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EI rips off steady workers
One country, one set of laws

The inconvenient truth
Some welcomed, others not

Some opinions matter more than others
A Tory maverick

Talks between CP, union stall; Raitt prepared to step in

Back-to-work legislation, EI backlash to dominate return of Parliament
Quebec students, government back to the table Monday

Dion: Real reform of the Senate won't be that easy
Going against party lines, MP says he wields more power now as independent

A Tory MP takes a brave stand against … his previous brave stand
Internal review absolves bureaucrats who violated privacy of veterans

Liberals struggle with identity
Western premiers to talk environment, energy and Tom Mulcair at meeting

Natural Resource Minister scolds Mulcair
Pollution monitoring team faces cuts

Harper is right: Foreign radicals are after the oil sands
Baird condemns 'depravity' of latest Syrian bloodshed

U.N. leads calls for urgent world action on Syria
Montreal protesters march in peaceful defiance

Quebec students ready for tuition hike, says one leader
Hints of desperation as Liberals court Cummins Conservative party leader says he rejected overture from Clark's troops

John Cummins casts eye on premier's chair
G20 senior commander facing misconduct charges for ordering U of T mass arrest

N.L. premier 'at odds' with Peter MacKay
NATO Signs Contract For New Generation UAVs While Canada Opts Out of the Alliance Ground Surveillance System

Rain could bring relief to northern Ontario communities threatened by wildfires
Environmental coalition pulls out of talks with B.C.'s largest fish-farm company

RIM expected to announce major layoffs this week
Read more: Thousands rally against Quebec protests ban

Richmond's Monsanto Welcoming Committee Seeking Secretaries
The Power Principle - Propaganda
Media Deep Sixing Fukushima
Media Deep Sixing Fukushima
Chemtrails and LRAD and Other Omens Worth Noting Chemtrails and LRAD and Other Omens Worth Noting

Washington couldn't hold a candle to Carleton

G20 senior commander facing misconduct charges for ordering U of T mass arrest

SNC Lavalin scandal compromises CANDU support, nuclear security.

10:27 p.m. - 34th night protest · A smaller crowd of peaceful march
        The march, however, again been declared illegal by the Police of the City of Montreal from the start to 20 h 30 in the absence of route provided in     advance. It was tolerated as long as no crime would be committed. QMI Agency
9:56 p.m. - Montreal · The impacts of conflict on tourism student worried
         The Sunday evening meeting organized by the BTMM was to take stock of the impact of the student strike on businesses in Montreal for the start of       the tourist season. QMI Agency
9:27 p.m. - Sovereignty · Former Premier Parizeau believes that the reflection should begin
         "It takes years of preparation. If we want things to be successful, we must begin well in advance. " Agence QMI
7:52 p.m. - Jacques Parizeau · The "awakening of a generation"
         The Quiet Revolution was made by young people, reported Jacques Parizeau. QMI Agency
        The start of the meeting between the government and student groups was set at 14 am Monday, confirmed the Quebec Federation of University       Students (FEUQ). QMI Agency
2:57 - 33rd night protest · A festive and family
         atmosphere was festive and family, while people of all ages attended the event. QMI Agency

How Students are Painting Montreal Red
Manissa McCleave Maharawal and Zoltán Glück, Waging Nonviolence: "The media in the United States have hardly noticed the Quebec student strike, despite it being the longest and largest in the history of North America. Those of us who have been following the movement have been amazed by the sheer numbers that these mass demonstrations have mobilized, with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets on major days of action. What is less known, but equally important, is that every single night for the past month there have been marches of several thousand protesters." Read the Article


Syrian massacre triggers emergency UN Security Council meeting
NATO airstrike kills family of eight: Afghan official

Capitalism and Socialism
Anti-Iranian Propaganda

What is New in the Israel/Palestine Conflict
Singapore's Air Force Forms Heron UAV Squadron…What About the RCAF?

Iran not ready for visit to suspect nuclear site

AFRICOM Expands Mission In Africa

BP busted in LIE, US media won't cover story
High-tech military weapons made from cheap Chinese goods

China's looming economic crisis
Oligarchy's Rule of Law: From Russia to Oklahoma
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Syria Denies Responsibility in Brutal Attack as Protests Erupt
Read the Article
Lethal Injection the Latest Chapter in America's History of Botched Executions
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How the US Sold Africa to Multinationals
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In the Flesh: Marriage and the State
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Democrat to Offer a "Lifeline" for Single-Payer Healthcare
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Immigrant Tracking Moves Deeper Into Realm of Sci-Fi
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From 1968, a Long View on Movement Building
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Top CEO Pay Equals 3,489 Years of Work for the Typical Worker
Read the Article at CBS News

Afghan Family Killed by NATO Airstrike; Justifications Unleashed, says Glenn Greenwald Read the Article at Salon
Voting Trouble Coming From the Sunshine State Again? Florida Telling Hundreds of Eligible Citizens That They are Ineligible to Vote
Read the Article at ThinkProgress

Bill Maher Takes a Shot at the Birthers With Parody on Romney's "Wiferism" Scandal Read the Article at Crooks and Liars
Pentagon Contractor Admits to Online Attacks on Journalists Read the Article at The Indypendent

Soldiers Return From Iraq, But the Damage is Already Done Read the Article at Mother Jones

The NATO/UN Army Perpetual War ... and Bankruptcy for U.S. President Obama and the NATO leaders have pushed ahead on the globalist agenda to transform NATO more fully into the global military arm of the United Nations.

Shadow Of Subservience Obama is expected to know a thing or two about slavery, but he looked unperturbed as the long shadow of subservience began to be cast on the proud people of Afghanistan for yet another decade.

Why NATO Targets Syria and Iran? The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency,Yukio Amano,follows UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon's policy of supporting whatever it is that the NATO powers want.

West's Undermining UN Paves Way for NATO Syrian Intervention We have only apathy left to blame if NATO is allowed to carry on with its campaign of military aggression - a Nuremberg offense we as a Western society swore after World War II, "Never Again!"

Washington's Hypocrisies The US government is the second worst human rights abuser on the planet and the sole enabler of the worst-Israel. But this doesn't hamper Washington from pointing the finger elsewhere.

The Power Principle Documentary About U.S. Foreign Policy Video Simply brilliant. - This is probably the best film ever made about American foreign policy.

Revealed: Hundreds of Words to Avoid Using Online If You Don't Want the Government Spying On You Released under a freedom of information request, the information sheds new light on how government analysts are instructed to patrol the internet searching for domestic and external threats.

Elections Won't Bring Progressive Change, So What Can?Even progressive Democrats, well aware of Obama's abundant shortcomings, will cut him slack for fear of the "greater evil."

32 children among 92 killed in Syria, UN says: More than 90 people, including at least 32 children younger than 10, were killed in a central Syrian village, top UN officials said Saturday, accusing the government of perpetrating the indiscriminate shelling of civilian neighborhoods.

Syrian government denies being behind attack that killed 90: The Syrian government denied Sunday its troops were behind an attack on a string of villages that left more than 90 people dead, blaming the killings on "hundreds of heavily-armed gunmen" who also attacked soldiers in the area.

Free Syrian Army says cannot commit to peace plan: "We announce that unless the UN Security Council takes urgent steps for the protection of civilians, Annan's plan is going to go to hell," a statement by the FSA said.

Sen. Lieberman: White House inching closer to military response in Syria: "I think they're moving toward some more real action," Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Ct.) told The Hill regarding the White House's evolving position on Syria.

62 militants, 12 troops killed in Yemen: The Yemeni army battled al Qaeda-linked militants deep inside Zinjibar on Saturday, recapturing key positions in the rebel-held southern city and killing at least 62 extremist fighters, a military official said.

8 civilians killed in US-led airstrike in eastern Afghanistan: A man, his wife and six of their children were killed in the attack on Saturday in the village of Suri Khail in the Gurda Saria district of Paktia Province, a local government spokesman Rohullah Samoon said

General restricts war-zone photography: Marine commanders in Afghanistan have cracked down on war-zone photography in the wake of two international scandals this year in which U.S. troops were depicted posing with dead Taliban fighters.

US kills four in Waziristan, Pakistan: At least 4 people have been killed in an attack by US drones in Pakistan's tribal region of Waziristan, officials said. Security officials said those killed were Taliban militants, but this has not been independently verified.

Jeremy Scahill: A Short History of Drone Warfare: - Video - With its increase in drone strikes, the United States is turning away from the large-scale military interventions of the past decade and towards covert operations, beyond such known locations as Pakistan and Yemen. Check out this video to learn where else Scahill thinks these covert ops are headed.

'Iran to face harsher sanctions despite talks': US official says Israeli concerns that "time is running out" on Iran nuclear issue justified, but diplomatic path must be exhausted.

In a first, U.S. declares 5 million Palestinians to be refugees: report: Advocates of Israel worry that the move could give an advantage to the Palestinians in terms of their right of return.

The Forcible Transfer of the Palestinian People from the Jordan Valley: Forcible transfer and deportation are terms that commonly evoke images of people being loaded onto trucks or trains or violently driven away.

Not All Israeli Citizens Are Equal: Today, a Jew from any country can move to Israel, while a Palestinian refugee, with a valid claim to property in Israel, cannot. And although Palestinians make up about 20 percent of Israel's population, the 2012 budget allocates less than 7 percent for Palestinian citizens.

Mali Tuaregs, Islamist rebels agree to merge, create new state: The deal between MNLA, which has said it wants an independent secular state in the north, and the al Qaeda-linked Salafist Ansar Dine, which had wanted to impose Sharia across Mali, may complicate international efforts to stabilise Mali after a March coup that plunged the country into chaos.

Mali government rejects north's independence: Official categorically rejects idea of Islamic Azawad state declared by Tuareg separatists and Ansar Dine fighters.

US poverty rate for women and children hits 17-year record high Source
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22h27 - 34e manifestation nocturne · Une foule moins nombreuse marche de façon pacifique
        La marche a toutefois de nouveau été déclarée illégale par le Service de police de la Ville de Montréal dès le départ à 20 h 30 en l'absence de trajet  fourni à l'avance. Elle était tolérée tant qu'aucun acte criminel ne serait commis. Agence QMI
21h56 - Montréal · Les impacts du conflit étudiant sur le tourisme inquiètent
        La réunion organisée dimanche soir par la CCMM visait à faire le point sur les impacts de la grève étudiante sur les commerces montréalais en vue       du début de la saison touristique. Agence QMI
21h27 - Souveraineté · L'ex-premier ministre Parizeau croit que la réflexion doit commencer
         «Ça prend des années de préparation. Si on veut que les choses aboutissent, il faut commencer longtemps d'avance.» Agence QMI
20h48 - Négociations au Canadien Pacifique · La ministre Raitt mettra-t-elle la menace de la loi spéciale à exécution?
         Les deux parties ont confirmé que le médiateur a quitté la table des négociations en début d'après-midi dimanche. Aucune autre rencontre n'est  jusqu'à maintenant prévue. Les négociations sont donc au point mort. Agence QMI
19h52 - Jacques Parizeau · Le «réveil d'une génération»
        La Révolution tranquille fut réalisée par des jeunes, a signalé Jacques Parizeau. Agence QMI
18h48 - Défi de Leucan · 9000 participants se sont fait raser les cheveux
         «Tout le monde est en bonne santé dans ma famille. Je trouvais qu'il fallait être reconnaissant envers la vie. Je me suis donc fait raser la    tête» Agence QMI
17h02 - Conflit étudiant · Les négociations commencent lundi à 14 h
        Le début de la rencontre entre le gouvernement et les associations étudiantes a été fixé à 14 h lundi, a confirmé la Fédération étudiante       universitaire du Québec (FEUQ). Agence QMI
02h57 - 33e manifestation nocturne · Une ambiance festive et familiale
         L'ambiance était festive et familiale, alors que des personnes de tous âges participaient à l'événement. Agence QMI


The Purpose of what follows

There was a time, years ago now, when there was discussion and debate BELOW (30)

What follows is aimed to be a stimulant in that direction as are the articles posted by Becky
whose prognosis you are invited/encouraged/requested to comment on, for or against.


: Call it the Segal Test: Senator Segal's traits of a good Tory. Does Harper make the grade?

A proposition, then, to readers of The Digest Tyee, left, right and ever so tamely in the middle. And that goes for you Senator Segal, if you are looking in! One year into Stephen Harper's majority government, what letter grade do you think the prime minister should receive from Senator Segal? Feel free to provide substantiating facts and arguments to support your evaluation.

Seven Goals to Build the Conservative 'Dream'

In Feb. 2011, three months before Stephen Harper's Conservatives achieved the sweeping power that majority status avails a government, Conservative Senator Hugh Segal published The Right Balance: Canada's Conservative Tradition. In his book Segal describes Harper as a party leader who sits "at the head of a family table where diversity is a compelling and enduring strength." Harper had united "warring factions" within conservative ranks "by uncommonly gracious and inclusive gestures and judgments..." Segal, a Red Tory fan of John A. MacDonald, praised Harper for "his outreach to Progressive Conservatives."

Later in the book, Segal suggests "a set of priorities about the Canadian dream" that Harper was now well situated to bring about. They are...

  • 1. "to build a Canada where the accident of one's birth, disadvantaged or otherwise, does not limit one's ability to succeed and contribute;
  • 2. "to build a Canada where there is a greater commitment to excellence and better access to education and health care;
  • 3. "to build a Canada where equality of opportunity and free enterprise sustain and strengthen each other;
  • 4. "to build a Canada where the federal-provincial relationship reflects the needs and aspirations of our people and not just the vested interests of our political establishment;
  • 5. "to build a Canada where the military can advance, at home and abroad, with logistic, combat and high-tech expeditionary capacity, with the right human, fiscal and material resources, and with the values of freedom, tolerance, democracy, non-aggression, national sovereignty and respect for fundamental human rights;
  • 6. "to build a Canada where the government neither overstates its role nor understates its responsibilities, reflecting the historical reality that we are not a society of ideologies but a community of ideals, and a pragmatic and fair-minded one at that;
  • 7. "and finally, to build a Canada where economic performance and social progress are linked through a clear understanding that you cannot have one without the other."

Segal goes on to say that this linking of economic performance with social progress "without wild swings to the left or right, is the Canadian way and at the very core of our economic and political culture."

War hero to PM: Know your extremists

Harper should be drawing on, not vilifying, those with environmental expertise. "I think he is creating an imaginary enemy here. He should be talking to them, not muzzling them, not branding them as criminals."

Instead, the Conservatives have launched a smear campaign that implies, without proof, that sinister foreign interests are pulling the strings of pipeline opponents, and that tries to bully opponents into silence by threatening their charitable status.

The list goes on: The dismantling of the non-partisan business and environment panel that insisted on presenting the government with evidence it didn't want to see. The gutting of the Fisheries Act to clear a path for the pipelines. The greasing of the environmental-assessment process for the same purpose. The weakening of endangered-species protection. The muzzling of federal scientists, who since 2007 have been barred from speaking to taxpayers - or even politicians - without permission. The deep-sixing of frontline staff who monitor ocean pollution (previously content to choke off the flow of scientific information, the Conservatives are now ending the collection of it, too). And on and on.
Read more:

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Good bye Canada

Alex Newman
New American
May 27, 2012
Foreign Agents Creep into U.S. & Canada Under Integration Scheme

As the so-called trilateral North American "integration" process marches onward toward an ever-closer union between the governments of Canada, the United States, and Mexico, national law enforcement agents are slowly creeping across borders through a variety of shadowy schemes....
Disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder ­ currently being
threatened with contempt of Congress charges for covering up and lying about the administration's deadly "Fast and Furious" gun-trafficking scandal ­ also touted "integrated law enforcement" as a "key pillar" of what critics consider to be a subversive scheme. In a press release posted by the Canadian government following an agreement, the scandal-plagued Justice Department boss said he was "grateful" to his counterparts in Canada for their work to "strengthen the critical ties that bind our nations together."
The Defense chiefs from the governments of Mexico, Canada, and the United States also
met earlier this year and signed their own deals to integrate the three militaries and discuss ways to expand the use of the armed forces in continental law-enforcement operations. "...
(emphasis added)
[read full article at link below]

Are Politicians Signing Away National Sovereignty
By Stephen J. Gray
The Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper has proposed a Free Trade deal with the EU. The Montreal Gazette of April 28, 2012 had the headline, "Tories pitch EU free-trade deal online…text of pact remains hidden from public" The article went on to state: "The deal is not just about free trade, which eliminates tariffs at the border, but greater economic integration with the EU." [2]
(emphasis added)...
[read full article at link below]
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