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Daily Digest November 22, 2011

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The politics of ruthlessness
Not for the first time, Stephen Harper's Conservatives have puzzled many pundits
They won an unassailable majority. Their party is united. They face an opposition that is weak, divided, leaderless.
Their dominance is complete and while it's possible to dream up challenges in the future, they are only the stuff of imagination.

Think twice, Canada, before attacking Tehran

  • Publication ban lifted on identities of undercover G20 officers
  •          The great Liberal fall started long before Iggy
  • Ignatieff bucks ex-leader trend
  •          Liberals take page from Tory playbook
  • Reports of Liberals' death have been exaggerated
  •          Feeling contempt for Parliament
  • Mental defect 'joke' a real knee-slapper
  •          The unsocial network of Pat Martin
  • Cullen tries the unconventional approach
  •          Paying up to drive the open road
  • Occupy moves us into a new era
  •          Occupy failure or success?
  • Quebec's stature is shrinking
  •          There's still hope for PQ, but only if Marois leaves
  • Premier Redford's broken promises are piling up
  •          NATO is a shell of its former self
  • Auditor general finds 'disturbing' flaws in visa system
  •          Occupy Toronto protesters defy eviction order video
  • Canada lags in use of road tolls video
  •          Government's analysis of wheat board changes questioned
  •   Counterfeiting 'criminals' need harsher punishments
  •          Quebec City Occupy site torn down video
  • Alberta drivers face tough new drunk driving laws
  •          Ont. economic revival main business of Liberal agenda
  • Talks starting on post-2014 federal health funding
  •          Tory intention to destroy long-gun records could break three laws, say two officers of Parliament
  • Academics attack feds' seats plan
  •          Initial F-35 jets could be unable to track troops, talk to older planes
  • Why the Liberals are yesterday's party
  •          Sun News Network heading to D.C.
  • Fox News leaves viewers ignorant
  •          Sun News goes back to basics with Bell
  • Corporations spending billions to exert 'undue influence' to prevent global climate action
  •          Oil sands output to triple by 2035: report
  • Gloomy years ahead, Ontario throne speech warns
  •          Health authority cancels $181,000 job for husband of Premier Christy Clark adviser
  • 'Door closed' on crime bill despite Quebec's last-minute plea
  •          Quebec not happy with firm federal stance on new crime bill
  • Ozone gaffe shows Tories favour 'spin over science,' Trudeau says
  •          Stimulus program failed to measure job-creation, auditor finds
  • AG report critical of visa system, defence spending
  •          Visa officers lack information, training, auditor general says
  • Pierre Ducasse backs Nash
  •          Author of Sherbrooke Declaration backs Nash for NDP leader
  • Infighting over leadership contest rules add to opposition's woes
  •          NDP decision to limit leadership debates stirs more unrest
  • Harper's maternal health pledge hinges on measuring progress
  •          Get ready for the Royal Conservative Mounted Police
  • 'Standard procedure' to vet RCMP statements, Tories say
  •          Sun News goes back to basics with Bell
  • Social media 101: Feds roll out guidelines for Twitter, Facebook
  •          PM Chretien showed how it could be done
  • Days of blindly topping up medicare over
  •          Ottawa, provinces to begin talks for health deal
  • How police infiltrated groups planning G20 protests
  •          Parliamentarian of the Year: Bob Rae
  •          Orange still Quebec's favourite colour
  • Leger Marketing Quebec Federal Poll : NDP 37, Bloc 27, CPC 13, LPC 13
  •          Leger Marketing-Le Devoir - The gap between Quebec and Harper
  • Long-time Nunavut politician Curley resigns as minister
  •          Alberta MLA dumps Liberals for PCs
  • Husband of Clark adviser snags top health job without competition
  •          Nothing to gain from regulating journalists
  • NDP grill Tories over Suncor's operations in Syria
  •          Economic freedom surges in Canada
  • Canadian troops headed to U.S. survival school for Afghan risks
  •          Canadian general recognized for Libyan role
  • Eritrean diplomat defects to Canada
  •          Grits to signal no-nonsense session with succinct throne speech
  • MPP Dave Levac elected Speaker of the Ontario legislature
  •          Ontario Tories flip-flop on health networks
  • Redford tries to put her House in order
  •          Alberta now projecting $3.1B deficit
  • New Parti Québécois ads focus on ideas, not leader
  •          Quebec Innu vow to fight province's development plan
  • U.S. must 'certify' Canada before Khadr can return
  •          New breast cancer screening guidelines inflame debate, add to confusion
  • Hypertension to hit more than 1 in 4 of us by 2013, report says
  • Politics Buffet BC's Carbon Agenda
  •          Reading Vancouver Voters' Minds
  • Embattled Silviculture Operator Charged with Fraud, Forgery
  •          Indie Net Providers Win Freedom to Compete
  • Occupy Vancouver leaves art gallery, moves to courthouse
  •          UN: Global concentrations of CO2 at record level, exceed worst-case projections
  • Black Press to quash anonymous comments
  •          Pepper-spraying cop now an Internet meme
  • Court Orders Health Canada Investigate Environmental Effects of Monsanto's Roundup® Read more...
  •         Defend Occupy Vancouver
  • Marine Harvest Copping a Plea: Pleading Guilty - "By Their Deeds Shall Ye Know Them" The Canadian.org Read more... _____FOREIGN AFFAIRS
    Libya - what is the truth today?

    >>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<
    MARDI 22 NOVEMBRE 2011


    Seven Elephants Now Thrashing Your Living Room

    From: "Tommy"
    Subject: Exporting oil by rail tankers


    Mahood Elahi suggests that Alberta oil be refined in Alberta and then shipped by rail to Texas and other destinations [China?].This would be extremely expensive to do and in the case of ships highly dangerous. Refining petroleum results in at least a dozen products essentially by heating crude and tapping off separate products. The important ones are natural gas, gasoline, kerosene, aviation fuels, diesel, lube oil and by-products such as wax and asphalt tar. To get the products to Texas would require five or more separate pipelines and some rail or truck transport for lube oils and tar. To ship volatile gasoline and aviation fuels by ship would be expensive and would require major redesign of ships and port facilities [imagine what local Vancouverites would think of a ship in their harbor taking on ten million gallons of gasoline!]. Pipelines are expensive to build but very safe to operate over a long period of time. Yes there are pipeline spills; nothing man made is perfectly safe. Think of the statistic of people killed and maimed by cars on our highways each year.

    Tommy Thomas

    From: "S.McDowall"
    Subject:  Dismantling the Infrastructure of Tyranny (Prelude to the Occupation of Planet Earth)
    Subject: WikiLeaks: How U.S. tried to stop Spain's torture probe
    Subject: Some interesting "coincidences" in this Alice-in-Wonderland Game of Musical Chairs
    Added Comment: The political Alice-In-Wonderland game of Musical Chairs, all within the"Cabal  Family".
    And some still wonder precisely WHAT and WHY the "Occupiers' Movement" is PROTESTING?

    Whaaaat  a coincidence!

    Imagine the odds of this happening ( without some sting-pulling puppeteers playing musical chairs.)

    Do you know the park in NYC that the Wall Street protesters are occupying? It's Zuccotti Park.

    Did you know that this park is not owned by the city of New York? It is owned by Brookfield Properties.

    Who was just hired by Brookfield Properties as an attorney? Vice President Joe Biden's son.

    Who sits on the board of Brookfield Properties? Mayor Bloomberg's live-in girlfriend.

    Now, guess what company just received some of the last of the Obama Stimulus $$$$$. Thaaaat's right, Brookfield Properties.

    Isn't life great in America!

    On a completely unrelated note, guess what - - Wisconsin is shaping up to be the swing state in the 2012 presidential elections. Not Florida.  Not Ohio.  But Wisconsin.

    Now, guess who owns the company that will be tabulating the electronic votes in Wisconsin.

    Thaaaat's right, the biggest contributor to Obama, the puppeteer George Soros.

    Whaaaat a coincidence!

    Now remember what Stalin said.
                              "He who votes does not have the power.
                              He who counts the votes has the power". 

    From: John Duddy
    To: pm@pm.gc.ca
    Subject: Pentagon.

    Hope you figured out you need to scroll along to the right.
    Subject: Fwd: Re: Fw: FORWARDED EMAIL -   CANADA

    Nov 22, 2011 08:38:47 AM, jduddy wrote:

    Greetings Vern.  Copy to the Prime Minister and former Member of Parliament for Niagara Falls.

    The problem.

    The attack on Afghanistan was based on lies put out by the Bush Administration.
    No Afghans attacked US.
    The Bush family and the Bin Laden family were in business together.
    Here is all the proof you need that a plane did not hit the Pentagon.
    Official US Military pictures.

    I have been sending this information to the PM since he was Leader of the Opposition.
    Our PM agrees to "slap" sanctions on Iran based on more lies from US and Israel.
    Israel has 400 nukes; Canada needs to sanction Israel and US for War-crimes.
    Today in Indonesia there is a war crimes trial against Bush and Blair. 

    See war crimes linked below.

    John Duddy.


    RCMP and CSIS should have observers at that trial since 24 Canadians were murdered
    in New York and the PM has accepted the official conspiracy theory now proven false.

    Vern, keep sending me emails like the below; they give me an opening to send rebuttals
    to the PM


    From: Robert Ede
    Subject: 'effing' complaint
    To: Joe Hueglin Daily Digest <joe.hueglin@bellnet.ca>, lmartin@globeandmail.com

    Dear ol' Chum,

    If I read this "eff-pest in a tweet-pot" situation correctly, some MP's think the Leaders of the current Plurality-of-Votes, Majority-in-the-LOWER House of the LEGISLATIVE Order of Cdn governance is being a bit heavy-handed and high-handed (heck, they did put up all those complainers and naggers and naysayers for 5 yrs .... wouldn't you exercise your political oomph if you finally could .... even a coupl'a times?)
     Majority PM IS out-of-control ..... anybody's control.
    It's a problem ... but need not be so .... in fact I've been rattling on about it for years ... even ran in a Fed ByElection on the topic
    The Cdn system is a hierarchy
    The Legislative order is on the BOTTOM
    Designed that way ....on purpose
    so that this current "effing" mess could not occur
    since 1940 when W L M King broke the law with a wartime Order in Council (to integrate all the country's resources, natch)
    we've not been following the Constitution
    And no one cares
    try a few of these
    read the 1940 Order in Council
    Oh yes
    the Order was created, proposed, presented and approve by Mr King just 3 weeks after the GG died
    Subject: ignorance is agony

    Thanks for the full line from the true source and context on
    ignorance/nescience is bliss
    Part 2
    Apparently "ignorant" is NOT based on the word 'ignore'
    is a synomym of "nescient" http://www.thefreedictionary.com/nescient
    part 3
    The expression Ignorance is Bliss means only that as long as we don't know about something bad it doesn't scare us or make us sad.
    No wonder I'm so sad.

    From: Arthur Topham ,RadicalPress.com

    Hi Joe,

    I thought I'd try to provide Ray with some sincere words of solace regarding the paradox he finds himself in spiritually with respect to Christianity. As a Christian who also is not a member of any particular denomination I don't find the Judaism aspect of the Bible all that confusing any longer (after a lifetime of seeking answers).

    One must first and foremost bear in mind that the idea or belief of the Jews that Jesus Christ wasn't the Messiah is prefaced upon their own inability to recognize Him when he actualized in the flesh. Like all sects (their own in this case) the Pharisees had good political and selfish reasons for denying Christ; to the point where they orchestrated his Crucifiction (to a point that is).

    The thing to recall about all this Joe is that such beliefs belong to the Old Testament not the New. As such the Jews' disbelief or unbelief provides a backdrop or background gestalt as it were of darkness (spiritual ignorance) that, in the New Testament allows the resplendent Nature and Light of the Christos to shine forth with such brilliance and love.

    So my humble suggestion is that you sleep alone (with Christ as your Guide) rather than crawl into bed with the unbelievers. In that way you'll sleep peacefully and avoid all those nightmares that the world is now experiencing in their waking hours thanks to the unbelievers!


    From: Joseph <joseph@commonground.ca>
    Subject: CBC Whistleblowers go public on threat of bovine growth hormones & win 2011 Integrity Award

    On an important note there was a great interview on CBC AM today between 9 - 9:30 am PST with Shiv Chopra & Margret Haydon about when they blew the whistle on bovine growth hormone at Health Canada and got fired. You maybe able to track it down on the internet CBC website pod cast , the interviewer was Anna Maria Tremonti on the show The Current

    Here is one link:

    Tuesday November 22, 2011
    Whistleblowers go public on threat of bovine growth hormones
    In the late 80s and through the nineties, three veterinarians with Health Canada were growing increasingly uncomfortable as they investigated bovine growth hormones to determine whether to approve their use. There was pressure from the manufacturers and from their bosses. And when they went public with concerns over safety and human health, they were eventually fired for insubordination. Fifteen years on , one is back at work and two cannot be reinstated.

    Listen: (Pop-up)

    Part Two of The Current

    Whistleblowers going public on bovine growth hormones

    The Professional Institute of the Public Service called it a sad day for federal employees worried about the safety of Canadians. This summer, the Labour Relations Board ruled against two out of three Health Canada scientists who lost their jobs in a long battle over whistleblowing.

    Doctors Shiv Chopra, Margaret Haydon and Gerard Lambert went public with their concerns that bovine growth hormones might be a risk to human health. In the end, the hormone was never approved for use in Canada. As well, Shiv Chopra and Margaret Haydon warned that Canada's measures to prevent mad cow disease were inadequate. Health Canada called their actions insubordinate -- and fired them in 2004.

    After a lengthy appeal, Gerard Lambert got his job back; the other two scientists are appealing. This week however, all three will be awarded the 2011 Integrity Award by the advocacy group Canadian Journalists for Free Expression.

    As part of our series on
    game changers,
    s, we were joined by Shiv Chopra and Margaret Haydon for their efforts to protect Canadians despite the risk to their livelihoods. They were in Ottawa.

    In August the Public Service Relations Board dismissed their attempt to get their jobs back. Thursday, they will receive the Integrity Award from Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, a group on whose board Anna Maria sits, and in the interest of transparancy she voted with other members of CJFE's board to honour Drs. Chopra, Haydon and Lambert.

    From: Henry Atkinson
    Subject: Fwd: Prince Philip: Only tickling the nose of our energy crisis - Telegraph
    Subject: Prince Philip: Only tickling the nose of our energy crisis - Telegraph

    From: Ray Strachan
    Subject: Re Canadianb Indians

    It was inevitable that some Native American Indians would turn White and bloodsuck  their people.Can I blame them, not really,   do I like them NO.
    But the natives were denied there spiritual beliefs ,by the White Judeo - Christians.
    That should pretty well sum it up without focusing on the word Native.
    We have all been sucked into the web of Ju-Christianity.
    And have all been taken for a very bad trip.    All waiting for God to do something wonderful.
    I believe God is waiting fort Humanity to do something wonderful.    I don't count Bombing Libya as something wonderful,but of course ALL the members of Harpers are devoutly religious.   Just ask them.  That is just one small example.
    I sometimes wonder why we were ever conceived with a brain.  Only the strong know that. It gives them power.     Power to destroy our world ,because for most humans, brains are just waste of space. That's why we have armistice day.   We surely don't believe that God created ALL  human beings do we? Of course not,   just US.   Must be religion that drives us to that conclusion.
    Ray Strachan
    Subject: This is what I have been trying to say

    Vic Toews.   A   Mennonite, preacher, of the Mennonite Gospel.    Do you believe that?, well look it up.
    Vic Toews Mennonite Clergyman.     Canadian Government Rep.
    Now he would have every Man Woman or Child that didn't live up to Vic Toews, Mennonite, Conservative standards, to go to jail,straight to jail, stay there until they have learned  Vic Toews moral teachings.
    Its actually reasonable.     To Conservatives, including the most soiled human being I can think of,Vic  Toews,     are running us.      So if you like it,  just continue on with it,,for the future of your children and grandchildren ,seal them in this Conservative Slime. Dont let humanity lure you.   Just keep on the Conservative path.  Your children and grandchildren will sure as "Hell" know the difference in the end
    But you still have food in the fridge and money in the bank.   What could possibly be wrong.
    I want to make this "VERY" Clear,    Viv Toews  does not represent Mennonites.    He represents Vi Toews, a supposed Menonite ,  Man Of God.      Another Harperite. They say every man has his price,    Toews had his, and we are paying for Vic Toews. And will continue too as long as we chose to sleep.
    Subject: Joe

    When ever did Right Wing Conservatism, single out the commoner to fight for?Conservatism was always right wing,elite,tilted towards Business ,because Business was God, try to focus on saving this planet? Save The Gods of Business.
    Was it not always "money, and how to divide it, so as the Rich (with all their educational qualifications  Ruled.? Harper saw that much. Now God Bless your Grandchildren and mine.He just turned it up a notch.
    Is there any Political Party who would consider Decency?.    No,of course not.    We don't really fight, just spar behind the curtain,   shadow boxing,  not really engaging the adversary.The adversary is us. No, too timid, to afraid of losing something.  Yes too afraid,    so we lose everything for our children and grandchildren.
    These were the directions of my Leader when I was M.P. close to 40 years ago now. There decent I believe. Putting them from paper to practice is a challenge Our Philosophy
    From: "Brian D. Marlatt"
    Subject: Ron Paul Blames 'flawed' US Policies For 9/11 - Exposing The Truth

    From: "Bateman"
    Subject:  The Duke is in good company: wind is useless and a disgrace

    Joe: Can you find a reference here to put in the Digest?

    Prince Philip: Wind Farms Are 'Absolutely Useless And A Disgrace
    Showing 1-25 of 2526 comments

    centuries, the Netherlands has harnessed wind power, using windmills to drain water from low-lying marsh and turn it into arable land. Now however, Holland is falling out of love with its iconic technology.-- Ivana Sekularac, Reuters, 16 November 2011
    1) Prince Philip: Wind Farms Are 'Absolutely Useless And A Disgrace' - The Sunday Telegraph, 20 November 2011
    2) Ex-Chancellor Backs Prince Philip Over Attack On Wind Farms - Daily Mail, 21 November 2011
    3) Clive Aslet: Prince Philip Said What We're All Thinking About Wind Farms - The Daily Telegraph, 21 November 2011
    4) Bill Carmichael: Solar Panels Are A Badge Of Shame - Yorkshire Post, 19 November 2011
    5) Germany's Green Energy Revolution Falters - Financial Times Deutschland, 16 November 2011
    6) Dutch Fall Out Of Love With Windmills - Reuters, 16 November 2011
    7) Christopher Booker: The BBC's Hidden 'Warmist' Agenda - The Sunday Telegraph, 20 November 2011
    8) Andrew Montford: The BBC & The Green Propaganda Machine - Bishop Hill, 21 November 2011

    From: Steve Campbell
    Subject: 1. EU bans claim that water prevents dehydration 2. The Dollar Must Survive / Euro Can Die

    In stunning show of bureaucratic idiocy, EU directive bans health claim that water prevents dehydration


    Subject: When ignorance is bliss---DD

     Joe--thank you to Rene Moreau for his wise words.  A world wide coup is exactly what we are seeing--and of course the banksters are the winners and we are the losers.  What a magnificent comparison between the Naked Emperor and today.  This is exactly what we refuse to see.  And yes--we are committing treason by being blind to the truth.  As our governments believe themselves to be all wise and powerful we, the serfs, will not be able to read or hear anything until the almighty governments have vetted it and produced their warm and fuzzy words to keep us asleep.  They have already muzzled our 'National Defence'.  We bombed the hell out of Libya, we leave our Veterans to die of DU and on and on while our governments tell us 'don't worry, be happy'?  Yes, Harper currently is the problem.  But who before him, except John Diefenbacher, has been any different?

    A wonderful prayer--we should all be praying for the wisdom and courage to see what is right in front of us.
    Subject: the 'value' of voting    DD    Is this why Canada is talking about electronic voting?  So much easier than 'finding a ballot box'(Anne McLellan)

    I refuse to vote in another phony election

    I am not voting in the next presidential election. And, I don't want to hear how if I don't vote I have no right to complain about how things are or what some political puppet is doing that is unconstitutional, unlawful or just plain stupid.  Yes, I do have the right to complain: just as I have a right to refrain from contributing to this national charade we call "voting".
    Subject:  just what we need--38 more of these useless wastes of tax dollars to avoid their job?
    Feeling contempt for Parliament
    Subject: if this is how they dispose of toxic material is it any wonder they see nothing wrong with DU?
    Mysterious Odor Detected At Fort Detrick Area B
    Subject: There is no room in our countries for morals and ethics.  God protect this Judge

    Finally, a Judge Stands up to Wall Street
    Subject: Canada saw nothing wrong with destroying Libyan water, oil, electricity and hospitals and killing their leader.  Baird is a liar.

    "Cutting off families from the electricity grid would have a significant detrimental consequence on the popular support for reform, and at this time we´ve decided it would be negative, not positive to cut hospitals, places of work, families´ homes from electricity."

    Baird said the rationale is similar to how the tactical bombing of Libya was carried out by NATO: the alliance´s fighter jets studiously avoided targets that would affect access to electricity or clean drinking water.