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Daily Digest November 2, 2011




Proposed Senate revise would hand Ontario, Quebec effective veto
Alberta Senator Bert Brown, viewed by many as the father of the Triple-E Senate concept aimed at giving all provinces equal status in the upper chamber,
is advocating a new voting formula that would, according to one analyst, jettison the equality principle.

5 questions Clement must answer on G8 spending
 The federal minister responsible for cutting government waste is being called before a parliamentary committee Wednesday
to explain how his own Ontario riding became paved in $45 million of political pork.

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21h25 - Francisation · Le PQ dénonce les manques
21h05 - Vérificateur général · Le NPD dénonce l'offre d'emploi unilingue anglais
21h00 - G8 · Tony Clement critiqué pour ses dépenses
20h55 - Parce que c'est une femme · Les Québécois ne voteraient pas pour Pauline Marois
20h51 - Loi 101 · 76 entreprises en infraction dans le comté de la ministre St-Pierre
20h49 - PQ · Marois dit avoir rallié les contestataires
20h47 - La Romaine · La manne pour les Innus
20h45 - Oxygène coupé sur un chantier · Un scaphandrier exprime sa colère
20h35 - Dépenses de CBC/ Radio-Canada · Les députés d'opposition s'en mêlent
20h25 - Sécurité du pont Champlain · «Ottawa doit dire la vérité» - Denis Coderre
20h18 - Projet de loi · Les conservateurs s'attaquent aux prêts consentis aux partis politiques
20h08 - Malaise chez les jeunes péquistes · Une vidéo pro-Marois diffusée sans permission
20h05 - Remis en cause · Justin Trudeau défend sa foi catholique
19h49 - 2012 · Ottawa vise 250 000 immigrants
19h42 - Cour suprême · Juge unilingue: contestation judiciaire en vue
19h17 - Ottawa · Une chance sur dix d'atteindre ses objectifs financiers
18h43 - Palestine · Ottawa cherche à punir l'UNESCO
18h25 - Bonaventure · Élection partielle le 5 décembre
17h12 - Blocus israélien · Un navire canadien en route vers Gaza
16h40 - Omar Khadr · Le Barreau du Québec en faveur de son rapatriement
16h27 - Sécurité publique · L'avenir de la police municipale en péril ?
15h43 - Mouvement · Occupons Montréal : les «indignés» parés pour l'hiver
15h37 - Faits divers · Occupons Ottawa: on dénonce trois agressions sexuelles
15h27 - Selon des organismes pour femmes · Abolition du registre des armes d'épaule : une honte
14h59 - Crise du système financier · Paul Martin s'inquiète du comportement des banques
13h50 - Chantier de La Romaine · Hydro-Québec distribue des chèques sur la Côte-Nord
13h36 - Jardin St-Roch · Occupons Québec : une décision annoncée d'ici quelques jours
13h32 - Affichage · Loi 101 : 76 infractions dans le comté de la ministre St-Pierre
13h26 - Politique · Justice criminelle : Charest encouragé par l'appui de l'Ontario
12h59 - Mines · Le PQ veut plus de redevances
12h51 - Maisons de jeunes · Des milliers d'adolescents disent non à l'intimidation
12h29 - Selon Pauline Marois · Le Québec est prêt à voter pour une femme première ministre
11h51 - Juges unilingues anglophones · Un recul, selon Québec
10h09 - Pédophilie · Une ligne pour délinquants sexuels
09h05 - Accès à l'information · Moore veut plus de transparence
08h27 - Santé · 2,9 millions d'heures supplémentaires


any mixture, especially of unrelated objects, subjects, etc.

The Daily Digest is a potpourri. While there are usually constant subjects it is a mixture varying from day to day due to what, where, when and how. What the media is concentrating on, where where material is available in that theres a pattern of visitation to sites, when there is time available to search, how linkage can be lifted off and placed on the post for distribution..

The most important question word is this however: why? Why you choose to receive the "DD"?

This was received to-day "not so sure I am interested in receiving links to `information clearing house' extremist stuff, Joe". My response? Among those receiving the Digest much would not be
included should each persons' "I really am not interested in receiving links to . . . ." be excluded.  What is trash to one person may well be treasure to another . . . and so a broad range of material is included.  Indeed all on a given day that time allows from whatever sources are available. Few have the time to read all the articles available let alone watch the videos that increasingly accompany them.

The contributions for the BELOW (30) section have been criticized as being too long, too repetitive, too frequently from the same persons.. Again there are those who look forward to one or the other type.

Few of us read all sections of our newspapers. So it is I believe is the case here - read what you choose to, pass over the rest but realize that others are doing the same and their focus maybe on what is dross to you.

Well, it's after the time this ought to have been sent out.

Focus on what you find of value to you, but doing so knowing others have the same view of what you choose to  pass this potpourri.


From: Peggy Merritt
Subject: Re: veteran's day of protest

Hi Joe:  I did not read in the email about this issue about any specific problem tha t would cause this protest.  I am the widow of a 2nd World War Veteran who needed the help from Veterans affairs and was 3 years in Sunnybrook Veterans facility.  His treatment was superlative.  We were also eligible for help from the Veteran's independence Program which provides help to veteran's and family who want to stay in their home as long as possible instead of going into long term care. This program is a great help to me currently.
One can assume that because there is a very large reduction in the number of veteran's who require extra help these days that the government is reducing it's budget allotment. I do not know very much about the current veteran's but have heard that rehabilitation programs abound and that there is a very serious program to deal with postramatic stress
Personally I think that protests have become an industry in this world of ours.  there seems to be an attitude of entitlement among some of our citizens which takes hold of some of them who one reason or another feel they have been treated unfairly.
In my opinion I think the current government has a prudent program to reduce spending and get this country in better financial shape. sometimes this is hurtful but a least we are not looking at the problems that the rest of the global economy is dealing with.  So down with protests just observe this Remembrance Day with sorrow and respect.  
Thanks  Joe    Peggy Merritt

From: John Duddy
Subject: 9/11 Truth by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (Former Reagan Cabinet Member) - YouTube
To: Prime Minister/Premier ministre <>
Cc: Joe Hueglin <>, " Bob Rae" <>, "Lee - M.P.Richardson" <>,,
 Senator Grant Mitchell <>

Dear Prime Minister,

Please play this video at a cabinet meeting.

Please send it to all Members of Parliament and Senate.

You need to keep this in mind when setting foreign policy.

John Duddy.  Calgary Centre.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: they have never let the truth stop them from taking what they want
Anti-Empire Report, November 1, 2011
Subject: An "eminent person" speaks! Who pays for these "eminent persons?  Who ELECTED THEM?
The EU has worked so well in Europe, eh?  These brain dead 'eminent persons' have no concept of reality.  The only thing they believe is that what they dictate is the only way the world should be.  Killing Libyans is not a crime if it is to make them a 'democracy'?  Of course not one of them have any concept of what democracy is.  Greece gave them a punch in the gut to show them what democracy should be.
As for who pays for these 'eminent persons'--look in the mirror!!!  These 'eminent persons' do not have to be elected in a 'democracy'.  They are the more equal who will tell the serfs how to live.
A Commonwealth for the people
The body that represents 2.1 billion souls can endure as a force for good, writes Hugh Segal
By Hugh Segal., Ottawa Citizen November 2, 2011...
The Eminent Person's Group report, A Commonwealth of the People: Time for Urgent Reform, commissioned by heads of government at Port-of-Spain in 2009...
Harper's engagement on the priorities of human rights, the rule of law and democracy and his determination to keep up the fight actually led to the delaying of his departure from Perth. Our foreign minister, John Baird, deployed his endless reservoir of energy, eloquence and passion on issues like human rights, Sri Lanka and the EPG report itself....
The Heads got down to business Saturday afternoon on the EPG recommendations and put their foreign ministers and senior officials back to work as well. In the end, 31 recommendations were accepted outright...
Senator Hugh Segal was the Canadian representative on the Eminent Persons Group that produced the report:...(emphasis added)
[read full article at link below]
Senator Hugh Segal advocates closer North American Community
Segal outlines several goals the North American Community could accomplish:...
- The creation of a North American Assembly, similar to the European Parliament in its early days.... (emphasis added0
North American EU is a terrifying concept
Subject: And Canada will be there also--we stand with israel and must defend their self chosen status
UK military steps up plans for Iran attack amid fresh nuclear fears
ritish officials consider contingency options to back up a possible US action as fears mount over Tehran's capability
Subject:  this column tells it all--our press is also controlled by israel
Washington And Israel - Partners In State Terror
Subject:  NATO is going to have to intervene again?????
Libya: revolutionaries turn on each other as fears grow for law and order
Hundreds of revolutionaries fought each other at a hospital in Tripoli early on Monday, in the biggest armed clash between allies since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi.
Subject: Syria the next Libya/Iraq
WMD in Syria?! 'Nuke plant' a 'fig leaf for intervention'

The order to date actually Iraq/Libya next up Syria then Iran or Iran/Syria
Subject: remember the millions spent on fake lakes etc for our G20?  Bring on the Robin Hood Tax--we should all be out there protesting

Yifat Susskind: Occupy Paris: Calling for Change at the G20 Summit

A must see "The Banker"

Robin Hood Tax
Robin Hood Tax. ... Be a Robin Hoodie.
How It Works - Who's Behind It - Get Involved - Everything you need to know