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        Libyan Crisis: Events, Causes and Facts (Documentary) :
A documentary giving an insight into the events that led up to NATO "intervention" in Libya. F

Suicide pact at Durban
A plan to save the planet for the future of our children and grandchildren?
Don't be fooled. It was an almost total failure.
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From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Don't pretend we know what causes climate change, John Robson, December 10, 2011

Re:  Don't pretend we know what causes climate change,  John Robson, December 10, 2011
According to John Robson's reasoning, since we don't know what led to the death of the dinosaurs, how can we be sure that people had anything to do with the decimation of the buffalo, or the extinction of the dodo?  As for the scientific consensus on current climate change based on thousands of research studies, to hell with evidence that is so easily refuted by anecdote.  

From: Ron Thornton
Subject: 30 more MP's, and it is our own damned fault...

Hi Joe:

30 more MP's for Parliament and while I think most of us disagree that we need more politicians, I think what we really need are mature, logical individuals making the decisions in place of these juvenile twits that pass as something more intelligent than a turnip. Provinces can not lose seats even as their populations no longer justify what they have, while even the US put a cap on its House seats before they wound up with the mess we currently have in place. Taking into consideration the current rules, Canada should have no more than 329 seats. How did I come up with that, you may ask?

Well, first we begin our calculations based on a 301-seat Parliament. Population figures indicate that Ontario should rise from 95 seats to 117, British Columbia from 28 to 40, and Alberta should increase from 21 to 33 seats. In order to keep provinces from losing seats, Quebec would retain their 75 seats (instead of 70), Manitoba would stay at 14 (it should have 11), so would Saskatchewan (9 is all it deserves), Nova Scotia keeps 11 (8), New Brunswick 10 (7), Newfoundland 7 (4), and Prince Edward Island keeps its 4 when it only deserves one. The Territories would keep their minimum of one.

So, over and above the 301 seats, the rule that keeps a province from losing seats would then add an extra 5 for Quebec, 3 for Manitoba, 5 for Saskatchewan, 3 each for Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,  Newfoundland, as well as Prince Edward Island. Add those 25 seats to the 3 seats for the combined Territories, and we get 28 additional seats to add to our 301, for a much more representative 329 seat Parliament. Compare these figures to the 338 member House the government, in its questionable wisdom, is thrusting upon us.

At least we could have made some inroads toward actually making the House more representative of the population, maintaining a cap on the over-represented provinces while providing numbers closer to what is deserved for the under-represented. Instead, we gave Quebec even more than it deserved, so in future its total can not slip below 78. So much for putting on the big boy pants. Of course, a 104 seat Senate with each province and territory represented by 8 Senators would provide the national balance between geography and population and force national consensus on issues, but we know that is not going to happen. Ontario might one day be convinced but Quebec, never.

We have handcuffed ourselves to the present model.

Merry Christmas to you, Joe.

Ron Thornton

From: Rene Moreau <>
Subject: High voltage part two Energy companies lament shortages but sell our energy abroad.

From: "S.McDowall"
Subject: Israel/ when former victims become victimisers...

I wonder who this ugliness is serving in Israel ?  
When we are told fairy tales (indoctrinated) since birth....then compassion, justice, and the view that we are all world citizenry worthy of respect easily lost. video-haaretz-deletes

From: Bonnie Smith
Subject: Confirmed: Fukushima disaster contaminated ocean with 50 million times normal radiation, leaks still ongoing
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From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:  there is no place to go???

Dear NaturalNews readers, One of the most common questions I'm asked by people today is, "Should I consider leaving the USA (or their home country) and bugging out before the coming financial collapse?"
I embraced that strategy and actually moved to Ecuador where I lived for two years. Then I returned to the USA and chose to relocate to Austin, Texas.
Along the way, I learned some hard-won wisdom about cultures, income disparity, preparedness planning, community defense and much more.
Today I bring you a detailed account of what you need to know if you're considering this question of relocating outside your home country. Much of this information was won the hard way, through making my own mistakes and learning through trial and error.
Read my full account here:
Subject:  Merry Christmas???
World War III: The Launching of a Preemptive Nuclear War against Iran
Subject:  We pay, corporations and governments play???

High voltage part two
Energy companies lament shortages but sell our energy abroad.
Subject:  are the banks preparing us for more theft of our tax dollars???

TD slashes economic forecast for Canada
Subject: Percy Schmeiser vs. Monsanto  DD

Joe--thanks for bringing this up--we have no idea how our governments, at the direction of corporations like Monsanto are killing us.
the above site was also on that site--we know that GMOs have never been tested for their affects on humans and the environment and yet our governments defend them.  Just as with GW scientists that tell the truth are silenced.  Just as in the Percy Schmeiser case, the governments defend the corporation over us.  When I lived in
Alberta the farmer next to me planted GMO canola--and my pasture became infested with canola.  I am lucky Monsanto didn't come after me for growing it without their permission!  Every plant on the planet is contaminated with this GMO disaster and we will pay the price with our health.
Subject:  people are waking up to the fact that voting doesn't matter when  there is no one to vote for?????

Six million eligible voters not registered, says Electoral Commission
Research puts missing electors at more than 2.5m over previous estimate and raises questions over reshaped boundaries