Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Daily Digest December 21, 2011



Tories hand out pre-Christmas patronage posts to at least a dozen party faithful
A number of Conservative party members and former candidates
are getting an early Christmas gift.

Tories to be reimbursed for Senator Duffy's campaign appearances
The Conservatives will receive taxpayer-funded rebates for the cost of sending Senator Mike Duffy
out to promote the party's candidates at campaign events across the country during the spring election.

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<


After a busy day preparing for Christmas Aase and I were both in what was a bedroom and is now referred to as the "computer room".

Aase called me over, had me sit down and watch what she'd received from her niece - then passed it on to me, as I pass it on to you, to pass on if you're of a mind.

The English language has many words with more than one meaning, as "Change" does.  Watching it there came to mind a truism expressed in a song from the '50s "Little things mean a lot "

They do, they really do, more than all the gifts we buy for those dear to us.

A thought to carry with you into the next few days.

"Merry Christmas"

        Aase and Joe
Change For A Dollar

For me and for a lot of us, December is filled with spending money on things for others. We try so hard to make a wonderful holiday for those we care about.

The thing is, after all of the money is spent and the gifts are opened, the things you'll remember will be the little things that have almost nothing to do with the gifts.

When I think back to every one of my favorite memories of my life, none of them have anything to do with gifts. They have to do with little things.

I remember the last Christmas I spent with my great grandmother. She was still living independently, but she wasn't doing so well, so we brought her a whole bunch of easy-to-prepare foods and cooked a meal for her.

I remember sitting around a table a few days after Christmas playing Risk with my dad and some of his friends, the first time I played an "adult" game with the adults.

I remember when my father was unemployed during the winter when I was about six. My mother found a $20 bill in a parking lot at a grocery store, mostly buried in the snow.

The little things matter. They matter more than the big gifts or anything else.

Spend this season – and perhaps 2012 as well – making the little things right. It might alter the big things more than you think.