissioner"

It is why, Al Gullon post should be seen as a reality, that politicians and the others that hold economic clout will be above this new law in BC, as they do think they are above the laws of the land.

The consolidation of political and economic power, divides its citizens. It isolates their citizens. And in the end, it is the citizens that voluntarily join the legions of the exile, protecting their small kingdoms, against the ones that are holding political and economic powers. Trying to sort out the myths and the truths, that each citizen can live with, and that is what the political and economic powers count on, because it has been since the time, of humans gathering to form communities. In today's context, instead of the political and economic powers holding sway over a small village or a country, it is now the world. And the many small kingdoms of the citizens, have contracted to mere microscopic dots, with a huge network of interconnectivity that is constantly contracting and expanding, via through the central network of those who hold the political and economic powers. Ordinary citizens are within a huge network of interconnectivity, that denotes common community, exchange of knowledge, vast opportunities to expand the small kingdoms that spans the world, but the other reality as the ones that hold political and economic powers are constantly consolidating to the next central point, the small kingdoms of citizens are constantly undergoing contraction, decreasing to smaller and smaller microscopic kingdoms, to the point where some citizens' kingdoms, are no longer seen by others in the vast networks of interconnectivity.

The unseen small kingdoms, become the back water issues that appears from time to time in the networks, displaying in short spurts, and becomes the fuel that is essential to consolidate the economic and political powers to the next central point. Many of them, and in fact millions of them displaying at any one time, that directly impacts the small kingdoms of citizens, to further consolidate into smaller kingdoms, remain the same microscopic size, or to expand.

A backwater issue, of explosions in saw mills is one current back water issue that had a short spurt, that became the fuel for the political and economic powers to expand, at the expense of the little kingdoms that hold their livelihoods in the forestry. The science was kicked out the back door, dismissed outright by some in the media and at the very least give the impression that science knowledge has not advance to the point on the implications of dust and enclosed environments. In reality, it is a well known science fact, that dried dust, a lot of it, can literally catch the air on fire.

"The science behind sawmill explosions"

"The answer is that government officials and others presumed that the tragedy at Burns Lake was a confluence of circumstances unlikely to occur at any other B.C. sawmill.

Margaret MacDiarmid, the province's Labour Minister, said the Burns Lake fire had appeared to be unique, pointing to the cold snap in January that had forced the mill to close its windows, increasing the hazard of a dust explosion. "Clearly, we were wrong, and another terrible explosion has happened, she said."

The above link, is a typical response among the ones who hold political and economic powers. A one off, an isolated incident and more or less discounting and downplaying the science, in favour of promoting the 'status-quo' of policies of the 'big guys' in the forestry industry, where saw mill explosions is the price of doing business, and the focus becomes the charity of honouring those who have been killed and injured in the saw mill explosion, without the expense of carrying out what amounts to 'good housekeeping' to prevent explosions. Sawdust regardless if it comes from green or dead wood, is still dust, and all dust has the potential to explode, if under the right conditions and there is enough of the dust.

"Good housekeeping practices, namely eliminating the build-up of deposits of combustible dust that may be disturbed and lead to a secondary explosion, also help mitigating the problem.

Best engineering control measures which can be found in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Combustible Dust Standards include:
  • Oxidant Concentration Reduction
  • Deflagration venting
  • Deflagration pressure containment
  • Deflagration suppression
  • Deflagration venting through a dust retention and flame-arresting device"

Still taught in the schools at some point in the science curriculum, and well taught by my father and his penchant towards greasing his workshop inside the barn, on the evils of dust. And yet, the ones that hold court in the economic forestry industry, would rather have explosions, to protect their profitability margin and market share of 77 percent world wide. That is the big guys, and not the small independents who are being chased out by the 'big guys' who have been granted the economic power to chased them out, with lots of help from the political powers.

"An analyst's report from International Wood Markets Group Inc. says the annual allowable cut for the B.C. Interior will fall to 40 million cubic metres in the next 15 years from 60 million cubic metres.

This means that sawlog availability will be dramatically less for existing sawmills. … Further industry rationalization is expected if the economics of surviving mills cannot afford the rising cost of fibre and/or the alternatives," the report states.

Since 2005, 22 mills have closed in the Interior due to economics " that does not include the two mills that were destroyed this year. What remains is an industry that still employs an estimated 140,000 people, when spinoff jobs are counted.

Although the report suggests there are reasons to hope for a turnaround, it is one based on industry survivors, not growth. "Few of these mills will likely ever reopen due to the lack of available timber."

Joe asked a question - "In your considered view is this more conspiracy theory or an in reality concern for those favouring a sovereign Dominion of Canada."

Neither, but that is if one refuses the myths and starts to look at the realities of the day. Move beyond conspiracies and sovereignties, and see it for what it is, the consolidation of political and economic power, and, from time to time, the contraction of political and economic power. However the latter, is a rarity..........


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