Friday, January 06, 2012

A request of you to take a few minutes of your time.

Last night and this morning was spent in writing and then sending out an Opinion Piece, I guess it could be called.

A Radio Station Manager posted this to me "Iran has no nuclear weapons?  How about by this time next year?"

I replied  " . . . this time next year they may or they may not.
They would be no more attackable than those that already have them are.if they did have them.
If they didn't they would still be threatened with attack.
What I find interesting is with this being a year of a presidential election would an attack be a plus or a minus to the incumbent?
Do you agree this may be a consideration as to yes or no and when?


His reply was: Hi Joe,
Thanks for your insight.  See today's question of the day at  We'll see how many people agree with you.

Thanks again,


and later:
Oh Oh - I think we are being softened up for a hit on Iran, but the public seems to be buying the threat nonsense.  Have you got any people on your mailing list you can advise of this question?


"Yes" I said to him - and consequently this post to you encouraging you to take a couple of minutes and vote on the Poll he created. The link to get you there and my reasoning follow.

Whether you agree or disagree with my thoughts, please take the time to do so.

Canadians: are we prepared for war on Iran that could result in WW III?

Stephen Harper is preparing Canadians to support a war against Iran by saying for the second time it is "the most serious threat to peace and security in the world",

He said he would change Canada. He has. Canada is not seeking to influence Israel and the United States to arrive at an accommodation with Iran, thereby bringing peace to the Middle East, as did Prime Minister Pearson . Rather than this, acting as a "peacemaker", he is placed us in the position of being a "powder monkey" the Americans and Israeli decisions know they can count on as allies whatever directions they decide to take.

Iran has no nuclear weapons as does Pakistan, India, North Korea, China and Russia nor has it made war on other countries. Quite the opposite was invaded by Iraq's Saddam Hussein, at that time an American ally being supplied with weaponry to avenge their consulate having been overrun. Weaponry that was destroyed when Iraq was invaded.

Iraq, Serbia, Afghanistan and Libya have been subject to visitations by Canadian Forces, not because they were threats to us but as supporters of American foreign policy initiatives.

Iran poses no threat to Canada.or Canadians. An Iran War will come about not through an attack by Iran but one by Israel, to protect it alone possessing nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

Harper is correct in saying Iran poses the "greatest threat to peace and security in the world". Not because of itself but because should it be attacked if they keep their word China and Russian  will take action against their attackers. Action resulting in World War III.

Given a choice, Canadians are not prepared for another war.

The question to be asked in reality is this, will we be given a choice?

Joe Hueglin

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