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Daily Digest April 1, 2012



The Tories don't fear Thomas Mulcair, but Liberals should
Stephen Harper, Dalton McGuinty on similar tracks
Trudeau's master stroke
We're still fighting a recession hangover
Dexter, MacKay bury the shipbuilding hatchet
The sheer folly of an elected Senate
A sound scolding from Ottawa
Ottawa's fiscal maestros
Hardly a budget
Budget's new rules unfairly target environmental groups
Turning a tragedy into a race parable
Too easy to call out slurs before facts proven in Trayvon Martin case
TRNN This Week March 25 - March 30

Germany and Europe's Path to the 19th Century
Francisco Lou: European elite wants to undo the "social contract"; Germany wants more control
Why is the Green Party's Jill Stein Running to be President?
Jill Stein, frontrunner for the Green Party presidential nomination, wants a New Green Deal for America
Atheists Rally for Reason on National Mall
The Reason Rally calls for a total separation between Church and State
Go toRussia’s “Jurassic Capitalism”: A Caricature of the West?
Aleksandr Buzgalin: A strata of bureaucrats and oligarchs rule a caricature of Western capitalism, amassing fabulous wealth
Chicago Activists Stop Forclosure
Housing rights and occupy activists enter third week of 'foreclosure blockade'
Spain braces for general strike
Polls show only 30 percent of the population believe it is the right time to strike.
High Oil Prices Must be Subject of Criminal Investigation
Michael Greenberger: Big banks and traders involved in a criminal conspiracy to raise oil prices
Why are Workers Striking Across Spain and Portugal?
Francisco Lou: A deliberate policy of using the crisis to break the social contract is causing mass unemployment
Egypt's Workers Movement Strikes Back
After months of failed negotiations with government ministries, Egyptians workers organized nationwide strikes in both the public and private sectors.
Should Supreme Court Find Insurance Mandate Unconstitutional?
Kevin Zeese: Mandate is both bad policy and unconstituional, this is an opportunity to push for "Medicare for All"
Banking "Technocrats" Undermine Democracy
Gerry Epstein: In Europe and the US, bankers take control of the political process
Arab League Meets in Iraq with Divisions Over Syria
Sahar Issa: Iraq wants Saudi recognition but cooperates with Iranian flights to Syria
History of an Occupation
Fault Lines tells the history of Occupy Wall Street from its early days through the movement's rapid spread up to the brutal crackdown by state authorities
Struggle in the Chinese Communist Party
Minqi Li: The division between the pro "free market" forces vs those who want some socialism grows more intense

The Promise
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The Occupy Movement


Robert Reich: Has OWS changed dialogue?
[]The Koch Brothers: The Worst of the 1%
[]How Dummies Respond To Occupy Wall Street
[]Occupy Wall Street: Surviving the Winter
[]Justice Demanded at Fla. March

[]Alice Walker: Trayvon Martin death symptomatic
[]Gitmo Child Soldier Omar Khadr Return to Canada?
[]French police arrest 'Islamic radicals'
How video of George Zimmerman could lead to justice for Trayvon Martin
[]Obama's secret drone war in Yemen