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Canadians feel less getting done under majority government: Poll
Despite having a majority government in Ottawa that allows easy passage of any government proposals,
Canadians feel less is being done on Parliament Hill, according to a new poll.
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From: "Sandra Finley" <sabest1@sasktel.net>
Subject: Two important omissions in "The Marketing of Madness: Psychotropic Drugs" - Full Length Documentary

Note:   Recent good news! on the Arrest George Bush file, click on:  
2011-12-16 Another victory against Bush War Criminals! London Court Rules U.S. Must Release Pakistani Prisoner From Bagram

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This email is posted on-line at  http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=4114 

Check out the entire documentary here:  http://youtu.be/fduMpYhv1_M

If only HALF of the message is true, does it not warrant action?

  1. ABUSE OF HUMAN RIGHTS.  Explained below.   
  2. EFFECTS ON WATER SUPPLIES.   Billions of pills mean the drugs go by urine into our water supplies, in large quantities.  The work to stop the City from putting the chemical "vaporooter" down the drain to dissolve tree roots illustrated that there are no known protocols for identifying, let alone removing,  some (many?) of the drugs and chemicals we are putting into water supplies.  (Use "Search" on the blog – enter vaporooter - for more info.)  The feminization of fish downstream from water treatment plants, for example, is known . . .  there is no choice in what we drink now because the drugs are pervasive, there is  a failure of professionals to THINK AND ACT.   We know from things like "acid rain" and "2,4-D rain" that water evaporates and carries with it some of the chemicals we've put into the environment.  ("Drugs" are nothing more than "chemicals".)   I do not know what it will take to move us from our stupidity - - it will not be our influential, educated people.   We have been telling them for years.   Maybe Occupy will make the difference.  I hope.
The pharmaceutical industry is intent on discrediting "The Marketing of Madness".   I therefore add the weight of my story to the evidence.   See http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=4152   2012-12-17   Democracy:  Psychotropic drugs, an issue not raised: abuse of human rights. A known side-effect of lorazepam:  amnesia. 

The documentation of what happened to me confirms:
  • the SUBJECTIVITY of "mental illness".  
  • there are alternative, less harmful, and less costly approaches.  Not to mention sane and humane.
  • You may not like to believe the "Marketing of Madness" and Big Pharma will do everything it can to sooth and deny your apprehensions.   I received forcibly by injection, drugs that are talked about in this documentary.   My story is bizarre but also very troubling.   No one was ever held accountable.   The appeal process is through the College of Physicians and Surgeons,  they are known to close ranks in support of their fellow doctors.   I am not an isolated example, different in that I can tell the story on behalf of others.
  • "The Marketing of Madness" should be widely circulated.  As I say, you may not agree with EVERYthing in it.  Doesn't matter - - even if half of it is true,  we need corrective action. 
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In 2005  I was forcibly injected with psychotropic drugs, then forced to take more by daily pills, under threat of another injection if I refused.   The injection caused immediate and permanent amnesia for a period of time.

I was locked up for a week in the Royal University Hospital Psychiatric Ward. 

I saw first-hand young people who were drugged up - -  many of them no more in need of forced incarceration and drugging than I was.

A retired Doctor, Stuart Houston, came to see me and asked what I was doing there?   He volunteered to come to the Appeal Hearing of my being "committed".   The Appeal was never heard because the psychiatrist,  Donna Malcolm, said I had progressed so well that I was no longer in need of being locked up.   More detail, see  http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=4152.

But check out the documentary, "The Marketing of Madness"  http://youtu.be/fduMpYhv1_M
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Email from Sandra Finley
Saskatoon Saskatchewan
From: Rebecca Gingrich <r.gingrich@sympatico.ca>
Subject: and GMO foods are not labelled in Canada

Four ways Monsanto threatens the environment and public health

By Anthony Gucciardi
December 18 - Biotechnology giant Monsanto has been the leader in genetically modifying the planet, altering the genetic structure of crops and seeds that are consumed by individuals around the globe. Scientific research has found that GM crops and herbicides are not only leading...
Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/#ixzz1gtjTD33W

1. GM crops consistently linked to organ problems, other biological damage
Despite hard evidence linking the consumption of GM crops to organ disruption and a host of other health ailments, Monsanto continues to push its GM crops on developing nations under the guise of solving world hunger and empowering local farmers. In a telling review of 19 studies analyzing the dangers of GM crops including corn and soybeans, scientists reached a shocking conclusion regarding the true safety of these ubiquitous food staples. Researchers concluded that consumption of genetically altered corn and soybean products can actually lead to significant organ disruption in rats and mice.

The organ damage was specific to the liver and kidneys, two organs that are vital in the cleansing of toxins. It is important to remember that over 93 percent of United States soybeans are genetically modified, and this number is increasing. What this means is that public health is continually being threatened by the global food supply, as evidenced by the major study review.

2. Bt-containing gmo crops are spawning mutated superbugs
Going beyond the initial genetic modification process, Monsanto also offers GM crops filled with a toxic biopesticide known as Bt. Incorporated into the crops to kill insects, Bt usage has led to the development of mutated insects that are resistant to the biopesticide. Insects that are continually exposed to Bt actually begin to develop a resistance to the toxin through the act of mutation. In present day, around 8 insect populations have mutated to resist Bt. Of the 8, 2 species are specifically resistant to Bt sprays and a staggering 6 are resistant to Bt crops as a whole.

As a result of the resistance, farmers are forced to increase their pesticide use. Meanwhile, Monsanto continues to genetically manipulate the Bt-filled crops further in an attempt to overcome the powerful mutations exhibited in the insect populations. Despite heavy modification, research has found that even further modified Bt crops provided 'little or no advantage' in fighting off the insects. If Monsanto chooses to continue with this process, it will undoubtedly lead to even more pesticide spraying.

3. Roundup creating superweeds spanning millions of acres
Superweeds now infest over 120 million hectares of farmland, all thanks to Monsanto's popular herbicide Roundup. Farms across the world are being infested with herbicide-resistant superweeds that show no sign of stopping. These are the very same farms that Monsanto claims to be assisting and empowering. The super resistant weeds developed an immunity to glyphosate, a primary herbicide that Roundup contains. In 2010, experts estimated the weeds to cover over 120 million hectares across the globe, 4.5 million of which are within the United States. Nations like Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Europe and South Africa are experiencing an increase in these superweeds.

When farmers have come to Monsanto seeking aid, Monsanto denies them any warranty. On their website, the company states "Roundup agricultural warranties will not cover the failure to control glyphosate resistant weed populations."

4. Monsanto is involved in creating aspartame
A 1999 investigation by The Independent revealed that aspartame is actually created using GM bacteria. The article, entitled "World's top sweetener is made with GM bacteria" included a Monsanto spokesperson admitting that aspartame was indeed created using genetically altered bacteria. According to the report, the Monsanto rep stated:

"We have two strains of bacteria - one is traditionally modified and one is genetically modified," said the source. "It's got a modified enzyme. It has one amino acid different."

Aspartame, of course, has been linked to brain tumors and other health conditions. Amazingly, one showed that of 48 rats experimented on, up to 67 percent of all female rats developed tumors roughly the size of golf balls or larger.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/034432_Monsanto_public_health_threat.html#ixzz1gtjjvpIM
Subject:  Occupy Psychopaths 1 (OWS vs. the Pathology of the 1%)

An Occupy Wall Street activist explains why he thinks it is very important to spread knowledge about psychopaths and psychopathy. Find out about the important connection between psychopaths and the ruling 1%. This is not taught in schools (but should be) http://www.activistpost.com/2011/12/occupy-psychopaths-1-ows-vs-pathology.html
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From: Richard Moore
Subject: Occupy: a promising development; very interesting panel
Bcc: FYI
rkm website: http://cyberjournal.org
A really exciting panel presentation, looking at the OWS Movement, from a broad perspective, and talking about where it could go from here. I was particularly glad to see William Greider talking about the Populist Movement of the late 19th Century, which has many lessons for us today.
WATCH: Michael Moore, Naomi Klein, William Greider and Others on What's Next for OWS

From: Ray Strachan
Subject: This time no exclusions

I started harping several years ago on the question "What is the definition of education"
What is it? I have a granddaughter who graduated from grade one to degrees in university with pretty well the highest honours possible.Honours that I don't even understand,coming from some arm of government.   She is not egotistical enough that she thinks, time spend with her ass in a university seat, made her an untouchable genius.  
In my estimation there are too many of these geniuses among us.    Harper being one. There is that fine line between genius and retardation isn't there.  Between bought and paid for educational honours and flim flam.
So my question to the educated is,   what minority was running Bolshevism, Communism, Nazism.
 WHO runs   The United States of America,Canada, Great Britain, France, etc etc etc.   And who has ruined every country that they ever settled in, and took over via the banking systems.
They have had trillions of dollars worth of sympathy from , people with no brain stem, apparently.   But we will go on getting into wars killing off, or starving billions with an apparent lack of any compassion let alone education.  And we are and will continue doing it for THEM.  Isnt it strange that Christians,who have their heads picked clean of brains, allow this UnGodly occurrence here on our one and only earth.Christianity they call it.     Who do you suppose paid the 30 pieces of silver to Judas?
So what does the word Education actually mean?
Ray Strachan

From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <letters@montrealgazette.com>
Subject: Quebec becoming politicall diverse like Ontario

The Editor
Montreal Gazette
Quebec becoming politically diverse like Ontario
Re "NDP's Quebec support eroding," by Monique Muise (Dec. 17).
With the Conservatives sweeping the West and the NDP sweeping Quebec, only Ontario reflected the political diversity in Canada in the last election. Although the Conservatives won 76 of Ontario's 108 seats, it was a far cry from the Conservatives winning all 30 seats in Alberta and the NDP winning 58 of Quebec's 75 seats. As such, the poll showing that the support for other parties growing in Quebec is a positive news.
Democracy is not a tyranny of the majority or of any single party. It is about public participation in the political process. In a democracy, the voice of the minority must also be heard. By refusing to follow a single party, whether the Bloc or the NDP, Quebec might be joining Ontario, reflecting the diversity and plurality of the Canadian society. In politics, as in life, no single political party or ideology holds answers to all problems. We should be wary of any political party promising to solve society's complex problems.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:  I got Christmas cards from my MP and my MPP and both said Merry Christmas!
Congressmen can't say 'Merry Christmas' in mail

Subject: Has this lying Kenney not heard about Bountiful???  Of course they are not Muslims so he doesn't care?

Newcomers' guide to address polygamy, Kenney says
Guilty immigrants will have their permanent residency revoked
Subject:  [video] The End Game Approaches
The National Defense Authorization Act is the Greatest Threat to Civil Liberties Americans Face
We're talking about the stripping away of our most basic freedoms. ...
Subject:The End of Canada as a Sovereign Nation State, the path Towards the North American Union...
The most insidious part of this process is that it is  not subject to legislative oversight of any kind...

The End of Canada as a Sovereign Nation State, the path Towardw the North American Union
Is Canadian Sovereignty being undermined and Signed Away?  SJG.
In light of the relative paucity of detail about these "action plans," media outlets chose to illustrate the general points of the agreement with seemingly random examples, such as this one about breakfast cereals. Keen-eyed observers of this trivial example of the effects might have noted a striking similarity to the way that Prime Minister Harper tried to deflect criticism of the Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement that sought to merge the governments, security forces and regulatory framework of the US, Mexico and Canada, back in 2007 by talking about jellybean regulations....(emphasis added) http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article32196.html

From: John Feldsted
Subject: Lessons in civility - and hypocrisy - from the Liberals

From: Glenn Harewood
Subject: Re: We told you so: Majority = act with impunity!!

RE:  the link below.

Here are some facts which will probably be denied, or as he has recently done in the Cotler case,  be boldly  justified by Van Loan.  I personally know of Van loan's dirty tricks, going back to the time when he was President of Harris'  provincial PC party, followed by his Presidency of the Federal PC party. He invited me and other riding presidents, and friends of the PCPC,to his home on more than one occasion, where and when he fed us sumptuously, and cunningly soft-soaked us into condoning all his dirty tricks.

I recall when he was President of the Federal PC party, he  surreptitiously floated an e-mail to all federal riding PC presidents that skilfully undermined the then PC leadership of Joe Clark, which eventually led to Clark's downfall. As far as I recall, when confronted with this act of calumny, Van Loan cleverly skated around his dirty activity, and was skillfully able to de-rail our questions about the matter, by raising other issues.

I recall that when Joe Clark won the by-election in Nova Scotia, for which Scott Brison ( Hans- N.S??) had stepped aside so that Joe Clark could run, Van Loan, as then-President  of  the federal PCPC, NEVER  showed up that evening at the victory meeting for Joe.

I recall Van Loan, when he was running for President of the federal PCPC, developing, printing, and passing out printed material at a PCPC General Meeting in the Toronto area, that indicated many devious ways of how to sabotage and cleverly discredit his fellow opponents, and promote himself. He would  also parallel this activity by passing out various little "goodies" [food, candies etc], all designed to surreptitiously "buy" your vote. Of course he would say this was all legitimate.

Van Loan is well practised in the mastery of deceit, and subsequent defence of that deceit  by referring to the  basic tenets of democracy: like freedom of speech.
I am not surprised by his present tactics in the Cotler issue. Nor am I surprised by Van Loan's  couching his actions in the cloak of freedom of speech. I would not be surprised if he tries to get back at me, should he see this posting. That is how mean and base he can be. And he does it with alacrity and impunity.

There are very valid reasons why former PCPC members do not want to be associated with any of the Harper Neo-cons. Since December 2003, and MacKay's betrayal of Orchard, and all other PCPC members, one could see coming the debasing of Canadian federal politics, the "win-at-all-cost-and-at-any-one's-expense," and the vicious, smearing, killer-instinct mentality of the Neo-cons. They have really been successful in "con-ning." the voter -- especially in the May 2nd/2011 election.

But we deserve the government for which SOME (not a majority) were conned into voting. It's up to the voting public to see beyond the "con-ning" next time.  Or will we?

Glenn Harewood

From: Gord Elliott
Subject: Tories end forced retirement, decades of 'age discrimination'

From: Robert Ede
Subject: FYI: New Finance Canada document notification

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From: < FinanceCanadaAlert_AlerteFinancesCanada@smtp.fin.gc.ca>
Date: Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 4:48 PM
Subject: New Finance Canada document notification

The following Federal/Provincial Transfer Payment Update has just been posted on the Finance Canada Site.

Federal Support to Provinces and Territories

Soutien fédéral aux provinces et aux territoires

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:  The real picture of war???
New Pictures Of US Atrocity In Iraq, With Documents and Video
The Iraqi was detained and questioned then with his hands tied behind his back, SGT Rogers skinned his face. Continue
Subject: Good for Russia--one country with a brain and some compassion.
  40-70 civilians killed???  They have to count again--more lies to protect their own asses
Russia steps up demands for Nato to account for civilian deaths in Libya
Russia has stepped up demands for Nato to account for civilian deaths from the air strike campaign which led to the downfall of Libyan strongman Muammer Gaddafi.
Subject: Canada has no sovereignty--the banks own us--odd we don't here about this issue in the msm
Canadians Challenge Central Bank In Court

From: "Efstratios (Stratos) Psarianos"

'Tis the Sunday before Christmas, and all through the house, everyone's sleeping except this one louse.
Impudence from the sleepless! New hope for the wretched! Surgical cynicism slices before Christmas!
(I've wasted my life being an engineer .. I shoulda been a poet).
For your entertainment, Messieurs et Mam'zelles, some « It's funny cuz it's true » observations and obloquy.
Remember: always stay true to yourselves. Now, weigh anchor, leave your safe shore, and sail onto the Merdeiterranean Sea. Take no mercy, give no prisoners, and lead your poop deck (!) to more fragrant oceans.
With this, we launch and steer for Schiesshaven, the Latrine Port of Baron Trudeau.
P.S. Modern Greek saying: "You can't turn schiess into marmalade, no matter how much sugar you pour on it".
Trudeau fighting fit as he hits his 40s

"I called him something that was fundamentally biodegradable, compostable and good for the environment. And you know what? For him to be called good for the environment? He should leap on any moment that he gets to be called that."

Trudeau hasn't yet had words with his mother, Margaret, over his outburst this week, but he says his wife, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, was unimpressed.

"Let's just say she was unparliamentary in her language toward me for having slipped," he says. "But the next morning, we talked about it again and she said she still doesn't condone it. But the reaction was so incredibly positive that (she said): 'I think we can let it slide. Just don't do it again.' "
1. He said that the Minister of the Crown is FULL of … uuum ... biodegradation.
2. Human schiess, like all other, is biodegradable and compostable. Thing is, it's also a health hazard. You see, parasites in people's digestive tracts spread from human host to host through said schiess if it's (ahem) dumped untreated on farmers' fields and in local water supplies. (That small Third World lake where people in a nearby village get their water supply? Eeeeew, guess where Daddy's been.) Thrifty farmers suffered from parasitic infestations for centuries until we clued in on this.
3. So, good for the environment, yes. But good for people; uuumm … nah!
Shift in federal funding for on-reserve housing confounds First Nations planning
Ah-HA ... and just HOW long has this 'planning' been going ON!
Gender equality trumps apparel
This page is no longer available, so I have to assume that it's about everyone having to show their head when voting and in the odd place here and there.
Now, about those "let's all get nekkid" Doukhobors …
Depends. Got plastic explosives in them soles?
"Where will Santa live?" the spot screams. "Santa's workshop is sinking! Climate change is melting the snow and ice and the rising water is getting too close for comfort. Santa must relocate ­ fast ­ to make sure all the nice boys and girls still have a happy holiday." But you can help by buying one of the gifts available on Suzuki's website ­ an e-card perhaps, or a limited edition snow globe.

In the second spot, Santa and Suzuki are looking at houses on a rainy Vancouver street ­ closely followed by a pack of elves and reindeer. Santa looks depressed. I don't blame him. The neighbourhood, with its decorative row of trash cans, is pretty dreary compared to his usual digs.
On the positive side, with that new Internet TV thing coming out, TV distributors will soon be able to concentrate Suzuki ads on Vancouver East (THE NDP Fortress … hi, Rebekka :D) and leave us 99% (OK, less than 99%) alone.
Plan B: Santa moves to his global distribution depot and PR office here in Montreal. Here's where all those 'letters to the North Pole' go; postal codes start with 'H', as in H0H 0H0.
Newt's unpopular truth: Palestine wasnt even a country 100 years ago
The fact that Israel wasn't one either escapes G-Man. Truth is, it's been called 'Philistina' (after the Philistines … true fact!) since when Greeks started naming everything around them 2500 years ago. Arabic speakers still call it that.
Rae apologizes for geographic gaffe
Federal Liberal Leader Bob Rae says he is sorry for a fundraising e-mail that had Canada's east coast ending in Nova Scotia, not Newfoundland and Labrador.
Crawl, Pander, crawl. Next time, just say 'from St. John's to Fort St. John (BC)' and leave it at that.
This is our Third World, Rae says at Attawapiskat
Presumably, Mr. Rae's Capitalist First World revolves around Calgary (and not Edmonton ... there's an NDP MP there) and his Communist Second World spins around East Vancouver. Mais il y a aussi le Quebec maintenant. A new pole for the NDP; what to think?
Do Conservatives now think they have carte blanche on dirty tricks?
Getting back to Trudeau Schiess Follies, perhaps Liberals are afraid that Conservatives have a tissue paper blanc ready for use?
Rae travels to troubled northern Ontario reserve of Attawapiskat
        Canada's real North Coast ('from Point Pelee to Attawapiskat') and Alert (or Tuktoyaktuk or the tip of Ellesmere Island, whatever) be damned.
It's our party: Fix is in as CBC scoops rights to taxpayer-funded Canada Day celebrations
No doubt, CBS and MSNBC will issue a NAFTA challenge.
City folk never fathomed the insult of the gun registry
Truth is, I just never figured out what its benefit was. Sure, I read that some police force somewhere here in Quebec (which one?) wanted it to be maintained, but given its $30-40 million per year operating cost (and how much did it cost to set up?), just how could that expense justify the benefit?
"Hello, Dispatch. We have to go arrest that drug dealer downtown. What's his status?"
"Dispatch here: no guns registered to him."
"Ten-four. I'll go in alone and unarmed, then."
Does someone here know how the registry is actually used, and what for? Honestly, City Fella here (graduated from Polytechnique, no less!) would like to know.