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Daily Digest November 7, 2011.

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LLF (Libyan Liberation Front) growing and planning carefully

From: "Tommy"
Subject: Test for DU -Pascal Lacoste

Yes, Pascal should be tested. I understand that tests used by Canadian medical services are not too sophisticated. But there are known human conditions from exposure and these should be exploited. Just saying nothing can be done reflects badly on Veterans Affairs which should be in the forefront of this issue with assistance to Pascal.

Good to know you and Becky are interested enough share your thoughts.
From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Veterans

Joe--I lived in Hawaii just after the Viet Nam War and you wouldn't believe the number of Veterans that were homeless and out begging for food etc.  I don't know if this was all an economic problem or a PTSD problem(not mentioned at the time) but the government definitely didn't seem to care.  And yet they had a hill in Hawaii filled with white crosses to denote soldiers killed in war.  More proof the the only veterans governments like are dead ones?
ps--as for testing Veterans for DU--the signs and symptoms are well known and don't all occur immediately on return.  These people that are already affected with DU will be more susceptible to the radiation we are getting from Japan and other nuclear areas (you know--the same radiation that our government is not testing our country for)--therefore testing is not the way to go--treat the symptoms and admit that the danger exists.  I wouldn't trust government to test Veterans any more than I trust them testing our food supply.

From: Beverley Smith
Subject: Re: BELOW(30): The Nature of the Digest

I feel the Below 30 is kind of fun. It is sometimes negative but nearly always informative, sometimes with moving videos that are uplifting, sometimes with insightful comment and 'big picture' ideas.  It is free speech in action.  It's all about what you do with free speech. If you use it just to complain that 's one level. But the readers use it also for higher purpose, to share better visions of how things could be and to urge people to action.
I think the Daily Digest is a national treasure and it should go on forever for it is the public caring about the world, spurred on by a fantastic research team that for nothing and grossly underpaid scours the media every night for us and shares its work.

Beverley Smith

From: "Louise"
Subject: RE: BELOW(30): The Nature of the Digest

Dear Mr. Hugelin:
Thank you for supplying the Canadian Daily Digest to Canadian Readers for these last years. Such a composite review of our National Reading Media is well worth its efforts. Always displays the issues and alternative viewpoints. It apprises us on a world wide platforms also. 
On this Remembrance Day 11/11/11, we must remember, honor, salute and hold dear our many young Canadians At Arms who have volunteered and given the utmost courageous sacrifice for us as Protectors of our Many Canadian Freedoms in foreign lands. First those whose Military Service was now and ended in combat. Then those whose service continues and those who will enter our Nation's Military Service ranks. Personally, our family recognizes and adds prayer for our Veteran uncles who were Protectors in the First & Second World Wars. We also recognize our ancestral uncle who began the Home Guard in 1799 to protect his community's homes in this new land to be Canada. The Home Guard, our settler reserve regiments became the Canadian Reservists and for a time the Militia, descended from the British Spencer Family.
Thanks for Remembering our Fallen in 2011.
Louise (Trimble) T. Gomez 

From: Brent Cameron
Subject: Re: BELOW(30): The Nature of the Digest

Hi, Joe:
I feel that I must offer my two cents worth on this.
From a philosophical bent, I most likely have more in common with Lorimer and with those who he is commenting on. Admittedly, I feel the urge to moan and groan when I read some of the submissions. And yet...
I am an adherent to the notion that free speech is most important to defend when it goes against your own beliefs. I want my right to speak protected, and therefore must stand with those whom I largely disagree with.
Of course, this does not mean that I will not vociferously take someone to task if my heart and head compel me to do such. A point of view not worth defending is one that is not worth having.
If some of the commentary leans more toward the stuff of conspiracy and science fiction, that only reflects on the writer. The truth always comes out - either to vindicate or to nullify the theory. Most fair-minded people will use their own innate sense of logic and pragmatism to sort out the wheat from the chaff.
For me, I read the submissions that appear to have their roots in reality, and I ignore the rest, trusting the old adage that "if you give a fool enough rope, they will eventually hang themselves."
Brent Cameron
Godfrey, ON

From: Larry Wright
Subject: Re: BELOW(30): The Nature of the Digest

Joe,    I think the post from the Natroses illustrates Lorimer's concerns about the DD becoming a rant page.  One way you may be able to alleviate this type of rambling unfocused negative diatribe is to refuse to place a post on DD that is longer than, say, 100 or 200 words.
Larry Wright

From: Peggy Merritt
Subject: What a load of nonsense!

Hi Joe:  After reading the long winded email by The Natroses and the accusation that I have a biased view of the reality in our world I must object...lets just say it's like ' the pot calling the kettle black.'  I rarely read these lengthly emails because they never ever offer solutions to the very serious economic problems that confront our globe. I also never attack peoples ideas but this email is purely an attack on my ideas which indicate to me that I have a different philosophical outlook.  My outlook which I consider sensible and not necessarily political because In our household we rarely spent beyond our income (accept our mortgage.)  Our kids went to University and did not borrow money to do so.  We don't need a nanny government to pass laws on how we could pay additional taxes for unless programs. So I believe in the review that is now being done by the current government because hopefully it will lead to smaller more efficient administration. 
Thanks  Joe   Peggy Merritt

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Lorimer on DD

Joe--is Lorimer stating that 'tabloids' are the real news that we should be reading?  I have 'read' one--if I wanted that kind of 'reporting' I would watch soap operas!!!  I really don't even read the msm--they are mostly repeating the mantra of the day with no investigation of the facts.  If they do report the facts the journalist is fired--check out Eric Margolis for an example.
"Why not solicit direction from the readership, establish a MO and stick to it
" Lorimer asks--well, does he believe that we should all follow directions and not think for ourselves?  Is he running for government any time soon--sounds as if he is well suited to the 'job'. 
Some points cannot be made in a two word sentence--sadly we have been trained to believe and not question and it seems this has worked on some people.  It is very difficult to have positive thoughts in our country today.  The DD is the highlight of my day.  I find the Below 30 most enlightening and encouraging--it is a relief to read  comments by Canadians who have not been brow beaten into the desired view of our world and country.  Until more people wake up we are headed down to road to oblivion as a country and as a civilization.

From: Derek Skinner
Subject: Re: BELOW(30): The Nature of the Digest

Joe, a small, hopefully positive addition to the plight of the Occupiers. Derek
"There is a pervading sense that unless the Occupiers can articulate a clear message that the rest of us can relate to, their effort will dwindle and lose resonance. I do not agree.
The expressions of anger and frustration in the many issues from global warming to environmental protection; to homelessness; to corporate and banking control of government; to corruption and tax evasion and fraud; to the Americanisation of Canada by Dictator Harper; and every agenda in between, can all be summarised in "the system is rotten and must be changed". After 40 disastrous years of unrestrained vulture capitalism and now the Harper Manifesto sponsored by the Fraser Institute and written by Preston Manning and Mike Harris the prospects are intolerable.
There is no reason why the physical resources and the communal treasure of social and physical infrastructures and entitlements accumulated by previous generations cannot be shared more fairly with the 99%.
Providing low paid work is not good enough - there has to be opportunity to succeed.
Providing work at the expense of the environment is even less acceptable. I have in mind the proposed Enbridge pipelines.
The authorities should understand that the Occupiers represent the tip of a much broader base. They are spreading the message that change is needed and will be applied when enough people have been spurred into action to use our existing political system to make the necessary changes to the electoral and money creation processes. Those key changes will open the way to fix so many of the other reasons for discontent and protest.
Dictator Harper is already pushing the construction of prisons to house the anticipated civil protesters but the Occupiers are insisting on no violence.
Unfortunately, detentions and fake charges for insisting on Charter Rights will be applied but these should be regarded as badges of honour.
The police in particular should understand that "following orders" is not acceptable conduct under any circumstances if it fails the moral test of civilised behaviour.
More power and success to the Occupiers I say. They have my support.
Derek Skinner

From: John Kruithof
Subject: Holland during WW II

My small contribution to Remembrance Day was speaking Nov. 2nd to the Probus Club of Ottawa
Rideau Valley in Manotick on the subject of wartorn Holland. Text can be found at http://www.probusorv.org/11.11.02Kruithof.pdf
John Kruithof
Ottawa South

From: Mahmood Elahi
Subject: Greeks and Italians are serial tax dodgers

The Editor
The New York Times
Copy to: Prof. Paul Krugman, columnist for The New York Times.
Greeks and Italians are serial tax dodgers
Re Op-Ed: "The Path Not Taken," by Paul Krugman (Nov. 6).
While Prof. Krugman is right when he says that during mass unemployment more public spending may be needed to stimulate economies of countries like Greece and Italy, it must be pointed out that rich and middle classes in both countries are serial tax dodgers and the governments of these countries are perennially short of revenues to meet their obligations.
Greece is facing total bankruptcy, but it is reported that Athens has 64,000 swimming pools in private villas and condos of the rich and upper middle class. Yet, the Greeks are serial tax dodgers. With the rich and middle class Greeks unwilling to pay their fair share of taxes, the government will always need bailouts by Germany which is carrying the most financial burden. The only way Greece can become solvent again is by raising taxes on the rich and stop them from evading taxes.
As for Italy, an Italian wealth tax would be a game changer. A one-time tax to raise E 400 billion. as proposed by the former CEO of UniCredit, Alessandro Profumo, would solve Italy's debt problem, thus helping reverse the broader Euro crisis. Rich Italians are so wealthy, they could afford it. They certainly have no business asking for help from Germany where wealthy Germans are much less affluent than their Italian counterparts. But before such an idea has any hope of being implemented, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi would have to step aside. Mr. Berlusconi, one of the richest men in Italy, is facing charges of tax evasion and bribing judges.
Italian business elites, including the head of Confindustria, the business lobby, have reacted surprisingly positively to Mr. Profumo's idea. Part of the reason is that Italians are effectively paying a wealth tax as a result of plunging domestic stocks and bond markets. So getting the agony over with has some appeal to Italy's wealthy. The E 400 billion tax that Mr. Profumo proposes would cut national debt from 120 percent to below 100 percent. That would change the marker psychology. Equity and bond prices are likely to rebound --- meaning that investors could gain more on the market upswings than they lost on the tax hikes.
What's more, Italians are quite rich enough to bail out their own government. The latest Bank of Italy data show that net wealth was E 8.6 trillion or 566 percecent of GDP in 2009 --- more than Germany's E 6.1 trillion, or 246 percent of GDP in 2008. Even if a wealth tax focused only on the richest Italians, a tax of 10 percent, collected over a few years, should do the trick.
Finally, a word about the European Union may be in order. Though the economic implications of the collapse of Euro may be disasterous, its political implications may be more far reaching. The European Union is the product of a realization that all Europeans --- English, Irish, Germans, French, Italians --- for all their bloody conflicts, are members of what Welsh writer Jan Morris calls "a spectral commonwealth," and the European Union is basically a move towards peaceful political union of Europe what Roman Legions, Napoleon's Grand Army and Hitler's Panzers failed to achieve by force.  Any collapse of the EU may bring back the days of conflict and confrontation.

From: "Anthony Silvestro"
Subject:  Letter - Re - 30th anniversary of the patriation negotiations.

Letter to the editor –
Some day, just maybe some day it would be nice if the truth finally came out about Trudeau"s deception, this fraud that was forced upon the country. Yes his charter of wrongs and restrictions.
Some of what really went on was printed in French in Quebec, but the brain dead media outside kebec refuse to talk about the truth. They refuse to discuss the lies, the main reason this charter was forced upon the country in the first place. All we get outside kebec is spin, BS and more spin, all lies.
You have to fully understand who this person was. Trudeau was an anti-English language metis (he was not French) bigot. He despised out real BNA history. He was anti-Semitic, hid in a monastery during the war, supported separatism, supported a French only Kebec, supported the banning of the English language in Kebec, while forcing the French language all across the country. He bragged about doing this. He bragged and wrote about turning Canada into a french nation…he truly was a despicable, conniving, dishonest man. Go do some research, his true feelings are in print.
Taking all this into consideration, why do you think he forced this French style charter on the country and why do you think his good friend Levesque did not sign it? This was planned all along. Create chaos in kebec and Ottawa…force everyone but kebec to sign it… There was nothing wrong with the BNA act, our original constitution.
People keep saying that it was not signed by kebec (original spelling). Well now, Trudeau, Chretien and Ouellette are the only people to sign it, all from Kebec. It came from Kebec, Trudeu and gang of anti-English language, anti BNA bigots are the ones who came up with the idea in the first place. Yes indeed, force the rest of the country to fund whatever the French demand, enshrine it in the constitution, force bilingualism, multiculturalism on the rest of the country but don't dare try and force this crap on kebec, no, no ST, not for our beloved Quebec
"French power" folks, this is the term brought to Ottawa and Trudeau and his gang from Kebec, Marchand, Pelletier and the rest. They bragged about it and did it. You can find their quotes bragging about this online. I have read them myself.
Until the charter is repealed and we go back to our original constitution, the BNA act, this country will continue to be divided, will continue to further and further into debt, will continue to live the lie of being a bilingual country, and all the spin and propaganda that has come with it, yes the linguistic duality lie, the 2 founding nations lie, the french only Kebec lie…See what he really did? We have lived this lie for 30 years now and its about time someone starts speaking the truth openly about what really went on in regards to the forcing of this mess, Trudeau and Kebecs charter of rights and freedoms. We have fewer rights and less freedoms now because of this hoax, this fraud.
Don't believe me folks, educate yourselves please. I suggest people get a hold of a few books -The monstrous trick, His pride, our fall, The tragedy of Quebec and Conning the Canadians to fully understand what has gone on Canada in the last 40 years. You might be shocked but it's the truth. You will not hear any of this in the mainstream media; they are just too dumb and/or lazy to print the truth, the facts.
Repeal the charter and everything connected to it, such as the expensive, phony divisive bilingual, multicultural, rights BS and fix all that is wrong with Canada.
Anthony Silvestro