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A government that once looked adrift is building a greater sense of purpose
It is becoming more difficult to accuse this government of having a hidden agenda. Not because it hasn't tried, mind you.
But while it remains as obtuse as ever about its intentions, the signs of an agenda are by now unmistakeable.
Where before it had attitudes, or at best stances, it is beginning to sprout what look remarkably like policies.

Ideology meets reality on EI reform
Diane Finley wants more Canadians working at McDonald's

New EI reforms show there are 'work-shy' living in every province
With EI reforms, the Tories finally get one right

EI reforms will encourage work, but at what cost?
Parliament should debate major changes to employment insurance

Etobicoke Centre decision has serious implications for the running of elections
In a province of sacrifice, a few pursue privilege

Student protests signal need for democratic reform
Taxpayers' money won't substitute for soldiers in Afghanistan

Monarchy adds lustre to politics
CBC Stanley Cup hockey playoffs commentary goes to two females

Embattled managers at Veterans Affairs received almost $700k in bonuses last year
Don't mess with Atlantic Canada

MacKay: EI changes don't target seasonal workers
Dunderdale calls lack of EI consultation 'disturbing'

Feds to cut air pollution monitoring team
Oliver 'supportive' of Redford's proposed national energy strategy

B.C. Premier Clark not happy the province is getting disgraced Mountie
Ottawa posts $9-billion deficit in March

Lobby groups turn to provinces under Harper's 'classical federalism'
Senator Duffy delivers a pep talk, while praising MP Tilson and government

New poll suggests Canadians split over NDP Leader Tom Mulcair's energy views
Western premiers likely to discuss battle with Thomas Mulcair

Employment Insurance review boards to be scrapped
'When I needed it, I used it': Green Party leader Elizabeth May says she was repeat EI user

Taber: Atlantic premiers say EI changes an attack on seasonal workers
Tories' sweeping new EI rules get tough on repeat users

RCMP to close labs in Halifax, Winnipeg, Regina
Foreign investment review threshold rising to $1 billion

Canada closing consulate in Buffalo, N.Y.
Tories denounce Council of Canadians in bid to squash voter suppression lawsuits

Tories say 'professional agitators' behind robo-calls legal fight
Canada had lost sight of religious freedom as human right, Baird says

Religious freedom speech offers few clues about new office
Conservatives still face overwhelming public opposition to F-35s: Forum Research poll

F-35 debate: Canadian firms will lose out if government ditches jets: Lockheed Martin
Are Tories aware that B.C. residents are still standing despite the dreaded carbon tax?

Goodale blasts politics of 'impunity, polarization'
Borys Wrzesnewskyj seeks full-blown probe into alleged vote suppression in Etobicoke Centre

Feds order CFIA to review bureaucrat's expenses
Tories spurned Quebec towns to give 'cultural capital' funding to Calgary

RCMP commish Paulson slams case of misbehaving Alberta Mountie
G20 police illegally arrested journalists, used gay slur

Toronto legal clinic seeks to save federal long-gun registry
English Canada increasingly desires to maintain ties with monarchy: Poll

Top Canadian unions may open membership to everyone
Majority of Canadians oppose Khadr's return: Poll

Provinces looking to alcohol sales to help budget shortfalls
Redford opens Ottawa office to 'advocate Alberta's perspective'

Don't expect a pendulum swing if Dix becomes Premier
Clark to phase out vehicle emissions testing

Investigation finds 3 electoral violations in N.W.T. riding
Robert Pickton wore wigs during 'hunt' for women, inquiry told

AFN national chief Shawn Atleo to launch re-election bid
Citizens group releases video to fight undead Bill C-30

Today, to push back, we're launching a viral video a new tool to help you educate as many Canadians as possible about this costly online spying scheme. We know from experience that when people get informed and get vocal en masse, we win. Watch the video

' Damning Evidence of Non-Disclosure of Disease Data'


U.S. slashes Pakistan aid over jailing of 'bin Laden doctor'
Seized from smugglers, the leather-bound 'gospel' which Iran claims will bring down Christianity and shake world politics

Mutual Transparency to End the U.S.-Iranian Dispute
House Votes Down NDAA Amendment to End Indefinite Detention

Wilkerson: New Military Powers the Road to Tyranny
A Jewish identity resurfaces

US dispatches official to brief Israeli leaders on Iran nuclear talks
Iran, world powers to resume nuclear talks in Moscow

Nuclear talks with Iran, the sequel to failed talks with North Korea

Fukushima Reactor 4 Poses Massive Global Risk

Warning to Activists: Agent Provocateurs Want to Make You a Terrorist
Fukushima Disaster is 'Nuclear War Without a War'

Economic Collapse: The End of the World As We Know It
DARPA: "On-Demand Production" of Genetically Engineered Bio-Products

Mission accomplished! Iraq acquiring drones from US to guard oil installations
[See: Drone Hunting Permit.]
Alarm Over Arming of Domestic Drones

NORAD, Northcom launch joint cyber division

Hillary Clinton confirms US cyber attack on Yemeni websites

Food Fight: Contractor Accused of $750 Million Overcharge for Wartime Grub

Senate panel backs $631 billion in defense spending

China fake parts 'used in US military equipment'
9/11 truther leading Egyptian presidential race

Drone Kills 4 in Pakistan Amid Tension With US
Memo: Afghan 'Burn Pit' Could Wreck Hearts, Lungs

Combat 'Burn Pits' Ruin Immune Systems, Study Shows
Bradley Manning military trial: group petitions for a more open court

GI seeks dismissal of 10 counts in WikiLeaks case

Russia tests new missile, in warning over U.S. shield

7 hurt fighting fire on nuclear submarine; cause of blaze unknown
HAARP is a busy little bee! 6.1 earthquake strikes northeastern Japan

Catastrophic nuclear reactor meltdowns like Fukushima could happen every ten to 20 years, scientists warn
Fukushima's estimated radiation leak doubles versus government

Japanese infants face high risk of thyroid cancer following Fukushima disaster
Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station shut down

Hunt for non-citizen Florida voters exposes partisan divide

Bank profits at highest level since 2007: FDIC

Featured Media: Malou Innocent discusses the Chicago NATO summit and Afghanistan on CTV News Weekend
         Commentary: FBI Free to Ambush Our Bill of Rights; Hearkening Back to the USSR
                  Blog Highlights: Mass Surveillance: No Need for Debate?

Cesium-137 contamination: Fukushima amounts to 4 Chernobyls Source
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>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<

21h57 - 32e manif nocturne · La soirée débute au son des casseroles
        C'est dans une ambiance festive et au son des casseroles que la 32e manifestation nocturne a été déclarée illégale dès le début du      rassemblement vers 20 h 30, vendredi soir, à Montréal. Agence QMI
21h40 - Environnement Canada · Avis de tornade pour la région de Montréal
         Environnement Canada a émis un avis de tornade et d'orages violents vendredi soir pour plusieurs régions dont celle de Montréal. Agence QMI
20h29 - Le « Libération » · Un dossier sur les étudiants québécois
        Le quotidien français «Libération» consacre la une de son édition du weekend aux manifestations étudiantes, et leurs effets sur l'ensemble de la        société québécoise. Agence QMI
19h59 - Rimouski · Le retour en classe se fait dans le calme à l'UQAR
        Près de 30 cours étaient donnés durant cette matinée, au cours de laquelle les étudiants devaient fixer, dans les 30 premières minutes, les     modalités de reprise pour les quatre semaines restantes à la session d'hiver. Agence QMI
19h32 - Conflit étudiant · La ministre Courchesne est optimiste
        «Le gouvernement a posé beaucoup de gestes, pris beaucoup de décisions, nous avons fait des compromis, a-t-elle soulevé. J'ose croire qu'ils    [les leaders étudiants] ont d'autres propositions à déposer». Agence QMI
19h03 - Concerts de casseroles · « Sympathique », dit le gouvernement
        Alors que les concerts de casseroles ont pris de plus en plus d'ampleur dans plusieurs villes du Québec au cours des derniers jours, le          gouvernement Charest admet y reconnaître une insatisfaction de la population. Agence QMI
16h48 - Services de garde · Le ministère de la Famille facilitera l'accès des poupons
        La mesure facilitera l'accueil des enfants de moins de 18 mois en pouponnière. Agence QMI
15h40 - Soutien aux étudiants · Le ministère a réprimandé des fonctionnaires
        Le ministère de l'Éducation du Québec a réprimandé des employés ce mois-ci, pour avoir ouvertement appuyé le mouvement de grève des     étudiants alors qu'ils étaient au travail. Agence QMI
14h46 - Conflit étudiant · Anonymous lance un message au gouvernement
        Anonymous a diffusé une nouvelle vidéo, vendredi, sur YouTube, dans laquelle il demande au gouvernement du Québec de faire cesser toutes        violences policières envers les manifestants pacifiques. Agence QMI
12h22 - Conflit étudiant · Un mouvement étudiant prend forme en Ontario
        La Fédération canadienne des étudiants (FCÉ) veut créer une dynamique dans la province, en s'inspirant des mouvements de protestation au        Québec. Agence QMI
10h00 - · Charest: un mouvement mondial réclame sa démission s'est donné pour objectif de recueillir plus de 200 000 signatures réclamant la démission du premier ministre du Québec. Agence QMI
02h26 - Arrestations lors de manifestations · Amendes à la pelle
        Une contravention de 634 $ et une pénible nuit de détention. Ça n'empêchera pas les nombreux manifestants, arrêtés mercredi, de retourner       protester. JDM
01h45 - Crise étudiante · Des commerçants craignent la suite du conflit
        Les commerçants du Vieux-Québec craignent maintenant que des actes de violence ne viennent perturber la quiétude du quartier. Agence QMI
01h34 - Conflit étudiant · Les associations étudiantes veulent éviter les erreurs passées
        Pas question pour les étudiants de s'engager dans un marathon de négociations interminable et ininterrompu, comme ce fut le cas les 4 et 5 mai.         Agence QMI

I was gonna rant about these but decided why bother.
Either they trouble you now or not.

Foreign investment review threshold rising to $1 billion


Supporters fear the loss of the program will have a dramatic effect on those in low income communities and people on a fixed income. Statistics Canada says fewer than 54 per cent of households in the lowest income bracket (less than $30,000 annually) have home Internet access.

Ottawa cuts CAP public web access funding
Program offers internet access at libraries, community centres

From: Patricia McPherson <>
Subject: FW: Check out this great event!


On Saturday May 26, from 9 am till 4 pm, stop and shop at my first ever Spring Craft and Trade Show. Located at the Mennonite Heritage Village Museum in Steinbach. There will be something for everyone and lots of free draws and giveaways! admission is free too.
Please forward this email to anyone who may be interested in attending this show.

Here is a link to the event page where vendors are posting there sales and draws for the day!/events/248883365204610/

Thanks so much
Patricia McPherson

From: Peggy Merritt
Subject: re elections Canada

Hi Joe: Having worked in many capacities for Elections Canada on election day I can report the the voters lists are badly flawed. The enumeration is now only partial ( new residents) My concern is that there are many new emigrants in TO and some get on the voters list prior to becoming citizens. There is no requirement to show proof of citizenship at the voting poll. If a persons name is not on the voters list all they have to do is show proof that they live at the place they claim they do. A hydro bill addressed to them at that address is considered adequate. In my opinion this Robo Call issue is a red herring put together by the "Natural Ruling Party" and So called "Council of Canadians" a left wing group. Their motive is to destroy the credibility of the Conservative Party and in my opinion the media have unfairly labelled the Conservative Party as the perpetrators without any solid proof! In this day of computer technology there is NO security and hacking has become an art used by creative users and there is no way to control or investigate the individuals So anyone could have got into voters lists and been able to identify party sweat. Thanks for this Joe

Agreed - time to return to enumeration door to door.
From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: Riot culture firmly established | Editorial | Opinion | Toronto Sun
Begin forwarded message:
Subject: Riot culture firmly established | Editorial | Opinion | Toronto Sun
Subject: Fwd: Mayors coalition 'gaining momentum': Travale | Norfolk & Region | News | Simcoe Reformer
Begin forwarded message:
Subject: Mayors coalition 'gaining momentum': Travale | Norfolk & Region | News | Simcoe Reformer
Subject: Fwd: The power of Conservative backbenchers (when pushed)
Begin forwarded message:
Subject: The power of Conservative backbenchers (when pushed)
Matt Gurney: Semi-rogue Tory MP shouldn't underestimate caucus unrest

From: "rory j. koopmans" <>
Subject: Executive Dissertations: Prime Ministers Week-Part III

From: HS Sims
Subject: Defeated federal Liberal alleges Tories suppressed voting DD


The following article from the Hill Times does not specify how the 79 "incidents"

We do have a system of secret ballot so how would they know if they voted
Conservative, Liberal, NDP or other.

From the HIll Times:

"Ontario Court of Justice Judge Thomas Lederer voided the 2011 election
results for the electoral district in a ruling last Friday, citing 79 incidents
where electors cast ballots without sufficient or recorded proof they were
qualified or had proper vouching to register to vote at the poll stations
where they voted."

Mr. Wrzesnewskyj said the court case only covered a fraction of questionable
incidents in Etobicoke-Centre on election day, including what he described as
Conservative campaign disturbances in a residence for senior Ukrainian-Canadian
citizens that forced Elections Canada to shut down the polling station in the residence.

It would be fair to review every poll in this riding to see how each individual
voted and provide an accurate tally rather than cruising on innuendo.

From: "Stephanie McDowall"
Subject: Non-conformists

"Humanity's most valuable assets have been the non-conformists. Were it not for the non-conformists, he who refuses to be satisfied to go along with the continuance of things as they are, and insists upon attempting to find new ways of bettering things, the world would have known little progress, indeed." - Josiah William Gitt - (1884-1973)

From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <>
Subject: By taking up combat, U.S. might have replicated failed Soviet Afghan mission

The Editor
Ottawa Citizen
By taking up combat, U.S. might have replicated failed Soviet Afghan mission
Re "Do't wait for Obama to show leadership over Afghanistan," by Terry Glavin (May 24).
In 1987, after dispatching an additional 40,000 troops to 80,000 already deployed in Afghanistan, Soviet President Mikhael Gorbachev told the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party in a memorable speech: "Comrades, stereotyped minds are like caged birds, unwilling to spread the wings and take to the skies even when the cage is left open." He was refering to their reluctance to send more troops to defeat the insurgents in Afghanistan. His ideas were to secure the cities of Kabul and Kandahar, allowing the schools and clinics to open (Russians were great supporters of women's education) and normal life to return. Sound familiar!
But Mr. Gorbachev failed to realize that the strategic environment under which the Soviet forces were operating had not changed. The Mujahedeen were still attacking the Soviet forces, using Pakistan's tribal areas as their staging posts and the CIA was still providing the insurgents with lethal weapons in its proxy war against the Soviet Union. The only way the Soviet forces could stop the Mujahedeen from inflitrating was to takeout their bases inside Pakistan. But this would have meant exapnding the conflict involving Pakistan. As a result, the Soviet troops were forced to withdraw after suffering heavy casualties. They also left behind a corrupt government and a demoralized Afghan army and the regime eventually collapsed two year after the Soviet withdrawal.
Now as then, the Taliban are attacking the U.S. and coalition forces, using Pakistan's tribal areas as their staging posts and Pakistan is trying to prop up the Taliban in its proxy war with India. The NATO forces cannot take out the Taliban bases without expanding the conflict with Pakistan. Pakistan has proved to be a dubious ally. As such, it will be pointless for both Canada and the U.S. to sacrifice the lives of their soldiers in a war which cannot be won. Let's hope that the U.S-installed Karzai government and the Afghan army will not collapse in the same way the Soviet-installed Najibullah regime and its army collapsed within two years of the Soviet withdrawal.

There no "might have" in my mind
From: Robert Ede
Subject: Versailles on the Rideau --def'n of Bureaucracy as form of gov't

Re note in DD
From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: This is the truest article about our governments I have read in a long time

Versailles on the Ottawa
The Harper government has nearly ten times more spin-doctors than it has MPs, whose sole job is to retail the world-according-to-Stephen on a daily basis. Some members of the indentured press call this discipline. What happened to the man who, when confronted with the autocratic machinations of a doomed Liberal minority, said on a spring night in 2005, "When a government starts trying to cancel dissent or avoid dissent is frankly when it's rapidly losing its moral authority to govern."...(emphasis added)

From: "S Booiman"
To: <Undisclosed-Recipient:;>
Subject: RED Tories

Your response to Judy has my support, the decline from Reform to Canadian Alliance to Red Tories told us
what road we would be walking on, The Conservative principles, if there were any, have been replaced
to buy all that looks like supporting the left. This movement will not change with the rise of Trudeau’s
Social Justice, the “we want society” clearly embodied in the environmentalists,all resorting to violence.
Such confirmed in the lack of JUSTICE in the country, allowing courts to design their own views, which has
enough loopholes to turn around a truck. In the meantime OUR leadership is spending millions to show
the world what they should do. The simple steps such as EI, immigration and now Public hearings on the
official languages, guided by the Office of Official Languages, more violence coming.
The power is in the hands of the three Western provinces, starting with stopping the flow of money,at
that time Ottawa will be forced to pay attention to National problems.

From: Larry Kazdan
To: "Letters (ott)" <>
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Tories denounce Council of Canadians in bid to squash voter suppression lawsuits, STEPHEN MAHER and Glen mcgregor, May 24, 2012

Re: Tories denounce Council of Canadians in bid to squash voter suppression lawsuits, STEPHEN MAHER
and Glen mcgregor, May 24, 2012
Those concerned about the effect of pipelines on the environment are money-launders and extremists, those who worry about internet freedom are on the side of child pornographers, and those challenging abusive robo-calls in court are motivated by "animus" toward the Conservative Party of Canada. How bizarre! Why would anyone have animosity toward the Conservatives?

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:Tripoli: Media blackout, why? DD

Joe--I am so proud of the Libyan forces for still protecting their people against the terrorist West. They have the courage of their convictions while our 'leaders' only worship greed and power.
Harper spends hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars patting himself on the back over the genocide committed by NATO in Libya, stating only 30 civilians were killed by NATO. That is why there has to be a media blackout--can't have the truth getting out, can we? And don't forget that NATO destroyed the water infrastructure for Libya and surrounding areas. I wonder how long it will be before we are asked for donations for water for Libya? Our turn is coming. We are supposed to be drought stricken this summer. And sadly, there will be no one that wants to give aid to our killer countries.

Africa--a place where you will make money--not lose money--DD

Joe--I found this site and it seems as if AFRICOM agrees with the headline. All they had to do was murder Gadhaffi and they were in--sadly Libya will never bee the same and Africa ain't seen nothing yet.
Subject: Tories denounce Council of Canadians DD

Joe--if the Tories have nothing to hide why would they be so aggressive in trying to shut down a voice of the people??? Sadly there is no one better at slinging mud than any of our governments. They can justify any of their actions, using our tax dollars to defend their disgusting behaviour. Democracy, you gotta love it? Sadly, our governments of all stripes have lost their supposed focus--that being to govern for the people of Canada. They only 'govern for themselves and their handlers and Canadians are just supposed to shut up and pay.
Subject: "Principle Test" for CPC Members of Parliament [Please pass this on if you care about Canada and Our Sovereignty SJG]
"Principle Test" for CPC Members of Parliament by Connie Fournier » 05/ 25/ 12 10:16 am
Subject: Canadian sovereignty or corporatocracy--corporations own Canada