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Daily Digest December 6, 2011

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Is Stephen Harper truly Conservative, or a Liberal in a terrific disguise?
An intriguing debate about the sitting prime minister's deepest darkest political leanings has been started by two stirring contributions to The Literary Review of Canada.
Prominent political scientists Stephen Clarkson and Tom Flanagan offer divergent views about Harper's governance, flowing from their political leanings.

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Limited edition . . . got talkin' to the publisher of this mag.

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.From: "Cpl (ret) Sylvain Chartrand CD ResF"
To: 'Minister of VAC' <blanes@parl.gc.ca>,
Subject: Vacations For Vets - Vacances pour les anciens combattant

Minister Blaney,
Why not add this to the VAC Web page?
FR http://www.cfpsa.com/fr/corporate/NewsCentre/Support/VacationsForVets_f.asp
ENG http://www.cfpsa.com/en/corporate/NewsCentre/Support/VacationsForVets_e.asp

Vacations For Vets

Vacations for Vets Available to Ill or Injured CF Members

Shell Vacations Club (SVC) Canada and the Canadian Forces Personnel and Family Support Services (CFPFSS) are pleased to announce Vacations for Vets is now available to serving or former members of the Canadian Forces who have sustained an illness or injury attributable to military service in a Special Duty Area (SDA) or Special Duty Operation (SDO) and are in receipt of a Veterans Affairs Canada benefits for that illness or injury.  The program provides eligible members of the Canadian Forces, and their travelling companions, with one week of free lodging at a Shell Vacations property.

In recognition of service to Canada, Shell Vacations Club Canada, ULC and its affiliates are offering complimentary lodgings to eligible members of the Canadian Forces, under the auspices of their Vacations for Vets program.

This program is reserved for serving or former members of the Canadian Forces who sustained an illness or injury attributable to military service in a SDA/SDO and are in receipt of a Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) benefit for that illness or injury. *Limit one vacation/yr per eligible member.

Travel requests must be accompanied by a VAC confirmation letter that validates the member is in receipt of a benefit attributable to military service in a SDA/SDO. Members can contact VAC directly for this letter by calling the toll free number 1-866-522-2122 (EN)/ 1-866-522-2022 (FR). Please scan and email the application form to branco.nancy@cfpsa.com.

Please submit your vacation request 3 weeks prior to your intended travel date. Applications will be accepted starting 1 January 2012.

Vacances pour les anciens combattants

Vacances pour les anciens combattants (Vacations for Vets) à l'intention des membres des FC malades ou blessés
Shell Vacations Club Canada et les Services de soutien au personnel et aux familles des Forces canadiennes sont heureux d'annoncer que le programme Vacances pour les anciens combattants est maintenant offert aux membres actifs et libérés des Forces canadiennes qui sont tombés malades ou qui ont été blessés en raison d'un service militaire dans une zone de service spécial ou au cours d'opérations de service spécial, et qui reçoivent une prestation d'Anciens Combattants Canada en lien avec cette maladie ou cette blessure. En vertu de ce programme, les membres admissibles des Forces canadiennes et leurs compagnons de voyage peuvent bénéficier d'un séjour gratuit (hébergement) d'une semaine dans un centre de villégiature de Shell Vacations Club.

En reconnaissance des services que les membres des Forces canadiennes ont rendus au Canada, Shell Vacations Club Canada, ULC et ses agents affiliés offrent un séjour gratuit (hébergement) aux membres admissibles des Forces canadiennes dans le cadre de leur programme « Vacances pour les anciens combattants » (Vacations for Vets).

Ce programme est réservé aux membres actifs et libérés des Forces canadiennes qui sont tombés malades ou qui ont été blessés en raison d'un service militaire dans une zone de service spécial (ZSS) ou au cours d'opérations de service spécial (OSS), et qui reçoivent une prestation d'ACC en lien avec cette maladie ou cette blessure. *Limite d'un séjour par année par membre admissible.

Les demandes de séjour doivent être accompagnées d'une lettre d'Anciens Combattants Canada (ACC) confirmant que le demandeur reçoit une prestation découlant d'un service militaire dans une ZSS ou dans le cadre d'OSS. Pour obtenir cette lettre, les membres peuvent contacter ACC directement en composant sans frais le 1-866-522-2022 (français)/1-866-522-2122 (anglais). Veuillez numériser et envoyer le présent formulaire par courriel à branco.nancy@aspfc.com.

Les demandes seront acceptées à compter du 1er janvier 2012. Veuillez soumettre votre demande de séjour trois semaines avant la date prévue pour vos vacances.

From: Geoffrey West
Subject: Observations about the breast-screening survey sent out by Patrick Brown, MP.  ( an open letter to Barrie MP Patrick Brown )

Dear Mr. Brown;

From the crime survey to a survey of the proposed legislation for enhanced breast screening: 

I might suggest that you instead introduce legislation to STOP chemtrails in the skies across cities including Barrie; legislation to REMOVE fluoride from water and toothpaste; STOP dangerous vaccines and pharmaceuticals;   STOP GMO foods;  INTRODUCE the free-energy technology that is now available to reduce/eliminate pollution;  ALLOW natural technologies and substances that can clean the water which are now available;  CRIMINALIZE tobacco which has dangerous chemicals, ALLOW organic marijuana and cannabis in medical situations, as it has been shown to have benefits for some;  STOP coming down on the naturopathic and homeopathic health industries as their methods are more natural to the body than many/most meds and dangerous pharma drugs;  subsidize healthy food so it is cheaper for people and kids at school, and raise the price of fast-foods and unhealthy foods:  encourage the creation of an industry of biospheres/hydroponics domes in Barrie, so people can participate in growing healthy food, instead of importing it with chemical/pesticides;  CRIMINALIZE chemicals/pesticides on foods in agriculture as there are now more organic solutions available that are completely healthy...

Shall I continue???
    Maybe this would help reduce/eliminate breast cancer????  (not to mention so many other illnesses)  Big business has hijacked and corrupted government and politics to the point where nothing productive can be done for those who elected them, because whatever they are able to accomplish, there is ALWAYS some other 'act' or 'statute' somewhere else that allows companies to get out through a loophole to keep peddling their dangerous and unhealthy products on people.

How much money/time/resources was wasted in creating legislation that allowed all of the above...and now you seek to create MORE legislation to put a band-aid on a problem that has much deeper roots within the corrupt parliamentary system???  YOU are creating this,  and if you are not creating it, you are complicit and guilty of its perpetuation. As a lawyer, you will know that 'ignorance' is no excuse.

You're creating more 'rules' that ultimately contribute to raising the costs in society of something that is totally preventable by the government doing its job to actually care about the people who elected them, instead of contributing to their illnesses, and then creating more programs to deal with those illnesses.   May I ask please why you are wasting time and money with this, when you and the government are directly and indirectly responsible for people getting sick in the first place? 

IF you truly care, put your money where your mouth is and GO AFTER THE SOURCES of the illnesses - don't make us pay and suffer with more legislation that means nothing without your commitment to also focus on the sources of it all.  Otherwise, please stop pretending that you care, when there is SO much else being demonstrated that shows the exact opposite.  Are you willing to walk your talk?

Are you and your party willing to hold yourselves accountable for all sickness/illnesses/deaths you all have been directly and indirectly responsible for with all this unlawful legislation that supports the 1%, and the unlawful wars over lies purely for profit?  If so, then we can eliminate all the waste and get back to being truly healthy.

Governments around the world are starting to be held accountable for their actions by their peoples.  A time will come when this arrives in Canada. 

In the spirit of the holiday season, please try to remember why you took this job, and also please look more closely at your OATH!  Your oath asks you to serve the Queen, and the Queen's oath is to uphold the Laws of God (Common Law), not man-made law that serves to profit.  Honour your oath, unless you choose to serve the oath of the Bar Association and serve the interests of the Crown Templar. 

Which oath is your primary oath, my friend!?  Who do you serve?

Namaste, peace and love to all,
Geoffrey West

From: "S.McDowall"
Subject:  How Iran Acquired A Stealth Drone - A coup

The Americans must be enraged.

"Having acquired an only slightly damaged state of the art stealth drone Iran will be able to copy a lot of its technology as well as to find new measures against such drones. There will also bee a lot of interests from other sides into this technology. We can bet that the military attaches from the Russian, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani and other embassies are already queuing up in the Iranian Defense Ministry and ready to make some very lucrative offers."

From: Rod Morley
Subject: Canada?


I wonder when Canadians too busy chasing their next hit of Soma, whether it being the cheapest price of gas they can find or a new show of American Idol, will wake up and realize that our present Prime Minister hates Canada and everything that ever made Canada great like the CBC and other Canadian institutions. Now knowing this fact he is about to change Canada forever.

He is about to enter into an agreement with the United States of America, the Country he wants to turn Canada into, to authorize for the first time in Canadian history, the allowing of foreign troops on Canadian soil.

The Father of our Country, Sir John A. Macdonald, imposed his will to create Canada and to help us grow from sea to sea to prevent what Harper is gladly doing, allowing American troops, police and influences across our border. No true Progressive Conservative Prime Minister would have ever thought let alone act upon what Harper is doing to our Country.

Harper is not serving the interests of Canada. He is serving the idol worshipping; money is power elite that are marching us to a New World Order. This isn't what Canada needs but Harper doesn't care about Canadians, he cares about pleasing his masters.

God help Canada!

You and i care . . . others seem quite content with the directions so polls say.
From: Annette and Dan Buss
Subject: Fw: APOLOGY