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19h03 - Coalition · Charest ridiculise Legault
18h52 - NPD · Nycole Turmel ne s'inquiète pas des sondages
18h15 - Montréal · Un outil en ligne pour les personnes atteintes de déficiences intellectuelles
17h55 - Montréal · Le directeur général du CUSM garde son emploi
17h48 - Politique provinciale · Vox pop du lundi 14 novembre 2011
16h57 - Création de la CAQ · François Legault manque de courage, croit Pauline Marois
16h54 - Bibliothèque Gaston-Miron · Le choix d'un Français pour la gestion de la bibliothèque critiqué
14h55 - Litige juridique · CBC/Radio-Canada remet des documents au comité
14h27 - Monnaie · Les nouveaux billets de 100$ mis en circulation
13h33 - Ottawa · Le NPD veut protéger les cyclistes des camions
13h16 - Infrastructure verte · Le gouvernement Harper tarde à dépenser
12h32 - Occupons Calgary · Des contraventions pour avoir déféqué sur la place publique
07h58 - Coalition pour l'avenir du Québec · Legault attendu de pied ferme
07h51 - Réforme de l'éducation · De plus en plus de troubles d'apprentissage
07h45 - Réforme de l'éducation · Loin d'être une catastrophe
05h40 - Restaurateurs délinquants · 250 000$ d'amendes en neuf jours
05h31 - Université Inc. · Les étudiants victimes d'un «vaste détournement de fonds»
05h11 - Police | Relève · Les notes avant la force
05h11 - Police | Relève · Des finissants recalés
05h11 - Emplois · Plus cher pour le taxi?
05h11 - Retraités de l'État · Finances publiques sous pression


From: "Glenn Harewood"
Subject: Fw:  this is huge !! Read to the bottom

Any wonder why there is high un-employment and economic chaos in North America?  And who supports it? North  American investors, of course!!.
Here is a post that was forwarded to me.
I am aware that this post takes up much of your HD memory.
However, it is of such import in pictorially explaining North America's economic problems that you might want to consider making it a special edition of the DD.
Note that the construction of the boat was commissioned by WAL-mart, and made in Denmark.
Note that containers are shipped back to China, EMPTY.
Glenn Harewood
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From: SJ Hall
To: Sent: Monday, November 14, 2011 5:35 AM
Subject: this is huge !! Read to the bottom

Amazingly progressive and frightening!  just think back to China  during the rule of Chairman Mao, especially in the late 60's!
How did this one-sided economic revolution happen under Western noses!
What might come next!

That which followed on Glenn's post is found at this site:

From: Henry Atkinson

Begin forwarded message:

From: John
Date: November 13, 2011 5:11:46 PM EST (CA)
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Fwd: Glued Meat, you will want to be aware of this

From a friend who has a restaurant in Simcoe.
Very interesting video..........
Ever heard of "Glued Meat"?
There is a 30 second short ad before the actual video clip (5:50)
Now along with not eating seafood from  Asia or other countries ... we have to watch for GLUED meat!  Be sure to watch this; you will be shocked.
I sure was.
The next time that you are at the grocery store go to the pre-packaged meat coolers and look closely at the list of the countries on the label of any of the
packaged meats (which is a mandatory FDA law) that shows where that meat came from.  Consider buying only meat that came from  USA or  Canada .
Unfortunately if they are doing it in  Australia they maybe doing it here.  In fact, it wouldn't surprise me to learn the technology was developed here.
This video is shocking & everyone should be aware of what they are doing and what you are buying.  I had never seen or heard of such a thing.
 Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: How great it would be to have a Rememberance Day for a day that all  wars ceased?
Veteran's Day Requires a Rethink

From: Anne Dickinson

Well . this just makes me feel sick:
Anne Dickinson

From: "Rory J. Koopmans"
To: <>
Subject: Executive Dissertations an educator of the mind

Subject: European Union Times - RationalWiki
From: Ric L.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Britain's obedience to the attack on Iran by israel.

Matthew Gould and the Plot to Attack Iran
Subject: is this really what Harper is discussing with Obama in Hawaii???
Barack Obama to consider all options to stop Iran getting nuclear weapons
Subject: Should Canada in your view back an attack?  DD

 I doubt if MacKay is 'talking' to israelis--he is getting his orders on how to aid israel in destroying Iran and starting WWIII.  Harper has already stated that Canada will stand with israel.  We are not a democracy so there is no way our government will ask or care what we think about this.  God help us all.


From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: WARNING---90# on your telephone

I took the time to check snopes, and the message is legitimate ,
but they say you will be asked to press #90, in that order.


Begin forwarded message:
> Hi Everyone I think we need to pass this on to everyone we
> know! You may want to pass this on to family or friends.
> This has been verified by Snopes.
> Re: 90# on your telephone..... or any other #s anyone calls
> and asks you to use.
> I dialed '0' and asked the operator to confirm if this was
> correct, so please pass it on.
> I received a telephone call last evening from an individual
> identifying himself as a Telus Serviceman, who was
> conducting a test on the telephone-lines. He stated that to
> complete the test I should touch nine (9) and then zero (0),
> followed by the pound sign (#), and then to hang up.
> Luckily, I was suspicious, and I refused.
> Upon contacting the telephone company, I was informed that
> by pushing 90#, you are giving the requesting individual
> full access to your telephone line, which enables them to
> place long distance calls billed to your home phone number.
> I was further informed that this scam has been originating
> from many of B.C.Alta.Ont.NB. Local jails and prisons.
> DO NOT press 90# for ANYONE !
> The GTE Security Department requested that I share this
> information with EVERYONE I KNOW. After checking with Telus,
> they said it was true, so do not dial 90# for anyone!
> Vivian Thompson,
> Crime & Fraud Prevention Coordinator,
> District 5
> South Surrey RCMP,
> British Columbia .
> C4602 - Release Date: 11/07/11
From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: the insanity of government just keeps increasing.  Will they pay for all the Iraqis they killed and/or contaminate with DU? 

Bachmann : Iraq Should Pay 'Several Million Dollars Per US Soldier Killed In Iraq
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) repeated her claim that the Iraq should pay America for the privilege of having their nation invaded and occupied for most of the last decade - and then doubled down by calling for Iraq to pay millions of dollars for each American killed in that country.
From: Mahmood Elahi
Subject: An Italian wealth tax will be a game-changer

The Editor
Ottawa Citizen
Copy To: Prof. Guido Tabellini, Department of Economics, Bocconi University, Milan (potential member of 'Super Mario' cabinet: You might take a look at Mr. Alessandro Profumo's idea of a one-time wealth tax

An Italian wealth tax will be a game changer

image  Leftist demonstrators hold a banner at the entrance to the Acropolis archaeological site, reading in English: 'End the governments of bankers­austerity is the problem, not the answer' on November 8. ­ AFP photo

Re "Italy pins its hopes on 'Super Mario'," by James Bone (Nov. 14).

As Greece and Italy face bankruptcy and financial meltdown, it must be pointed out that rich and middle classes in both countries are serial tax dodgers and the governments of these countries are perennially short of revenues to meet their obligations.

Greece is facing total bankruptcy, but it is reported that Athens has 64,000 swimming pools in private villas and condos of the rich and upper middle class. Yet, the Greeks are serial tax dodgers. While they are protesting against cuts in public spending, many Greeks think paying taxes is a waste of money. With the rich and middle class Greeks unwilling to pay their fair share of taxes, the government will always need bailouts by Germany which is carrying the most financial burden. The only way that Greece can become solvent again is by raising taxes on the rich and stopping them from evading taxes.

As for Italy, an Italian wealth tax would be a game changer. A one-time tax to raise 400 billion euros, as proposed by the former CEO of UniCredit, Alessandro Profumo, would solve Italy's debt problem, thus helping reverse the broader Euro crisis. Rich Italians are so wealthy, they could afford it. They certainly have no business asking for help from Germany where wealthy Germans are much less affluent than their Italian counterparts.

Italian business elites, including the head of Confindustria, the business lobby, have reacted surprisingly positively to Mr Profumo's idea. Part of the reason is that Italians are effectively paying a wealth tax as a result of plunging domestic stocks and bond markets. So getting the agony over with has some appeal to Italy's wealthy. The 400 billion euro tax that Mr. Profumo proposes would cut national debt from 120 per cent to below 100 per cent. That would change the market dynamics. Equity and bond prices are likely to rebound ­ meaning that investors could gain more on the market upswings than they lost on the tax hikes.

What's more, Italians are rich enough to bail out their own government. The latest Bank of Italy data show that net wealth was 8.6 trillion euros or 566 per cent of GDP in 2009 ­ more than Germany's 6.1 trillion euros or 246 percent of GDP in 2008. Even if a wealth tax focused only on the richest Italians, a tax of 10 per cent, collected over a few years, should do the trick. Mr. Profumo has not only pushed his tax idea, he has also offered to enter politics to implement it as part of a coalition government. With tax-dodging former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi gone, Mr. Profumo should be included in the new government of Prime Minister Mario Monti.


From: The Natroses

Hi Joe, DD digest has an interesting mix of reality vs illusions. Such things as looking to China to boost economic expansion. And for who I may asked, because China would not be where they are today, if their did not planned for keeping well over 60 % of their billion plus population as general labourers, and as cheap as possible, for all the new business coming from different countries, to manufactured the products using the raw resources of the countries hungry for economic expansion at the expense of their own citizens. Every time a free trade agreement is sign, count on thousands of jobs leaving to go the general labourers of places like China, that the government's structure is base on a combination of autocratic and oligarchy rule.

So articles like this, plentiful as sand grains on earth - "Last May, I returned from a month-long visit to Shanghai. Beijing and other cities of China. During my visit, I was interested to know why much of the developed societies are facing a seemingly never-ending recession while China is growing by leaps and bounds. With its Maglev (magnetically-levitated) trains running at a breakneck speed of 430 kilometres an hour, Shanghai looks like a city of the future. While the United States is mired in a recession, China is growing at an amazing rate of 9.5 per cent. China's highways and expressways are filled with late-model cars and it has already overtaken the U.S. as the world's biggest market for cars. As Financial Times columnist Martin Wolf noted: "The West's reputation for financial and economic competence is in tatters, while that of China has soared."  It has soared because of planning ahead of time, to ensure the prevention of people from moving from one income level to the next, as well as differing levels of government services  according to income. Or put it this way, the migrant worker is treated with being locked and gated in their communities, at night,  received far less services for health and education, and are subjected to unsafe working conditions daily, including lower pay scales for equal work, based on their status as being a migrant from another province in China. Take the fancy dressing away, and the heart of the economic system is exposed for being not a saviour, but a way to keep most of their citizens poor and without access to the tools to better themselves.  On top of it all, the abuses that takes place daily in countries like China, that would make Canada and United States look like angels when human right abuses occur here. At least Canada has not gone down the pathway, where a toddler is run over twice, and no one can be bother to see if the child is OK. Not an isolated incident in China, and not isolated as the Western media has portrayed. But the day is coming when it will be a reality here as well.

As for the free trade agreements, written in black and white that Canadians will be paying more for goods and foods. And that is out of the mouth of Harper, " The Prime Minister said Canada can "easily meet" the broad strokes of the agreement unveiled Saturday by Mr. Obama, even if it means throwing into the mix a supply management system that forces Canadians to pay higher prices for products like milk, cheese, chicken and eggs. "It has been told to me that President Obama, in fact, was very strong indicating that he would like to see Canada join the Trans-Pacific Partnership. We are indicating today our formal intention, we're expressing formally our willingness to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership," Mr. Harper said." Trade agreements always trims the domestic production, causing domestic prices to go up and keeping domestic supplies in a 4 to 10 day window, to take advantage of the cheap secondary processing of fresh foods, as well as added-value products derived from foods, to supplement the secondary processing. Corn is an excellent example of a by-product found in most foods todays, as a filler. In rural parts of Canada, it is the 4 day window of where food supplies will run out, if and when there is a disaster or even a strike of the truckers delivering the food goods.   The 4 to 10 window, is meant to keep prices artificially high, and prevent price reduction in real dollars, based on creating models based on shortages. Free trade agreements, causes a lot more damage to the day to day lives of their citizens, and their pocketbooks, especially when supply and demand are based on shorting the domestic market in favour of flooding another country, whose main policy strategy is cheap labour, with another 10,000 people standing behind, to replace that one that they let go.
Another negative of free trade agreements, is the evolution of small town Canada and rural parts to nothing more than the gatherers of the natural resources to be shipped out to all points of the globe, for processing elsewhere. Bankruptcy for towns is becoming more common and accepted practice among the kingpins. Watch for it here in Canada, and will get as bad as the American counterparts. " Low tax revenue from one of RI's poorest cities, coupled with city worker benefits and reductions in state aid to municipalities, were cited as the main fiscal problems leading to the bankruptcy."
"Vallejo began tumbling toward bankruptcy in 2007 as housing prices and tax collections plummeted. The city found itself struggling to meet the municipal payroll, in particular, salaries for public safety workers. The May 2008 bankruptcy filing was aimed at winning relief from bondholders and forcing municipal unions to renegotiate their contracts. At the time, Vallejo was the largest U.S. municipality to seek bankruptcy protection since Orange County, California, in 1994."   " The US city of Harrisburg - capital of the state of Pennsylvania - has filed for bankruptcy, a move quickly opposed by the city's mayor."
And for Canada, " The tiny municipality of Bridgetown, N.S., has been left rudderless after its mayor and all of its councillors walked off the job last week after admitting the town is broke.  The quiet town, nestled in Nova Scotia's scenic Annapolis Valley, has not only been left with empty coffers -- a town clerk was also recently fired for unknown reasons.  All police will say is that an investigation into a possible theft is underway. "
Read more:

" The Annapolis Valley town of Bridgetown isn't alone in facing a host of tough financial decisions, says the president of the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities. Billy Joe MacLean said Wednesday that towns in rural Nova Scotia are struggling, raising the spectre of amalgamation with neighbouring municipalities. He said past provincial governments have known there should be more amalgamation, and he believes the current government can no longer ignore the situation. "Now the towns are starting to go bankrupt, so this government can't avoid something happening because there's lots of Bridgetowns going to happen, and they know it."

"Small Canadian towns are painfully aware of the existential predicament they face. Few are strangers to the sobering realities of declining and aging populations, young people fleeing to cities, difficulty maintaining infrastructure, and sky-high unemployment. Some are fighting back. They're aware of the odds stacked against them. The rural population fell to below 20 percent of the national average for the first time in the last census and, while semi-rural areas are generally faring well, the most remote parts of the country are suffering the steepest declines."
Depends on what once calls faring well under the economic storms that is not their making. Make it very difficulty when industry and secondary processing is absent in their communities. A few towns have started co-ops so their citizens no longer have to travel 90 ks or so, just to get some basics. One in the United States and one in Canada are two examples below.
"The residents of Saranac Lake, a picturesque town in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, are a hardy lot. After all, they have to endure winters that can drop to -35C.  But since the local Ames department store went out of business in 2002 ­ a victim of its corporate parent's bankruptcy ­ residents have had to drive to Plattsburgh, 80 kilometres away, to buy basics like underwear or bed linens. And that was simply too much. So when Wal-Mart came knocking, some here welcomed it. Others felt the company's plan to build a 120,000-square-foot supercentre would overwhelm their village, with its year-round population of 5,000, and put local merchants out of business. But after Wal-Mart decided against opening a supercentre, the residents of Saranac Lake, rather than accept their fate, did something unusual: they raised capital to open their own department store. Shares in the store, priced at $100 (U.S.) each, were marketed to local residents as a way to "take control of our future and help our community," said Melinda Little. "The idea was this is an investment in the community as well as the store."
"A declining population means that many municipalities scramble to maintain even basic services for residents. This includes not only roads, sewers and schools but also the least obvious things, like keeping a grocery store or gas station open. One town ­ described by its mayor as a place with "no industry, no services" ­ is working to create the quintessential one-stop shop. Residents of the small Quebec village of Notre-Dame-de-Ham have begun a citizens' co-operative to start a combined convenience store/gas station/restaurant ­ a huge difference-maker in a town where residents must make a 25-km round trip to buy milk. So far, they have 97 members who have contributed $35,000. That means nearly one-quarter of the town's 440 overall residents have participated."
But in Canada, the governments do not make it easy for a group of people to start a co-op, and since co-ops is a way for people to remained in their community, it runs counter to policies of governments that planned for deaths of communities via through reduced services, and the community dies a natural death.  It is why I have to laugh at an article, talking about Prince Charles and his worries about rural England.

"If society continues to spurn village pubs and traditional crafts, it will end up 'pulling threads' from the 'delicate tapestry' of rural life, he said. The heir to the throne today used a verbose speech to tourism bosses to drill home his views on the importance of harmony and eco-living – and the paralysing peril of monoculturalism. He told a conference in Lode, near Cambridge, that visitors to the countryside should be asked to make a voluntary contribution to support its farmers and local businesses. He also sang the praises of a hotel surcharge scheme in Rome to raise funds for the upkeep of its historic monuments, though he did not suggest introducing it in the UK................Charles added: 'All these things attract and maintain tourism in an age of otherwise stultifying monoculturalism – it is the things that make us so different that is so attractive to people. But without assistance we will lose a national asset of incalculable value and one that, once lost, can never be recreated.'

The illusion of rural towns keeping to the old way, without explaining the why rural parts cling to their old ways. Everything has been taken away from them, except the old ways of doing things. The very things, that provides an economic base for small towns and rural communities to flourished without going into bankruptcy. The old ways have become the new eco-living, even though this form of eco-living is built upon the withdrawal of services from rural areas, by governments as well as big business, for various reasons. The citizens reacting by coming up with ideas such as co-ops, and the marketing of their culture, to lead tourists to their doorsteps, and to prevent people from leaving and moving from their small rural concerns. Just a small note, charging people a surcharge on their hotel bills, is another illusion where only tourists are charged, but in effect it raises money charging the surcharge each and every time someone rents a room, tourist or not a tourist.  City budgets count on the surcharges, because they no longer have to budget upkeep for their tourist sites, and used the money saved for other pet projects. But the one Prince Charles takes the cake, pay a small surcharge on a voluntary basis for the farmers and local businesses, and the higher levels of governments will be able to reduced their funding to rural towns. It is what happens when surcharges becomes the means and  operates to replace the ordinary funding of rural towns, living off the avails of begging for lose coins of the tourists and other money-making surcharges such as  fundraising for paving of a local road. This morning, I learned a school fundraise for the pavement of the road in front of the public school. Now I heard about fundraising for gyms, but the paving of a road takes the cake, for a group of parents to fundraise.

Are they nuts, or is it a sign of the times, that people are following the illusions, rather than the realities in their world?  Just a question, because each time a citizen fundraise for the lack of services normally provided for by our governments, it provides more fuel to the fire to justified service cuts, and force the citizens to volunteer to provide the funding to provide the service. Just like the provision of road salt in rural town of England to its residents, to salt the roads on their own, even though a salt truck has just passed their residence. Crazy world, because I would be demanding a lower tax bill, for each additional service that expects its residences to do it on their own, do without, or services that are of a lower quality than in other parts of town.