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  "The general public are viewed as no more than ignorant and meddlesome outsiders, a bewildered herd. And it's the responsible men who have to make decisions and to protect society from the trampling and rage of the bewildered herd. Now since it's a democracy they - the herd, that is - are permitted occasionally to lend their weight to one or another member of the responsible class. That's called an election."
  • - Noam Chomsky

_____U.S. of A.

Firewall Law Could Infringe on Free Speech

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21h18 - Syrie · Le Canada salue la suspension de la Ligue arabe
20h38 - Sid Stevens · L'œuvre d'une vie récompensée
20h15 - CAQ et ADQ · La mixité du système de santé favoriserait le rapprochement
20h00 - Université de Montréal · Un projet de réseau de télévisions qui coûte cher
19h35 - Sénateur Boisvenu · Le Québec est mou face au crime
18h53 - Ottawa · Harper s'emporte contre le NPD
18h47 - Avions de combat · Le F-35 ou rien
18h30 - Canada-Israël · Nouvel accord militaire
18h23 - Universités québécoises · Les recteurs persistent et signent
18h17 - Opération contre le régime libyen · Grosse fête pour les militaires ayant servi
17h33 - Syrie · McKay évoque la possibilité d'une intervention militaire
17h26 - Délégation du Québec à New York · John Parisella dresse son bilan
16h23 - Immigration · Les Canadiens veulent que les valeurs du pays soient adoptées
15h27 - Loi 101 · Impératif français dénonce le laxisme du gouvernement
14h38 - Sondage · Les immigrants «s'adaptent bien», selon une majorité de Canadiens
13h56 - Transport · Les radars photo resteront dans le portrait
Le projet pilote, mis de l'avant à l'été 2009, est une réussite, affirment unanimement les 12 députés (tous partis confondus) qui ont évalué l'impact des cinémomètres photographiques installés sur nos routes. Agence QMI
13h41 - Source de bruit · Saint-Lambert s'oppose aux hydravions
Le maire de Saint-Lambert, Philippe Brunet, s'oppose au décollage et à l'amerrissage des hydravions sur le fleuve Saint-Laurent, une nouvelle source de bruit qui indigne les Lambertois. Agence QMI
13h09 - Québec indépendant · Les «États-Unis de l'Amérique française» de Guy Bertrand
C'est du moins ce que propose l'avocat souverainiste Guy Bertrand dans un nouveau livre qui sera lancé en décembre. Agence QMI
11h35 - Nouveau commissaire · Harcèlement sexuel à la GRC : Paulson veut régler le problème
Mercredi, en point de presse, le nouveau patron de la police fédérale a reconnu que la question du harcèlement sexuel existait depuis longtemps. Agence QMI
10h35 - Canada · Immigration au Canada : fraudes dans les tests de langue


Remember the G20 weekend?

Something similar's being reported all over the US of A
and beyond.  I find it interesting and perplexing
cases arising from it are still in process.
*Please forward widely**

Date: Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Time: Court starts at 10 am
Location: 2201 Finch Ave. W
Also on Facebook:

*Bus to court- pickup at OISE (252 Bloor Street West) - please arrive by 9am (leaving at 9:15am sharp!) If you would like to be on the bus, please email us attoronto and confirm that you would like a spot- there are limited seats.

*Leaving court- 12:30pm approximately- drop off location St. James Park

Community organizations, friend and supporters- this is the first Court Support callout for the G20 'Conspiracy' Defendants- 17 community organizers who are being charged for conspiracy around the G20 protests, last June 2010.

From June 21st to June 27th 2010, tens of thousands of people mobilized on the streets of Toronto to resist the G20 meetings. We mobilized for Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination, for migrant justice and an end to war and occupation; for climate justice; against income inequality and for community control over resources- this work has not stopped just because the G20 elites have left town.

We dared to challenge the illegitimate fence that separated the rich and powerful elite conspiring to an agreement of global austerity from the people on the streets who inevitably are meant to bear the brunt of these policies. We reclaimed power, we shook the fence, and we broke through the police lines. Many of us faced or witnessed the largest mass arrest in Canadian history- 17 members of our communities were charged with conspiracy for merely challenging this global austerity agenda. We need to stand by our friends and allies who face such criminal charges- criminalization of dissent is not something we will tolerate and we must stand in solidarity with those who are criminalized for just that.

Please join us on Tuesday, November 22nd at 10am at 2201 Finch Ave. West court house, to show solidarity with our 17 friends and allies who have been criminalized for their dissent. Our movements will not be deterred by the prison walls they try to build around us!

Please also join us afterwards for a rally and march at St. James Park. Details forthcoming.


From: "S.McDowall"
Subject: Robin Mathews  column on Commissioner Paulson - NOV, 16/11

New RCMP Commissioner: "a Cop's Cop"
By Robin Mathews
Wednesday November 16, 2011

Globe and Mail for November 16 calls new RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson "a cop's cop" which, in the language of Canadians, means Every Bad Thing Possible.  Canadians want a people's cop.  They have had all they can stand of the other.

From: Jim Erkiletian 
Subject: Re: *TELUS Detected Spam*Daily Digest November 15, 2011

Hi Joe,
   Here's one for the editors, perhaps.

 The articles lamenting the American's reluctance to accept the Keystone pipeline may be overlooking the Bakken and Texas tar sands that are already each producing over 500,000 b/d, and ramping up fast. They're doing so well because Canadians risked our environment and wealth learning to extract tarsands oil.
   Most of the natural gas from these US plays are going to domestic use, rather than simply turning tar into oil. If the Bakken can supply US needs, Texas oil will be exported, making both Enbridge and Keystone redundant and in competition with US companies. 
 Of course, climate change is making all tarsands operations redundant. As M. King Hubbert noted, eventually the cost in energy for extraction, transport and refining exceeds the payback, which occurs at the second level of tarsands extraction using existing technology.

Jim Erkiletian
Nanaimo BC V9R 4W2
123 words
268 Haliburton St.

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Matt Gurney: Elizabeth May declares herself unconstitutional, Nov. 15

Re:  Matt Gurney: Elizabeth May declares herself unconstitutional, Nov. 15

Elizabeth May was elected under first-past-the-post and Warren Buffet benefits from low tax rates. But I admire these two individuals for rising above self-interest and voicing criticisms in support of the common good. As for Elizabeth May taking risks, don't National Post commentators believe that those who take the risks should get all the rewards?

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:  chemtrails   DD

Joe--in June of this year there were so many chemtrails over our area that it was difficult to see any blue sky at all.  It was not from normal flights as we have never had that many planes fly over this one area.  Yes--we are being poisoned by this but don't worry be happy--we live in a democracy and our government would not allow this to happen if it were dangerous for us???

From: Andrew Rutherford
Subject: Fwd: No nursing home for me

You must be getting on and this may help you old friend

Andy R.

Begin forwarded message:


*No nursing home for us.  We'll be checking into a Holiday Inn!*

**With the average cost for a nursing home care costing $188.00 per day,
there is a better way when we get old and too feeble**.
**I've already checked on reservations at the Holiday Inn.*

*For a combined long term stay discount and senior discount, it's $59.23
per night.*

*Breakfast is included, and some have happy hours in the afternoon.*

*That leaves  $128.77 a day for lunch and dinner in any restaurant we
want, or room service, laundry, gratuities and special TV movies.*

*Plus, they provide a spa, swimming pool, a workout room, a lounge and
washer-dryer, etc.*

*Most have free toothpaste and razors, and all have free shampoo and soap.

*$5 worth of tips a day you'll have the entire staff scrambling to help you.*

*They treat you like a customer, not a patient.*

*There's a city bus stop out front, and seniors ride free.*

*The handicap bus will also pick you up (if you fake a decent limp).*

*To meet other nice people, call a church bus on Sundays.*

*For a change of scenery, take the airport shuttle bus and eat at
one of the nice restaurants there.*

*While you're at the airport, fly somewhere.  Otherwise, the cash keeps
building up.*

**It takes months to get into decent nursing homes. Holiday Inn will
take your reservation today.*

*And you're not stuck in one place forever -- you can move from Inn to
Inn, or even from city to city.*

*Want to see **Hawaii** ?  They have Holiday Inn there too.*

*TV broken?  Light bulbs need changing?  Need a mattress replaced?  No
problem.. They fix everything,  and apologize for the inconvenience.*

The **Inn** has a night security person and daily room service. The
maid checks to see if you are ok.  If not, they'll call an ambulance . .
. or the undertaker.*

*If you fall and break a hip, Medicare will pay for the hip, and Holiday
Inn will upgrade you to a suite for the rest of your life. ** *

And no worries about visits from family. They will always be
glad to find you, and probably check in for a few days mini-vacation.*

*The grandkids can use the pool.*

        What more could I ask for?**

**/So, when I reach that golden age, I'll face it with a grin./*

                          AIDS WARNING

To all of  you approaching 50 or have REACHED 50 and past, 
this email is especially for you....../



        BAND AIDS

                 ROLL  AIDS


                 WALKING AIDS



Not  forgetting "HIV" (Hair is Vanishing)

I'm  only sending this to my 'old' friends.

I love to see you smile.

Subject: Fwd: "An ugly  campaign against the CBC," Quebecor's Attack, The Toronto
 Star, November 15, 2011.
From: "Robert G. Gauthier/The National Capital News Canada" <>

Hello, Joe,

RE: Reasons to protect the CBC - the case as put in 1579, Joerge Dyrkton

  Canadians concerned about the CBC, both pro and con, should be aware that the problem of reporting in the media is broader than merely the CBC.
  So long as a clique of mainstream journalists, including the 100 plus from CBC, who control access to the parliamentary press gallery, Canadians will be denied complete and balanced reporting on the affairs of the Parliament/Government.
  The enclosed letter from The National Capital News Canada to The Toronto Star tells the facts.
Robert G. Gauthier, Ottawa
---- Original Message ----
From: Robert G. Gauthier/The National Capital News Canada <>
To: lettertoed <>
Sent: Tue, Nov 15, 2011 8:12 pm
Subject: "An ugly campaign against the CBC," Quebecor's Attack, The Toronto Star, November 15, 2011.

The Editor,
The Toronto Star,
November 15, 2011
Re: Editorial: "An ugly campaign against the CBC," Quebecor's Attack, The Toronto Star, November 15, 2011.
  In ratifying the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Canada committed to protecting among others the fundamental right of freedom of expression, known as Article 19, defined as the Right to Seek, Receive and Impart information.
  With regards to the Star Editorial, the real ugliness in the media in Canada is the continuing  (60 years) unsupervised anti-competitive, exclusionary clique of ragtag riffraff in the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery Inc. pretending to be serious about reporting the activities of the Government of Canada.
  Even in the light of the 1999 ruling of the United Nations Human Rights Committee finding a violation by Canada of the fundamental right of freedom of expression in the arbitrary denial of access to the facilities and services provided for the media by the House of Commons and funded and overseen by the  Speaker of the House of Commons.
  The National Capital News Canada was launched in 1982 following the closure of The Ottawa Journal and began publishing before the Sunday Herald, The Sunday Sun, The Hill Times, The National Post, Epoch Times and numerous other publications yet, The National Capital News Canada continues to be denied equal access to the publicly funded House of Commons media services - without cause, without due process, and without recourse for appeal.
  Under these circumstances, the 400 plus memberships (accreditation) in the private corporation Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery Inc., including more than 100 CBC employees, the Star's 5 or 6, The National Post's 7 or 8, Postmedia's 20 or 25, the SunMedia's (Quebecor"S) 30 or so, the People's Daily of China, TASS, Izvestia, Xinhua Agency, CTV and Global are merely creating a tempest in a teapot with no legitimate complaint. When they all share the trough of substantial publicly-funded privileged benefits such a mind numbing charade over freedom of expression does dramatize this non-event and helps to sell papers.
  The UNHRC Views were published in 1999 with the request to stop the arbitrary and illegal practice of excluding deserving journalists with immunity.
  In his email from Uganda, editor James Walugembe wrote: "One would not expect such a situation in the more advanced democracies."
  Next year will mark 30 years since the launch of The National Capital News Canada and 13 years since the UN Human Rights Committee requested a remedy to the violation by Canada of Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
  All requests to Canadian Officials, in particular the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Hon. Andrew Scheer, who oversees the parliamentary press gallery resources in the House of Commons continue to fall on deaf ears.
Robert G. Gauthier, Proprietor,
The National Capital News Canada, est. 1982,
71035-174 Bank Street,
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2L9

From: Henry Atkinson

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Dennis
Date: November 15, 2011 3:04:52 PM EST (CA)
To: "Firearms Digest" <>


. THE CNFTC DOESN'T KNOW (d) the total number of times the registered owner
of the stolen firearm was charged with a crime as a result of the CFIS
. THE CNFTC DOESN'T KNOW (e) the total number of persons charged with the
theft of the stolen firearms identified by the CFIS traces;
. THE CNFTC DOESN'T KNOW (f) the total number of stolen firearms that were
returned to their registered owner as a result of CFIS traces;
. THE CNFTC DOESN'T KNOW (g) the total number of crimes that were solved
because identifying the stolen firearm gave "police a valuable starting
point for their investigation";
. THE CNFTC DOESN'T KNOW (h) the total number of court orders enforced using
CFIS traces; and
. THE CNFTC DOESN'T KNOW (i) the total number of registered and unregistered
firearms seized as a result of the enforcement of these court orders using
CFIS traces.

CTV - Ending gun registry could fuel firearms trafficking: memo
The Canadian Press - Updated: Tue Nov. 15 2011 6:53:56 AM


The Public Safety memo also says elimination of the registry would
"significantly compromise" law enforcement's ability to trace firearms in
Canada -- for instance, linking a weapon left at a crime scene with an
individual owner -- or to support foreign police forces trying to do the


From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:  this says it all
Subject: We will attack Iran for israel while they are busy
killing  Palestinians and causing havoc around the world

The Inhuman, Suffocating Siege Of Gaza
Subject: we should tighten the belts of the politicians first.  Federal or  provincial,
they are the more equal but see nothing wrong with destroying our lives.

Belt-tightening ahead, warns McGuinty
Subject: USI prepare to attack Iran and destroy the planet
Double Vendetta — The Insanity of the Iran Confrontation
Subject: no elected people--this is 'democracy'--the banksters now control
 Italy--will NATO institute a flyover bombing campaign?
Monti Forms New Italian Govt With No Politicians

From: The Natroses

Hi Joe,

"Up to this point Dickensian Economics has resulted from asking the question as to whether the United States, or any other Western nation for that matter, has become mean-spirited, the Mr. Scrooge in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. My contention is that Dickensian Economics is far more comprehensive than that most famous work by Dickens… and into his total literary work.

In Little Dorrit I.xxiii, Dickens writes "A person who can't pay, gets another person who can't pay, to guarantee that he can pay." That particular passage sold me on the idea that Dickensian Economics extends far beyond the idea of avarice and meanness towards a fellow human being.  It is today's reality; the reality of predatory capitalism whose aim is to have the poor pay for the needs of the poor. And that is what Charles Dickens' work is all about.
We just had in this last decade the biggest scam portrayed by business in the realm of surety. Wasn't that what Dickens was really talking about?  Just replace the word person with that of your favorite financial institution… or, carrying it a little farther, with the name of many capitalist nations.  Papandreou and Berlusconi just stepped down leaving the poor in Greece and Italy to take care of the other poor with austerity programs that revive the pages in Dickens' poor taking care of the poor. And will likely happen in Spain and Portugal as tourism adds its woes to a ridiculously insane, and now certifiably dead, real estate market."
Perhaps, a name change to be in order where economic systems should be called Dickensian Economics, or at the very a school named the Dickensian Economics. If one has every read Charles Dickens, one can get a true picture of the economic system in the late 1800s, and how the poor always had to take care of themselves, by making the poor pay for the needs of the poor.
In the time of Charles Dickens, poverty levels were high, compared to today, but today poverty income levels have remained steady in the industrialized countries, despite the world wide recession or depression?  What has change compared to the Dickens era? Or should I say, what figures are beginning to look like the numbers in the Dickens era?  The growing number of people in the low-income level, as well as people whose income have dropped from middle-income levels to low-income levels.  From my view, it sure looks like the governments of the industrialized countries have done a marvelous job of keeping poverty levels steady, with no increases or decreases, but their economic policies tells the story of growing number of middle-class citizens moving to low-income status.  Throw in the policies of what is being regulated and what is being not regulated, the penalties, and it sure looks like the 21st century modern day Charles Dickens era. All one needs is the poorhouses, to send the ordinary folk who could no longer support themselves.
Some Dickens era examples for today.
""We've made it very clear that we will continue to defend Canada's system of supply management."

The system, established four decades ago, is linked to higher prices in Canadian grocery stores.

Canadians pay two to three times more than world market prices for products like milk, butter, cheese and eggs, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development."

"With every drone strike, every act of torture we commit and with every caving to corporate power, our government asks us with a Bush-like smirk. What are you going to do about it? The union of government authority and corporate power (that Mussolini first labeled fascism) is on the march. None of the 99% are safe from this runaway perversion that has now become the next great step in the mad rush of civilization to destroy humanity and our life-sustaining planet."

"The American Farm Bureau decided to oppose the shallow-loss proposal, arguing that it will encourage farmers to take on excessive risk. Environmental and international poverty advocates are against the whole process. The groups believe higher price-based payments promote overproduction and distort world trade, hurting farmers in the Third World and causing them to cut down rainforest in search of more income."

"The bill proposes fundamental changes to the way inmates are treated behind prison walls, including the elimination of a rule requiring administrators to impose the least restrictive measures necessary on prisoners. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews told the committee this fall the changes are based on recommendations from guards and would "modernize the system of discipline in federal penitentiaries."  Under the legislation, administrators could limit visits to those being punished with solitary confinement for up to 30 days at a time. "

"The ACLU has released a new report ' Banking on Bondage: Private Prisons and Mass Incarceration' which documents what they call the 'spoils' of the US having the world's highest rates of imprisonment. The report focuses on the private prison industry, which has grown to be worth billions over the past few decades. It is the first comprehensive study of this kind of privatization. It documents how, over the past four decades, imprisonment in the United States has increased explosively to 2.3 million. The imprisonment rates have grown due to new criminal laws that impose bigger and bigger sentences and cut short any opportunities to earn probation and parole. Read more:

"Full-time jobs are hard to find in this economy, but one sector of workers that have thrived since the downturn are those willing to work for free. Unpaid internships, which promise to give college students or those just entering the job market experience and a foot in the door at their chosen company, have become more popular. But do these unpaid positions really benefit the workers who accept them ­ or are they a way for companies to save money by exploiting unpaid positions?"
Read more:

"A Toronto charity that went from receiving zero donor dollars one year to $60 million the next raised "serious red flags" for an independent agency that evaluates Canadian charities. Help Eliminate Disease and Addiction Canada, or Hedac, came under scrutiny when directors did not respond to repeated requests for its audited financial statements, said Greg Thomson, director of research at Charity Intelligence Canada."

Advice:  A heavily regulated society, where people have to make choices, but choices come with the selection of choosing between the devils rather, than the choices between the good. Oh yes, keep your money in your pocket when it comes to charities, except for the local charities. We are going to need them, so the poor can help the other poor, or the neighbour can help the neighbour.

"Christ told his disciples that the meek would inherit the earth; and, for all intents and purposes, they already have… before the Day of Judgment; not the earth's wealth, as it remains in the hands of a minority, just its problems.  Dickensian Economics pretty much define the type of economics we are living under these days in the West."

From: Geoffrey West
Subject: Observations about the crime survey sent out by Patrick Brown, MP and PM Harper.  ( an open letter to Barrie MP Patrick Brown )

Good morning/afternoon Mr. Brown;

"That's why Stephen Harper's Conservative Government is taking action to protect families, stand up for victims and hold criminals accountable."

This is the line at the top of a survey that I recently received in the mail, with regards to the government trying to assess how effectively their 'crime-fighting' campaign has been working.  Perhaps it is now time to address where the 'crime' is really coming from, and how to resolve it?

I respect that you have a degree in law, which means that your oath to be called to the bar is to serve the Crown Templar, which is based in the sovereign territory known as London City,  which has its own flag, constitution and tax-free privileges for all the banks and corporations that are based in this small territory located in metro London.  (This is the same for the other two sovereign territories, the Vatican and Washington, D.C.)  Your oath to the bar serves this interest, and not the Crown Monarchy.  You also have your oath as an MP which is to serve the Constitution of Canada and the Queen.  Are you still as bound to these oaths, here and today, as you were when you first made these oaths?  To which oath are you primarily bound?

With all the truth that is now making itself known around the world, about the banking institutions and about parliamentarians, I think it is high time that we focus on the 'other' crimes; the crimes that are not reported by the mainstream media because they serve the corporate/political interests that have little or no desire to keep families safe at all.  These are the crimes that the Government of Canada and all politicians are directly and indirectly responsible for - the same ones that are the ROOT cause of the crimes that the government is claiming to 'fight'.  It is time to address this hypocrisy.

Are you aware:

- that the Queen's oath was made upon a bible that makes all man-made law strictly forbidden? 

- that the first two paragraphs of the Preamble to the Canadian Bill of Rights states:  "The Parliament of Canada, affirming that the Canadian Nation is founded upon principles that acknowledge the supremacy of God, the dignity and worth of the human person and the position of the family in a society of free men and free institutions;
Affirming also that men and institutions remain free only when freedom is founded upon respect for moral and spiritual values and the rule of law;"
(the error in this text is to equate a sovereign human to being a 'person'; a 'person' is not a sovereign human, but merely a legal fiction.)

- that the words of the Queen's oath are as follows:  "I will to the utmost of my power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel" and finishes by saying:  "The things which I have here before promised, I will perform and keep.  So help me God."?  (see attached Exhibit 1)

- that a recent ruling in the UK (May 12) in the case of Regina vs. John Anthony Hill resulted in a ruling that has now invalidated the authority of the Queen because she violated her oath to uphold the Laws of God, by giving royal assent to man-made law?  This means the authority of all public servants having an oath to serve the Queen has now also invalidated, because public servants who serve the Queen are also to serve the Laws of God, and not man-made legislation.

- that the Income Tax Act of 1948 was never given royal assent by King George VI, meaning that, officially, the Income Tax Act (and all subsequent revisions) is not law?  This means that the government is guilty of crimes of theft against the people of Canada for making them pay income tax?  Technically-speaking, you are thus also guilty of crimes against Canadians, as is every politician who has perpetuated this theft knowingly or unknowingly.  As many police officers and lawyers like to claim:  'Ignorance of law is no excuse'.

- as there is now more than an abundance of evidence to show that 11SEP was planned from within the U.S. as a false-flag operation, this means that all wars since that time, and even before?

- that the government of Ireland receives no media coverage at this time, because they are the first government (with Iceland coming close second) to stand up to the elitist banksters and 'call them' on their fraudulent debts/loans?  Ireland is demanding the lawful 'proof' that their debts are real, and the banksters know that they cannot prove this.  The government of Ireland (a formerly strong Catholic country) was also the first government to officially rebuke the Vatican for its crimes and cover-ups of sexual abuse by priests. 

- that the despite the desperate attempt by leaders to send a message to the world (via corporate media) that the Euro can be saved, the world is now realizing that the leaders are lying and that the Euro cannot survive in its current form as a tool of debt enslavement by the elitist banksters and their partners, the IMF, the World Bank, Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission among others?

- that chemicals have been sprayed in the air above most Canadian cities, including Barrie?

- that vaccinations are now being proven to be more harmful and lethal to children than helpful, but lawmakers still try to scare people into getting their shots.

- that soldiers and police in the U.S. are already beginning to awaken to the lies and are beginning to defend the people and their Constitution (according to their oaths), instead of defending the 1% who are sending them to unlawfully kill and die for their profit?  How much longer will it be before Canadian soldiers (and police) start awakening to the lies?
   U.S. soldiers are waking up.


Assassinations, murder, insurgency, invasion, theft, crimes against humanity, genocide, human rights violations, breaking of oaths, lying, .....    Shall I continue?   I suspect that you and almost everyone in parliament is aware of the above, and so much more that will soon be revealed to the world.  Canadians and the people of the world now know or are learning these truths. The media can no longer hide it.

The banking system is now being shown to be criminally fraudulent.  The legal system is on its way to being exposed as criminally fraudulent, protecting only those who know how to hide behind the various 'acts' and 'statutes' which are not 'law' at all, but merely rules that have been given the force of law.  As a lawyer, I'm sure you are more than aware of this fraud that has been perpetrated upon the people of the world.  Your oath is to serve the Crown Templar, and yet you have made an oath to serve the Queen.

These are but a few of the truths now being made known.  As the people awaken more and more to the lies, frauds and crimes committed by governments and corporations, they will increasingly see the hypocrisy in things like these little 'crime surveys' being done by your government.   The crimes being committed by your government and previous governments are in fact what have caused the situations of poverty that have contributed to people committing the crimes that you claim to want to stop.  In fact, Harper's power is dependent upon keeping people in debt, in fear, and in separation.  Harper's power is also dependent upon keeping people sick and dumbed down with drugs and 24/7/365 news, entertainment and sports. Anything to keep people from learning to think for themselves.  Harper has demonstrated that he will not have open forums with the public, because he knows that he will be met with resistance from those who see the tactics that he is using to avoid being truly accountable to those he claims to serve.

Shall we address the true crimes being committed here?  Your government cannot and does not want to truly address issues like these because to do so, would give people more free time to learn about how they are being enslaved by the very system that has been created by the elitists and the 1%.  Your government needs 'crime' in order to continue to justify its demands for money for 'security' and defence and everything else the elitists are needing to attempt to consolidate their power.    It is also the very reason why this system is now beginning to collapse; because people are now seeing the lies, frauds and crimes for what they are - an attempt to keep people enslaved in debt (through a fraudulent and unlawful banking system), through fear (of this fruadulent lie of a 'war of terror' resulting from the lie that was Sept. 11, 2001.) and through separation.  The government only wants to perpetuate the illusion that they are doing something, but to truly do anything about the problems would be political suicide.

Shall we call a public forum to address these crimes?   Now, you are fortunate because my work represents true holistic peace.  I see the larger picture of why all this is happening.  I recognize the ONENESS of LIFE, and I see the part of you that is me, and the part of me that is you.  As I honour you as a part of the ONENESS of LIFE, I understand the role that you and all politicians, banksters, religions and others have had to play, in order for humanity to experience this grand change that we are now going through.  I do not seek to harm you nor any other and I do not even seek to incarcerate you nor any other unless it becomes clear that you or others will not step down.  I do ask for you and all politicians to do the honourable thing and resign before you are soon forced to resign.  Acknowledging the truth now, and being held accountable to it, will garner more compassion now, rather than later.  The longer these unlawful acts are continued to be played on people of Canada and the world, the more you and others will be held accountable.  I am willing to forgive you if you are willing to come clean, acknowledge the lies, and resign.  Others may not be so willing when they realize how deep all these lies really go.  Very soon, politicians and others will be held accountable for all that they have done to humanity and our planet.

The Occupy movement is rising up to stop this enslavement, and bring these truths and more to the knowledge of the people of Canada.  I can promise you that staying in power will get infinitely more difficult from this time forward, because people are now speaking up to question those who have enslaved them.

Would you still like to pursue this little 'crime survey', because as the truth continues to be known, this government, the provincial governments and the unlawful 'legal' system and banking systems are very soon to be shaken to the core of corruption and fraud.

My Masters thesis in Peace Education found that the word 'peace' currently lacks a broadly-accepted, holistic definition.  Many claim to know what peace is, when in reality they have no idea at all.  Leaders claim to 'want peace or will impose peace'; diplomats and others claim to 'negotiate peace'; researchers claim to 'measure or quantify peace'; academics claim to 'study peace' and institutions (like my alma mater) claim to 'teach peace'.  The irony is that all of the above is impossible.  Our current paradigm can never have true peace, because the very power enjoyed by the institutions and people above comes as a result of the EXACT OPPOSITE of that which they are claiming to want.  To have true peace means that all of the above would not be necessary.   Very few understand where TRUE holistic peace begins.  I can guarantee that everyone reading this does not know the answer to this, for if they did, they would be making completely different choices right now in their service to the people of this constituency and to the people of Canada.

However, I honour the role you have played in giving humanity this opportunity to awaken, and to connect to their power, and to learn to come together in a unified call for global peace and healing!  I thank you for this, and pray that you will realize that this time of power/control is now over, and choose to act in true service to your constituents, the people of Canada, and indeed the people of the world!

Namaste, peace and love to you and all around you!  I send you love that you will choose to do the honourable thing at this time, before you are ultimately held accountable, like many around the world who are now in the process of being arrested and/or ejected from their positions of power.

Geoffrey West