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Canada on sidelines of emerging trade body

"The Harper government has been trumpeting the benefits of increased trade throughout Asia-Pacific, including less expensive consumer goods and new Canadian jobs.

The TPP, argue supporters, will be an important club for marketing Canada's agricultural crops and vast natural resources to a region growing in economic and political clout."

My question to you is this. How many of the consumer goods you buy now are "Made in Canada"?
Aase has taken to seeking to try and find them find them so that jobs are provided to Canadians.

Our experience is they are almost as rare as hens teeth.

Will the "less expensive consumer goods" beat Chinese prices which have closed Canadian manufacturing plants?

I'm not an economist. Can anyone tell me where "the new Canadian jobs" trumpeted as benefits will come from?

I am most serious 'cause I've no idea.  May be I'm the only one concerned - but I am, so please let me know

From: Ray Strachan
Subject: Re Chemtrails

Attn Dan Kahraman
Re Chemtrails
I developed a habit of taking my dog to the outskirts of my small town of Grimshaw Alberta.
During the summer of 2010 I noticed two unmarked jets that would fly in from the North and lay trails.
Some days there was one plane some days two. If one came in, it would lay one trail just south of town from west to east. Turn lay another east to west, turn and lay the third west to east.  If the two planes came in, they would lay an Xs and Os  pattern right over the town.  It was many days from the time I first noticed these activities, I could look out the window or go outside and see that the trail patterns had not dispersed, they would break up around noon and form the most ungodly (Phoney) cloud formations imaginable. Then our weather would change,  it wouldn't coincide with CTV meteorologist in Edmonton. I would send him emails asking him he could be like the Newscasters,  just read the crap that is handed to them. Of course I never heard back from him. I have never heard one mention of Chem Trails on any main stream media.    I looked up a sight on computer titled "Chem trails". Well I was lucky enough to hit a sight of non-believers.   I became their Idiot Conspiracy Theorist.    Anyway they are laying   "Chem trails" the   chemicals in them holds the trail together for many hours. A jetliner flying passengers from New York to Tokyo will also fly over us but, will lay a "ConTrail" that will dissipate quickly because a Contrail is primarily condensed water,   no added chemicals.   I pointed these trails out and explained what I was seeing to many people.     But 97% of the time, I was the insane one.
Ray Strachano

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean you're not being followed, eh?

From: John Halonen
Subject: Only in Canada

Interesting times these days. Sure do not have as much to complain about compared to the Euro situation!

Blog: Only in Canada

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Tories plead guilty in campaign financing case, Tonda MacCharles, Thu Nov 10 2011

Re:  Tories plead guilty in campaign financing case, Tonda MacCharles, Thu Nov 10 2011
A Conservative Party spokesman called the plea bargain outcome a "big victory". The Conservative Party of Canada, and its fundraising arm the Conservative Fund of Canada, had just pleaded guilty to negligence charges of exceeding national advertising spending limits through a sophisticated "in-and-out" scheme and improperly reporting the expenses incurred, and was fined the maximum penalty of $52,000. The presiding judge noted that a campaign spending limit was "important to a fair and democratic process." As Jean-Paul Sartre has stated, "If a victory is told in detail, one can no longer distinguish it from a defeat."
Subject: Letter to Editor re: What we don't remember on Remembrance Day, gerald caplan, Friday, Nov. 11, 2011 

Re:  What we don't remember on Remembrance Day, gerald caplan, Friday, Nov. 11, 2011
War between Ontario and Quebec is unthinkable not because each province is armed to the teeth with fighter jets and frigates but because they are embedded in a constitutional framework where disagreements are resolved through political and judicial means. Similarly in Europe, wars between Germany and France, of which there were many in the last century, is unlikely today because these two countries are now part of the European Union and participate in a European Parliament. Let us honour the sacrifice of our veterans by creating a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations.  Our greatest tribute to those who lost their lives fighting for freedom would be to strengthen the power of democratic global decision-making, and thereby reduce the need for more armed combat as the way to settle disputes.
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Granatstein takes on the 'peacekeeping myth', Robert Sibley, Ottawa Citizen November 11, 2011

Re:  Granatstein takes on the 'peacekeeping myth',  Robert Sibley, Ottawa Citizen November 11, 2011

Over the past two years, the United Nations has deployed more peacekeepers to world hotspots than at any time in the organization's history, yet Canada has fallen from being the single largest contributor of UN peacekeepers, a position it often held before 1992, to 53rd position today, with fewer than 60 military personnel on active UN duty.  Canada recently lost its bid for a Security Council seat, placing third in a three-way race. If we want to do better next time, we should get back to UN peacekeeping, a task that our Armed Forces did well, saved many lives, brought us great recognition and is supported by a majority of the Canadian people.
footnote:Third Annual Fact Sheet on Canada & UN Peacekeeping

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: 94 Year Old Veteran Supports Muammar Qaddafi & Libyan Jamahiriya

This Veteran is so right.  We are under the control of the banksters.  It is they that instigate wars and their puppets Canada, USI, UK et al bombed the life out of Libya to protect their control. 
Subject: Israel betrayed by world powers, scholar says

Poor israel?  They are the cause of most of the war deaths around the world but Sarkozy and Obama said something bad about them?  This poor me blather is proof that the Sarkozy/Obama comment is just another false flag.  Another excuse to make the world bend over even more for israel.  They have illegal nuclear weapons, kill in International Waters, have bombed an American ship, have killed Brits, have committed murder using Canadian passports, and are forcing us into war with Iran(and yes, Canada will fight with it's allies!!!) and on and on but poor israel, they deserve our respect and support?  What a load of garbage, but then israel is the only group that deserves our respect and subservience? 
Subject:  I wonder if Iran got WMDs from Saddam Hussein also???

The Nuclear Scientist That Wasn't
IAEA Errs on "Foreign Expert" in Iran N-programme
The latest report of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Iran appears to have falsified information about a Russian scientist who allegedly helped Tehran advance its nuclear weapons programme.
Subject: If only this would happen but it is just more smoke and mirrors,
  The comments are very interesting
NATO worried over possible Libya war crimes probe
Subject: Major Wars and Suppression of American Freedoms Planned BEFORE 9/11

I hope today we also remember the evil that sent Canadians to war to die for the elite. 

We have to remember the evil and stop it before it kills us all.


From: The Natroses
Subject: Re: Daily Digest November 10, 2011

Hi Joe, I retain my right to be wordy, or to even to used the word verbose. Last time I check, citizens can still insert their rights and freedoms, but be warn, be prepare to do battle with those who disagrees with the words, style of writing and verbal speech, and never the issues that were written upon or expressed verbally.
It is Remembrance Day, and once again as this veteran reporter states, "We generally viewed only the dignified and carefully orchestrated repatriation of our fallen, and many of us may feel that losing only 157 soldiers over a decade of fighting represents a fairly modest level of action."
However, what has been forgotten on days like this, and for that matter the other days of one year to the next, is who is sending the men and women to war. Whose battles are they fighting for?  Certainly not for freedom and democracy, these days, but are the words most sited by government and corporations to get people to enlist, and at the end of day, even die for their country,  so the various countries and corporations can have the freedom to loot the countries, make profit on the backs of the citizens, by eroding the four principles of democracy, as well as every right and freedom hard fought for, since the middle ages, to listen to the sanitized words of those people who object to anyone raising the hypocrisy of their stances, their anti-freedom rants, and citizens have no right to feel hard done by a political and economic system that strives for economic and social injustice as their policies.
First example, after 10 years in Afghanistan, and in the next 20 years, it will still be happening in this country, and no doubt in the other countries that have been invaded, and future countries. Social justice is not on the menu, and never has been. The sanitized version is what the rest of the world sees, and like a germ, the propaganda is spread widely over the world, that they are bring democracy and freedom to countries like Afghanistan. " Women Imprisoned For Refusing To Marry Men Who Raped Them   The topic: women imprisoned for "moral crimes" — things like fleeing forced marriages and abusive husbands. She discovered that some women are locked up for alleged or actual adultery, or refusing to marry men who raped them. Even the most conservative estimates indicate that more than half of the hundreds of women and teenage girls in Afghan prisons have been convicted of moral crimes. Karen Day decided to make a documentary, which tells the story of a 19-year-old prisoner called Gulnaz "
Read more:
"Heather Barr, of Human Rights Watch, said: "It's very important that people understand that there are these horrific stories that are happening now – 10 years after the fall of the Taliban government, 10 years after what was supposed to be a new dawn for Afghan women."

Correcting social injustices, as well as moral crimes are not on the menu of any government. It is the kind of stuff to control people, and have people voluntarily choose between two solutions that inflicts upon their citizens differing measures of rights and freedoms, and the acceptance of various untruths. For Afghan women, rather harsh, and in countries like Canada, not as harsh. That is, if one does not call cutting funding to support women in abusive situations, or are living in their cars as harsh treatment compare to jailing women for moral crimes.  Another take is the social injustice occurring when veterans returned home, and their treatment by the governments of the day. Veterans for Peace did not occur in a vacuum, nor are they self-entitled pansies looking for a soft landing, as some would want us to believe.
"One could argue that this Veteran's Day is different than those in years past. This year, the U.S. is facing an economic crisis of unprecedented proportions. There is greater economic disparity between the ultra wealthy and the middle class than ever before, and if some get their way, that disparity will only continue to grow."

Read more:
Social and economic justice is policies that one and all should be seeking, instead of supporting war policies that at the end of the day are destroying not only the 4 principles of an active working democracy, but are oppressing the rights and freedoms of all people on this earth.
Such things as the right to buy food of your own choosing, and not the sanitized version of honey or milk on the grocery shelves.
Or the cheese and food prices, where Canadians pay premium prices for the sanitized versions sitting on the grocery shelves. "In Canada, eggs, chicken and dairy aren't sold like most goods. Farmers get a quota to produce so much. Competition is kept out. There's a small quota for imports, but once it's met, they face tariffs of more than 200 per cent. A $10 French cheese is hit with a $24.50 duty. Canadian dairy exports are restricted because they're subsidized."
And we are paying far more than any other country, as well as paying premium prices for telecommunication, televisions, internet and utilities, and in turn, paying top retail prices for many of the consumer goods. And for what?  To maintain the subsidies, corporate welfare, duties/tariffs from everything to A to Z, and the expansion of government surveillance, or the spying on citizens in their everyday activities. The latter is far more important to be worrying about, because it is in already in Canada, and in most countries. From Fox news, all about the government flexing their muscle, built upon steroids, to ensure people follow the new order of the day.
Or this video, regarding a huge student protest in England, protesting the withdrawal of funding of the public education system. The students are protesting because they cannot afford to go to post-secondary. The tuition rate is now over the $16,000 Canadian mark, only to go into debt to find out there is no jobs for them in their field of study.
The lie of jobs, GDP and the rest of the stats, with the false promise of jobs in the futures. Like this article from the Financial Post, moaning, " What's needed is an honest assessment by Canada's oil industry of why a project that Canada's Prime Minister described as a "no brainer," that was so desperately needed by both countries, was sunk so spectacularly by a loosely organized, fact-challenged, emotion-driven posse of anti-oil protesters." Repeating the lies, over and over how unprocessed oil piped down to the U.S. would be good for the Canadian economy and jobs. Where is the secondary added-value and processing, and turning the oil into products such as gasoline, in Canada, and not in the United States.  Although environment concerns are important, but the real truth is that Canada's economic policies are just that, to become the great exporters of raw resources, and having a higher proportion of Canadians in low-paying jobs to support the GDP, and the lies that go with it. Another video from Fox news is of interest. "Judge Napolitano explains how the government fools us with inaccurate economic measurements, sells illegal drugs to foreign cartels and why it's time to alter or abolish it."
It is dangerous times, since 9/11, when it comes to our freedom and rights.  " The new crisis environment over Iran should not surprise us. James Madison, the father of the Constitution, explained why: A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty. The means of defense against foreign danger have been always the instruments of tyranny at home. Among the Romans it was a standing maxim to excite a war, whenever a revolt was apprehended. Throughout all Europe, the armies kept up under the pretext of defending have enslaved the people. (Emphasis added.)"
Although the next passage of the above link is long,  I do believe every word that our governments, as well as the economic policies are wrong, as wrong as the lies, the manipulation that is taking place to control citizens, their actions and their futures. " While there are no violent revolts taking place in the United States, there certainly is a lot of restlessness with the domestic situation, as reflected in the Tea Party and Occupy movements. An increasing number of people are protesting the dismal economic conditions in which the United States is now mired — out of control spending and debt, inflation, unemployment, negative savings rate — a nation increasingly headed into bankruptcy, just like Greece and Italy are.
On top of all the economic misery are the ever-increasing infringements on civil liberties, through such things as the PATRIOT Act, indefinite detention, airport body groping, assassinations, torture, cover-ups, immunity for criminal acts, Internet monitoring, highway VIPR checkpoints, and on and on.

To explain why things are so bad, government officials spout their standard nonsensical bromides about "It's because of the failures of free enterprise" or "The terrorists hate us for our freedom and values" or "We're infringing on your civil liberty only temporarily to keep you safe."

Or they look for scapegoats on which to blame the problems, such as immigrants, or at least illegal immigrants, or the debt crisis in Europe.

Or they resort to the time-honored strategy that the Roman officials employed — stir up crises and wars overseas, as they are now doing with Iran. If not Iran, they always have North Korea, Cuba, China, Venezuela, Nicaragua, or some other such regime to stir up trouble with.

The problem facing our country is not Iran or any other nation. The problem facing our country is the U.S. government — yes, our very own government.

Specifically, the root cause of America's economic woes lies in the U.S. welfare state — a socialistic system that has now held our nation in its grip for some 80 years. It has brought out-of-control spending, debt, inflation, monetary debasement, poverty, and a mindset of dependency to our nation. It has turned America into a political warzone in which large segments of the populace fight hard to plunder and loot the income and savings of other people. The welfare state is threatening to take our country down — into bankruptcy — just like it is doing to Greece and Italy."

Think about this on Remembrance Day?  The old rag-time army of settlers and other like minded citizens of the War of 1812, would be in a state of shock, the state of Canadians and their erosion of freedoms and rights, so others have the right to plunder and loot the income and savings of other people. And today, we are paying tribute to the veterans for others to have the right to loot and plunder the income and savings of other citizens.

From: "S.McDowall"
Subject: Situational awareness/Why today's recession tops the Great Depression

(Best read after fortifying with 4 martinis or 6 fingers of neat scotch

Why Today's "Recession" Tops The Great Depression
Posted: September 27, 2011 2:14PM by Michael Sanibel

When the stock market crashed in October 1929, it was only the beginning of a long period of economic decline and uncertainty that would last more than a decade. The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit bottom in July 1932 and would take another 25 years to regain what it lost in just 34 months.

Economic Indicators: Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

The last three years have often been described as the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. While the technical definition of a recession is two successive quarters of GDP decline, it would be hard to convince anyone that recent GDP growth indicates the recession is over. There's lots of debate over whether or not the economy is slipping back into a double-dip recession. There's also considerable evidence that what we're experiencing is actually worse than the 1930s and should be labeled a depression.

Here's a comparison between then and now.

National Debt
In June 1929, the cumulative national debt was $17 billion. Up until that point in time, the U.S. only went into debt during wartime. Moreover, once those wars ended, the government's first priority was to pay off the debt. When the depression started several months later, the government was not saddled with servicing a huge debt burden, as the debt was only about 16% of the
Gross National Product. (For related reading, see How To Use Gross National Product As An Indicator. )

Contrast that with the current debt approaching $15,000 billion, with an estimated annual interest cost of over $434 billion for 2011, even with the benefit of extremely low interest rates. That interest burden is a huge drag on the economy that didn't exist during the depression. As of 2010, the U.S. GNP was around $15,000 billion as well, leaving the country with a 100% debt to GNP ratio.

$4,500 billion of the current debt is owned by foreign governments, with almost one-half held by China and Japan. This gives these countries influence over U.S. foreign policy that may not be overt, but is there nonetheless. They could also cause financial chaos if they simultaneously sold their treasury holdings. This was not an issue in 1929.

Entitlement Programs
Beyond the current debt are the unfunded liabilities for entitlement programs that come due in the future. These are promises already made without funding to back them up, and are not included in the $15,000 billion debt. A USA Today analysis published in June 2011 estimated that these liabilities amount to about $62,000 billion, or $528,000 per household. This includes an additional $5,300 billion in liabilities added in 2010 alone, primarily for Social Security and Medicare. The difference in total revenues and spending obligations for the year amounted to more than one-third of GDP.

The current unfunded liabilities are more than five times the personal debt of the average household, including mortgages, loans and credit cards. That debt will experience exponential growth as the baby boomer generation adds 10,000 retirees per day to the entitlement program roles. Skyrocketing health care costs only add to the problem.

These programs resemble a
Ponzi scheme in that today's working generation is paying the taxes to fund the payments to those currently collecting benefits. These programs didn't exist in 1929, so there was no burden on the taxpayers to come up with the money to pay for them. (For related reading, see What Is A Pyramid Scheme. )

It's difficult to compare unemployment statistics because the methodology used to estimate the data has changed over time. At the peak of the depression in 1933, it's estimated that unemployment reached 25% nationwide. That compares to the 9.1% rate for August 2011 published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics which identifies the labor pool as follows:

  • Employed - People with jobs
  • Unemployed - People who are jobless, looking for jobs and available for work
  • Not in the labor force - People who are neither employed nor unemployed

It's important to note that people in the last category are not counted in the unemployment rate calculation. If they were, the rate would be 7 to 10% higher. In addition, the federal deficit of $1,600 billion is paying for about 9 million jobs that wouldn't exist if the budget were balanced. Eliminate those jobs and the unemployment rate jumps again. Adding in these missing elements brings today's adjusted rate to at least 22 to 25%, higher than the average 18% rate from 1930 to 1940.

On top of that, the savings rate for those with jobs plummeted from about 10% in the 70s and 80s to -1% in 2007. That portends a bleak future for consumer spending.

Home Prices
By the first quarter of 2011, home prices had dropped 33% below the 2006 peak reached in most areas of the U.S. This compares to the 31% drop experienced during the depression. It took nearly two decades to recover the lost
equity . Whether or not housing has reached bottom yet is an open question, despite historically-low interest rates and generous government incentives.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Government spending is included in GDP, which totaled $14,700 billion for fiscal year 2010. Part of that amount was $1,600 billion of deficit spending, which artificially inflated GDP by 12%. If the deficit is deducted from the total GDP, there has been no GDP growth in the U.S. in the past four years. This means that the government can create the illusion of recovery and prosperity by simply going into more debt.

debt/GDP ratio hasn't been above 100% since World War II, and we are on a path to exceed that very soon if we don't significantly reduce spending. If the unfunded liabilities are added in, the ratio is already an astonishing 500%. (For related reading, see High GDP Means Economic Prosperity, Or Does It?)

The Bottom Line
In 1929, the U.S. dollar was backed by gold. Now it's backed by nothing more than your faith. In 1929, credit cards and home equity loans didn't exist, and people of that era avoided debt like the plague. Today personal debt levels are near all-time highs. Iconic companies like General Motors and Lehman Brothers survived the depression without government help or
bankruptcy relief, but that didn't happen this time around.

In 1929 we didn't face terrorist threats and weren't worried about a porous border allowing an influx of millions of illegal aliens. The high price of oil, oppressive regulatory environment, $40 billion monthly trade imbalance, bloated federal bureaucracy, ballooning state deficits, severely underfunded pensions, crippling tax burden and crumbling infrastructure weren't issues then either. They are now.

It's clear that the trillions of dollars borrowed and printed by the government are masking an extremely weak financial condition that has been in a downward spiral for many years. Calling it a
recession instead of a depression doesn't change the stark reality. (For related reading, see Recession And Depression: They Aren't So Bad.)

From: "Brian D. Marlatt"
Subject: Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?