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Peter MacKay weds rights activist, former beauty queen
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Occupy Wall Street's Livestream Operators Arrested
04 January 12

[] ccupy Wall Street is in the middle of one of its day-long marches in New York Tuesday, protesting the National Defense Authorization Act, but for those following along on the Global Revolution livestream, the real action is happening in the broadcast studio itself. That's because police have apparently just raided the Brooklyn studio of and taken some of the project's key volunteers into custody.

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Two posts received to-day.

The post from Ric points out an error I made yesterday: lifting links from Facebooks
which many could not get through to. It was speedy to do on my part proving once
again that "haste makes waste".  Sorry.

From: Ric Levenston
Subject: Re: Daily Digest January 3, 2012
To: Joe Hueglin <>

Joe, I can't open a lot of the articles because they're on your Facebook page. I'm not a member of Facebook. 
Ric Levenston

This one raises a question in it's title that affects us all "Growing evidence suggests an on-going international news media blackout on information critical of nuclear energy."
You must judge whether this is just another conspiracy theory or whether there is information of which we ought to be aware (even if its not good) that's being suppressed.


Censorship and Safety: Health Canada and the Nuclear Information Blackout

From: Vern Bretin
Subject: Impending Disaster

Hi Joe:  Some thoughts prompted by the B.C. paper on 2011 happenings.  May offer a response to your question on how a war might be justified against anyone by the U.S.
U.S. troops returning home is adding substantially to the unrest of the U.S. populous with its already major unemployment situation.  To distance themselves from their internal wrangling on how to cut more taxes and stop further socialistic tendencies, keeping their young busy as military occupiers/killers in another war will serve their purpose, wouldn't it?  Their Federal Reserve Bank can continue to add to the indebtedness of their nation by providing the computer entries which allow payments to be made to the industrial military complex to feed their wars.  The production of unproductive/destructive ammunition, bombs, missals, ships, drones & aircraft, etc.  will employ many of their currently underemployed, reducing the unrest of those at home.  Their concocted  fabrications are most likely to lead to a broad war unless the 99% stand up for peace.
Harper & his love-in with Israel, & his subservience to U.S. wishes, would surely prompt him to join in on the kill-'em escapade being orchestrated---unless the 99% smartened him up. 
So keep your eye on the propaganda offered by the main stream media, and believe the opposite to be closer to the truth.  
Views of a concerned Canadian, regards, Vern

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Scott Stinson:  Stephen Harper said voters didn't care about partisan tactics. He was right,  Dec 30, 2011

Re:  Scott Stinson: Stephen Harper said voters didn't care about partisan tactics. He was right,  Dec 30, 2011

The election of a Tory majority either supports Scott Stinson's argument that voters don't care about partisan tactics, or it supports the contention that our first-past-the-post electoral system does not adequately represent the wishes of the majority. The Tories hold 54.2% of the seats derived from 39.6% of the popular vote. So perhaps 60.4% of the electorate do indeed care about pork barrel spending, negative advertisement, half-truths, and contempt of Parliament.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:  Will NATO again bomb Libyans to give 'humanitarian aid'?
Fierce clashes in Tripoli between two former Libyan rebel groups
Two former Libyan rebel factions clashed on Tuesday in hours of gun battles in central Tripoli that left five fighters dead, a Tripoli military council official said.
Related Articles: A year of Arab bravery  Heroes and villains of 2011  Libya 'broke justice standards' over Saif Gaddafi 

Subject:  population control???
Is Monsanto's Herbicide Harming Male Fertility?

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: A better, prouder foreign policy, Editorial,  National Post · Jan. 3, 2012 

Re:  A better, prouder foreign policy, Editorial,  National Post · Jan. 3, 2012

Canada was once lauded around the world for its diplomatic initiatives such as the Land Mines Treaty and the International Criminal Court - two incredible breakthroughs in international law that will likely save the lives of millions of people. But under the the Conservatives, Canada has turned a blind eye to the torture of detainees in Afghanistan, seen its contribution to UN Peacekeeping drop to practically nil, and became the first country to announce withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol. The National Post may be proud that Canada has won the "Fossil of the Year" award, but most Canadians want a foreign policy that is principled and constructive, not self-righteous and obstructive.
Larry Kazdan,

Subject: The Latest from Impolitical

U.S. military to shrink
The lead story in the New York Times today
is about the U.S. reducing its military budget by at least $450 billion over a decade, part of the agreement reached at the time of the debt ceiling extension. Leon Panetta, the Defence Secretary is to outline plans this week on how they propose to go about shrinking the U.S. military. Among the possible cuts, you guessed it F-35 fans:
The chief target for weapons cuts is the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, one of the most expensive weapons program in history. The Pentagon has plans to spend nearly $400 billion to buy 2,500 of the stealth jets through 2035, but reductions are expected.
The debate centers on how necessary the advanced stealth fighter really is and whether missions could be carried out with the less expensive F-16s. The main advantage of the F-35 is its ability to evade radar systems, making it difficult to shoot down an attribute thhat is important only if the United States anticipates a war with another technologically advanced military.
"It would matter some with Iran, it would matter a lot with China," said Michael E. O'Hanlon, a defense analyst at the Brookings Institution and the author of a recent book, "The Wounded Giant: America's Armed Forces in an Age of Austerity."

See that, the "debate"is American-centred, focused on what they need, whether they can make do with less expensive jets, what kinds of wars they anticipate. Or, if you're Canada under the Harper government, those are your acquisition considerations too.

So, "reductions are expected," and that may impact us in terms of cost and maybe how many we buy. Possibly why Julian Fantino's talking point lines were changing in December.

Panetta's announcement one to watch this week, along with all the other U.S. craziness.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: New Brunswick man's exclusion from Agent Orange payments unfair, Tory MP says  

The victims of this government spraying program have no further chance to get compensation because the program has expired???  Sadly these people affected by this toxic chemical authorized for use by the government still have the affects of this poison to live with.  That won't end by government dictate.  They are left to bear the brunt of this government decision while the government merrily goes on it's way making other decisions that will affect Canadians adversely.  It is strange that our government could change the parameters of it's attack on Libya but they can't do anything to help Canadians made ill by their decision to spray this known toxic material.
Williamson is going to "keep pressing to see if they can find a solution"?   There is an easy solution.  Make the government responsible for it's own actions.  It is they that allowed this to happen in the first place and it is they that should be held accountable. 
This is just the latest action by government that should make it obvious to any Canadian that we don't matter to government.  Just shut up and keep paying your taxes and obey the dictates of a cold hearted greedy government that can not see past their own needs and wants.  Why are not the makers of Agent Orange not being held accountable for this?  Oh right--our governments govern for the elite and it is our own fault that we become ill from these products.  The affects of Agent Orange were known before our government allowed this to be sprayed.  Ask the people of Viet Nam. 
Or was this a 'test' by the US with the ok from the Canadian government?  This won't be the first testing of toxic chemicals carried out by the US on Canadian citizens.  Remember the testing of a gas in the Montreal Subway?  But that is ok--there are lots more Canadians to keep paying taxes!!!

From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: Calgary Herald Editorial: Following the money
Begin forwarded message:

Editorial: Following the money

Next week, a joint review panel of the National Energy Board and the
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency will begin hearings into the
proposed Northern Gateway pipeline project. On the cumbersome list of 4,500
interveners are American-backed environmental organizations that make the
curious claim that Northern Gateway is not in the "national interest."

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Mahmood Elahi To: <> Subject: Israel/U.S. unlikely to respond to Iranian provocation    DD

Joe--I cannot believe anyone in Canada can defend the USI actions re Iran.  But then, some are easily led.  I read Scott Taylor's article that is being referenced here.  He outlines the military capabilities of Iran.  But they are not in line with the fearmongering of the US, israel and Canadaor, to save space I should just say israel?).  Has everyone forgotten the lies about Iraq WMDs and the murder of Dr. Kelly for refusing to lie about these non-existent weapons?  The real reason that Libya was demolished was so the USI could build a base in Libya to further it's attack on Iran.  Peoople die, the controllers gain more power.  I pray Iran will give these warmongers their come-up-ance.  They are the last hope for sanity.


From: "Rory J. Koopmans"
Subject: Executive Dissertations: The Amber Waves Of Grain

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: again the people get shafted--when will this be starting here(not as if they don't already tax our food--it is just hidden)