Friday, November 18, 2011

Daily Digest November 18, 2011




Liberal party dead, new book proclaims
The Liberal party is dead and the "natural governing party" title now belongs
to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives,
author Peter C. Newman has proclaimed in his new book.


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War drums for Canada?
Is Israel preparing an assault against Iran?

Canadian forces may be obliged to come to Israel's defense in case of attack

A question: if Israel attacks Iran and Iran fights back, will Canada be obliged to defend Israel?

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: WMDs ok for USI???  Is this to frighten the world or to start war?

U.S. Army tests hypersonic weapon that travels five times the speed of sound... and can hit ANY target on earth in 30mins
U.S. may no longer rely on stationing missiles abroad

Prompt Global Strike project to hit anywhere in 60mins

Follows 15-ton bunker busting bomb by USAF
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From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Canada's National Debt

Canada's debt is mostly compounded interest someone said I read. True or not?

Joe, I don't know how authoritative these stats are, but this is what I found on the internet:

Scam of the Century - the Canadian National "Debt"
Think about that for a minute now - of the 600 billion currently still owing, and the one Trillion or so already paid in interest, from your tax dollars, only around 100 billion was ever used for programs.

Larry Kazdan, Vice-President,
World Federalist Movement Canada – Vancouver Branch

 Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly

Citizens' watchdog at the UN!

Please read the appeal text and endorse on-line.
From: Ray Strachan
Subject: The Protesters

Regarding Jeff Tuckers  enlightenment, that The Anti Vietnam people  "had  a plan".
Absolutely,   they had "one cause" that was easy to attack. They did a good job,but it was much simpler than today's problems (Plural).
Its a pity that Mr. Tucker demands the exact same amount of thought from the present day protesters.
A one dimensional mindset.
The protesters, unlike Mr Tucker, can plainly see that there are many  problems in our society.Serious,far reaching problems.
To dissect each one separately would be ridiculous to even consider.
They are smart enough to know that. They are depending on the human ability to think.
Ray Strachan

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Ottawa unveils new pooled pension plans  DD 

Joe--when has any government shown that they have the ability to handle our money wisely?  The answer is NEVER!!!  Will the MPs pension funds(that we pay the majority) be in this plan???  They are obviously self employed as they decide when they get a raise, how much money they can take from us for 'expenses' etc.  Is unemployment considered 'self-employed'?  Odd that the unemployed are not mentioned at all in this article.  I guess they can be ignored???

Just think of how many more bureaucrats can be hired to run this plan.  How much will that cost???  Maybe if they cut taxes and governed for Canadians instead of the USI we would have more money left at the end of our working life?  But that doesn't enter the equation.  This is nothing more than a grab for more money and not having to call it a tax, and giving banksters more control of everything. 


Subject: my suggestion--lets get rid of politicians and get more doctors
Next medicare debate likely to be more subtle

I am listening to a program on the radio re Drummond's suggestion that doctors compensation be cut to better improve health care.  Then I read the below article re Harper wanting to repaint the airbus that he uses, courtesy of the taxpayer.

CC-150 Polaris: Stephen Harper Gets His Way On Repainting Of VIP Airbus

From: "Glenn Harewood"
Subject: The drift towards Totaliarism Government???

Here are some comments posted in response to readers' outrage on the Harperites' steady, bit-by-bit, dismantling of our Canadian democratic traditions.
Surely, Harper will hardly be remembered as a significant Canadian PM who sought to conserve, and unify Canadian traditions and institutions. He and his minions are the only "Conservatives government"  who, in recent times, have FAILED to officially recognize and/or yearly celebrate Sir. John A.'s birthday.
 Those of us who witness the take-over of the PCPC in 2003, clearly saw then, and now, Harper's hidden-agenda: to militarize (set one group against another) and dismantle the Canadian Federation.
 Even with a majority, the Harperites stifle any debate on financial bills. No wonder P. Martin is enraged!!! We should all be.
Surely, know that all commentary made in the DD is monitored by the PM's henchmen.
Any signs of totalitarian government??
Glenn Harewood

Just another casual allegation of treason ?