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Peter MacKay's defence reign could end with latest DND embarrassment
Yet another defence procurement embarrassment is about to hit the Conservative government,
which is already reeling from criticism of its handling of the F-35 purchase by the Auditor-General.
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Canada's lack of consistency on death penalty policy getting attention

Posted: 18 Apr 2012 03:39 AM PDT
Tories criticized for vastly divergent reactions to Canadians on death row." As well they should be.
The Canadian government's urgent appeal to stop Iran from executing a Canadian citizen imprisoned there may be blunted by its "grudging" support for another condemned Canadian Montana death-row inmate Ronald Smith says ys the former top federal bureaucrat responsible for protecting Canadian citizens abroad.

Gar Pardy, the retired head of the consular affairs division at the Department of Foreign Affairs, said the Conservative government's "hypocritical" approach to death-penalty cases in different countries is sending a mixed message to the world and potentially impairing the efforts of diplomats to effectively lobby other jurisdictions to spare the lives of Canadians facing execution beyond our borders.
That view is echoed by the Canadian arm of Amnesty International, which is also pressing Iran to commute the death sentence of Hamid Ghassemi-Shall, an Iranian-born Canadian citizen accused of espionage in his birth country and held in jail there since 2008.

This haphazard - and really, immoral - policy where the Canadian government is picking and choosing the nations in which they will fight for Canadians facing the death penalty clearly deserves reconsideration. It should not be the fact of the nation in which a Canadian citizen sits that determines whether they get the help of the Canadian government. It should be the fact of Canadian citizenship that our government considers in making the determination to assist. That will lead to consistent application of clemency policy by our government, irrespective of the nation in which a Canadian citizen finds themself. The Irans of the world will not be able to look at us and say we are cherry picking which Canadians we stand up for.

Maybe Mr. Baird and his Foreign Affairs department should amend their position on the Smith case in Montana, by publicly indicating now that they will
speak at and support the Smith clemency case at the upcoming hearing on May 2nd, in order to send a signal to Iran on Hamid Ghassemi-Shall's case. Canada would be showing some needed consistency in its international approach to the death penalty at a critical time.

Death penalty: Canada needs to be consistent.
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From: Real Gagne
Subject: Re: Candidate has advantage by being white DD

Rebecca Gingrich wrote:
> /
> /"All propaganda must be popular and its intellectual level must be
> adjusted to the most limited intelligence among those it is addressed
> the truth. Sadly the reaction to his statement was predictable. Oh the
> poor ethnics!!!
> becky


What really irks me is the media's almost total silence about the case
of the East Indian PC candidate in one of the Calgary ridings who told
an interviewer that he should be elected to the Legislative Assembly
because there were a lot more like him in that riding and that they
wanted "someone like them" in the Legislature.

If I remember correctly, I only saw this referred to in the Edmonton Sun.

Talk about a double standard.

Real--double standard = Canada? It will just get worse as long as the only important reason for being for our politicians is to get elected.

From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <>
Subject: Quebec must protect French from second American invasion

The Editor
Montreal Gazette
Quebec must protect French from second American invasion
Re Letter: "Who benefits from language hysteria," by Peter Sipos and Opinion: "Anglophones have nothing to apologize for," by Robert Libman (April 18).
In this debate about Quebec's French language laws, a historical perspective may be in order. It may be recalled that after the British conquest of Canada in 1759, the colonial governor Sir Guy Carleton thought Canada would always remain a French-speaking country. "Europeans who migrate," he asserted, "will never prefer the cold inhospitable winter of Canada to the more cheerful climate and the more fruitful soil of His Majesty's southern provinces. So, barring tragedy shocking to think of, this country must, to the end of time, be peopled by the French-Canadian race."
This was not to be. Within a decade and a half, came a crowd of American royalists driven into exile by revolutionary upheavals in their own country. They were North America's first political refugees who fled to Canada to escape persecution in the hands of so-called Patriots for remaining loyal to the crown. Influx of New England royalists, known as the United Empire Loyalists, signalled the transformation of Canada. It could no longer be contended that Canada would remain French to the end of time. A substantial and growing population of Anglo-American stock had been planted in Quebec and areas next to it what was to become Ontario, triggering a process in which the francophones became a minority in the country founded by them.
Today, seven million francophones face a cultural invasion by 350 million English-speaking Americans from "His Majesty's [former] southern provinces." With their total control of airwaves and cyberspace, the Americans now invade Canada daily through their soap operas and sitcoms, their Newsweek, their music and movies. It is a far bigger invasion than what 100,000 francophones faced from 1 million American colonists in 1778. Without some conscious measures, the French langauge and culture may not sirvive from the second American invasion. The anglophones in Quebec should realize that they are not a simple minority, but also a purveyor of the dominant language and culture of the English-speaking Americans. As such, Quebec will always need some measures to survive as the only French-speaking province in what was once a French-speaking Canada.
2240 Iris Street, Ottawa

From: "REAL Women of Canada - Toronto office"
Subject: Press Release: As a former Madam and person who was prostituted, I know why prostitution must be made illegal
(Feel free to publish this article)

Let us not forget that prostitution includes young girls and boys being sold for sex to pedophiles, something that we rarely hear in the mainstream media.

In conclusion, it is a tragedy for any young girl or women to enter into the hell of prostitution. They become our nation's lost women. They become victims of a dark and sinister sex enslavement. Their life is one of agony and horror. Jail-time and social humiliation is too little of a punishment for those who engage in or perpetrate the crime against women that is now to be legally sanctioned in brothels by Justice Susan Himel.

What we need is more organizations to help women exit prostitution. As a society, we need to drastically focus on prevention. We need serious legal deterrents for the Johns and pimps. We need to raise awareness on the effects prostitution has on society. We need to get into the high schools and colleges to do preventative work with our nation's children before it is too late.

The women of our country are worth it. Our young girls are worth it. The future of our nation ­ which now stands at a cross road ­ is worth it. Legalized Brothels and prostitution cannot be an option.

Tania Fiolleau, foundress of Save The Women, to support Tania to continue her important work in helping women leave prostitution or for interviews & bookings, find out more about her work and her ministry at

Tania Fiolleau-Martinez
Save The Women Ministry International
"Souled out"!/savethewomen

From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: Global BC | RCMP seize guns used in Grad prank

More police harassment.

Begin forwarded message:
Date: April 19, 2012 10:28:29 AM EDT (CA)

One parent described the event as a harmless prank, but RCMP disagree, considering the recent gang activity and homicide in Kelowna using automatic weapons.

According to police, imitation firearms may be considered to be firearms under the Criminal Code if they are used in a criminal or negligent manner.

Read it on Global News: Global BC | RCMP seize guns used in Grad prank
Subject: Fwd: Top RCMP officer: Process for firing Mounties is 'madness' - The Globe and Mail

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Date: April 19, 2012 10:36:15 AM EDT (CA)
Subject: Top RCMP officer: Process for firing Mounties is 'madness' - The Globe and Mail

A state within a state and we are the state within, junior subservient partner

From: "John Feldsted"
Subject: Winds of Change

Brian Pallister's entry in the Manitoba Progressive Conservative Party leadership race may herald a significant shift in provincial politics. Pallister is experienced, popular and thoroughly small 'c' conservative, charming, enthusiastic and hard-working. It will take an exceptional opponent to give Pallister a run for a job that few want. The party brand is damaged, and most Manitoba conservatives are, to be polite, disgruntled.
Many Manitoba conservatives share the opinion that their party has grown apart from them, and in the last provincial election, abandoned them entirely. The prospect of a party leader with genuine conservative roots, experience in government and a vision for the province is enticing; potentially even exciting.
Conservative activists have been considering their options. Creating an alternative party or a palace revolt are not attractive, but a party too pragmatic to remember its roots or to represent its principles will not survive.
Mr. Pallister has injected a new option. A political party leader is not a messiah; he is a rallying point, a spokesman for his supporters and the representative of his party's ideology and policies. Can Mr. Pallister harness the energy of disgruntled and disenfranchised conservatives into the conservative party proven worthy of elector trust many times in past?
The gap between the party leadership and support has to be closed. Trust has to be restored and hurts need to be tended. Whether Mr. Pallister is capable of leading the transformation will play out over the summer. His courage in taking on this daunting task is worthy of our serious consideration.
John Feldsted

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: save democracy???

There is no democracy to save in Canada. There is no Party to vote for that believes in democracy. We have not had a democracy for decades. Yes, Harper is destroying our sovereignty but he is not alone in this move. Mulroney signed NAFTA and Paul Martin was instrumental in creating the SPP. So none of them has a free pass when it comes to governing for Canada. But the 'loss of democracy' is because we don't get out and vote??? What has a vote ever done for us? Voting does not make any country a democracy. Apathy seems to be the key word here. I always vote but mark my ballot with a big X. Would rather be thought of as too stupid to mark a ballot rather than deranged for voting for any of those names on the ballot.
When the PM makes an announcement from a foreign country that impacts thousands of Canadian seniors we know we do not have a democracy. Was our input asked for? NO!!! We are accused of supporting paedophiles if we don't want all of our communication open to the government. Democracy, you gotta love it.
Democracy is government of the people, by the people, for the people and we are as far removed from that as you can get. We are government for the elite while the people pay.


The uphill battle to save democracy in Canada
Subject: I thought they were going to build more prisons???

Toews announces closure of 3 federal jails
The federal government is closing two facilities in Kingston, Ont. and one in Laval, Que. you agree with the prison closures? Double-bunking provision included in prison expansion plan Prison rehab program axed due to budget cuts===================================
From: "S.McDowall"
Subject: Out Come The Knives: The Smear-Campaign Against Mel Gibson Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

This article is not about Gibson so much as it is about stifling free speech...especially if it speaks against oppression, freedom etc.
Gibson's movie do this and they want to silence him.
From: "S.McDowall"

Subject: Anti-Semitism - : Knesset to discuss bill authorising settlers' seizure of Palestinian land (these yahoos just don't get it: they are stealing!!! vg)

Vera is right. Anti-Semitism has already increased at least in Canada because of the behaviour of the Israeli Government.

We can thank our corporate media for not providing more balanced reporting. Especially regarding all the Jewish people within Israel who object to their government's behaviour. In N. America we also have a vast number of Jewish people who have organized themselves into groups to try and influence the behaviour of their own governments and the government of Israel. This is never reported in our media.

Zionists at the top of the pyramid know what is happening re anti-Semitism. I can only assume they don't care one whit about Jewish people within Israel or the rest of the world. Our media will be as responsible as any government should the day come when all this hate turns into violence towards Jewish citizens.

Canada only has one Member of Parliament who is known to have spoken out within her own Caucus about this whole situation. Libby Davis deserves recognition for her courage. There must be more but they are not known to the public. An evolving tragedy is developing.

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Subject: Knesset to discuss bill authorising settlers' seizure of Palestinian land (these yahoos just don't get it: they are stealing!!! vg)
And don't whine when anti-Semitism rises more and more. vg

Knesset to discuss bill authorising settlers' seizure of Palestinian land
Middle East Monitor
April 17, 2012 - Israel's Knesset (parliament) is due to hold a special session on Wednesday to discuss a bill which would authorize Jewish settlers to build on private Palestinian land, especially in the Migron settlement outpost and other such places. All Jewish settlements, "outposts" or not, are illegal under international law. That the Israeli parliament even gives time to debate such a law is a strong indication of the contempt in which it holds international laws and conventions, and the international community at large...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

"The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." - Plato

From: Robert Roehle
Subject: FW: I just saw this on Regina Leader-Post
No ritzy treatment for Prairie farmers

Former Harper Ag Minister Strahl blows smoke about railways
NEWS RELEASE Canadian Wheat Board Alliance

From: "Brian D. Marlatt"
Subject: First Flight of the Avro Arrow - YouTube

To: "'alan heisey'" <>,

Greetings Hize; Note you're back on your pet topic again. Personally continue to support the 25% variance around the average/riding, but would like eventually to see applied without exception nationally, which realize raises considerable constitutional and early provinces issues. The current national redistribution is only a partial adjustment, all that could be achieved politically this round. Patience required my friend, but don't ever expect 5% vs 25% to be adopted with the imbalanced geographic distribution of population and huge distances involved with our great country. MAC

Edition emailed to lists of 3,300+. Publisher is Alan Heisey, 38 Avoca Avenue, L.P.H #6,
Toronto, ON, Canada, M4T 2B9 Phone 416 923 5381, 239 513 0444, 705 756 3289. From
Toronto, ON. Pass to political chums and let me know how many and where!
Publisher comments

If you are really interested in the issues surrounding representation by population, you, personally, have until Monday, April 30, 2012 to make a new, direct impact on the whole process!

Having learned about this new, official option for citizen participation, only on Tuesday, April 17, i have stopped the presses (ho, ho) on the next regular edition of "-worm", to entreat Ontarions all over the province to take advantage of this new process!
Personal background: With John Adams, former city of Toronto Councillor, I, a North York Alderman for two terms back in the late 1970's, made personal recommendations to the council of the City of Toronto in the early years of the 2,000 decade, based on the 2001 national census. We asked that the City Council make an official request of the then-appointed "Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario"
that electoral district populations should vary by only eral electoral districts. The three-person commission is headed by the Honourable
George T.S. Valin and commissioners Mr. Leslie Pal and Mr. Douglas Colbourne.

The Ontario Commission is one of 10 independent federal electoral boundaries commissions created by law to redraw the boundaries of Canada's federal electoral districts.

The work of readjusting Ontario's federal electoral boundaries is not simply a mathematical exercise whereby each electoral district ends up with roughly the same number of people, but rather a balancing act that must take into consideration communities of interest or identity as well as a district's history and geographic size.

I personally feel that we Torontonians, we Ontarions, must ask that the individual vote of any one of our citizens in whatever
district must balance much more closely with other citizens in other parts of the province.
I also feel that dramatic improvements in personal communications and travel, having been comparatively neglected in recent re-districtings, must be applied rigorously.

Remember, please, that we citizens have only eleven days to fashion individual, or collective, or regional, or partisan representations on the processes to be applied in actually drawing up that hugely important map, for further comment and revisions thereafter!
The first of my two representations will ask that we, in Ontario, at least, recognize NOW that Supreme Court judgements affecting legislative changes in the U.S. in the 1960's narrowed congressional district population variances from more than 10% in some cases to 1 to 2% maximum (!) universally across all the states with more than two congresspersons!

Equally, we in Ontario need to recognize that the current coalition government of Great Britain set about in 2009 to shrink the total number of seats in their House of Commons and restrict population variances between individual constituencies to 5% (+/-) or less, in contrast with Canada's 25%, (when not greater,) as evidenced in Northern Ontario and elsewhere.

These laws of our leading sister democracies give total consideration to individual citizens' rights, ignoring all the distracting considerations which Canada's Supreme Court has mandated with their totally subjective concept of "effective representation". I favour the cruder, cleaner, criterion of number of voters, over these near-dozen other variations.

My second recommendation is that the cartographers set about their task "with a clean sheet" so that the electoral rights of all Ontarions are, for the first time, carefully balanced with a guideline of 5%.

I suggest to you and your neighbours that 5% population variations, from "a clean sheet", should be simplifying, guiding principles for our recently appointed, much challenged, Federal Electoral Boundaries Commissioners for Ontario, whom all Ontarions wish the best!

Forwarded for information, Cordially,