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Daily Digest November 13-14, 2011



Billions of dollars stuck in Ottawa's coffers
The federal government held on to more than $11 billion it was expected to spend in 2010-11,
according to its financial statements.
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23h01 - Sommet de l'APEC · Sables bitumineux : Stephen Harper lorgne le marché asiatique
22h02 - Radio-Canada · Le légiste du Parlement donne son avis
21h33 - Fusion entre l'ADQ et la CAQ · L'ADQ en bonne position pour négocier
20h58 - Marques de commerce · L'OQLF demande aux entreprises de respecter la Charte
18h37 - Occupons Toronto · Cybermenace contre la Ville de Toronto
17h25 - Libre-échange du Pacifique · Le Canada participera aux négociations
16h09 - Décès · Mort par overdose à «Occupons Vancouver»
11h21 - Émirats arabes unis · Bombardier Aéronautique ouvre un bureau régional à Dubaï
05h29 - Entrevue · Héroïnes de guerre
05h29 - L'empire Power · Les Desmarais à l'honneur
23h35 - Selon les agents de renvoi · Les criminels expulsés mettent en danger les passagers
22h43 - Sommet de l'APEC · Harper se bute à un obstacle inattendu


 MacKay will be talking to the Israelis this week.

Should Canada in your view back an attack?

Defence minister says he will speak with Israel about reported plans to attack Iran

From: Zeb Landon
Subject: This crookedness makes me laugh- - -- -- - - -

Dear Joe, 
This item I am forwarding to you  with permission from Per Akermalm of BC, in the exact words he wrote to me:
    Regards,   Zeb.
- - -- -- - - -- - -- -- - - -- - -- -- - - -- - -- -- - - -- - -- -- - - -
 I write this to ensure that we all understand that Wall Street operators are everywhere and it is very probable that they even have their long tentacles into Canada, too. Their reach may even be longer than "the long arm of the law"!
You might think that Wall Street operations are confined to fiddling with stock values on the stock exchanges. Not so at all. 
No sir, Wall Street operators are everywhere. The latest such incident is almost laughable, at the very least it is ridiculous.
Jefferson County in Alabama, with a population of about 650,0000, needed a new sewage system and it was necessary to borrow money somewhere. Due to the problem of borrowing money to fund the project and also due to some dishonest politicians that were bribed by Wall Street and who were to receive their rewards after their terms were over,  Jefferson County's problems arose from investments in a sewage system that was supposed to cost at the most $1.5 Billion, but ended up costing $3.14 Billion, mostly due to the exorbitant interest rate structure, which included municipal bond swap agreements, now the object of a US Securites and Exchanges Commission (USC) investigation.
This following is a short version of the turn of events:
2011 Bankruptcy filing

On Nov 9 2011, it became the subject of the most expensive municipal bankruptcy ever in the US, at $4.1 billion, with debts of $3.14 billion relating to sewer work. City and county governments can become bankrupt much as private companies, at 11 USC §921. The case was filed in the Northern District of Alabama Bankruptcy Court as case number 11-05736.

Sewer construction and bond swap controversy

Two extremely controversial undertakings by the county account for the majority of this debt. First was a massive overhaul of the county-owned sewer system, and second was a series of risky bond-swap agreements. Both have been scrutinized by federal prosecutors, with several former county officials convicted of bribery and corruption.

A series of controversial interest rate swaps, initiated in 2002 and 2003 by former Commission President Larry Langford (removed as the mayor of Birmingham after his conviction), were intended to lower interest payments, but have, in fact, had the opposite effect. The bond swaps are at the center of an investigation by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

In late February 2008 Standard & Poor's lowered their rating of Jefferson County bonds to "junk" status. The likelihood of the county filing for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection has been debated in the press. In early March 2008, Moody's followed suit and indicated that it would also review the county's ability to meet other bond obligations. On March 7, 2008, Jefferson County failed to post $184 million collateral as required under its sewer bond agreements, thereby moving into technical default.

In February 2011, Lesley Curwen of the BBC World Service, interviewed David Carrington, the newly appointed president of the commission, about the risk of defaulting on bonds issued to finance "what could be the most expensive sewage system in history." Carrington said there was "no doubt that people from Wall Street offered bribes" and "have to take a huge responsibility for what happened." The system was repaired and upgraded a few years ago because of environmental problems. Wall Street investment banks including JP Morgan and others arranged complex financial deals using swaps. The fees and penalty charges increased the cost so the county now has $3.2 billion outstanding. Some county officials have been prosecuted for accepting bribes from bankers and are now in prison or awaiting sentence. Carrington said one of the problems was that elected officials had welcomed scheduling with very low early payments so long as peak payments occurred after they left office. The debt structure now was such that there was no way that 700,000 people could pay it back over 30 years. The job could have been done for somewhere between $1.2 billion and $1.5 billion but shouldn't have cost 3.2 billion. Those selling the bonds weren't interested in whether they could be repaid as they would have moved on. The county was not able to pay its bills and now needed to restructure its debts to avoid bankruptcy. Investors would lose out but hopefully innocent small investors would get 100%. The SEC has awarded the county $75 million in compensation relation to "unlawful payments" against JP Morgan and in addition the company will forfeit $647 million of future fees. Carrington said citizens had to elect the right people to avoid a repeat disaster. Officials must identify those responsible, including local investment bankers, and root them out. A characteristic symptom of wrongdoing is unaudited books, the county was three years behind with its auditing, new debts cannot be issued until auditing is complete and this could take 1– 2 years.

There you have it. Corrupt Wall Street operators in action. You can be assured that this is just one of the instances of corruption where Wall Street is involved. Does it occur here in Canada, too? Most probably. Was not Tony Clement's diversion of funds from our taxes to his own riding quite corrupt?  The Occupy Wall Street Movement is very understandable in this light. Is it not time now to take a stand?

I know that some would see reports such as this one as negativism/pessimism. I disagree totally. This is just a statement showing the real state of affairs. It is neither negative or positive, just the middle position, i.e. reality.

Best regards,


From: Mahmood Elahi
Subject: With US and EU bankrupt. Canada must look to booming China for economic expansion

The Editorial Page Editor
National Post
Copy to: Prof. Irvin Studin, Program Director, School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Toronto.
With U.S. and EU bankrupt, Canada must look to booming China for economic expansion
Recently, Prof. Irvin Studin, program director at the School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Toronto, wrote an intersting article lamented  Canada's lack of initiative in the international affairs ("Why do Canadians shun greatness," Oct. 31). His concerns over Canada's  "self-content in a collective stupor,"is legitimate. This apathy also derives from Canada's almost parasitic dependence on its giant next-door neighbour -- the United States.
The United States is not only  Canada's biggest trading partner, it is also the source of most of Canada's investment. About 75 to 80 per cent of Canada's exports go to the United States and most of Canada's imports come from there. Despite NAFTA, its trade with Mexico is minuscule compared to that with the United States. The United States, with its 350 million people, naturally overshadows Canada with a small 33 million people. In many ways, this has been beneficial for both countries.
However, with the United States, facing a financial crisis of epic proportions, it can no longer serve as a market and investment in the same way as it did in the past. It has become imperative that Canada must reduce its almost parasitic dependence on its neighbour if it is to prosper at a time of  US decline. Booming China and to a lesser extent India offer an opportunity for Canada to come out of its dependence on a bankrupt America.
Last May, I returned from a month-long visit to Shanghai. Beijing and other cities of China. During my visit, I was interested to know why much of the developed societies are facing a seemingly never-ending recession while China is growing by leaps and bounds. With its Maglev (magnetically-levitated) trains running at a breakneck speed of 430 kilometres an hour, Shanghai looks like a city of the future. While the United States is mired in a recession, China is growing at an amazing rate of 9.5 per cent. China's highways and expressways are filled with late-model cars and it has already overtaken the U.S. as the world's biggest market for cars. As Financial Times columnist Martin Wolf noted: "The West's reputation for financial and economic competence is in tatters, while that of China has soared."
I witnessed China's industrial might while visiting Shanghai's huge container port -- the world's largest. As far as the eyes can see, ships of all sizes were loading and unloading containers. It was almost an intimidating demonstration of China's industrial clout. Recently, China has surpassed the United States as the world's greatest trading nation. In fact, China is now bankrolling America's trillion-dollar budget deficit.
China is also on the way to bypassing America as the centre for research and development (R&D). While a bankrupt Americais finding it difficult to provide the financial resource needed for research, China is targeting a number of critical areas of science where it intends to be among the world's leaders. Dr. Jing Naihe, director of Shanghai's Institute for Biochemistry and Cell Biology, said that "our top stem cell labs are among the world's best" and "in ten years,we should be at the top." While the United States, facing a financial crunch, is winding down its space program, China is expanding its own. China has already sent astronauts to the space and is now gearing up for robotic and manned missions to the moon and beyond.Top Chinese scientists working abroad are returning to China because it now has the resources to provide them with first class facilities. Once, America used to be a magnet for such talents.
Shanghai has also become a centre for arts and culture. This is extraordinary for a city that once denounced art as a bourgeois pursuit. Not any more. With reform, Shanghai has exploded with vitality and creativity. In Shanghai Art Gallery, I saw most avant-guard artworks -- from most sublime to bizarre. Shanghai Museum is another wonder, displaying China's rich history in most glorious colours.
Interestingly, while a bankrupt U.S. is cutting taxes, booming China has raised corporate taxes. As of December 1, 2010, it began to charge foreign firms higher taxes to help finance local city maintenance, construction and schools. Earlier, the government put into place an array of policies, including hefty tax breaks, to attract foreign investment and foreign firms were charged 15 per cent while domestic businesses paid 33 per cent. Now both will pay the higher rate. Despite tax hikes, foreign firms say they would invest more in China.
"At any rate, we cannot resist the temptation of China, because it is such a strong economy with relatively cheaper labour costs and huge markets, while few other countries have such advantages," said Takeshi Uragami, general manager of Japan's Panasonic Corporation in China. Uragami said in 2011, his company plans to conduct part of its product design in China.
However, China also faces a real estate buble in big cities. But the government has stepped in to deflate the bubble. It has raised the interest rate and restricted that a family of two can only buy two appartments. China has also taken measures to stem inflation. But still its economy continues to grow mostly  on the back of growing domestic consumption.
With both the United States and the European Union facing a financial meltdown, Canada must re-orient its economic relations  to China. With the United States entering into a period of decline, future of the world lies with China.

From: "S.McDowall"
Subject:  Ukraine tries Israeli human parts  traffickers

2nd time this kind of thing re Israelis has come to the attention of the public.
Unfortunately this is also done by people in other countries too.
Several years ago, (25+) either the Toronto Star or the Globe carried stories about how the universities in N. America ask few questions as to how the fresh brains they use for research are obtained.  Most of the brains came from India.
As well, they carried stories about a very elite travel agency in Italy which was selling expensive Safari tours in South America.  The game that was being hunted with the co-operation of certain Latin American governments? Indigenous people.  Many of these people were interfering in the opening up of land for development.
I suspect many people are deliberately killed for their organs.
China takes the organs for transplants of those who are executed
I am sure if people in Canada were allowed to sell their own organs there would be plenty of sellers and  plenty of buyers.....especially amongst our poor.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: banksters take precedence over democracy???

Mario Monti Asked by Italy's President to Form New Government
Monti is an economist and president of Bocconi University in Milan, the country's top-rated business school. He's also an adviser for Goldman Sachs Group Inc. ...
[read full article at link below]
Goldman's offshore deals deepened global financial crisis

From: "S Booiman"
Subject: economics

Am no economist either but took courses like that many times over to find that what is
called economic is what we created.
To give an explanation of "economics" would take hours as there are so many angles to  it.
Put six economists in a row and you will have six different answers. Looking at imported goods
is a great excuse, but stay closer to home and see that 40% of the dairy products come by law
from Central Canada. Look at the "we want society" labour unions that have out priced themselves
Consider the transfer taxes in Canada a Central Canadian creation "our entitlement"
Before blaming others look over the shoulder start correcting our own errors.
In the past B.C. farmers tried to make their own cheese and were banned. using their own
farm. with their own cows.
A B.C.Family years back planned to build a factory to make their own chips and were banned.
they produced their own potatoes.
WHY  it would interfere with Eastern Canadian producers. The sample goes on and on.
The market the way it is "created" crying foul years and years later is not making it better,
the steps to take is produce alternatives. Why do you think thousands of B.C. residents.go across
the border to shop, particular for groceries? Ottawa, the laws that we have from past governments'
That is only about consumer goods. the samples would take many book sizes. How we meshed up
the ECONOMY within our own country. Just consider the battle today about the five largest leftist
individual debts, Greece, Italy, France, Italy and Quebec. wanting more than it can provide.
We live in the 21 century, with no distances, disappearing borders.
A crime  thousands of miles away is reported before it takes place.
Today's generation does not see boundaries.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Nothing ever changes--war is for profit and our children die
Big Lies Launch Wars
Subject: MacKay admits israel has nuclear weapons!!!  He also believes the lies of the USI re Iran.  Another war just around the corner.  poor israel--someone thinks they have no right to exist?  How long will they last if the nukes are release into Iran?

Defence Minister Peter MacKay says he plans to ask his Israeli counterpart Ehud Barak about reports that Israel's leaders have discussed plans to attack Iran's nuclear sites.
Mr. Barak, who along with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has taken a tough line on Iran, is due to visit Canada next week.

From: "Brian D. Marlatt"
Subject: The New Progressive Movement -

Following our recent financial calamity, a third progressive era is likely to be in the making. This one should aim for three things. The first is a revival of crucial public services, especially education, training, public investment and environmental protection. The second is the end of a climate of impunity that encouraged nearly every Wall Street firm to commit financial fraud. The third is to re-establish the supremacy of people votes over dollar votes in Washington.

None of this will be easy. Vested interests are deeply entrenched, even as Wall "Street titans are jailed and their firms pay megafines for fraud. The progressive era took 20 years to correct abuses of the Gilded Age. The New Deal struggled for a decade to overcome the Great Depression, and the expansion of economic justice lasted through the 1960s. The new wave of reform is but a few months old."

Wishful thinking or are we on the cusp of a new progressive era?  Certainly the idea of a renewed and central place for government initiative seems to make sense. The list in the paragraph above is possibly constrained by editorial space limitations and the nascence of the "new progressive" sentiment, but it may be worth a thought.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: shades of Gore and Suzuki???  There is money in being an idiot?
Michael Moore's waterfront mansion revealed

From: Mahmood Elahi
Subject: Re: Oppose "Packing Heat" Bill in the U.S. House

Ms Kate Malloy
Editor The Hill Times, Ottawa, Canada.
Copy to Mr. Brian Malte, Director of Mobilization, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Washington DC: It seems that Republicans are talking about criminals' right to bear arms to protect themselves from other criminals. Gun lobby in America will not stop until every citzien is obliged to carry a gun.
To understand how guns are being misused in domestic violence, look at Texas
Re "Firearms legislation pointless," by Rodd Elliott (Nov. 7).
Only three weeks ago, a man armed with an assault rifle opened fire at a beauty parlous in Clear Beach, near Los Angeles, killing his ex-wife and eight others. He was upset over a child custody dispute with his former wife. He was a law-abiding citizen before the shooting. However, to understand how guns are increasingly being misused in domestic violence, a look at Texas will be in order.
When 14-year-old Juan Ramon, of Haltom City, near Fort Worth, got angry after a family row, he didn't kick the family cat or sulk. With a high-powered rifle --- a Christmas gift from his father --- ready at hand, he started shooting. He shot a dog and seriously injured three neighbours, before killing a cop who had answered an emergency call. Later in the afternoon, Juan was killed in a hail of police bullets.
Juan Ramon's weekend shooting spree was quickly followed by several other shooting deaths in Texas. In the Lone Star state, the national capital of gun culture, such stark tragedies are nothing uncommon. Texas has a population of 17 million. Between them, they own 68 million guns -- or four guns for every man, woman and child. There is no gun registration law. Gun registration would have prevented Juan Ramon's father from giving a rifle as a Christmas gift to his minor son. Not surprisingly, thousands are being cut down by gunfire every year in Texas --- mostly from domestic and workplace violence.
A few years ago, the Houston Chronicle railed against the Texan gun culture. Recalling also the 199I massacre at Luby's Restaurant in nearby Killeen where a deranged gunman armed with an assault rifle shot dead 22 people, the paper wrote: "These high-profile slaughters are sickening. But are they really any more so than the slow-motion mayhem going on in virtually every city?
"A steady drumbeat of violence plays itself out daily, felling our fellow citizens one by one. ... But society seems to cruise along, largely oblivious to the depth of the problem, until one of these mega-events occurs and then society goes ballistic."
While these observations are lrgely accurate, soceity going "ballistic" for gun control may be a pious wish. For most Texans, these shootouts are largely frakshows --- something happening to somebody else. They fail to relate events like Waco or Killeen to their own lives and habits. As such, the every-day, slow-motion shootouts will continue in Texas and elsewhere and there will be more Killeens and Haltom cities.
The confusion over what to do with the anarchic proliferation of guns is not limited to Texas. In Washington, the Brady Bill, a modest gun control legislation named after Reagan's press secretary who was maimed in an assassinated attempt, was allowed to lapse by earlier Republican-dominated House and even the Democrats have not taken any step to revive it. Only a few months ago, a disgruntled postal worker opened fire killing 15 co-workers because he was laid off. Last year, a deranged gunman, Jerod Loughner, opned fire at a political rally in Tucson, Arizona, killing 18 people and serrously injuring  Democratic Congresswoman Gabraelle Giffords.
Many of today's violent people were once law-abiding citizens and there is a thin line dividing a law-abiding citizen and a violent person. Jerod Loughner was a law-abiding citizen before the shooting. As for gun registry, as New York City's police commissioner Raymond Kelly pointed out: "Gun registry will leave behind a trail of ownership and an intesting trail of civil liability for those who disposed off their guns illegally ot just recklessly."

From: "Jean  Pycock"
Subject: Re: Daily Digest November 11-12, 2011

    I agree with Aase.  There are no Canadian toasters, for example.  I make a point of not buying any food, such as, garlic, or smoked oysters, from China. Unfortunately, smoked oysters from Canadian sources have also disappeared from grocery shelves.  Jean Pycock, Havelock, Qc

Thanks Jean, good to know some one else agrees. Reckon others value lower prices more than jobs for Canadians.
From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:I guess we don't need jobs in Canada?

Becky, you're not suggesting we refine oil in Canada, are you?,000_Jobs_to_China._What.html
Obama Personally Moves 20,000 Jobs to China. What!
Fri Nov 11 13:48
100% of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents.

President Barack Hussein Obama made an ill-advised decision to postpone for 1-1/2 years the implementation of a new pipeline directly from Canada to the Gulf Coast of America.  This ill-conceived, political decision to move the implementation until after the elections next November 2012 proves the following:
  • Obama is anti-jobs.  He talks so much about the Republicans stopping his jobs programs, yet he personally is shipping 20,000 jobs directly to China!  Now, the Canadians will be working with China to move that oil to China instead of the USA.  What is Obama's thinking process, anyway!  All the man cares about is getting re-elected for a second term.  If he keeps that up, a second term will never happen.  He is a one-term president­worse than Jimmy Carter.
  • The head of a major union also stated that in addition to losing that 20,000 direct jobs, another 500,000 indirect jobs also will be moved to China.  This proves that even the unions are against Obama's decision.  This also proves that Obama is anti-America and pro-Communist China.  This falls on the heels of a huge red-carpet party that Obama threw for the Chinese president in the White House earlier this year that cost millions of taxpayer dollars.  He then snubs the president of Israel.
  • The excuses that Obama's press secretary gave were that the postponement was because they needed the time to study the environmental impact, threat to rare animal species, and global warming matters.  Global warming!  What!  I thought jobs were the number one priority for this administration.  Obviously, that is not so.  It is more important to study the impact on the greatest hoax in the history of the United State­Global Warming­than it is to create 520,000 new jobs?  The sad thing about all of this is that a similar pipeline was previously built from the same Canadian province and city that goes directly to Illinois, Obama's home state!  Give us a break, Mr. President.
  • These are "shovel-ready" jobs that could start immediately.  Obama previously said that there were no shovel-ready jobs as he promised with his first stimulus and bailout bills.  Obviously, Obama speaks with forked tongue.  It's not about jobs; it's about getting re-elected with support and funds from the Communist Chinese.
  • Obama is working actively to destroy our economy so that riots will break out, and he then can declare martial law.  It is all part of a grand plan applying the Cloward-Piven Strategy and Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.
This startling announcement comes on the heels of a previous news article I wrote that the Obama administration had moved jobs to China.  That article is titled "Obama is Killing U.S. Jobs and Sending them to China" ( ).  Another applicable article I wrote is titled "It's Jobs, Stupid!"  (,_Stupid.html).

Subject: Why Today's "Recession" Tops The Great Depression   DD

I had just read the posting on the DD about recession/depression when I see this article. Not all of the people are at risk of depression, just those that pay the bills for government? 
 I find it interesting that the cost of paying pensions to retirees is listed as an expense to government.  Didn't all taxpayers pay into the scheme throughout their working life?  It is not the fault of the retiree that the government can't afford to pay the pensions now--it is the fault of the greedy government for not managing the money better. 

FDP etc are numbers produced by government.  I doubt if governments can add 2 plus two and come up with four.  It is only important for them to look good, not be honest.  As usual, it is the serfs that will suffer.  And we keep letting them do it.

ps thanks for the great video  'Brother, Can you Spare a Dime'    Sadly we won't even be able to afford the cup to go begging with!

Neiman Marcus Sells Out 10 $395K Ferrari's in 50 Minutes

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Majority backs public funding for CBC, poll finds,  Jennifer Ditchburn, Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011 

Re:  Majority backs public funding for CBC, poll finds,  Jennifer Ditchburn, Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011

Commercial media in Canada is highly concentrated in the hands of a handful of wealthy families and corporations who control what Canadians read, watch and hear. For example, in the last federal election, 30 of the major newspapers endorsed the Conservatives, 2 endorsed the NDP, and Le Devoir endorsed the Bloc. To put this in another perspective, just under 40% of Canadians endorsed the Conservatives, but they won around 90% of newspaper endorsements.  Diversity in the news and political commentary is important for a healthy democratic state. Canadians want a well-funded CBC to provide a genuine alternative voice to corporate media.

From: Ray Strachan
Subject: Solem Rememberance Celebrations

Dont know why, but these Remembrance Services have always brought a tear to my eyes.
Its the ever-so-touching music that The Meyer Lanski Band  Plays, always in the background,behind the curtains.Meyer doesn't want to take credit for his genius.    Ahhhhh so sweet.     Ya ya ya  ,  sure gets me I tell ya,year after year,decade after decade.Makes me proud of the patience I have,just waiting for November 11th to roll around to be able to listen to Meyers music once more before God  sends me to hell.    Glad I studied music in grade 9.    Well hope that puts to rest whether I could be classed as educated or not.   Oh I know,    I have to polish up on some big words, and will.   The Social Services had a meeting, decided to mail me a dictionary.   Well a soft cover,  I just hope it has all the words in it that I will need to reach 13.5 percent of my audience.    Seems that those proficient in big words "Are very educated." so don't mess with them,    although they only have to"cope"with 13.5 percent of us critters.    They are in no danger that their egos will be crushed.   Funny in some ways I kind of feel sorry for em. Reaching an audience of 13.5 percent,   that would have been a disaster at my Christmas Concerts in 1940.   " But time will Wound All Heels"
Ray Strachan

. . . the main vale of big words, as you put it,
to me are being able to make more precise
meaning in statements .

Book larnin' gets a person a piece of paper.

Experience and wisdom come from living
and learning - often from making errors,
gaffes, faux pas, or more directly put
"screwing up". Or viewing others do so.


From: "S.McDowall"
Subject: Veteran's Day: A Time To Honor Duped Murderers? :  Information Clearing House
We are being bombarded with "newspeak"

"Newspeak is a fictional language in George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. In the novel, it refers to the deliberately impoverished language promoted by the state. Orwell included an essay about it in the form of an appendix [1] in which the basic principles of the language are explained. Newspeak is closely based on English but has a greatly reduced and simplified vocabulary and grammar. This suits the totalitarian regime of the Party, whose aim is to make any alternative thinking "thoughtcrime ", or "crimethink" in the newest edition of Newspeak impossible by removing any words or possible constructs which describe the ideas of freedom, rebellion and so on. One character, Syme, says admiringly of the shrinking volume of the new dictionary: "It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words."

The Newspeak term for the English language is Oldspeak. Oldspeak is intended to have been completely supplanted by Newspeak before 2050 (with the exception of the Proles, who are not trained in Newspeak and whom the Party barely regards as human).

The genesis of Newspeak can be found in the constructed language Basic English, which Orwell promoted from 1942 to 1944 before emphatically rejecting it in his essay " Politics and the English Language ". [2] In this paper he laments the quality of the English of his day, citing examples of dying metaphors, pretentious diction or rhetoric, and meaningless words  all of which contribute to fuzzy ideas and a lack of logical thinking. Towards the end of this essay, having argued his case, Orwell muses:
" I said earlier that the decadence of our language is probably curable. Those who deny this would argue, if they produced an argument at all, that language merely reflects existing social conditions, and that we cannot influence its development by any direct tinkering with words or constructions.
Quote from the suggested Information Clearing House Article:
"I am sick of pretending that a person who joins today's army is a hero. They are a mercenary at best, and a murderer looking for legitimate employment at worst. The history of US aggression against peaceful nations is long and disgusting. The attack on the passenger ship the "Lusitania" was used to drag us into WW1, and it turns out the ship WAS full of military equipment after all. The passengers were murdered to rile the citizens and get them hungry for war. The citizens obliged. It worked so well the government used that trick over and over, and they are still at it today. The news is full of posturing to go to war with Iran. Iran, who has not attacked another nation in over 100 years, is supposed to be this grave danger to our freedom. Well, the joke is on us, we have no meaningful freedom left.

Here is a nice link to a brief history  of the lies used to wage war around the world at YOUR expense:"
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, November 12, 2011 1:24 PM
Subject: Veteran's Day: A Time To Honor Duped Murderers? :  Information Clearing House
A brave person . . . how strange to say "brave" when we are claiming to love peace and yet wage war to bring peace . . . the twisting of language is causing great damage to introspective thinking and the common use of ethics.

Rene Moreau <>

To Joe
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
re; non-profit war.
   In trying to figure out alternatives to war, a consideration;

  Take profit out of war. During the last few wars governments put in place laws that would control private wishes for the common good, the draft being one, and rationing another.

   If the profit motive, during wars, or in the consideration of wars, was suspended for the duration, and all corporations world-wide, were included in this, whether they wanted or not, by law, would not the conflict resolution systems get serious, or more alternatives be considered? Currently, Lockheed-Martin who play a part in the Military Aviation Authority, (all Authorities are corporate, masquerading as government) in Britain, as of April 1st, 2010, and have input into the censuses of Britain, the U.S. and Canada, (with all the military implications that kind of data-base has,{IBM + Holocaust} and their involvement in weapons of mass destruction, would mount great resistance to a non-profit war.

   Food for thought.
                          Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)