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Rookie Tory MP backtracks on opposition to budget bill
The Tory MP from British Columbia is restating his support for his government's omnibus budget bill
after publicly musing that he'd be open to breaking ranks and voting against the legislation.
Versailles on the Ottawa
Thomas Mulcair does a disservice to the West

It's a 'disease,' the studies agree
Mulcair on "Dutch disease": rookie gaffe or fair comment?

Etobicoke Centre ruling is an opportunity to scrap flawed permanent voters' list
Table set for another nasty war of words over EI

The national implications of the student protests in Quebec
Ten years of sacrifice, no sense of victory for Canada in Afghanistan

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Afghanistan evolution
Once lauded as noble, Afghan war now a political orphan

Harper has chosen the right time to leave Afghanistan
Stephen Harper is right to pull Canadian troops, but not aid, from Afghanistan

NATO does not know what it is for
Taiwan's diminished status sign of China's growing clout

5 Things MP David Wilks taught us about Canadian democracy
Ivison: Criticism by Conservative MP shows depth of unease over omnibus budget bill

Rookie Tory MP backtracks on opposition to budget bill
Lack of debate in Conservative caucus concerns some backbenchers, B.C. MP tells constituents

Conservative backbencher breaks ranks and says massive budget bill should be split up
Tory backbencher tells constituents he is powerless in face of budget bill

Geddes: A Conservative MP lets his guard down (then puts it back up)
Taxpayers may owe $1 billion-plus in severance to bureaucrats who weren't laid off

Bureaucrat racks up $100K in flights and hotels while looking for cost-cutting measures
Finley expected to detail EI changes Thursday.

A protest devolves into a movement about nothing ­ except drama
Tories haven't earned their wings on F-35 program: Survey

Tories prep back-to-work law for Canadian Pacific Railway
Critics see pro-business bias in budget measures that chip away at labour power

Tories prep back-to-work law for Canadian Pacific Railway
Clement tackles Mulcair over 'reckless' views on oilsands

Goodale fires across Mulcair's bow
Newlywed Liberals, NDP bicker over stalled Ontario budget bill

Wrzesnewskyj urges PM to call byelection in Etobicoke Centre after judge rules last year's election result 'null and void'
Etobicoke vote raises troubling questions about Elections Canada's competence

EI reforms will not force long commutes on workers
EI recipients expected to accept work within an hours' drive

For almost a million young people: No job, no school
U.S. supplied vital information in early days of Canada's navy spy probe
PETA Seal Hunt Commercial Deemed Too Much For Canadian Television
Inquiry into veteran's suicide derailed as MacKay gags military lawyers

NL Premier to Harper: We need to talk
New EI rules more modest and sensible than earlier advertised

15 ways to use a 450-page federal budget bill
Conservatives ask court to dismiss election case

Why did Harper change the resource review regime?
Canadian Wheat Board appeal heads to Federal Court

NDP-Lberal budget alliance in jeopardy: Source
Redford set to unveil mystery bill after Alberta Throne Speech

Tuition protest fallout could be trouble for Harper in Quebec
Charest appears to have boxed himself in over student protests

B.C. constrained by Ottawa in search for skilled workers: report
P.E.I.'s PNP a "serious failure," says Kenney

Father of soldier speaks out against Afghan pledge
Expats challenge five-year voting law

Big unions want to open up membership in merger
Helmets to Hardhats: from toting rifles to handling hammers

Canadians want feds to assume "leadership role" and fix health care: report
Mom can't leave Canada with children ­ or stay either

Ontario refuses to pay for blind boy's treatment in U.S.
Vancouver's Stanley Cup riot investigation saps police resources

POM pomegranate juice ads exaggerated health benefits, judge rules
Moose, what moose? Michelle Higgins on the car accident she can't remember

The Ethics of Addiction Studies
The Gem of Canadian Science that Harper Killed

When Journos Go to Work for the Government
  Death in Remand: Contributing Factors

VIDEO: Freelance Survival: Perfect Your Pitch, Part 2
Hundreds at Vancouver rally to support Quebec students

Could Fort Mac become an eco-tourist hotspot?
Rick Hansen's Man in Motion anniversary tour concludes in Vancouver

Unpacking Harper Federal Budget Bill C-38
B.C. Making It Illegal to Talk About Diseased Animals Destined for Human Consumption

Proposed Animal Health Act Changes Advance Agrifood, Stifle Disease Outbreak Disclosures
Vancouver Students' Rally for the Right to Education and the Right to Assemble

Quebec government says it's open to talk with students
Dozens arrested as protesters, police clash in Montreal for fourth night in a row

Montreal police use controversial new laws to quell protest
Tear gas dispersed as thousands march in Montreal

Printemps Quebecois: Student Strike as Tip of Generational War Iceberg?

4:59 p.m. - Student conflict · The FEUQ and FECQ are ready to sit at the negotiating table
2:55 p.m. - Collège Montmorency · The injunctions fall

2:05 p.m. - Student conflict · Jeanne Reynolds Medalist by the Lieutenant Governor
1:13 p.m. - Student conflict · The SPVM survey CLASS: disobedience to the law 78?

2:28 - Student strike · Police fatigued
1:40 - Student Movement · A demonstration nightlife


Blog Highlights: Negotiations with Iran: What Has Changed?
'Drowning people in fear is the key to power'

Israeli Military Leaders Speak Out Against Iran Strike
250,000+ Defy Anti-Protest Law in Quebec

NATO Protests In Fortress Chicago
IAEA Near Iran Inspection Deal but will US Insist on End to Enrichment?

Mustard Seeds and "Failed" Activism
Burying the Mythic Media's Corpse

Spinning Afghanistan: Taliban Offered Keys to Kabul Again
NATO terrorism defendants kept in 'observation' cells

FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit
Al Qaeda video calling for cyberattacks on Western targets raises alarm in Congress

New York Legislation Would Ban Anonymous Online Speech
Anonymous attacks Justice Dept., nabbing 1.7GB of data

UK steps closer to renewing nuclear firepower
Secret Central Bank Aid Props Up Greek Banks

The End in Afghanistan is Totally Predictable
Kucinich: US 'Sanction Warfare' Makes Real Iran War Inevitable

This Is What Tyranny Looks Like
14 Signposts to Slavery.

Crash Alert
Iraq attacks kill eight:

Seven Afghan soldiers killed in attacks:.
Afghanistan: "I Was Not Born a Slave":

Gunmen open fire at Pakistan rally: 5 Killed:
US 'kills four' in Pakistan's North Waziristan:

Pakistani who helped U.S. sentenced to prison:
Turkey backs Pakistan's demand for US apology :

Rebels say Syria police kill two, U.N. monitors dispute:
Amman allows US to train Syrian rebels on Jordanian soil:

Deal with Iran reached on probe: UN nuclear chief :
Car blast in Sudan, Khartoum points to Israel:

Julian Assange extradition verdict due next week:
35,948 Arrested Yesterday
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Evidence Mounts That Afghan Massacre Was Linked to Special Operations Forces' Response to Improvised Explosive Device
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Rape Behind Bars: New Rules to Protect LGBTQ Inmates, but Will Immigration and Customs Enforcement Comply?
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On the News With Thom Hartmann: The Economy Could Be Headed for a "Fiscal Cliff," and More
Watch the Video and Read the Transcript
Congress Isn't Just Stalemated, It's Broken, Experts Say
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Robert Reich | Why Obama Should Be Attacking Casino Capitalism
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Kansas Governor Signs Bill for Massive Tax Cuts
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Jim Hightower | Snarling Banks
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The Not-So-Free Market: How Consumerism Fuels Human Trafficking
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Obama, Education and the End of the American Dream
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Quebec Suspends Civil Liberties in Response to the Student Strike
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A 21 Protest Song Salute
Watch the Videos
The Racism of the Republican Party May Destroy Our Democracy
Read the BuzzFlash Commentary

John Brennan's New Power: Determining Who Will Die by US Drone Read the Article at Salon
Money, Religion and American Exceptionalism Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Egyptians Presidential Election Experiment Read the Article at The Nation
Apple Dumps Coal - Sort of  Read the Article at Mother Jones

HeavenUp: Facebook's Christian Competitor? Read the Article at BuzzFlash
Why a Growing Movement of Young People Could Ignite a Workers' Revolution Read the Article at AlterNet

Busting the Carbon and Cost Myths of Germany's Nuclear Exit Read the Article at The Guardian UK

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20h45 - Politique agricole à l'étranger · Le Canada fait fausse route
        Un professeur de l'Université de Montréal (UdeM) pose un regard critique sur les politiques étrangères du gouvernement canadien en      matière d'aide agricole. Agence QMI
19h38 - Visite de Charles et Camila · Serrer la main de la royauté
        Ceux qui attendaient sous la pluie et le froid le prince Charles et son épouse Camilla, en face de l'édifice législatif de la Saskatchewan      tôt mercredi matin, n'ont pas été déçus.  Agence QMI
18h53 - Grève au Canadien Pacifique · La ministre Raitt brandit la menace d'une loi spéciale
        Le gouvernement Harper brandit une fois de plus la menace de recourir à une loi spéciale pour mettre fin à un conflit de travail. 
18h48 - Sables bitumineux · Mulcair en visite dans l'Ouest
        Le président du Conseil du Trésor, Tony Clement, espère que la visite prévue au nord de l'Alberta par le chef du NPD, Thomas Mulcair,   le fera cesser de «critiquer» les sables bitumineux. Agence QMI
17h43 - NPD · Mulcair rencontre les lock-outés de Rio Tinto à Alma
        Le chef du NPD, Thomas Mulcair, était de passage à Alma, pour saluer les lock-outés de Rio Tinto Alcan et a mentionné qu'il fera        entendre leur voix à Ottawa. Agence QMI
17h33 - F-35 · Les conservateurs n'ont pas gagné leurs épaulettes
        «Ils reconnaissent et admettent que le gouvernement fédéral n'a pas bien traité la question», a jugé le président de la firme, David    Coletto.  Agence QMI
17h04 - Travaux d'élargissement de l'autoroute Duplessis · Plusieurs voies seront fermées
        Les automobilistes qui empruntent régulièrement l'autoroute Duplessis à Québec vont devoir user de patience au cours des prochains      mois. Agence QMI
16h59 - Conflit étudiant · La FEUQ et la FECQ sont prêtes à s'asseoir à la table des négociations
        Les associations entendent cependant discuter de la teneur de la loi à l'occasion d'une éventuelle rencontre de négociation. Agence I
14h55 - Collège Montmorency · Les injonctions tombent
        Le Collège Montmorency a officiellement annoncé la suspension de sa session d'hiver 2012 jusqu'au mois d'août. Agence QMI
14h05 - Conflit étudiant · Jeanne Reynolds médaillée par le lieutenant-gouverneur
        La co-porte-parole de la CLASSE a reçu la médaille du lieutenant-gouverneur du Québec pour son excellence académique et son     implication sociale. Agence QMI
13h15 - Portrait du premier ministre · Le nu de Stephen Harper a trouvé preneur
        Le portrait nu de Stephen Harper peint par l'artiste de Kingston, Margaret Sutherland, a été vendu la fin de semaine dernière pour la   somme de 5000 $, soit le prix de son évaluation. Agence QMI
13h13 - Conflit étudiant · Le SPVM enquête sur la CLASSE : désobéissance à la loi 78?
        Le SPVM a ouvert une enquête afin de savoir si la CLASSE a intentionnellement modifié son trajet lors de la grande manifestation de     mardi. Agence QMI
02h28 - Grève étudiante · Des policiers fatigués
        Avec les manifestations répétées, ils travaillent plusieurs jours en ligne. JDM
01h40 - Mouvement étudiant · Une manifestation nocturne agitée


From: "Stephanie McDowall"
Subject: Occupy Wall Street  LIVE STREAM

At time of posting Livestream in Students in Montreal
From: "rory j. koopmans" <>
Subject: Executive Dissertations prime minister's week part 1

Rory - your views are shared:

''Why should we assume after Grade 12 our citizens should pay to be educated?'' Sinclair Stevens, said to-day.

We believe free education is an investment in our country's future and should be extended to Canadians to allow them to complete their education at the university, college or trade school level. Subject to maintaining satisfactory grades each Canadian should be entitled as a right to 16 years of free education not 12.

We believe knowledge in the modern world is paramount. It is wrong to force post Grade 12 students to incur an average student debt increasing to over $25,000 by the time they graduate for acquiring knowledge that benefits us all.

"Why is it correct to pay up to grade 12 but beyond students have to pay a substantial portion of the cost of their schooling. Up to Grade 12 funding was adequate in a bygone age, but in our more advanced society facilitating post secondary school education is a necessary investment in Canada's future.", Mr. Stevens said.

Canada has fallen back on the world stage in terms of our per person productivity partly as a result of this lack of federal government funding for post secondary school education. In the past two decades, average tuition fees for post Grade 12 education have grown more than four-fold resulting in many students being forced to end their education or being heavily in debt upon graduation.

Schooling of young Canadians to assume the positions being vacated by retiring babyboomers is a priority. Relying on immigration rather than educating Canadians cannot be accepted as a long term approach.

"FACILITATING POST SECONDARY EDUCATION" is a necessary investment in Canada's future

From: "S Booiman"
Subject: Fw: Alberta's oil industry- articles from Calgary Herald
Have you seen this b/4?  Very interesting!  Alberta's oil industry- article from Calgary Herald

Extremely well written and so very True. This lady needs to be commended for this article and everyone should read this and make sure to pass it on so as many as possible are aware of this.

This is the typical Alberta view on our relationship with the ROC (rest of Canada), excluding B.C. and Saskatchewan of course.

Fascinating article by Lisa Corbella of the Calgary Herald.

Something has to give!!
Quebec and the Fairy Godmother

Playing fairy godmother to Quebec not so fun
Fairy godmother says Quebec separatists telling tall tales

From: "Brian D. Marlatt" <>
Subject: Cons breaking ranks or just a neoCon con. - MP David Wilks addresses Bill C-38 critics at Revelstoke meeting



From: "Stephen(dot)Leacock" <>
Subject: Victoria Grant- 12yr old "addresses" Budget "line item" that has never been examined for "efficiencies and waste"
To: torstar <>
Cc:, bank of canada <>

Public Debt Charges - The only "line item" in every gov't budget that has not been examined for "efficiencies and waste"

Dear Editor et al,

Some may have read  "How a speech on banking by 12-year-old Victoria Grant, 12, went viral" in the TorStar -Fri May 18 2012 or seen Victoria Grant, 12, Hits Lecture Circuit To Explain How Canadian Banking Is A Fraud (VIDEO) Huffy Post -May 15/12

Notwithstanding the child-speaks-a-truth-that-adults-dare-not-whisper aspects of the story;
AND notwithstanding the necessary-simplification of the Fractional Reserve System;
AND notwithstanding the purposeful Cloward/Plevin-inspired strategic "transformation" of social program spending that occurred in the Canadian governance mindset "just before" the 1970 date that the well-spoken youth refers to in the video;
-- a firm understanding of "how governments finance their borrowings" is of vital importance for all of us.
Amidst a noisy, world-wide debate over "Austerity" (v.0.1 program cuts ie less-for-the-same-$ or,  v.0.2 tax hikes ie pay-more-$-for-same) versus "Growth" (expand programs, borrow more and pray for the best) the ideas presented by the little girl and her dad are worth knowing and, with hope, understanding.
The amount of interest ($30.871 Bn) March 31/11 reported by the Ottawa government is 13.0% of Total Revenue ($237.091Bn) and equal to 92.5% of the Budget Deficit ... if there were no interest charges the Budget would be close to "balanced".
If the average effective interest rate on all borrowings (March 31/11) is 3.9% (Market Debt at 3.1% together with an effective rate of 6.3% on Civil Service Pension & Other liabilities Public Accounts Volume I, Section 1 pages 1.10 & 1.11) whatever will our "Stewards of Her Majesty's Treasury" do if borrowing rates move up by 2% (ie ~150% of what they/we are paying now)?
Never mind all the hand-wringing over Carney-Blarney & Flaherty-flatulence regarding higher rates blowing holes in household budgets ... behold the Elephant in the Room - Ottawa's Budget + Most Provincial Budgets will be blasted to smithereens
Blithely trusting Canada, please demand a "Truth and Reconciliation Hearing" into Public Debt Charges (in Ottawa & the Provinces) - it's the only "line item" in every gov't budget that has not been examined for "efficiencies and waste"
Robert Ede,  
The Majority of Canadians P.A.C. 
Direct 416.819.7333
 "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
-Arthur Schopenhauer (1788–1860)
Subject: say it ain't so ... 4 steps to ""

Disillusioned KGB operative describes the "process"
* Demoralization
* Destabilization
* Crisis
* Normalization

From: John Duddy
Subject: Activist Post: Bush War Crime Conviction Exposes Failure of 'International Law'

From: CWB Alliance Media <>
Subject: Federal Court of Appeal Reserves Decision in Wheat Board Case

Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board --a coalition of farmers and others in support of democracy and a farmer-controlled CWB

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                                                                      May 23, 2012

Federal Court of Appeal Reserves Decision in Wheat Board Case

Ottawa:  The Federal Court of Appeal has reserved its decision concerning the ruling from Justice Campbell in December 2011.  At issue is a judgement by Federal Court Justice Campbell declaring that by introducing legislation to end the single desk Canadian Wheat Board without allowing farmers to vote as outlined in the Canadian Wheat Board Act Minister Ritz had committed an "affront to the rule of law."

Stewart Wells, chairperson of the Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board, observed that "the reckless and irresponsible actions of this government are already costing farmers millions, and if continued will result in the largest seizure and transfer of wealth from farmers to the private sector since confederation. The government is seizing up to $200 million in cash alone from our Wheat Board and our overseas customers are already expressing concern about our ability to live up to the reputation our Wheat Board built."

"We are confident that our lawyers put forward a strong case that the 1998 Wheat Board Act created a marketing partnership between farmers and the government and Minister Ritz failed to follow the due process of law when he set out to end our single desk wheat board," said Bill Gehl, vice Chair of Friends of the CWB. 

Gehl went on to say that the Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board will also continue their Constitutional and Class Action lawsuit to restore the single desk Wheat Board seeking compensation of approximately $17 billion from the Federal Government, and are gratified with growing support from farmers and others across Canada.
For more information:

Stewart Wells—306-741-7694

Bill Gehl—306-537-3899

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: The Rise of the New Economy Movement
Subject: Conservatives ask court to dismiss election case  DD  

Joe--if anyone in Canada believes that our elections are open and above board they are dreaming.  All Parties are guilty of manipulating elections.  EC is as broken as the rest of our political parties and winning is the only aim of any politician--not for the good of Canadians but for their own place at the trough.  EC in past elections has given voter rights to people in more than one polling station--they use the home address and the business address to allow people to vote more than once.  This happened in Edmonton and was made public and nothing was done about it.  I will never forget the 2000 election where Ann McLellan won her riding with a 'found' ballot box. 
We are NOT a democracy--we are a corporatocracy and the political party that is seen to serve the corporations best will 'win'.  It has nothing to do with our votes.  Whoever supports israel the most is guaranteed to win. 
This case could be used to deny us a sham vote by stating it is our fault because we didn't know where to vote and that is our responsibility in spite of the robocalls.  Governments are accountable for nothing, we are responsible for everything.
Subject: This is the truest article about our governments I have read in a long time

Versailles on the Ottawa

The Harper government has nearly ten times more spin-doctors than it has MPs, whose sole job is to retail the world-according-to-Stephen on a daily basis. Some members of the indentured press call this discipline. What happened to the man who, when confronted with the autocratic machinations of a doomed Liberal minority, said on a spring night in 2005, "When a government starts trying to cancel dissent or avoid dissent is frankly when it's rapidly losing its moral authority to govern."...(emphasis added)