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Police State: When the Police choose which laws they will obey

Canadian stimulus money goes to companies, people implicated in Quebec scandals
Some of the public money set aside for Canada's economic recovery has ended up
in the hands of companies and individuals accused of taking part in an elaborate collusion scheme in Quebec.

Law of the Sea Treaty: A Tool to Combat Iran, China, and  Russia?  To read more, check out full post.
London: Preparing for the Olympics or for civil uprising Video:

Russia, US start first joint anti-terror war games on American soil Source
Russia, US start first joint anti-terror war games on American soil  Source Malaysian tribunal finds Bush guilty of war crimes  Source Sonic cannons to be used during Olympics to keep crowds under control  Source UK MPs find Murdoch unfit to run media empire Source The US is planning to spend $4 billion to upgrade NATO's Western European nuclear arsenal. The "unnecessary and expensive" initiative is likely to stir new animosity with Russia, a report says. Source AIPAC Resolution Demanding War With Iran On House Floor Tomorrow On Tuesday, the House of Representatives is slated to vote on a resolution designed to tie the president's hands on Iran policy.

This Weekend's Extravaganza of Crapoganda on Iran's Nuclear Program These are the depths to which propaganda about the Iranian nuclear program have sunk. It's not even clever anymore, it's just stupid.

IAEA Refuses Iran Cooperation Pact Until After Parchin Visit Talks this week over alleged nuclear weapons work by Iran are likely to remain gridlocked after International Atomic Energy Agency chief Yukiya Amano warned that he will hold up an agreement until Tehran allows the United Nations watchdog's inspectors to visit the key military complex of Parchin.

Long Live 'Our' Gulf Bast*rds By Pepe Escobar Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates can torture, kill, repress and demonize their own subjects - in full confidence the "master" will let you get away with it.

Why So Little Condemnation of Israel's Extremism? The moralistic Chief Rabbi will not be on "Thought for the Day" expressing sorrow for the treatment of these prisoners. Ardent British Zionists will not be pressed to condemn those responsible for the state barbarism.

A Tipping Point for Israel We have reached the point where the proverbial cat is out of the bag. Everyone, with the possible exception of the U.S. Congress, has become aware that there is something terribly wrong with Israel.

The Palestinian Hunger Strike & Occupy Wall Street Occupy Wall Street "Has Created Something That Didn't Really Exist" in U.S. - Solidarity.

America as a Shining Drone Upon a Hill We have turned much of the rest of the planet into what can only be considered an American free-fire zone.

The Case of the Missing Terrorists If there were any real terrorists, Jose Rodriguez would be dead.

Idiocy as WMD The dumbing down of America will only accelerate as this cornered and bankrupt country becomes ever more vicious to its citizens and foreigners alike.

The Enjoyment Of Servitude Man's Almost Infinite Appetite For Distractions.Even in Rome there was nothing like the non-stop distractions now provided by newspapers and magazines, by radio, television and the cinema.

Colonized by Corporations In Robert E. Gamer's book "The Developing Nations" is a chapter called "Why Men Do Not Revolt." In it Gamer notes that although the oppressed often do revolt, the object of their hostility is misplaced. They vent their fury on a political puppet, someone who masks colonial power, a despised racial or ethnic group or an apostate within their own political class.

Learning From The Eurocrisis The banks really have no power at all except the power to bribe, and in Europe-in South America, the power to assassinate, which they do quite frequently.

Deja Vu: JP Morgan Credit Default Swaps Put Markets on Brink The element of Occupy Wall Street that supports the establishment left-wing might find themselves today dumbfounded to explain how their candidate of choice, Barack Obama, has allowed JPMorgan to accrue derivatives positions which have proven hazardous to the global economy.

Five Facts That Put America to Shame The golden door on the Statue of Liberty seems to have an invisible hand holding it shut.

"Rebels' kill 23 Syrian soldiers, opposition seeks unity: Syrian rebels killed 23 government soldiers on Monday, activists said, as efforts to find a viable political alternative to Bashar al-Assad faltered when an opposition group said it would boycott Arab-backed talks to unite its splintered ranks.

Red Cross: Syrian Rebels Using Guerrilla Tactics: The International Committee of the Red Cross chief Jakob Kellenberger says , rebels have shifted their types of attacks in recent weeks after engaging in heavy fighting with better-equipped government forces earlier this year.

Al-Qaeda Behind Blasts in Damascus - Russian Foreign Ministry: "Terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda, are behind the recent acts of terror in Syria, including al-Qaeda," Gatilov said. "There are confirmed reports indicating that armed rebel groups enlist mercenaries from Libya and other Arab countries."

Syria violence spreads to Lebanon, death toll rises: Two men were killed and at least 20 were wounded in clashes between Alawite supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Sunni Muslim fighters in the Lebanese city of Tripoli, medical sources said on Monday.

11 "Insurgents" Killed in Afghan Raids: In two separate Afghan police operations in northern Faryab province on Sunday night, six insurgents were killed and two others were wounded, a spokesman for the 303 Pamir Police Zone in northern Afghanistan, Lal Mohammad Ahmadzai, said.

Afghanistan: 9 killed in market blast: The Monday morning blast took place inside a shop in a market in the Ghormuch district of northern Faryab province.

Pakistan: 17 militants killed in Khyber, Khurram Agencies: At least 17 militants were killed and several others injured, while three hideouts were also destroyed in security forces actions in Khyber and Kurram Agencies on Monday.

Yemen battles kill 16 Al Qaida militants; 6 troops: Yemeni government forces pounded Al Qaida fighters on Monday, killing at least 16, while six soldiers died in clashes with militants in the country's troubled south, military officials said.

Six people killed in spate of Iraq bombings: Six people were killed in attacks in central and northern Iraq on Monday, including five who died in a spate of bombings in Fallujah, officials said.

George Bush Guilty of Torture: FORMER US President George W Bush and seven key members of his team have been found guilty of war crimes by a tribunal in Malaysia.

Nuclear infowar: New 'evidence' of Iran's nuclear ambitions: The computer-generated revelation of murky origins comes just a day before IAEA and Iranian officials meet in Vienna for a two-day talks.

Iran tells West to 'correct its manner' ahead of talks; "If the West corrects its manners and respects the Iranian people, in return it will gain the respect of the Iranians," the official IRNA news agency quoted Ahmadinejad as saying in the northeastern city of Qoochan where he is on a provincial tour.

Kodak Had a Secret Nuclear Reactor Loaded With Enriched Uranium: Kodak may be going under, but apparently they could have started their own nuclear war if they wanted, just six years ago. Down in a basement in Rochester, NY, they had a nuclear reactor loaded with 3.5 pounds of enriched uranium-the same kind they use in atomic warheads.

Saudi and Bahrain expected to seek union: minister: Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are expected to announce closer political union at a meeting of Gulf Arab leaders on Monday, a Bahraini minister said, a move dismissed by the opposition as a ruse to avoid political reform.

Rights group: NATO underplayed civilian deaths in Libya: NATO air strikes killed 72 civilians in Libya last year, Human Rights Watch said on Monday, accusing the western alliance of failing to acknowledge the scope of collateral damage it caused during the campaign that helped oust Moammar Gadhafi.

Libya: Unacknowledged Deaths: HRW: Report: This report examines in detail eight NATO air strikes in Libya that resulted in 72 civilian deaths, including 20 women and 24 children. It is based on one or more field investigations to each of the bombing sites during and after the conflict, including interviews with witnesses and local resident.

Growing the Empire: U.S. Seeks Global Spec Ops Network: U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) wants to establish a worldwide network linking special operations forces (SOF) of allied and partner nations to combat terrorism.

Ron Paul Statement on Campaign Going Forward: 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul issued the following statement to supporters and the general public concerning the continuation of his historic bid for the GOP nomination.

Italy mulls using army to stem political violence: Although protests against Italy's austerity programme have been largely peaceful, last week a well-known anarchist group claimed responsibility for an attack in which a Finmeccanica executive was shot in the leg.

Anti-bailout bloc to shun Greek crisis talks: The leader of far-left bloc Syriza has rejected an invitation from the Greek president to join a final round of coalition talks, all but ensuring new elections in the debt-stricken country.

Mass anti-austerity protests sweep through Spain: At least 100,000 protesters angered by the country's grim economic prospects turned out for street demonstrations in 80 cities across Spain. This marked the one-year anniversary of a movement that inspired similar activist groups in other countries.

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From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Canada's controllers taking us to the NWO
Meet Canada's Ruling Oligarchy: Parasites-a-Plenty!
Subject: Cutting back on aid to Veterans will help cover some of these costs?????
MacKay short on accountability
Subject:Throwing Libya to the wolves  Video:   DD

Joe--why is anyone surprised at Canada/NATO's actions?  Look at what the government is doing to the young of Canada that they sent to fight in Afghanistan.  Once anyone is no longer useful to any government they are tossed aside.  Warm and fuzzy words accomplish nothing.  And don't forget the rebels were backed and armed by NATO.  Our whole existence is nothing but a Hollyweird production.
Subject: banning niqab from citizenship oath taking  DD

If only we could lift the veil from the faces of our politicians.  They lie to us continually and this is without any face covering.
I voted NO
Subject: a terrible read--but then the truth today is terrible

Meet Canada's Ruling Oligarchy: Parasites-a-Plenty!