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"It's time that Canada's gun control laws are determined by their effectiveness - not public perception,"

Effectively I've been breaking one gun law or another for sixty years.

My Father, Superintendent of two marshes in Dover Twp, Kent County
obtained a hunting licence for me when I was fourteen - sixteen was
the age it was supposed to be to obtain one legally at the time but
he never asked nor did the store owner who sold it to him for me.

The gun I had then purchased through Eaton's catalogue I have still
though it hasn't been used in well over 50 years since I moved to
Chatham, then Exeter, Essex, Blind River and Niagara Falls..

It would blow up now if I could find the bolt and the three shells
that're somewhere around - the barrel's pockmarked and rusted

I reckon as how I'm still breakin' the law, leastwise a rapid reading
of  the info below. Seems to indicate that I very well might be so
please no one tell the RCMP or I might be jailed - and no DD!

For years I kept up on the number of convictions for those using a
gun in the commission of a crime. The minimum was one year
the maximum 14. This is the way it'll stand now we're told;
"Use of a firearm in the commission of criminal negligence
causing death, manslaughter, attempted murder, aggravated
sexual assault, kidnapping, hostage-taking, robbery or extortion
(minimum of four years, with maximum of life),

There are varied feelings toward the changes in the laws addressing
gun crimes. By my studies one year minimum was ineffective and
here's why, misuse of guns was not punished by the judicial system.

Only time will tell whether four rather than one will be more "effective".

Federal Laws Addressing Gun Crimes


Subject: RCMP Reclassifying Firearms and "Rifle Stocks" in Run Up to the end of Long Gun Registration?




Subject: The Latest from Impolitical
From: Impolitical

Memo to Dean Del Mastro

Posted: 07 Jan 2012 11:52 AM PST
Mr. Del Mastro has a flawed conception of who the "political masters" are in this country.

Not he and his pals. We are.

Telling use of terminology.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Joe--I find it passing strange that an attack on Iran will be instigated because of lies told about what Ahmadinejad said.  And yet we do nothing about the genocide perpetrated daily by the israelis against the Palestinians. 

Thursday, October 2, 2008
What Ahmadinejad really said about Israel's right to exist

Subject:  is anyone surprised?
CIA, Mossad made up fairytale al-Qaeda

Subject: response to war   DD
Joe--thanks to Richard Konopada for bringing up the Gulf of Tonkin.  Then there was the USS Liberty.  The controllers never change their game plan and the world keeps going to war because of them.  Sadly the only country on the planet that is allowed to defend themselves are the US and their masters israel)they are one in the same).  And they are usually 'defending' themselves against themselves!  It is the propaganda of the USI that justifies our killing around the world.  Witness 9/11 and the death and destruction that has been instigated because of that. Richard is so right--where ever the USI leads we will follow blindly.  The truth no longer exists in our world.

Subject: DD
Joe--I love Dave Hurren's picture of Harper as the parrot on the pirate's shoulder--wish I was an artist.  Is there any chance our PM will grow a backbone and take a poop on that shoulder?  Sadly I doubt it.

From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <>
Subject: For true Senate reform, listen to inventors of democracy

Mr. Paul Russel,
Letters Editor
National Post
[Paul: Although you have earlier published my views on the subject in heavily edited letters, considering the importance of the issue, you might consider to publish this letter without much editing.]
For true Senate reform, listen to inventors of democracy
Harper's Senate reform plans may forever change how Canada is governed," by Kathryn Blaze Carlson (Jan. 6).
Democracy was invented by the ancient Athenians who believed that aristocrats and oligarchs didn't have any divine right to rule and ordinary people must have a say in the governing. So they invented a system of government involving all citizens and called it Demokratia -- government by the people.
Democracy is a brilliant idea, but like all brilliant ideas, it has some apparent contradictions and the most seductive one is majority rule. But this is not democracy, merely rule by the majority. When the Athenians allowed the majority to rule, the poor majority imposed heavy taxes on the rich minority. To stem any tyranny of the majority, they created the Athens Council, composed of 500 citizens chosen through lottery to represent a cross-section of the society. The Athens Council had the power to override any decision that ignored  legitimate concerns of the minority. It was designed to protect the rich from the envy of the poor and also protect the poor from the arrogance of the rich. In ancient democracy, as now, wealth made a difference as poor people had great difficulty to win elective office. Because the Athenians also wanted to curb the power of wealth, they severely restricted the powers of those who held elected office. The Athens Council, drawn through lottery equally from all sections of society, was too large to bribe, its size would make it fairly representative of the citizen body as a whole.
Similarly, let's turn our patronage-driven Senate into a non-partisan Athens Council of our own. Instead of prime minister appointing, the Senators will be appointed by a all-party committee on a non-partisan basis or they can be elected like municpipal councillors on a non-partisan basis. Without any formal ties to any political parties, the Senators will be free to act on the merit of the issue. They will have the power to override decisions that ignore legitimate concerns of the minority. The Senate will become a true chamber of second sober thought. Although the Athenian system of direct democracy may not be praticable in our complex world, the idea of stemming the tyranny of the majority still remains germane.

From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
re; little stuff

   When the constant inflow of BIG issues, gets out of hand, once in a while we need to watch the little stuff.
   Under the heading of 'baffle-gab' or 'zingers' inserted in to seemingly vallid article, I give you the Globe and Mail of December 9th, 2011. On page B8, 'U.S. ties expose Canada to euro zone contagion, Carney warns', 5th paragraph,
"For instance, the report showed Canadian banks' total claims on Italian entities are just 3-4 per cent of their TOP QUALITY CAPITAL."
   Notice please, no mention of their exposure to lower quality capital, which, in  an incorporated  country, with corporate governance, (not elected governance)  with a huge debt, would be, would it not?
   Then go to the front cover of MacLeans Magazine, for  January 16th, 2012,  " 99 stupid things the government spent your money on (III)
". Around the world lately, right-wing media have been apparently told to under-mine government, world-wide, as corrupt, inefficient, poorly led, etc.
   Now, the corporate world sees government as regulators and taxers that get in the way of maximized profits, and profitable malfeasance, right?  Hence the title on the front page, in favour of 'efficient', privatized,  corporate government?
   One wonders if the right-thinking real humans at MacLeans had any choice on the heading?
   I think not!!
   By the way, hard copy access of these can be found in your local library, past editions of the papers
and magazines.  Never, ever, take my word for it! Check!
   Skepticism, remember, Demosthenes quote.

                                                   Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
From: Larry Kazdan
To: Letters Editor
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Iran is the 'world's most serious threat to international peace': Stephen Harper,  Jan 5, 2012  

Re:  Iran is the 'world's most serious threat to international peace': Stephen Harper,  Jan 5, 2012

The Israeli commentator Uri Avnery suggests that before launching a war, it's a good idea to look at a map. The Straight of Hormuz, through which every third barrel of the world's seaborne oil supplies flow, is only 20 miles wide, and in the event of a protracted conflict would be unnavigable, especially if China and Russia are drawn in and we end up with WWIII. Stephen Harper is correct that Iran is the most serious threat to international peace, but only because of the delusion held by some that a bombing campaign is a sane substitute for diplomacy, and continued progress in disarmament by all nuclear powers.

From: Robert Ede
Subject: The Economist - U.I.D - Biometric "Aadhaar" Identity System (for 600Million in India by 2014)

Oh my ...
Excerpts from "The World in 2012" edition of The Economist magazine

India's identity revolution

Technology is about to improve the prospects of millions of Indians, explains Nandan Nilekani, chairman, Unique Identification Authority of India

Nov 17th 2011 | from The World In 2012 print edition
 In September 2010 the world's largest and most complex biometric identity system was launched in a tribal village of the state of Maharashtra. It involves providing a unique number, popularly known as Aadhaar ("foundation"), based on biometrics (photo, all ten fingerprints and iris scans) to every resident in India. Since then, more than 30m residents in India have enrolled. The Unique Identification (UID) project aims to provide about 600m unique numbers by 2014 to be a proof of identity as well as the "foundation" for better access to both public and private services. The project proposes the world's first online identity system in which people's identity can be authenticated "in real time", even on a mobile network, anywhere in the country.
The Unique Identification Authority of India, which is implementing the project, has chosen innovative ways to achieve scale and reach in a country with more than twice as many people as the European Union. An ecosystem of registrars (responsible for enrolling people), enrolment agencies (actually undertaking the enrolment), training agencies (which train the operators who do the data entry) and device manufacturers (fingerprint readers and iris scanners) has created a collaborative set of players engaged in this complex and mammoth exercise. In the coming years about a billion people will have to physically come to an enrolment centre to provide basic demographic and biometric information.
Providing access to financial services remains a high priority for the government. The UID project facilitates this by enabling the opening of bank accounts as well as by providing an infrastructure for payments and remittances across this vast country. Having an account linked to one's Aadhaar number enables the transfer of money in an electronic, convenient way. With the population in India increasingly migrant in nature, this payment infrastructure will enable a large populace to participate in the financial sector, opening new opportunities for growth. Applications in both the public and private spheres will use the power of the number to provide services to the individual that were beyond their reach in the past.
The UID-enabled bank-account and payment infrastructure allows the government to transfer this subsidy directly to the account of the individual beneficiary electronically. For the government this transfer will be much more transparent, auditable and efficient and will ensure that the money reaches the person it was meant to reach. For the individual it is a tool to exercise his or her entitlement.
 #2 But sysytem has detractors and glitches
Excerpts from BBC news 14 December 2011
 Is India's identity number scheme unravelling?
The programme's aim is laudable. The identity number will help the poor, who find it difficult to access public services and benefits because they do not have official records or identity.

By one estimate, 80% of Indians don't have bank accounts; and only 60 million people have a Permanent Account Number or PAN, the sole identification number used during bank transactions.

But two years after it launched, a parliamentary committee has given a thumbs-down to the setting up of a statutory National Identification Authority to bolster the scheme. A bill had been introduced in parliament last December to set up the authority.

The committee, in a recent report, raised concerns about access and misuse of personal information, surveillance, profiling and securing confidential information by the government. UID authorities say that appropriate steps have been taken to ensure security and protection of data.

That's not all. There appears to be a valid concern about the possibility of illegal residents getting identification numbers. (The number is not proof of citizenship or residency. It only confirms identity after authentication.)
Robert Ede,
Thankfully no can obtain Canadian numbers that are not entitled or passports.
From: Rebecca Gingrich

Subject: the reality of Libya doesn't matter now--they got the bank and the oil etc
'Victory' in Libya a stretch
After a major firefight between two militia groups in Tripoli last week, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, the National Transitional Council leader, had to concede that Libya is on the brink of civil war. According to Abdul-Jalil, the two options available are to either have the fledgling national security force attempt to disarm the militias and "put the Libyans in a military confrontation, which we don't accept, or we split and there will be civil war."
As neither of those options precludes further senseless bloodshed in Libya, one has to wonder what medal Harper will next present to Bouchard in the Conservative government's continuing attempt to polish an ever stinkier turd....

Subject: but we are getting wind turbines all across the country???
Wind power 'does not give value for money' as it is unreliable and requires back-up gas stations

Subject: Who can slow Stephen Harper in 2012?  DD
Joe--the simple answer to that question is no one.  The same cabal that controls Harper and dictates his 'governance' controls the other 'leaders', no matter who is chosen.  In our 'democracy' we have no voice other than 'choosing' who will control us for the next 4 years.  It doesn't matter a damn what the 'leaders' say they will do, it is what the corporations and USI dictate that they will follow. 

Subject: closer and closer to an attack on Iran
Royal Canadian Navy: HMCS Charlottetown Sets Sail to the Mediterranean Sea

From: Peter Skelton
Subject: Re: A request of you to take a few minutes of your time.

Hello Joe
Harper echoes usually whatever the current Washington line is.  I read in one blog that Iran has signed on to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.  Russia and China were the original signatories, with several "stans", and with Iran, India and Pakistan as "observers".  The U. S. applied for, but was rejected for 'observer status' , for obvious reasons.
The TAPI pipeline project (Turkmenistan/Afghanistan/Pakistan/India), long planned by the U. S. with Chevron as a prime mover, is looking increasingly doubtful of being a sufficiently secure route.  The U. S. had planned to bypass Iran, which is a more direct route to oil tankers with port on the Indian Ocean, but if it can pressure Iran sufficiently with sanctions etc., maybe Iran will implode.  This would bring Brezinski's    Project for a New American Century much closer to realization.  There are reports that Brezinski feels that the U. S. should be taking a much softer line, to try to pry Iran away from Russia, which reportedly doesn't want to share political clout within the SCO with Iran.
The claims of nuclear weapons possession has no basis in any facts that have been brought to light, even though Iran has had many inspections of its nuclear facilities, as a signatory of the non-proliferation treaty (which Israel is not).  Some U. S. authorities admit this, but think Iran could have a nuke within a year, if they decided on that course. 
Obama has said "all options are on the table"; he'd previously said Bin Laden had to be killed, which was carried out; so Obama's options have to be taken seriously.
Peter Skelton

From: Robert Ede
Subject: "Unintended consequences" of Ad Hoc 'sovereignisation' and/or Senate Reform
To: Maher, Stephen (Postmedia News)" <>,,, Rt Hon Stephen Harper <>, "Charles (Ned) E S Franks" <>,,,,,,,,
Cc:, nationalpost <>, Joe Hueglin Daily Digest <>

Dear Ms Carlson, Mr Maher & Editors
Two articles, Ms Carlson's Harper's Senate reform plans may forever change how Canada is governed and Mr Maher's Modernizing Canada's monarchy could begin with elected Gov. Gen. caught my attention on the news service - Canadian Daily Digest
Both author's articles deal with current/proposed methods to select individuals for official recommendation to very powerful-but-appointed positions within the Legislative and Executive powers of our governance system. Naturally, due to space limitations neither piece was comprehensive, but both were provocative platforms for further discussion by concerned Canadians.
In my view, it is foolhardy to consider fiddling with one (or several) components of our BNA/Constitutional "power-sharing" agreement without examining the whole of the system in context.
I think it is also unwise to add/remove "deferents or epicycles" to/from our currently-observed system without first looking at just how far our present-day "Ptolemaic model" varies from the as-designed text of the hierarchical, 1867 checks-and-balances model.
Since we are not starting from scratch with a "clean sheet of paper", we must be aware of a) what the existing as-written text states and b) how/why we allowed ourselves to get so far away from those prescient provisions. Both studies will enable us to see the root cause of the problems we want to solve vs simply addressing the 'symptoms'.
(to that end here's my Plain Language Version of the BNA and I attach my one-page 1763-1982 graphic entitled"Similar in Principle")
Most importantly, any changes that we do consider must be possible to adopt without needing a Constitutional Amendment, because 7/50% or 100% agreement is near-impossible without a colossal number of pet peeves/projects (let's call them political "earmarks") entering the discussion and horse-trading.
To aid any Constitutional/Administrative discussion may I advance some little-known specifics:
1i) Canada is a Constitutionally-limited Monarchy;
and therefore,
1ii)  Canada is not a democracy nor a republic (similarly it's not an a vassal-state subject to a suzerain, nor an autocracy, theocracy, military dictatorship or oligarchy -though some may argue these last assertions);
2) The "Crown" is sovereign and in Canada, since 1982, all authority flows from HRH, as an individual, with or without Advice, with or without Consent (see Clause 2 Canada Act 1982, (U.K.) 1982, c. 11, when the U.K's Commons, Lords Spiritual and Temporal withdrew from Canadian affairs);
3) Everything "legal" (and enforcement of same) in Canada is done in the name of the "Crown";
4) The 'Crown" owns everything in Canada - subject only to some time-limited copyrights, trademarks, some puisne "fee simple interests" in the title to about 15% of the land mass and some not-so-puny Treaties with umpteen-and-counting (there are 600+ extant) groupings of Peoples with Autochthonous and Historic Heritage;
5) A full public understanding of the "Crown" in Canada - who/what 'it' was in 1688, 1763, 1774, 1791, 1840, 1867 or 1931, who/what the "Crown" has been since 1940, 1947 or 1982. This fundamental information is not taught in schools, is not known nor understood and the result is we're all cowed into nescient acquiesce and bullied into now-traditional deference;
6) The Governor General is accountable to the Crown ONLY and can veto any Federal Bill presented for Royal Assent as an individual (see s.12 vs s13 + s.55) or provincial Bill (if the Privy Council concurs -scroll to s.90);
7) The Governor General has a permanent elite set of advisors accountable ONLY to the GG (s.11, the Privy Council);
8) The Senate is superior to the Commons (it is called the Upper House for a reason);
9) The Senate represents (equally from all 4 'divisions'), the taxpayers-of-the-day, the "propertied-class"....NOT party-affiliations;
10 The Senators are the only office-holders to have a) net-worth, b) property-ownership (net-value) qualifications AND disqualifications ( ss.23 & 31) and c) a Special Oath attesting to these qualifications;
11) The Senate's 1867 "$4,000 dollar" qualifications have never been adjusted for inflation (likely a factor of 60 or 80 times), so the provision's not much good as qualifications
12) The Oath is not taken too seriously either - see M. Chretien's much-overlooked sidestep of the " ...I have not collusively or colourably obtained a Title to or become possessed ..." provisions of the 5th Schedule Oath for Sister Peggy Butts in 1997)
13) The House of Commoners, our democratic 'one person one vote' element was designed as the bottom rung on the power-totem to be the clearinghouse for every (qualified) subject's "grievances before supply" (NB voting qualifications now greatly expanded);
and last of this list but certainly not least .... just about no one knows this little tidbit
14) Wm L M King was so boiled up, and bothered about the Byng-King yes-we-have-no-Dissolution Affair in 1926 that he took over the Privy Council by one, simple solitary "Order in Council" in March of 1940 (P.C.1940-1121) under cover of Phoney-War mobilization efficiency -?by co-incidence? this usurpation took place just weeks after the GG, Lord Tweedsmuir died in office and just months after the former Clerk (thru the whole mess 1923-1940) Laurier's man, Lemaire, retired on January 1st 1940.
Since no ordinary Canadian has much of a grounding in basic civics (nevermind backroom political skullduggery and history) it is truly difficult to expect them to get engaged in a discussion that they perceive as "over there heads". Hence our tradition of elite accommodation - where we defer to "our betters' and allow them to 'sort things out'.
A pity!  and ridiculous too!
Because if ANYTHING is to change (for the better and for all) within Canada, it will finally be necessary for Canadian subjects-of-the-Crown to become educated about exactly what the Legislative Power (Lower House & Upper House), the Executive Power (Privy Council, Governor General & Monarch) were designed to be (why doesn't CPAC feature this as an "educational segment") and then armed with that confidence of knowledge and understanding, be able to participate in deciding what they -the resident, taxpaying, citzen think these institutions should be in the 21st Century.
Plus -and this is a chicken-egg concept- that educated agglomeration will have to decide on exactly how to define the 21st Century "Crown" in Canada (remember we cannot get rid of the "Crown" -it's our whole foundation) .... unless we truly wish to just muddle along with everyone from the Supreme Court down, all continuing to lie to us, because telling the truth would be too great of a 'can of worms'
Robert Ede,