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Tory politics exclusive, not inclusive
MP's appeal of court ruling on Etobicoke Centre puts focus on election machinery

NDP leader Tom Mulcair invades enemy territory
West won't warm to Mulcair's sanctimony

Manuge helped disabled veterans ­ now it's Ottawa's turn
The CP Rail strike and Harper's pre-emptive war on labour

Canada's search-and-rescue needs saving
Growing seniors contingent packs political punch

Aging Canadian population an economic opportunity for youthful First Nations
A census that Stephen Harper can love

The lingering gloom of recession
Quebec student protests: is Act III an election?

The smoke clears
Red and orange ridings feel Tories' EI blues

Re-education of David Wilks a lesson on the decline of parliament
Mulcair, Oliver spar over NDP leader's Alberta trip

Mulcair confident of warm reception on first visit to Alberta's oilsands
Pipeline spill sends 22,000 barrels of oil mix into Alberta muskeg

Dave Thomas: "Harper is probably the worst thing that's ever happened to Canada."
Calgary MP Lee Richardson announces retirement

Calgary backbencher quits Harper's team to work for Redford
Mulcair confident of warm reception on first visit to Alberta's oilsands

Alberta to sue tobacco companies for $10B
Public Works minister cites defence purchase delays and competing agendas

Peter Kent giving public "incorrect" info, says NDP
Popular wine bill stalled by NDP's 'cynical games'

New report backs up Mulcair's claim Canada's economy suffers from Dutch Disease
Who'll lead the Liberals for the next year?

Ottawa kicks tires on high-altitude drones for Arctic surveillance
Questions of political influence swirl over ORNGE site

Of mice, men, and tap-dancing chihuahuas
MacKay, Natynczyk set to skip arms trade show

CP Rail back-to-work bill passed after marathon session
Federal NDP leader's visit to Suncor, Fort McMurray hopefully not last, critics and allies say

Western premiers work on energy plan
Canada to change course, recognize right to water

Quebec student leaders say province budging on tuition
Time for Quebec to end equalization addiction: Montreal think-tank

Feds to unveil half-dozen counter-terror projects as part of $10M commitment
Feds promise to deal with Mountie discipline after plea from RCMP commissioner

NDP also rewarded failed candidates with political jobs: Van Loan
Census: Canada's aging population putting new demands on government, business

Khadr is a danger, U.S. doctor says
Ottawa's environmental review overhaul under fire

Enbridge ad campaign intensifies pipeline battle
Hacker group Anonymous vows to attack Montreal Grand Prix

Politicians, not Catholics, deserve Ontario's wrath for funding religious schools
Redford heads to Virginia financial conference

Climate skeptics often highly rational, survey finds
Animal Health Act amendment to clarify who is meant by 'a person'

Western premiers meeting on energy and labour issues


Flame virus set to spread like wildfire
British court rules WikiLeaks' Assange can be extradited to Sweden

Russia 'categorically against' Syria intervention
Lost photos prove Greenland's ice was melting FASTER 80 years ago than today

Czech Scientists Uncover Déjà Vu Mystery

Protests Against Brutal Repression and Draconian Law in Quebec

The Last Interview of Syed Saleem Shahzad
Quebec Student Movement Grows with Popular Support

Top Ten Reasons to Occupy Bilderberg
Pro-Life Group's Hidden Camera Footage Shows Complicity in 'Sex-Selective' Abortions

Official Stories Exist to Protect Officials: Exclusive Excerpt from New Book Pt 1
Intel Hub Press Members Harassed by TSA Agents In Route to Bilderberg 2012

On Syria, the Kremlin is key
'Israel should consider opening humanitarian corridor to Syria''

Israeli researchers: Group of Colorado Indians have genetic Jewish roots
A commitment to Israel will be hard to maintain if equality is not upheld

Palestinians to ask UN to recognize West Bank village as World Heritage site
Israeli orchestra to break boycott against Wagner's works for first time

Syria: The media and bogus causes for intervention Video:
BBC Engages In Anti-Syria Propaganda? Truth behind BBC's vicious tactic .

West's Houla Syria Narrative Crumbles, Expels Syrian Diplomats Anyway ttp://
Syrian Houla Massacres: Divide & Conquer Strategy Exposed Video

Propaganda: Free Syrian Army Gives Assad A '48 Hour Deadline':.
In Syria, this is no plan for peace:

Syria cooperating with UN: Annan:."
Force against al-Assad regime a no-go for Russia, China:.

Russia says Syrian envoys' expulsion "counterproductive":
Are U.S.-NATO setting up pretext for attack on Syria?: .

US troops imitate invasion of Iran with Arab allies:
Lieberman: Erdogan won't drag Israel into counter-provocations

Seif al-Islam Gaddafi and the Fight behind the Scene over His Fate FREE version.

READ MORE FOCUS: Obama's Secret 'Kill List'
Read the Article Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Quebec's Student Movement

Muslim Brotherhood Are Western Proxies
America's Murderous Drone Campaign Is Fuelling Terror .

"Militants": Media Propaganda
The Face of Collateral Damage .

Obama's God Complex .
Why The Assanage Case Is Important .

Bradley Manning, America's Martyr For Open Government ttp://
The Allegory of the Optimist and the Realist: A Cautionary Tale ttp://

Who Needs Wall Street Giants?
Money, Inflation, Fraud and Slavery Even a Child Can Understand Itl.

Violent Crime Rate is at 40-Year Low Why is U.S. Spending S100 Billion a Year on Police?
UN monitors say 13 killed in cold blood in Syria: .

Qatari spy chief held at Cairo Airport with bags of cash: .
The Globalisation of U.S. Special Operations Forces:.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange loses court bid against extradition
Assange Attorney: British Ruling Sets Alarming Precedent for Judicial Independence in Europe:.

Occupy Movement Being Labeled As "A Domestic Terror Organization" By FBI - Video - : .
Gov.: Drones over Va. 'great'; cites battlefield success: .

'Bin Laden doctor' jailed for 'fighter links': .
Liberia's Taylor given 50-year jail sentence: .

Kissing the hem of war criminal Tony Blair's garment as if one million Iraqis never died:.
Greek suicide epidemic continues:.

Christine Lagarde, scourge of tax evaders, pays no tax: I
Pending U.S. Home Sales Fall 5.5 Percent in April

Home prices lowest since 2002:.
Wells Fargo to Pay $432 Million in Lending Lawsuit: .

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<

21h48 - 37e manifestation nocturne · Elle a été déclarée légale
        La 37e manifestation nocturne, festive et pacifique, s'est élancée dans les rues de Montréal vers 20 h 40, mercredi, de la place Émilie-Gamelin. Elle   a été déclarée légale. Agence QMI
20h22 - Conflit étudiant · La FEUQ est déçue de la tournure des négociations
        La présidente de la Fédération étudiante universitaire du Québec (FEUQ), Martine Desjardins, est déçue de la tournure des négociations avec le  gouvernement Charest qui visent à mettre fin au conflit étudiant.  Agence QMI
19h00 - Conflit étudiant · Fonctionnaire suspendu pour avoir tenu des propos controversés
        Le ministre des Affaires municipales, Laurent Lessard, a confirmé qu'un haut fonctionnaire de son ministère a été suspendu sans salaire pendant         deux semaines à la suite des propos controversés qu'il a tenus au sujet du conflit étudiant.  Agence QMI
13h24 - Recherche sur le terrorisme · Ottawa annonce 1,1 million $
        Le gouvernement Harper accorde 1,1 million $ pour financer six projets de recherche sur le terrorisme. Agence QMI
08h59 - Grève au CP · Loi spéciale adoptée pendant la nuit
        La loi spéciale C-39 a été adoptée dans la nuit de mardi à mercredi, à Ottawa, ce qui aura pour effet de forcer les grévistes du Canadien Pacifique     (CP) à reprendre le travail. Agence QMI
06h40 - Services offerts par le fédéral · Un site internet ouvert aux citoyens insatisfaits
        Les citoyens sont invités à dénoncer le manque de services offerts par le gouvernement du Canada. Agence QMI


Toxic Japanese Debris Piles Up on Alaska's Shore


Toxic debris and fish both to North and South of BC
Here as well but not being reported?

Any one know?

Subject: The Latest from Impolitical
From: Impolitical <>

On keeping elections out of court

Now that Conservative Ted Opitz has launched his appeal of the nullification of the Etobicoke-Centre election result, it looks like a bit of a public relations effort has started by Conservative friendlies to raise doubt about the judgment. See Tom Flanagan in the Globe today fixating on the 79 votes that the judge found to be irregular and therefore a sufficient margin to overturn a 26 vote election margin.

Flanagan applies the vote distribution obtained in the election to the 79 votes and thinks it's unlikely that the election result would have been different. There's an issue with fixating on the 79 votes though.

Those 79 vote irregularities were found as a result of a consent process during the application in order to allow it to proceed "in a summary way" as the Elections Act contemplates. Wrzesnewskyj agreed to limit his case to an examination of just 10 polls in the riding ( para. 22 of judgment). So finding 79 voting irregularities in just 10 polls suggests that there were many more to be found. Applying a strict test to how those 79 votes might have gone misses this context. (Wrzesnewskyj attended our Parkdale-High Park federal meeting this past Saturday and he related how his lawyer wanted him to push to include more polls but Wrzesnewskyj consented to the narrowing of the case regardless.)

It also seems wrong, on its face, to presume that votes would go just as the election percentages went. It's a fair bet but you just don't know. The irregular votes are just that and are indeterminate. Each vote should be assessed on its own, if that's possible in the face of whatever the irregularity is. But arguing to apply the election percentage results retroactively is arbitrary.

Further, it seems to me that the answer is not to to be spending time arguing for narrow mathematical certainty in the legal tests to be applied at the back-end when you're counting votes in court. That doesn't seem a likely thing for the Supreme Court to do at this stage in any event. It has been acknowledged throughout the discussion of the Etobicoke-Centre case (and the robocall lawsuits) that the election irregularities part of the Elections Act has not been widely litigated. So it is unlikely that the Supreme Court would seek to narrow the standards to be applied from here on out. They're more likely to be cautious and leave room for the law to develop.

The larger answer, really, is to properly resource Elections Canada up front so elections are run in as air tight a manner as humanly possible so that we don't end up with election irregularities - including preventing election agitators from shutting down polling stations - that lead us to court challenges. That's a better way to keep elections out of court.

Anyway, we await the Supreme Court's determination and should not be so fussed with opinion maker speculation.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Fukushima radiation now detected in U.S. seafood (plus other news)

NaturalNews Insider Alert ( ) email newsletter
Radiation from Fukushima has now been confirmed in the U.S. food supply -- in seafood, in particular. While authorities say levels are currently very low, it has been admitted that the radiation appeared in the food faster than expected:
The USDA conspired with Monsanto to allow the planting of experimental GM crops even before they were approved:
Subject:  No room for centrist compromise in a left-right split Canada   DD

Joe--Left/right is just a political way of making us cheer and vote for our favourite team.  There is no such thing in politics--they represent the corporations/banksters and we stupidly cheer them on.  Time to wake up.

The Left Right Paradigm is Over: Its You vs. Corporations

There is no such thing as the political left and the political right. You've been duped.
Subject: Letter to Baird etc DD

Joe --thank you to Stephanie McDowall for her letter to Baird et al. She has written a truth that our politicians and their controllers don't want us to know. God bless her and her courage to speak the truth in Canada.

From: Gord Elliott <>
Subject: Harper's principled support of Israel continues paying off

Harper's principled support of Israel continues paying off
Matt Gurney,, May 30, 2012 – 11:26 AM ET

Tuesday night, I attended the annual Spirit of Hope fundraiser for the Friends of Simon Weisenthal Center for Holocaust Studies. The event, at a posh downtown Toronto conference hall, raised over $2.5-million for the Centre, which promotes Holocaust remembrance and educates young students about anti-semitism, racism and human rights. The more than 2,000 guests were a cross-section of Toronto's intellectual, business and cultural elite, and by no means were limited to those of the Jewish faith. But it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the GTA's Jewish community was well represented.

The evening's main event was a debate, moderated by CNN's Gloria Borger, between U.S political commentators. The Republicans were one-time GOP presidential nominee candidate and now Fox News commentator Mike Huckabee, as well as Karl Rove, former deputy chief of staff and campaign guru to president George W. Bush. The Democratic contingent consisted of two campaign warriors — James Carville and Donna Brazile, both who contribute commentary to CNN.

Canadians are fascinated by the scale and grandeur of political life in our neighbour to the south. The organizers of the Spirit of Hope event do well to bring in U.S. heavyweights — in the last six months, two different senior U.S. officials have told me how amazed they always are by the average Canadian's knowledge of U.S. affairs. But I was interested to note that the biggest applause line of the evening, the only one that got the crowd on its feet, was praise reserved for a Canadian — Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The question being debated by the panel was "Is the world safer under President Obama?" Audience members were invited to vote via text message. The results were updated and displayed often, and remained remarkably steady through the evening. Near the end, yes and no were repeatedly trading a one-point lead. The audience's split loyalties were also apparent in which lines drew applause. It seemed the Democrats may have gotten a little less cheering and applause when defending Obama than the Republicans got for their sharpest attacks. But it was close. At least when American politics is concerned, Toronto's affluent seem split largely down the middle.

But that divergence vanished when Huckabee spoke of a recent trip to Israel. Throughout the evening, Obama's support for Israel had been a frequent point of contention. Then Huckabee said (I am quoting from memory, so this is approximate), "In 40 years of visiting Israel, I have never seen the people there in such a state of anxiety [over Iran's nuclear program]. And as an American politician, what astonished me was that for the first time, the Israelis I spoke to considered the Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, a much better friend and ally to them than the American president."

The applause was loud and sustained. Many rose to their feet. Huckabee was forced to pause before continuing until the crowd quieted. An audience that was split down the middle on president Obama was throatily enthusiastic about Stephen Harper. In years of closely following Canadian politics, I have never seen a Conservative politician receive such a tremendous outpouring of support in downtown Toronto … and from people who actually live there, to boot.

It's not surprising. Under the Conservatives, Canada has rightly aligned itself with the Israelis. That doesn't mean turning against the Palestinians, as some will try to spin it. It means recognizing the reality that Israel is a legitimate democracy struggling with multiple asymmetrical and conventional threats to its security, if not existence. Israel isn't perfect — and some of its policies and actions are counterproductive. But it doesn't have to be perfect to be right.

And Harper's Conservatives have been refreshing in their willingness to acknowledge that, despite the frankly limited electoral reward. James Carville cracked up the crowd when he joked that if he'd learned one thing about Israeli politics, it's that you need to win the Jewish vote, but that's far from the case in Canada. Jews make up a majority of voters in precisely zero ridings, and are only a sizeable minority in five out of 308 — four in the Toronto area, one in Montreal. Three of them went to the Conservatives in the last election, as did the support of 52% of Jewish voters. That's a huge swing into the Conservative camp. Not all that long ago, the Tories would have carried none of those three ridings. But it's still only three.

It's a happy thing in politics when doing the right thing brings electoral reward. It's all the more impressive when a political leader does the right thing even when the math argues against it — Muslim voters far outnumber Jews in Canada, and are much more likely to vote for the Liberals or NDP than they are Conservatives, no doubt for many of the reasons that Jewish Canadians are likely to support the Tories.

Tuesday night's event wasn't about Canadian voting trends. It was about U.S. politics, and more importantly, about raising money for a cause worth supporting. The money raised will help bring Holocaust and human rights education to communities throughout rural Ontario, where trips to museums and access to special resources are limited. That's something worth writing about all by itself.

But it was hard to ignore the Canadian political reality on display in that room. If the people there were any indication, Stephen Harper shouldn't have much trouble besting his record of 52% of Jewish support next time he heads to the polls.

 Gord Elliott
Alberta Member Representative
National Council
Conservative Party of Canada

Geoffrey May
short layout of the plan,What will Harper do ? Back down ? or order the caucus to fast .
note at end when she refers to the oppression of MPs by the political party system

Interview with Green Party Leader Elizabeth May

Canada's ruling Conservative party is determined to pass its controversial omnibus budget bill but the leader of the Green Party says she plans to block the legislation even if it means, as she puts it, taking her out of the House of Commons on a stretcher. She joined us from the lobby of the House of Commons.

From: Robert Ede


Quarterly Financial Report
First Quarter, 2012 – 31 March 2012

The Report is now available on the Bank of Canada's website at:


Rapport financier trimestriel
Premier trimestre de 2012 – le 31 mars 2012

Le Rapport est maintenant affiché dans le site Web de la Banque du Canada à l'adresse suivante :

From: "Stephanie McDowall"
Subject: Syria - Atrocities Made to Order | _#more-15604

In the wake of the Houla massacre in Syria, and evidence exposing the West's initial narrative of Syrian troops "shelling to death" around 100 people to be categorically false, people are struggling to understand just what happened.
Subject: Security backdoor found in China-made US military chip | _#more-15583

I am surprised at this story as "backdoors" were an issue with the Chinese years ago and they refused to purchase a wack of U.S. made computers for this reason. This made the mainstream press in a big way at the time. One would think the U.S. military would have thought of this possibility re themselves years ago.
I wonder where the computers the Canadian Military and Cabinet Offices are manufactured ?

From: "Robert G. Gauthier/The National Capital News Canada" <>
Subject: Defending Fundamental Rights: Response to S Booiman and MacLeans Magazine June 4 re Quebec

Hello, Joe,
Thanks again for following the resistance by Quebeckers to the imposition of tyrannical laws.
Even the lawyers in Quebec are now standing up against the tyranny being imposed.
Instead of badmouthing Quebec, Suan.H. Booiman and MacLeans Magazine are invited to note that not even one Member of Parliament protected the rights of the citizens of Quebec and Canada against the repression by the Provincial Government in Quebec.
The student leaders who resisted are true defenders of the Canadian Democracy ... no thanks to those outside Quebec and no thanks to Canadian Parliamentarians who still collect their paycheque while being derelict in their obligation as Guardians of our Rights and Freedoms to defend the Canadian Constitution equally for all Canadians...even those of Canadians resident in the Province of Quebec.
Contrary to the view of Suan.H. Booiman, there was nothing wonderful about Macleans' front page and the uninformed opinions in Macleans particularly about Quebec simply show their ignorance and contempt for fellow Canadians...the arrogance of ignorance!
The facts are that Canadians all across Canada should be grateful that a handful of dedicated students in Quebec stands united against the tyranny of illegal laws being imposed in violation of the provisions of the Canadian Constitution.
These students are the true heroes in Canada.
Robert G. Gauthier,

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Syria

Joe--I just watched part of an interview with Prof Aurel Braun on CHCH TV.  This lying piece of garbage stated that Iran is also in Syria causing the death and destruction there and the people of Syria just want 'democracy'.  We know which group this liar is from and who wants to kill Syria.  What is wrong with our msm that they can promote death and destruction from such a liar?  This has gone too far.  Is there anyone in this country who can speak the truth?

From: Robert Ede
Subject: silly (some cute, some funny, some v good)



I have kleptomania,
but when it gets bad,
I take something for it.

Sometimes too much to drink isn't enough.

Heaven is Where:
The Police are British,
The Chefs are Italian,
The Mechanics are German,
The Lovers are French
It's all organized by the Swiss.

Hell is Where:
The Police are German,
The Chefs are British,
The Mechanics are French,
The Lovers are Swiss
It's all organized by the Italians.

Suicidal twin kills sister by mistake!
My short-term memory is not as sharp as it used to be.

Also, my short-term memory's not as sharp as it used to be.

A bartender is just a pharmacist
with a limited inventory.

I may be schizophrenic,
but at least I have each other.

I am a Nobody.
Nobody is Perfect.
Therefore I am Perfect.

Dyslexics Have More Nuf.

In Memoriam
With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment,
it is worth reflecting on the death of a very important person,
which almost went unnoticed last week. Larry LaPrise, the man who wrote
"The Hokey Pokey," died peacefully at age 93.
The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin.
They put his left leg in. And then the trouble started.

Money isn't everything,
but it sure keeps the kids in touch.

Reality is only an illusion
that occurs due to a lack of alcohol.

Red meat is not bad for you.
Fuzzy green meat is bad for you.

I am having an out-of-money experience.

Corduroy pillows are making headlines!

I want to die while asleep like my grandfather,
not screaming in terror like the passengers in his car.

Sometimes I even put it in the food.