Sunday, November 06, 2011

BELOW(30): The Nature of the Digest


Lorimer' wrote:


Rearranging the deck chairs in the present atmosphere will not make much difference.

The check-out tabloids are smart.

Never do they print the same contributor over and over again.

Never do they print long winded pseudo-academic dissertations, over and over again.

Such tabloids don't sell. Such DD's dwindle.

Material below your 3030 has a prevailing smell; a negative rant; always anti-something
or some-body.

The DD in its present format in on a path to oblivion. Remember that a bad apple can mess up the sauce.

Why not solicit direction from the readership, establish a MO and stick to it.


The aim in the BELOW (30) portion of the Digest is to provide a vehicle for statement of views, for dialogue, for drawing attention to concerns. 

That the views expressed are often,  though not "
always anti-something ", are not of my choice.  Those having positive thoughts for whatever reasons do not share them.

What comes into my IN Mailbox are posted with few exceptions.  This has been and will continue to be the "MO".

The personal views expressed often end with an invitation to respond, to agree, to disagree or just to comment. I've come to accept few do so. For whatever reasons the present differs greatly from the high point of yesteryear when 110 individuals expressed their views of one subject.

One of five responses to Lorimer included a prelude to what was sent to you last night as we approach Remembrance Day. It was a video relating to veterans across the border but is relevant in part to our veterans as well.  It "
is one of the many Youtube videos on the Veterans.""

Watch it, please, then re-read what was posted last night which follows and consider answering the question posed.  To this point only one person, Becky, has responded.

We honour those who have died in our country's service, in our service.

The means exist of clearly determining causation factors and remedying effects that have not yet been available.

If you have kith, kin or friends suffering because of their service in conditions considered below please inform me.

Be assured there will be no publication of contacts provided.

Yours most sincerely

One veteran contends he was poisoned while serving in Bosnia in the 90's. He says a steady decline in his health began after he was exposed to depleted uranium. He also says Veterans Affairs Minister Steven Blaney and his department have denied his requests for decontamination treatments.

 Pascal Lacoste is not alone. Others as well believe radioactivity from depleted uranium they inhaled while in combat is continuing to cause for deterioration of their bodies.

"Depleted Uranium" which is posted below in its summary states "Chemical toxicity of depleted uranium presents a greater risk than the radiological toxicity. " This conclusion is not universal as presented to you in the following a precis of  salient opinion expressed in "Gulf War Veterans and Depleted Uranium" .

Veterans can identify situations in which they were likely to have been exposed to DU. Presence of depleted uranium in urine seven or eight years after exposure is sufficient evidence to substantiate long term internal contamination and tissue storage of this radioactive substance. Because of its slow absorption through the lungs and long retention in body tissues, its primary damage will be due to its radiological damage to internal organs rather than chemical damage to the renal system. However, with the lengthening of the time during which the contaminant resides in the body and the low overall dose, the risk of cancer death becomes greater than the risk of significant damage to the renal system.

Research has been continuing. "Date Modified: 2008-08-12". is the last modification of information provided by the Government of Canada. A means of scientifically determining the "Presence of depleted uranium in urine seven or eight years after exposure is sufficient evidence to substantiate long term internal contamination and tissue storage of this radioactive substance." has been developed

Watch this video "Depleted Uranium - The Ultimate Dirty Bomb " .

Read this article which states "Despite pressure from veterans and their families, the Canadian government has only compensated two veterans for depleted uranium exposure, one posthumously." .

Then consider this question: Do you support testing of Pascal Lacoste and others by Veterans Affairs to validate the means of determining the degree and nature of radiation in the person tested for the Ministry? A test that scientifically determines whether disability claims based on exposure to depleted uranium while in combat zones are valid or invalid

If so, let please let me know by e-mail and/or telephone.

        Joe Hueglin <>

Should you know someone affected by exposure who would benefit from the test, please put me in contact.

From: Peter Ineson
Subject: Comment by Lorimer Rutty

As I have noted to you in the past and I am in complete concurrence with Mr. Rutty, please apply the simple rules used by newspaper editors to their "Letters to the Editor" to the Daily Digest.
I don't believe you truly wish Daily Digest to be a platform for a few to continually voice "their opinions".....I believe you wished it to be an information sharing and gathering vehicle

From: Real Gagne
Subject: DD


I believe Lorimer is on to something.

I have also observed that over the past year at least the tone and content of the submissions have deteriorated, at least from my perspective.

On the other hand, I respect your determination to allow everyone their say, even though it appears most don't have much interesting to say and tend, as Lorimer points out, to border on the negative and repetitious.

On most days, I don't even bother to look at the "Under 30."

Unfortunately, I don't have any idea to suggest to you as to how to square that circle.



From: John Kruithof
Subject: In support of the Daily Digest

Just a short line to let you know how much I appreciate the Daily Digest.  While it is impossible to follow all the links pointing to different stories, it is important to be aware of the scope of daily events and opinions in other fora.  Keeps one humble in accepting we can't be masters of all trades.  That makes contributions below (30) so interesting, in that they reflect strong personal convictions based on one's experiences. Variety being the spice of life, I encourage all DD readers to pipe in with their comments.  Of course Joe, that would make your life more hectic than it already is.

John Kruithof
Ottawa South

From: "Glenn Harewood"

Reply to Lorimer Rutty who wrote: :
"... Never do they print the same contributor over and over again.

Never do they print long winded pseudo-academic dissertations, over and over again."
Such tabloids don't sell. Such DD's dwindle.

The DD is NOT a tabloid.Thus comparison to a tabloid is just silly.
As far as I understand, its objective is not to SELL anything for profit, but to inform and promote dialogue on any topic.The DD
has lasted now through 10 years. Commentary may fluctuate or dwindle according to the interests of those who read,
and who can maintain reading more than the 140 characters of a "twit."

Glenn Harewood

From: The Natroses
On Fri, Nov 4, 2011 at 2:21 PM, The Natroseswrote:
Hi Joe, Lorimer words are those who are the disconnected from the human race who do do not march according to his beliefs, biases, and his ideological stances. Ditto for Peggy as well, who do not understand why people would protest, which only speaks loudly on her lack of empathy and understanding of the political and economic systems, that creates inequalities across the board. She has not learn the lesson, nor has Lorimer learned the lesson, some are more equal than others all of the time and the words equal access in our health, education, or any other government service are just that words to feed the self illusions of people and the delusions that have been accepted by Lorimer and Peggy as the gospel of the conservative ideology, that feeds their hungry minds devoid of the ability and the skills to look beyond their world, and see the world the way it is. The reality, and not some pseudo-construct that is composed of the many values and philosophy, and beliefs of others that jives with how they see the world.
Lorimer's words: "Rearranging the deck chairs in the present atmosphere will not make much difference.
The check-out tabloids are smart.
Never do they print the same contributor over and over again.
Never do they print long winded pseudo-academic dissertations, over and over again.
Such tabloids don't sell. Such DD's dwindle."
Peggy's words: "Personally I think that protests have become an industry in this world of ours.  there seems to be an attitude of entitlement among some of our citizens which takes hold of some of them who one reason or another feel they have been treated unfairly.
In my opinion I think the current government has a prudent program to reduce spending and get this country in better financial shape. sometimes this is hurtful but a least we are not looking at the problems that the rest of the global economy is dealing with.  So down with protests just observe this Remembrance Day with sorrow and respect. "
For Lorimer, here is a site that is more befitting for your eyes to rest on, and there is more like it else where on the web. Enjoy reading the many ways of how to be condescending, name calling, justifications at the expense of others, and of course the more important part, never talk about issues on all facets.
For Peggy, justify all you want looking through the one-way mirror of yours, but Canada is just in worse shape as the other countries. Wake up to the reality that it is a world-wide depression, and no amount of going to war in other countries for profit is going to lift the world out of the economic troubles. But than you live in  a world, where you are blind and deaf to those in Canada who do not have the access to the health facilities as you have had. For your viewing pleasure, and hopefully it might wake you up, while your husband received the care, there was another one being kicked out or were giving the run around trying to access the health care. Or do you think, all veterans get treated with the same kind of respect as other veterans? 
"Veterans March For Occupy Wall Street ­ And It's Like Nothing You've Ever Seen Before"
Read more:
Very powerful for images, and the next link is one of the many Youtube videos on the Veterans.
Yeah Peggy, the government has a very prudent program to reduce spending. As long as the cuts don't take place in your part of the world, with the white picket fences, and the people you know and love. The rest can go to hell in a hand basket, is your motto. Or perhaps it is a simple as the old movie called Peyton Place. "The film is an exposé of the lives and loves of the residents of a small New England mill town, where scandal, homicide, suicide, incest, and moral hypocrisy hide behind a tranquil façade in the years immediately preceding and following World War II. At the core of its plot are three women. Constance MacKenzie is a prim and proper sexually repressed woman who had an affair with a married New York City businessman and bore him a child out of wedlock. She has struggled to shield her daughter Allison, a high school senior and aspiring author, from her tarnished past, leading her to believe she returned to Peyton Place with her newborn baby after her husband died. Selena Cross, Allison's best friend, is a good girl living on the wrong side of the tracks. Her alcoholic step-father, Lucas Cross, terrorizes the family, abusing his wife and child behind closed doors."
More reading and viewing at your pleasure, for the rest of us who do try to look at all facets before we opined.
"Inside Job is a 2010 documentary film about the late-2000s financial crisis directed by Charles H. Ferguson. The film is described by Ferguson as being about "the systemic corruption of the United States by the financial services industry and the consequences of that systemic corruption." [3] In five parts, the film explores how changes in the policy environment and banking practices helped create the financial crisis. Inside Job was well received by film critics who praised its pacing, research, and exposition of complex material."
"A divide is emerging between Eastern and Western Canada over the federal government's law-and-order agenda, as a debate heats up over the costs of the anti-crime measures and the substance of the bill itself.
Quebec has moved to form a united front among all the provinces to fight the bill. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has joined forces with Quebec Premier Jean Charest, allowing Canada's two largest provinces to speak with one voice in pressuring Ottawa to pick up the tab for higher costs the proposed laws would impose on the provinces. "
I bet some in Canada who support the crime bill, will be singing a different tune in a couple of years, when education and health funding is cut to pay for the prison costs?  I know  those who support tough crime bills, also support get tough policies on those citizens who are sitting in a jail in some foreign country. Two stories in the news, reflect different sides, but one thing for sure, the Canadian government will not do, come to the rescue or even tell the truth to the families sitting in Canada. They are made to look like fools, by the jackals of the federal government. "Foreign Affairs declined an interview, but it did say the Spanish legal system is such that a person can be detained for four years without trial, and there is nothing the Canadian government can do except express concern, which it says has already been done.
"It makes me feel that they have abandoned Phillip and myself and our family," says Sheree, who has two adult children.
Phillip Halliday is entitled to a five-minute phone call each day, and his family is worried that could be the only contact they have with Phillip for at least two more years, unless something changes soon."
"Ottawa is bungling rescue missions by not telling families in Canada whether their loved ones are alive or dead, a Canadian diplomat once held hostage overseas says.
Robert Fowler says that Ottawa's mission to free him is tarnished by the fact that his wife, Mary, was kept in emotional limbo for much of his 130-day ordeal. She got so frustrated by official silence in Ottawa that she went to the United Nations complex in Manhattan to demand answers. "
Or how about this one - "Industrial Scale" Phone Hacking at News of the World"
Read more:
I suppose the many justifications of Lorimer, living in their glass houses will prevailed. After all, they feel that some should be above the laws of a country, especially those who are in the position of wealth, power and can cause political troubles all over the world.
Or this one, which is just a common in Canada, but Lorimer has the smarts enough to know that it has never happen to them. You know the folks who think it will never happen to them, because the government has our best interests at heart. Oops, I meant to say certain governments that have certain conservative ideology that thinks it is ok to pull the wool over their citizens. For that matter, it is a problem in all governments of all stripes.  "Thought that sole you just ordered was, well, actually sole? How about that snapper you just got on sale at the supermarket? You might want to think again: according to two new reports ­ one by the Boston Globe and the other by Consumer Reports ­ a surprising level of fish mislabeling occurs in both restaurants and supermarkets.
Read more:
The next link, is from an ordinary newspaper of the mostly trials of their citizens, and not so many tribulations, dealing with all the cuts from governments and layoffs.    And the latest unemployment stats for Canada, "The economy shed 71,700 full-time jobs, while part-time employment grew by 17,700."
Or the rip-offs that take place daily, that citizens must make decisions. I suppose Lorimer has someone on standby to prevent it, but still he might be the type of guy, who will rationalized to himself, that he is helping out the economy, and in turn helping out the Harper government, in doing his part to support the Harper government.
Or are quite please to see their money as well as tax money, for children to learn this - "Children were rewarded at a Markham day camp last summer for such things as pole dancing, taking off their clothes and sucking a counsellor's toe, the Star has learned."    After all, according to Peggy and Lorimer, citizens have no basis to stand on, when complaining about services being received by government. Nor do the Indian reservations that have substandard housing, and for some reservations, tents are now common place as their means of shelter.
Two hour film called United We Fall. Well worth the time in the next few days, for Lorimer and Peggy to make the connections beyond their glass houses.
A one hour film: "From the creators of Esoteric Agenda ( and Kymatica (, UNGRIP penetrates the illusions and delusions of the legal system with direct relation to the psychology of humanity."
It will provoke a great amount of thinking and how it impacts the citizens of all countries. And even understand why some folks do not go beyond their little world, because it might crack the glass of their glass houses.
I leave off, with Robert's post and his ending. " Here is the latest unanswered reasonable request to the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Hon. Andrew Scheer, who inherited this unfinished issue from his predecessor, the Hon. Peter Milliken, who left without taking appropriate action.
  Just because there are not yet corpses on the streets of Canada yet, similarly as underground water can quietly undermine foundations of buildings, so silently ignoring the rule of law and decisions of recognized tribunals will erode the foundations of a civilized democratic society like Canada.
  We should know there is a problem in Canada when a Canadian citizen is required to seek justice at the United Nations against Officials of the Parliament/Government of Canada...and, further...that the Canadian Officials ignore the ruling of this august international tribunal when people all over the world continue to fight and die for these fundamental freedoms."
Amen to that, but wait, yesterday the Harper conservatives have made it open season on others by questioning their religious faith. Can I question your faith Lorimer?  Who stands on a very shaky foundation? Not only the Harper government, but the Lorimers of the world, who provides no answers, nor has the will to search beyond their inner sanctums, and always in fear that debate will change their beliefs to the ones that they opposed.