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Daily Digest November 10, 2011



Conservative Party fined for breaking election laws
The Conservative Party was fined $52,000 for breaking election rules in a deal
that saw charges dropped against four senior officials,
but guilty pleas by the organizations for which they made the decisions.

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A positive as we approach Remembrance Day

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An American A-10 firing its 30mm gun March 23, 2006. The ammunition from this weapon is made of depleted uranium 60% as radioactive as natural uranium but containing unnatural U-236 produced in a reactor. Image by Senior Airman Christina D. Pointe of the United States Air Force.

A positive as we approach Remembrance Day
Niagara Falls, Ontario - Wednesday, November 9, 2011
by: Joe Hueglin

As we approach Remembrance Day a step forward for those who served and survived was taken today.

Veteran Affairs Minister Steven Blaney agreed to investigate the contention of veterans that illnesses they have are the result of coming into contact with depleted uranium while serving overseas.

That we are able to communicate almost instantly by internet would have been in the realm of science fiction only a few years ago. Advances have been made in diagnosing, which can determine the degree and the nature of radioactivity in our veterans. Advances have been made as well in removing the toxins from their bodies.

"It's a committee that will have a broad mandate,", Minister Blaney has promised. Expectation is the Committee will investigate each and every means of determining which view is correct: that of the Veterans Affairs Department, "it's unlikely any Canadian troops were contaminated by the substance.", or that ofPascal Lacoste and other veterans, that they continue to suffer from the effects of depleted uranium particles entering their bodies and negatively affecting them.

Both Pascal Lacoste and Minister Blaney are to be commended.  Pascal, for putting his life on the line and the Minister, for undertaking to investigate every means of determining the root cause of the suffering of our veterans.

From: Ray Strachan
Subject: Uneducated and therefore ignorant.

Have ofter wondered,    how long Lord ,do I have to live as an uneducated sole,totally against contrived war.   For me this includes WW1 WW2,Korean War, Vietnam War and all the smaller take over wars. I being totally against contrived war,   could, I know full well, be judged as a coward or a fool. So for now I am forced to live as a Canadian hypocrite by idiotic warmongers,many uneducated and many,educated fools.   Most of them ritously proclaiming to be Christians.
Ray Strachan

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: DD

Ray--you are so right.  but then we are the more equal?  And there is no one as equal as the self chosen in who's name most of this evil is perpetrated.  We should all have to go through a power outage so we get the chance to put our minds in gear.  Most people never think about the hell we are imposing on others.  They just believe the garbage that is spouted on their 'news' to justify the killing for the greed of the controllers.

From: "John Duddy"
To: "Prime Minister/Premier ministre" <>
Cc: "Joe Hueglin" <>
Subject: The Real Truth of Wars - Dr. Dahlia Wasfi's - YouTube

From: Dan Kahraman
Subject: Column: Marijuana growers to face more jail than child rapists under Harper's new omnibus bill

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Muslim prayers in school--DD

Joe--I would like to ask why we did nothing to protect our right to have the Lord's Prayer in our schools. 
Religion is not becoming more of an issue in our schools except if the Muslims are involved.  They are constantly being used to force into our feeble minds that they are a danger to us and must be stopped.  Interesting that another ethnic group is leading the rabble against this prayer in school.  I am happy that the Muslim group involved has the courage of their convictions.  But as long as religion is used and abused to keep us separate, nothing will change.  Mass murders will continue around the world as this hatred for one group gets escalated.  Too bad we don't have the courage of our so-called convictions.
Subject:  Alien attack    DD
A Healer's Description of the Illuminati
Subject: Our msm has told us that it was a Libyan uprising against Gadhaffi
and the North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation was jsut supporting them!
  Looks as if they were paid to do the bidding of NATO???
Mehdi Harati, "I received € 200,000 from U.S. secret services"
Subject: Veterans of Gulf War, Balkans plead for health aid    DD

Joe--the only way these Veterans could have been contaminated with DU is by breathing in the contaminated dust?  Does this mean our Veterans did not breathe while over there?  This is the same mentality that tells us we are in no danger from the Japanese nuclear plant disaster?  Do they believe that the air is stagnant and doesn't blow around the planet?  After Chernobyl kids in the Arctic had large amounts of radiation found in their teeth.  How did that get there if they didn't breathe the air and the things they ate were not contaminated with radiation?
The government has formed a 'committee' to investigate DU contamination in our Veterans.  Sounds as if they have already made up their minds?
Subject: A positive as we approach Remembrance Day    DD

Joe--I pray this isn't just more playing with words until we forget?  If DU is in the area our soldiers have been contaminated by it.  DU is not a toxin--it is radioactive material and gets into every part of the body.  These Veterans could be producing children as deformed as those in Iraq.  The Minister states that there will be a 'broad mandate' but Veterans Affairs has seemingly already made up it's mind about DU?
Pascal Lacoste has done what he could.  Now I wonder if our government has as much courage or will they play the same old shell game that we see so often?