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October 6, 2011: Libya update regarding reality and future probabilities following to-day's NATO Meeting in Brussels



Last week Canada agreed to a three month extension to our participating in facilitating regime change in Libya. To-day and yesterday a meeting was held in Brussels where the ground rules for continuing NATO action in that country were arrived at.

This post was constructed and sent to our national media regarding the nature of reality as expressed in their statements, the sense that conflict was nearing an end aside from a couple of holdouts.  NATO would continue its role of protecting civilians until there was no more resistance to the National Transition Council's rule.

My prediction is that unless there is intervention there will still be conflict come New Year's Day and the necessity of another House of Commons vote.

As posed to the Media, "Determine for yourself whether the war is just about ended" or will be continuing when the three months agreed to are up.


Two scenarios are presented to you

In the one that will be presented to Canadians following the Brussels NATO meeting to-day, all is going well, aside from a couple of  pockets of resistance to be overcome."Despite intense fighting that's taking place in pro-Gadhafi strongholds, NATO remains confident that Libya's National Transitional Council can manage a peaceful transition to democracy, the world body's secretary general said Thursday." . "NATO's bombing campaign in Libya, now in its seventh month, will continue despite the collapse of Moammar Gadhafi's regime, alliance officials said Thursday. French Defence Minister Gerard Longuet said the airstrikes will not cease until all remaining pockets of resistance are suppressed and the new government asks for them to end." .

In the other the armed forces acting for the National Transition Council with NATO air support have consistently failed in attempting to take the two primary "pockets of resistance", Sirte and Bani Walid, and that presently others are coming into existence - including sections of Tripoli and Benghazi, as well as tribes declaring and acting against the Naational Transition Council (NTC)..

These statements are found in articles flowing from the Brussels' NATO meeting :
American "Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says there is no clear set of conditions in Libya that will trigger an end to the combat mission, but the operation will not be over if serious fighting and threats to the population continue." ;

"Once the country is deemed secure, Stavridis suggested that the no-fly zone carry on for two weeks until NATO is "sure that fighting has ended," the diplomat told AFP on condition of anonymity. ;

"NATO regularly rejected accusations by the Gadhafi regime during the revolution of killing innocent civilians.

It did so again when asked by AFP if its bombs might have killed non-combatants in Sirte.

"When we absolutely need to intervene to protect the population, we do so with utmost care, targeting only military assets and using precision guided munitions to avoid civilian casualties," a NATO official said.

The official noted in an email that the alliance "has not conducted any strike in Sirte since last weekend and is siding with none of the forces on the ground."."" .

Compare these statements with what is to found in news sources. that follow.

Determine for yourself whether the war is just about ended and Canada's warplanes will return home before New Year's Day or  whether if " the no-fly zone carry on for two weeks until NATO is "sure that fighting has ended,", the Government will be coming back to the Commons for a third extension of our involvement.

Joe Hueeglin

The most continually up to date site is entitled "OZYISM--untold truth--" located at    It's two most recent headlines are "NATO BOMBS A HOSPITAL IN SIRTE IN THE NAME OF PROTECTING CIVILIANS"   "ARE NATO MERCENARIES LITERALLY CRAZY?. Both directly contradict information stated on behalf of NATO and National Transitional Council spokesman in accompanying articles.

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