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Conservatives ask court to dismiss election case
Party submits application to dismiss request for judicial review in wake of robocalls allegations.
Conservative MPs are asking the federal court to dismiss an application to review the federal election results in seven ridings.
Etobicoke vote raises troubling questions about Elections Canada's competence
Voters in Etobicoke Centre are likely to vote in a byelection this year because Borys Wrzesnewskyj
is both a politician and a well-to-do businessman.

Etobicoke Centre ruling is an opportunity to scrap flawed permanent voters' list


Visions of elections future: a nightmare for the Liberals?
Are Canadian Politics Getting as Ugly as U.S. Politics?

Whither will Rae decide to go?
Do we have Dutch Disease? At worst a touch

The great thing about that lousy job
Finding work is Canadian way

Learn French, Canada, it's good for you
Quebec protesters and Greeks have something in common

Massive Montreal rally marks 100 days of student protests
Union cash flowing into Quebec to fund prolonged student protests
Premier defends law to crack down on student protests
Bill 78: Polls Find Quebec Split About Emergency Law Aimed At Ending Student Protests
7:29 p.m. - Quebec · Anonymous taken seriously by the government
6:47 p.m. - Student crisis · Demonstrators march in Toronto
6:18 p.m. - Student conflict · Charest does not rule out a resumption of talks
15:50 - Student conflict · The Minister Dutil justifies the legitimacy of the law 78
11:06 - 78 law · QS will not call the people to disobey
5:19 - Student conflict · The 28th night protest does not degenerate
4:18 - A word from the editor of the Journal de Montreal · A real poll
4:11 - Political parties · Equality leading
4:00 - Student conflict · The government goes too far
1:30 - Student strike · Nearly 2,000 arrests

Tuition protest fallout could be trouble for Harper in Quebec
Canadians want feds to assume "leadership role" and fix health care: report

Tories launch talks on official languages, shield programs from cuts
Tories backtrack on EI rule, say minister speaking in 'generalities'

New EI rules more modest and sensible than earlier advertised
Tories torn? A look at the Alberta & Federal Conservatives

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Afghanistan evolution
Time for Harper to bring out the broom?

OSC alleges fraud at Sino-Forest

CP Rail, union reach deal on commuter trains

Feds could be sued over fisheries reform, minister admits
Conservative MPs argue DFO cuts won't hurt research

ACOA cuts regional development funding
NDP closing on in on the Tories: Poll

Mulcair says he's putting together an 'extraordinary' team for 2015
Conrad Black blasts Mulcair over British criminal 'cheap shot'

Spectacle of Unsuccessful Politicians at G-8 Brings Summiteering To a Low
High-profile Quebec corruption inquiry gets underway

Attorney general seeks to halt Mountie's human rights hearing
Internal RCMP investigation uncovers disturbing behaviour

Budget bill to upend RCMP health care
Conrad Black on freedom....and on the record

Conrad Black mulls over applying for citizenship
No Canadian Troops for Afghanistan Beyond 2014 But Can Harper Be Trusted On That Commitment?

OECD urges Canada to raise rates
Canada ranks high in housing, safety and life satisfaction, OECD says

Rae discusses First Nations crisis during Nanaimo visit
Canadian hopes Montana governor will ignore recommendation to kill her dad

Cross-border shopping: price trumps moral suasion in the fight for consumers
B.C. killer whale expert out of work as feds cut ocean-pollution monitoring positions

'Treatment of obesity is a failure,' doctors argue
Death in Remand: a Tyee Inquiry

Now Is the Time to Talk up Big Ideas
'A Gut Feeling'

Why Blackberry's Embrace of HTML5 Is Good Karma
Cohen rejects request to reopen salmon hearings

Canadians Pay Too Much For The CBC

Stephen Harper's stealth EI changes are a worry. http://www.thestar.com/opinion/editorials/article/1181031?stephenn-harper-s-stealth-ei-changes-are-a-worry
New toys for our boys : w ww.FlyingShingle.com/cgi-bin/coranto/viewnews.cgi?id=20100809390952999530 ,
The F-35: Another Military Boondoggle:
www.FlyingShingle.com/cgi-bin/coranto/viewnews.cgi?id=20101018201002862218 .


Is NATO Still Needed?
War is a racket: Protests and the NATO Summit in Chicago
Video: http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/10665.html

The Occupy Movement and the Politics of Educated Hope
Read the Article

Boeing HQ Shut Down by Anti-NATO Summit Protesters to Cap Week of Action
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UN Chief Says Iran Deal Near on Inspecting Key Atomic Site
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Corporate Lobbying Group Asks Supreme Court Not to Use "Empirical Evidence" When Reconsidering Citizens United
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Drone Attacks Can't Save the G8's Bacon
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We Must Reduce Our Prison Population
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Wisconsin Recall Roundup: Members of Congress Raise Questions About Governor Walker's 2011 Testimony
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Charles Koch + Roger Ailes = Ohio University?
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Paul Krugman | Europe's Leaders Double Down on a Failed Strategy
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Gas Industry Aims to Block Zero-Carbon Building Goal
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Eugene Robinson | The NAACP's Relevance Step
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Evangelicals: Voting Bloc or Mosaic?
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Icelandic Anger Brings Debt Forgiveness in Best Recovery Story- Bloomberg

Kucinich: "NATO Talks a Sham: War in Afghanistan is Not Ending" "The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is not a benevolent organization. NATO is not about the North Atlantic and it's not about our collective defense. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article31402.htm

Syrian Rebels Say Turkey Is Arming And Training Them Large consignments of AK-47s are being delivered by the Turkish military to the Syrian-Turkish border. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article31399.htm

Julian Assange Interviews President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa Ecuador's Fight Against Its Media Vultures Must Watch Video
In 2010 Correa was taken hostage in an attempted coup d'etat. After the attempt he launched a controversial counter-offensive Ecuador's media, which he blames for the coup attempt. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article31397.htm

War Pay The Nearly $1 Trillion National Security Budget
Last week, lawmakers in the House of Representatives even passed a bill that was meant to spare national security spending from future cuts by reducing school-lunch funding and other social programs. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article31403.htm

Osama bin Laden's Goal to Bankrupt America is Working Americans should be really agitated about this, but they are either ignorant or apathetic.

On Indefinite Detention: The Tyranny Continues By Rep. Ron Paul
The bad news from last week's passage of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act is that Americans can still be arrested on US soil and detained indefinitely without trial. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article31395.htm

The Police State Is Here All the president has to do is to declare a nebulous "national emergency," and his agents can seize control of every factory, farm, and business in the country and lay claim to all its resources, including labor. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article31396.htm

How America's Death Penalty Murders Innocents The leading causes of wrongful convictions include perjury, flawed eyewitness identification and prosecutorial misconduct. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article31398.htm

Man "Loses" $22,000 In New 'Policing For Profit' Case "If somebody told me this happened to them, I absolutely would not believe this could happen in America." http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article31404.htm

In Case You Missed It Fascism Anyone? Fascism's principles are wafting in the air today, surreptitiously masquerading as something else, challenging everything we stand for. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article4113.htm

Greek Leftist Leader Alexis Tsipras: 'It's a War Between People and Capitalism' No one has the right to reduce a proud people to such a state of wretchedness and indignity." http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article31400.htm

JPMorgan Chase Losses Eclipse $30 Billion Dimon, in his comments on Monday, said the bank wasn't going to keep updating everybody on its losses.

Bombings in Iraq kill six people, including four children: The attacks struck the homes of a Sunni anti-Qaeda militiaman and a formerly internally-displaced Shiite family, both of which are in a neighborhood that was an insurgent stronghold during the worst of Iraq's sectarian bloodshed.

5 killed as deadly blast rocks Syrian capital: An explosion in a restaurant in the Syrian capital has killed five people, Syrian state media report. The blast struck the Qaboun district of Damascus and has been branded a "terrorist" attack. http://www.rt.com/news/deadly-rocks-syrian-capital-849/

Forces unable to destabilize Syria turn to Lebanon : Russian Foreign Ministry: "Moscow is seriously concerned by growing internal tensions in Lebanon. It appears that the forces that have failed to realize their plans to destabilize Syria have turned to the neighboring Lebanon," the ministry said on its website on Monday. http://www.interfax.com/newsinf.asp?pg=2&id=333655

Syria's War Comes to Beirut: Sunday's spasm of violence bodes ill for Lebanese stability. But the real problem is that there's nobody in charge.

IAEA to pen nuclear agreement with Iran: Amano: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief says Iran and the UN nuclear agency have made a decision to reach an agreement aimed at resolving issues related to the country's nuclear energy program. http://bit.ly/Kwa48l

Israeli official downplays Iran nuclear deal with IAEA, citing past violations: The announcement that International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) head Yukiya Amano had struck a deal with Iran Tuesday to inspect its nuclear facilities was received in Jerusalem with great suspicion. http://bit.ly/L27f3y

Iran reportedly blames IAEA chief for leaks that enable Israel to assassinate its nuclear scientists: Iran reportedly upbraided the head of the UN's nuclear watchdog on Monday for leaks from his agency which, it said, had enabled Israel to assassinate several of its nuclear scientists. http://bit.ly/KslCJL

US Senate approves new Iran sanctions bill: The US Senate unanimously approved on Monday a package of new economic sanctions on Iran's oil sector just days ahead of a meeting in Baghdad between major world powers and Tehran. http://www.jpost.com/IranianThreat/News/Article.aspx?id=270919

Iran Warns S. Arabia to Give up Plot for Annexing Bahrain: "Such Saudi measures have created insecurity in the whole region and the Islamic Republic of Iran as an influential country in the Persian Gulf region will not keep mum about these moves of Saudi Arabia forever," Rezayee told FNA on Monday.

Arab League to Iran: stop anti-Bahrain campaign: The Arab League called on Tehran on Monday to halt what it described as a media campaign against Bahrain over a proposal for political and military union between Gulf Arab states. http://reut.rs/K7Jp54

Are the drones working in Yemen?: Yemen suicide attack may have also blown a hole in US counter-terrorism strategy. http://bit.ly/JQmM6K

Pakistan: Afghan forces cross border, kill one: Afghan security forces on Monday intruded into Pakistani territory near Qila Saifullah and opened fire on a passenger bus, killing one Pakistani national and injuring four others. http://bit.ly/K8iDLh

New Zealand to pull Afghanistan troops next year: Prime Minister John Key told reporters Tuesday that the 145 New Zealand troops stationed in Bamiyan province will come home in late 2013 rather than 2014 http://bit.ly/MCrW7U

Has Amnesty Intl. Gone Mad? It Cheers NATO: Where is Amnesty International's head? http://www.thestruggle.org/amnesty_NATO.htm

NATO, Defying Russia, Moves Forward With Missile Shield: NATO leaders have agreed to activate a new missile defense shield in three years-openly defying Moscow, which claims the system is aimed at Russian targets. http://bit.ly/LuMW1c

House approves East Coast missile shield site in $643 billion defense bill: The bill obligates $100 million next year to plan for the site, but the project would cost billions of dollars in later years that has yet to be funded. http://bit.ly/KYAiEo

United States Sends Combat Commanders to Colombia : The expansion of counterinsurgency forces in Africa and Latin America is also part of a new national security strategy released by the White House in February. http://bit.ly/Ld7eXc

Obama hails police state methods in Chicago: President Barack Obama on Monday praised the performance of Chicago city officials and the Chicago Police Department after a week of violence, repression and frame-ups http://www.wsws.org/articles/2012/may2012/pers-m22.shtml

Supreme Court to hear electronic eavesdropping case: The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear a US government challenge to a lawsuit against its electronic surveillance program, which allows authorities to eavesdrop on Americans' overseas phone calls and emails. http://bit.ly/JmD8RI

Evidence of U.S. Torture: CIA Can Withhold Detainee Photo, Waterboarding Cables: The Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Monday that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) doesn't have to release a photo of an alleged al-Qaida operative following a session of enhanced interrogation techniques (EIT), reports The Associated Press. http://bit.ly/L33mLT

Court blocks release of CIA interrogation methods: CIA secret interrogation methods - including detention and harsh questioning of suspected terrorists - remain off limits to public release, a federal appeals court ruled Monday. http://bit.ly/JKPiq6

Study finds one-third of malaria drugs 'fake': More than 30 per cent of anti-malaria drugs examined in Southeast Asia and Africa were either fake or of poor quality. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/asia/2012/05/201252255527303489.html

Did these ex-slaves catch your lunch?: Thailand, a major source of fish imported to the US, depends on slave labor. http://bit.ly/KrPCI0

IIF: Spain's bank losses could hit €260bn: Spanish bank loan losses could hit €260bn (£210bn), with the industry likely to need some €60bn euros in outside help to stay afloat, the International Institute of Finance said Monday. http://tgr.ph/LvA6zL

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<
MARDI 22 MAI 2012
20h12 - Québec · Des élections réclamées
19h29 - Québec · Anonymous pris au sérieux par le gouvernement
18h47 - Crise étudiante · Des manifestants marchent à Toronto
18h18 - Conflit étudiant · Charest n'écarte pas une reprise des discussions
16h13 - Charles et Camilla · Journée chargée
15h57 - Soins de santé mentale · La stigmatisation est un obstacle
15h50 - Conflit étudiant · Le ministre Dutil justifie la légitimité de la loi 78
15h08 - Conflit étudiant · Rebello garde le silence
12h52 - Commission d'enquête · «Notre mandat est ambitieux », croit Charbonneau
11h06 - Loi 78 · Québec solidaire n'appellera pas la population à désobéir
05h19 - Conflit étudiant · La 28e manifestation nocturne ne dégénère pas
04h18 - Un mot du rédacteur en chef du Journal de Montréal · Un vrai sondage
04h11 - Partis politiques · Égalité en tête
04h00 - Conflit étudiant · Le gouvernement va trop loin
03h46 - Sondage · Le taux de popularité des conservateurs demeure constant
01h30 - Grève étudiante · Près de 2000 arrestations


Compare the police in the videos to those at the G20.
(of course there is no $1 billion outlay to Quebec)

@CUTVnews - Police shooting rubber bullets at protesters Palais des Congres
(Part 1) http://www.cutvmontreal.ca/videos/1033
(Part 2) http://www.cutvmontreal.ca/videos/1034

From: Larry Kazdan
To: Vancouver Sun LetED <sunletters@vancouversun.com>
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Editorial: Mulcair's diagnosis is off the mark, May 17, 2012
Editorial: Mulcair's diagnosis is off the mark, May 17, 2012

Between 2002 and 2011, the Canadian dollar's average exchange rate skyrocketed from 64 to 101 American cents, a rise highly correlated to the increasing price of oil.
The report "Does the Canadian Economy Suffer from Dutch Disease?," funded by Industry Canada, concludes that a third or more of job losses in Canada's manufacturing sector can be attributed to resource-driven currency appreciation.
Another study by the Institute for Research on Public Policy similarly concluded that about one-quarter of Canadian manufacturing output suffers because of the high dollar.
Which part of these studies does the Vancouver Sun not understand?
Feds funded research pointing to Canadian bout of 'Dutch disease' May 18, 2012, Dean Beeby
To: Letters@globeandmail.com
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Changes to Old Age Security equal big savings
for Ottawa, big costs for seniors, BILL CURRY, May. 18, 2012 (

Re: Changes to Old Age Security equal big savings for Ottawa, big costs for seniors, BILL CURRY, May. 18, 2012

Your article reports academic consensus that leaving OAS eligibility at 65 would require spending to be curbed elsewhere. But the main reason for government spending cuts or tax increases are to ensure the economy does not overheat and cause inflation, which can only be known at the time. And since we have had high unemployment rates for decades (the real problem), continuing the current schedule for OAS payments would more likely help the economy by boosting demand and employment than to cause any damage. Those who think the eligibility age should be raised do so for ideological reasons, even if their technical arguments are couched in academic jargon.
Attacks on the welfare state are misguided and will only worsen things, April 19, 2012
Bill Mitchell is the Research Professor in Economics and Director of the Centre of Full Employment and Equity (CofFEE),
at the University of Newcastle, NSW Australia.


The best thing governments can do at any point in time is to ensure that incomes are maximised in the economy and a necessary condition for that is the achievement of full employment. This requires a vastly different approach to fiscal and monetary policy than is currently being practiced and proposed by the conservatives.
If there are sufficient real resources available in the future then their distribution between competing needs (income claimants) will become a political decision which economists have little to add.
Long-run productivity growth that is also environmentally sustainable will be the single most important determinant of sustaining real goods and services for the population in the future.
To: letters@montrealgazette.com
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Montreal student groups to challenge Bill 78 in court, May 19, 2012, Jason Magde

Re: Montreal student groups to challenge Bill 78 in court, May 19, 2012, Jason Magder

The Quebec government's imposition of protest restrictions and heavy fines "for the sake of democracy and citizenship" will go down in history alongside those other Newspeak slogans: War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength, and we had to destroy the village to in order to save it.

From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: RESPECT

Begin forwarded message:

We learned and practiced RESPECT for authority from England.
Enjoy the celebrations with the crowds... take note of the E11R fly-over patterns.


From: "Stephanie McDowall"

----- Original Message -----
From: Rafe Mair
Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2012 12:07 PM
Subject: FW: Alex Morton The facts on fisj farms

RAFE HERE – This is a blockbuster!
I'm asking you to give up an hour to watch the most remarkable video I've ever seen and it's viewable at

It's called Alexandra Morton - The Facts on Fish Farms.
Please pass on far and wide.
I respectfully suggest that you invite your neighbours to watch this.
Please put in on your Facebook or Twitter page.

The Pacific salmon is indeed what we are to the world and your governments are hiding the critical facts, as are the fish farmers.
After you see this I guarantee you will understand the issues clearly and you'll rightly be livid at the deceit and stonewalling by Fish Farmers and their pet poodles – the Department of Fisheries and the provincial government

From: Mahmood Elahi
To: "Letters" <letters@globeandmail.com>
Subject: Monarchis transformed Canada from a French-speaking majority to an English-speaking one

The Editor
The Globe and Mail
Copy to: Mr. Doug Saunders, Columnist for The Globe and Mail: Constitutional monarchy is about an institution and not about any individual and his/her popularity. Only an absolute monarch needs popularity to retain his/her hold on power. Actions of an absolute monarchs are important as they affect the lives of the subjects. A constitutional monarch is a symbolic head and any royal can do the job as long as he/she stays out of political issues.
Monarchists transformed Canada from a French-speaking majority to an English-speaking one
Re "The strange paradox of the constitutional monarch," Doug Saunders (May 19).
After the British conquest of Canada in 1759, the colonial governor Sir Guy Carleton thought Canada would always remain a French-speaking country. "Europeans who migrate," he asserted, "will never prefer the cold inhospitable winter of Canada to the more cheerful climate and the more fruitful soil of His Majesty's southern provinces. So, barring tragedy shocking to think of, this country must, to the end of time, be people by the French-Canadian race." This was not to be. Within a decade and a half, came a crowd of American monarchists driven into exile by revolutionary upheavals in their own country. They were North America's first political refugees who fled to Canada to escape persecution in the hands of so-called Patriots for remaining loyal to the crown.
Influx of New England monarchists, known as United Empire Loyalists, signalled the transformation of Canada. It could no longer be contended that Canada would remain French to the end of time. A substantial and growing population of anglo-American stock had been planted in Quebec and areas next to it what was to become Ontario, triggering a process in which the francophones became a minority in the country founded by them.
As such, Canada is not simply a former British colony like Australia or India. It is a country transformed by American Loyalists who left the land of "brave and free," in order to live under the monarch. It can be argued that if the Americans didn't revolt and the Loyalists stayed home, subsequent British immigration would have gone to "His Majesty's southern provinces" and Canada would have remained French. Constitutional monarchy in Canada is a reminder of this historical fact. As for popularity of Queen Elizabeth II, it may be pointed out that a constitutional monarch doesn't need any popularity in the same way an absolute monarch does. An absolute monach needs the public support to retain his/her hold on power. King George III was not a very popular monarch and yet the American monarchists remained loyal to him because he represented an institution.

From: "rory j. koopmans" <roryjkoopmans@hotmail.com>
Subject: Executive Dissertations: A Proposal

From: S Booiman
To: B.C. NDP leader
Subject: Mulcair

The Hon.Mr.Dix,
Leader of the B.C.NDP

Listening to the continues harassing of the west by Mulcair. please have your
wallet ready to give him more OIL=GAS money from the WEST, the UNIONS would
be delighted to fund it, as a friendly NDP Companion, make him an honorary. chair
of the B.C. NDP. Maybe buy him a course (B.C.university rate) in Economics at UBC.
Nothing wrong with friendly suggestions.

Suan H.Booiman

From: "Brian D. Marlatt"
Subject: Ottawa sinks pollution checks

The Coast Guard on the BC coast reduced to volunteers at Kits Beach, with nearest help from Sea Island ... too late if your life is at risk...; marine scientists and staff protecting the ocean and fisheries on the BC coast lose their jobs to "austerity" while corporate tax breaks to oil companies, "free trade" oil for manufactured goods which were once produced here, and pipeline sell-off of our natural resources flourish. These are ^not Progressive Conservatives.
http://www.timescolonist.com/technology/Ottawa+sinks +pollution+checks/6649695/story.html

From: Robert Ede
Subject: C38, the Opposition Parties, the Ottawa Media & the GovGen "in Council"

bcc Chantal Dupuis
Thank you for bringing the depth and breadth of this inmates-running-the-asylum monstrosity of a Bill
I knew it was a omnibus catchall ...but this is ridiculous
Eliminate boards and centralize power to Minister almost in every paragraph
Why not make all civil servant salaries taxable ... not just the GG
Seeds Act, Bretton Woods, Old Age - so flippin' many .... all mashed together for easy "insertion" up our collective Cdn physiological 'back door'
My biggest complaint now ... is why aren't the Opposition members standing up and reading this into the record or reading it all in the Hallway of Centre Block -- force the media to cover it
Force Cdn's to know about its details
Get the STOP HARPER 'rogue page' to read it aloud on CBC or as a podcast or something
NB I don't think anybody knows what Governor General in Council means:
Joe - If you copy this from Print Preview - the Links stay alive

The Plain Languae Version of Canada's Constitution Acts
Red indicates modifications,
... indicates deletions,
(text) is commentary,
Green indicates noteworthy, as-written, original language (tho' some might not believe it)

All Powers under Acts to be exercised by Governor General with Advice of Privy Council, or alone
All Powers, Authorities, and Functions which are legally vested in or legally exerciseable by the existing Governors or Lieutenant Governors of the existing Provinces, irrespective of whether these powers are to be used (a) with the Advice, or (b) with the Advice and Consent, of the existing Provincial Executive Councils, or any Members thereof ... or (c) by those Governors or Lieutenant Governors individually, shall, ... be vested in and exerciseable by the Governor General in relation to the new Dominion on the same basis, namely (a) with the Advice or (b) with the Advice and Consent of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada, or any Members thereof, or (c) by the Governor General individually, as the Case requires. These powers are still subject (except with respect to such as exist under Acts of the Parliament of Great Britain or of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland) to be abolished or altered by the Parliament of Canada.

Application of Provisions referring to Governor General in Council
The Provisions of this Act referring to the Governor General in Council shall be construed as referring to the Governor General acting by and with the Advice of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada
(ie NOT as an individual)


From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Acts altered by the Budget Bill DD

Joe--to answer your question re time to discuss the budget--NO not enough time is allocated to this. But sadly, it doesn't matter what the Opposition or for that matter, what we think--this is a done deal and who are we to question the Emperor? I will admit that I haven't read it word for word--a stomach can only absorb so much--but it looks as if the Corporations are well protected with this Bill while we are standing on the brink as citizens. Everything affecting the citizen is being rejigged and we know what the end result will be--we pay more for less.
It sounds as if our historic sites and National Parks are being set up to also be in private hands. Goodby Canada?
I can't go on--the way things are worded leaves them open to any interpretation desired by those in charge

From: The Natroses

Joe, the quote of "
"The worst forms of tyranny, or certainly the most successful ones, are not those we rail against but those that so insinuate themselves into the imagery of our consciousness, and the fabric of our lives, as not to be perceived as tyranny." "

Is so very true in the 21st century, and Bill C-38 represents like other nations' budgets of how tyranny precepts are used to insinuate themselves and in the very consciousness of the ordinary citizens, as the norm. In a paper, called
Principles of Tyranny by Jon Roland, he writes: " The emergence of tyranny therefore begins with challenges to a group, develops into general feelings of insecurity and inadequacy, and falls into a pattern in which some individuals assume the role of "father" to the others, who willingly submit to becoming dependent "children" of such persons if only they are reassured that a more favorable outcome will be realized. This pattern of co-dependency is pathological, and generally results in decisionmaking of poor quality that makes the situation even worse, but, because the pattern is pathological, instead of abandoning it, the co-dependents repeat their inappropriate behavior to produce a vicious spiral that, if not interrupted, can lead to total breakdown of the group and the worst of the available outcomes. "

Bill C-38 like most nations' budgets in the 21st century of the developed countries, assumes the role of the father and the ordinary citizens assumes the role of the children. The student protesters of Quebec, is an example of a group of people keeping their vigilance against the upward spiral of tuition costs, because the very power and structure of government , are operating under the tyranny principles, masked in the feel good images of democratic governments being benevolent towards their citizens of great diversity.

The methods used are and described in the above link are:
  • 1. Control of public information and opinion
  • 2. Vote fraud used to prevent the election of reformers
  • 3. Undue official influence on trials and juries
  • 4. Usurpation of undelegated powers
  • 5. Seeking a government monopoly on the capability and use of armed force
  • 6. Militarization of law enforcement
  • 7. Infiltration and subversion of citizen groups that could be forces for reform
  • 8. Suppression of investigators and whistleblowers
  • 9. Use of the law for competition suppression
  • 10. Subversion of internal checks and balances
  • 11. Creation of a class of officials who are above the law
  • 12. Increasing dependency of the people on government
  • 13. Increasing public ignorance of their civic duties and reluctance to perform them
  • 14. Use of staged events to produce popular support
  • 15. Conversion of rights into privileges
  • 16. Political correctness
All used by the current sitting governments in Canada, and as well in other developed nations. Greece comes to my mind, if only because it speaks volumes of how the tyranny principles are entrenched in the economic systems including the global levels. Again, Bill C-38 is more about maintaining the current economic systems of countries and globally based on debt finance.

In another paper, "Our economy, our culture, our entire world, is built upon debt. No one ever asked us if that's how we wanted it, it is simply how the system was designed when we came into it. Many of us have lived our entire lives under the assumption that debt is a necessary function of daily commerce and a valuable driver of successful society. Most households in America operate at a steep loss, trapped in constantly building cycles of liability and interest. There are even widely held schools of economic thought that are centered completely on the production and utilization of nothing but debt. Only recently have many people begun to ask themselves what the tangible benefits are (if any) in being dependent on debt based finance."

Entrapping citizens in a life time cycle of debt and liability, throughout their lives on obtaining the basic necessities of life, before the 'nice to have' things are purchased. Again Bill C-38 represents the beast of debt and liability, where citizens must pay homage to the beast, by payment of their seven silver pieces to a government that is determined only to honour requests of their citizens that uses the principles of tyranny as their value system. The workers of Canadian Pacific are on strike, and will the workers look forward to as the American workers already are, working 12 hours days for less pay in the railroad transportation sector? Yes, when governments are always willing to intercede on the behalf of the companies that controlled the railroad transportation sector on the basis of economic and security concerns of the country, at the expense of their citizens.

Of course, it is a difficult task for ordinary citizens to sort out, but what should be made clear, is that tyranny comes in many different forms, masquerading as benevolent and kindly grandfathers. When in reality, tyranny and its many different forms divides citizens - the children - who are quite willing to do anything for the kindly grandfathers - the government and others who hold the power - even if it means that citizens must relinquished their rights and freedoms, in exchange for favours.

The acceptance in exchanged for favours comes in the back water issues that hardly ever receives press. Such press, as the treatment of the elderly in the health system -

And more recent articles and organizations sprouting up on elderly health care - http://www.eldercarecanada.ca/index.html
Where elderly health care becomes a profitable side line and families of the elderly becomes a crap shoot of restricted and limiting family visits to hospitals to see their parents, grandparents and care for them.

Or the most recent Globe and Mail article, "By not making this the issue of our generation, by not linking this with other efforts calling for responsible governance and respect for democratic institutions – and by not understanding that this trend is not just local, but global – Canadians are rolling over and playing dead.

Which is exactly where Stephen Harper wants us: on our backs, our tummies rubbed by the panacea of "stable governance" and "regulated economic growth." Personally, I'd take a haircut on the vaunted stability for the privilege of living in a functional democracy."


The above link speaks more of what citizens should be willing to risked - the haircut - for the privilege of living in a functional democracy and more importantly the retention of our rights and freedoms under the constitution, that places our governing institutes to fundamentally act and behave to protect the best interests of their citizens. Instead Canadians are quite willing to sacrificed the rights and freedoms, for stable governance of the stealth kind - the pseudo kind that turns citizens against each other. The price being paid in seven pieces of silver in many different forms at the expense of the welfare, health of their citizens.

Bill C-38 speaks volumes about it, but where and where shall the battles to be chosen when the Harper government has effectively divided all citizens into the various camps via through the tyranny principles and the stealth tactics used world wide by all stripes of governments.

The best imagery that I can come up with, is the song called, "I owe my soul to the company store". and many articles speaking about the '21st century company store', and one such article below.

There is no 'change we can believe in' if nothing fundamentally changes. So while Obama's presidency will go down in history for at least changing the complexion of the White House's transient residents, that may be the only real change we're likely to see in the next 4-8 years. Except for the changes planned to cheat us out of not just our working life's savings, but Social Security and Medicare for our declining years as well. Once again the feudal lords trade our lives for riches in their own pockets, we get to die penniless and unattended, the kids are all slaving in the mines...

...owing their souls to the company store because they were sold before they were even born."


" This and the line "I owe my soul to the company store" is a reference to the truck system and to debt bondage. Under this scrip system, workers were not paid cash; rather they were paid with non-transferable credit vouchers which could be exchanged for only goods sold at the company store. This made it impossible for workers to store up cash savings. Workers also usually lived in company-owned dormitories or houses, the rent for which was automatically deducted from their pay. In the United States the truck system and associated debt bondage persisted until the strikes of the newly formed United Mine Workers and affiliated unions forced an end to such practices."


Johnny Cash singing it - http://music.aol.ca/video/johnny-cash-sixteen-tons/johnny-cash/adam:6201485

Remember, when Cash sings, I owe my soul to the company store, change it to, I owe my soul to the government store!

Time to change the imagery that citizens love to hold dear in their hearts, that our governments are benevolent grandfatherly entities who only have the best interests of their citizens at their heart - to one that shatters the illusions and looks at the realities of the citizens lives and what they are willing to give up to keep on the good side of the pseudo-benevolent grandfatherly entities of government and others who hold the economic powers in their hands. Bill C-38 is all of that, including the wholesale exchange of giving up everything for the sake of selling their souls to the government store.

I owe my soul to the government store - a video


Another new imagery for the ordinary citizens, can be had in the song called Bad Leroy Brown, where Leroy Brown is the government of our nice pseudo-democratic governments, and let the citizens turn the government into a jigsaw of missing pieces, exposing the dark underbelly of tyranny wrapped up in the illusions of benevolence and kindness.

" Well, the two men took to fighting
And when they pulled them from the floor
Leroy looked like a jigsaw puzzle
With a couple of pieces gone

And it's bad, bad Leroy Brown
The baddest man in the whole damned town
Badder than old King Kong
And meaner than a junkyard dog"


And if not, from a Christian perspective that is making the rounds for one and all citizens no matter their faith values and beliefs


The origins of the poster hails from the Jesse Ventura's blog site - Called The Letter to the Ruling Class.