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From: Mahmood Elahi
To: "Terry Glavin" <>
Subject: By taking up combat, US and Canada have replicated failed Soviet mission

The Editor
Ottawa Citizen
Copy to: Mr. Terry Glavin, Author of The Long and Lonely Struggle for Peace in Afghanistan.
By taking up combat, US and Canada have replicated failed Soviet Afghan mission
Re "Getting Lost in Absurdistan," by Terry Glavin (Oct. 8).
The main issue in Afghanistan is the failure to learn from the failed Soviet Afghan mission. When 80,000 (later raised to 120,000) Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan to stop the fanatical Mujahedeen from toppling the pro-Moscow regime in Kabul, the Soviet commanders were supremely confident that they could defeat the insurgents on their own. The Soviet forces were backed up by helicopter gunships and fighter bombers and spearheaded by mechanized infantry divisions in full combat gear. Ragtag Mujahedeen had little chance against such a military machine.
But the Mujahedeen resorted to hit-and-run attacks, using Pakistan's tribal areas as staging posts. The only way the Soviets could stem such attacks was to take out their bases inside Pakistan. But Pakistan was an American ally and any attack on Pakistan would have triggered a direct confrontation with the United States which was already supplying the insurgents with lethal weapons. At the prospect of a wider conflict, the Soviets balked and as a result, they Soviet troops were obliged to fight an ineffectual war and forced to withdraw after suffering heavy casualties. But they didn't leave behind a combat-capable Afghan army to face the Mujahedeen onslaught and within two years of Soviet withdrawal, the pro-Moscow regime fell like a house of cards.
Now as then, the Pakistan-based Taliban are carrying out hit-and-run attacks on U.S. and Canadian forces, using the tribal areas as staging posts. The only way to stop such attacks is to take out their bases inside Pakistan. Although Pakistan is still an American ally, it is trying to prop up the Afghan Taliban in its proxy war with India in the same way the U.S. propped up the Mujahedeen in its proxy war with the Soviet Union. Pakistan thinks return of rabidly anti-Indian Taliban will provide it with what it considers "a strategic depth" vis a vis its mortal enemy, India.
Like the Soviets, the Americans are wary to take out the Taliban bases inside Pakistan because it might trigger a wider conflict involving Pakistan. Also like the Soviets, the Americans didn't take early steps to train and equip an Afghan army. Instead of deploying combat troops, they should have sent military trainers and equipments (which they are now belatedly doing) to create a combat-ready Afghan army to face the Taliban. Enjoying safe havens in Pakistan, the Afghan Taliban are poised to oust the U.S.-installed Karzai regime in the same way the Mujahedeen ousted the Soviet-inslalled Najibullah regime. As they say those who don't learn from history may end up repeating it.
From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: [video] 'NATO adopte d civil war and will stay in Libya forever'...Asia Times correspondent Pepe Escobar says that, while focusing on this stated aim, the mainstream media ignores t he high human cost..

'NATO adopted civil war and will stay in Libya forever'

Asia Times correspondent Pepe Escobar says that, while focusing on this stated aim, the mainstream media ignores the high human cost.
"The only coverage that you see in Western mainstream corporate media is about the advances of the so-called pro-revolutionary forces. This is not a revolution. This is a civil war, which was adopted by the NATO powers and the US," he told RT.... (emphasis added)

See video and full article at link below]
Subject:this was filmed in 2007--how true it is--Pearson Airport has American security running it???

Daniel Estulin & Lenny Charles Bilderberg INN

From: "Tom Brewer"

One has to wonder!! Strange as it seems to be members of our military have
to juggle their medical appointments given rules y6e the Minister can call
on a helicopter or Challenger jet as he wishes. I'd bet there are some who
are so peeved they work behind the scenes to bring the rest of Canada up to
speed on our governments so called "use" of our equipment as they want or
wish. Obviously sauce for the goose is NOT sauce for the gander!!!


From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Happy Thanksgiving

General defends himself, MacKay against 'frustrating' VIP-flight flak
Joe--I just heard on the radio that Veterans have been refused funding
to travel for medical treatment--and yet MacKay can swan all around
the country at out expense.  I cannot find any written report of
this refusal so was wondering if you had heard or read anything about it.
From: Robert Ede
Subject: Below 30 : china liability link

your below 30 article
refers to this article
these are also interesting
-since both from the same "P.R spokesman" of the Bank of China
(at the same conference, on the same day, even though reported separately)
"There is no shame in turning back, when you discover you are on the wrong path." Rce 2006

Subject: This says everything I think about the situation today.  MacKay and
 Bush came to mind as I was reading it

The Political "Warriors"
By Stephen J. Gray

 Standing on their platforms on the World Stage
Stood the political warriors of the present age
Dressed in their combat gear of expensive suits
These are today's warring kooks
They are the warriors who never fight in battle
The rear end heroes who endlessly prattle
Their mouths are their weapons to lay waste a land
While others do their dirty work when they issue a command
Political hypocrites who don't fight in the blood soaked action
Posturing and pontificating is their satisfaction
"Warrior leaders" creating hell on earth
Cackling and laughing in their insane mirth
Political clowns and dangerous with power
Authorizing bombings by the endless hours
Children are dying and a country laid waste
The "warriors" call this "humanitarian" it's to their sick taste
They feed off death and call it victory
Their propaganda sycophants will write their history
Political warriors who lead from the rear
While authorizing missiles to instill fear
Do political terrorists control and rule?
Is the world stage a platform for dangerous fools?
People are paying a terrible bloodstained price
But hey, they are being "saved" by political lice
Where will it all end, one might ask?
Political war criminals are up for the task
Creating death and destruction is their forte
Thousands and thousands of "successful" bombing sorties
The slaughtered children cry out for justice
Bombed into oblivion by those who say: "trust us"
Their homes reduced to smouldering rubble
By those who were "saving" them, but caused them trouble
Who will be the next target for this "humanitarian mission?"
By these political killers and the brotherhood of perdition
Like sharks in the water, they have tasted blood
And these "warriors" feed on adulation, even though it's crud
Are they political filth, as bad as the dictators: they say they abhor?
Birds of a feather! Are they are all warmongering whores?
It would be nice if they had to lead by example
 Put them in the front lines of war. Let them have a sample
Let them feel the horror and misery of the bombings they started
Let's see if they are "heroes" amongst the unwanted
But hey, political cowards don't fight in war
They just encourage it, more and more
Can we afford these "honorable" ones?
Who are spending billions of dollars on missiles and guns
Are they sick in the head? Are they diseased war carriers?
God save us all from these Political "Warriors?"
Stephen J. Gray
October 8, 2011.
Subject: [On-Guard] It Won't Be An Accident: The Build Up to World War III

This situation is orchestrated by the banksters, just like WWII was.  I have said this for years.  They are following the same game plan.  After all, it worked so well last time, didn't it?  I have done a lot of reading and talked to a lot of people aboout the Depression and WWII and nothing has changed.  Why can't our 'leaders' see that we are being manipulated?  Oh, I forgot, our 'leaders' support and stand with the orchestrators of this death.

It Won't Be An Accident: The Build Up to World War III Mac SlavoOctober 8th, 2011

From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <>
Subject: Democracy is not a tyranny of the majority

The Editor
The Toronto Star
Democracy is not a tyranny of the majority
Re "How the Conservatives blew it," by Linda Diebel (Oct. 7).
As inventors of democracy -- the ancient Athenians -- tell us, democracy is not a tyranny of the majority. Athenians believed that aristocrats and oligarchs didn't have any divine right to rule and ordinary citizens must have a say in the governing. So they invented a system of government involving all ctizens and called it Demokratia -- the government by the people. But when they allowed the majority to rule, the poor majority imposed heavy taxes on the rich minority who conspired to bring down democracy.
To stem any tyranny of the majority, they created the Athens Council, composed of 500 citizens chosen through lottery to represent a cross-section of the people. The Athens Council had the power to override any decision that ignored legitimate concerns of the minority.
As we don't have any non-partisan citizens forum to stem any monopoly of power by a single party, only a minority government can provide check to any tyranny of the majority. Thanks to our first-past-the-post (FPTP) electoral system, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has won a contrived majority despite winning only 40 per cent of votes in the federal election. He is already claiming that he has the mandate of the majority. He has appointed partisan Senators who failed in the federal election.
In the Ontario election, I voted for Liberal candidate Bob Chiarelli in my riding (Ottawa West), but I would have voted for NDP candidate Wendy Byrne if she had any chance of winning. If the liberal candidate were someone with less profile than Bob Chiarelli, I would have voted for her. I think many Ontarians are making a conscious decision not to allow any party to win the majority. The Liberals came close to winning a majority because they had high-profile candidates like Bob Chiarelli. As for Conservative Tim Hudak, he could have formed only a minority of his own if he was careful in his campaign. Voters are listening to inventors of democracy.

From: Ray Strachan
Subject: Wars for Oil
Why should The USA take our so-called dirty oil?
WE have a Government in Canada that when  told  "Go fight a War" Mr. Harper takes us headlong into it.    Israel and The USA   and us ,I believe have at least 3 more countries in their sights.   You know who they are. They own lots of oil.   We now definitely live in a Mental Institution called The World.   Ran by the most vicious killing machines.  Oh yes ",they are us," and our friends and allies.  According to The Great United States of America,  all the worlds problems emanate from China. And dumb fools eat that feces.
Ray Strachan

From: Anthony Silvestro,
Subject: Letter to the editor - Ontario election

Letter to the editor – Ontario election

The Ontario election is over and as for the results, well other then the tax and spend scum bag unions, and high paid government employees, who really cares?

We just witnessed the worst campaign Ontario/Upper Canada has ever seen. All 3 parties were trying to outspend each other with ridiculous promises, lies, and disgustingly expensive platforms that no one could afford. It was just a daily dose of lies, spin, BS, photo ops and more spin. The province is heavily in debt yet not one leader talked about reducing debt, reducing the size of government, a hiring/salary freeze in government, lowering taxes significantly, cutting non essential services, reducing spending …it was just pathetic to watch.

The result was the lowest turnout in history. That's right, over 50% of us did not even bother to vote, including myself. Why? Well its pretty simple, vote for what? All 3 parties sounded the same; all were trying to outspend each other… The province has gone from a $138 billion dollar debt in 2003 to a $236 billion dollar debt today, the greatest increase in the shortest amount of time in our history. Hiring, salaries and spending in government is out of control and has been for decades now. Government is spending so much money and putting future generations' so heavily in debt and they don't give a damn about it, they won't even mention this, just sickening. Now do you see why we are not voting? No one is dealing with real issues; no one is talking about this. Excessive government spending, debt, higher taxes yearly, more and more debt, spending more then we take in year after year... Not one party, not one "leader" is dealing with this reality; no one is talking about this including most of the brain dead media.

Ontario is heading down the exact same path as Quebec, Greece, and Ireland, all technically bankrupt. All going further and further into debt year after year after year… Where does it end?

Try to digest this scum bags. Who do think is going to pay off all this debt you are leaving your children and grandchildren? That's what I thought you don't care! You greedy, greedy scum bags!!!

We are not voting for a reason and there is only one solution folks. We need a new party and a new leader. Someone with vision, a real platform, policies…common sense, someone who gets it! Things need to be cut and all of the current politicians are NOT wiling to deal with this. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Anthony Silvestro,
Ottawa, Ont

Subject: Re: Office of the Prime Minister / Cabinet du Premier ministre
From: John Duddy <>
Cc: David Swann <>,
To: : David Swann <>,
 Elizabeth GPC May <>,
 Bob Rae <>,
 "Lee - M.P.Richardson" <>,
 "Hon. Scott Brison" <>,,
 Senator Grant Mitchell <>,
To: Prime Minister/Premier ministre <>,
 Joe Hueglin <>

Dear Prime Minister, many thanks for the prompt reply.

I am also sending this to Mr. Joe Hueglin in the hope that he will post it on The Daily Digest where some members of the PC Party read the news.

I will send further copies to many friends on three continents, to show them that you have acknowledged my email.

It is good to know my comments have been carefully considered.

And, I will send copies to the media.

John Duddy.   Calgary Centre.

On 2011-10-07, at 8:02 AM, Prime Minister/Premier ministre wrote:

> Dear Mr. Duddy:
> Thank you for writing to the Prime Minister. Prime Minister Harper appreciates being informed of the views of Canadians.
> Please have your staff examine the findings linked below

> To: "Prime Minister/Premier ministre" <>
Cc: "Joe Hueglin" <>, "Alberta Liberal Party" <>
Subject: The 9/11 Consensus Points | Consensus 911

Dear Prime Minister,
At a recent gathering in Toronto, a group of experts published several professional opinions that would make the official 9/11, 2001 report
appear to be a false document and a fraud foisted on the people of the planet.
Since Canada has lost many lives and spent many billions of dollars based on the official conspiracy theory, it is time you issued a statement
to the House of Commons and to the Provinces making it clear that you still accept the myth, or that you are ready to lead the nations in finding out
what really happened.
Since you are tough on crime, it is time you exposed the real terrorists who are still at large.  It is time Canada showed the world that we are
still peacekeepers.
Please have your staff examine the findings linked below
John Duddy.  Calgary Centre.

Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2011 17:51:49 -0400
Subject: Re: October 6, 2011: Libya update regarding reality and future probabilities following to-day's NATO Meeting in Brussels
From: Rene Moreau

To Joe;
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
   It may be time to start considering that some of this Libya news
 could be coming from our own media, who aren't checking the stories.
 An example, Robert Benzie, reporter for the Toronto Star, repeatedly
 says, in his articles; a source said, or a senior liberal said, or
 some other designation said, repeatedly. Last week, he used an
 un-named source to say that the escape clause for the Mississauga
 (proposed) gas power producer plant would be 1 billion dollars.  I
 read about that time that the plant itself would cost around 1.9
 billion dollars. Am I missing something here?
   Is it time to investigate the sources here.
 IMPLANTED IN  LIBYA, BEFORE, the hostilities started.
     All Authorities masquerade as government, but are corporate!!

                            Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

Subject: Executive Dissertations: Female Excellence an open letter
From: Rory Koopmans

From: Robert Ede
Subject: Shelved AG reports - contrary to law - who dares to do so?
Cc: Governor General <Marie ...snip...>,

Dear Newswatch Editor,
Thank you for including AG reports shelved behind closed doors in today's summary
This "shelving" is an unconscionable action. A cover-up in plain sight.
The Hon Minister Mr Van Loan Esq. offers up a half-truth as diversion/deflection in his customary & astoundingly-glib fashion .... and we all (ink-stained and video-blurred ones anyway) just accept his codswallop of a rationale!
The Auditor General is an Officer of Parliament (s.17, The Queen -thru the GG-, the Upper House and the Lower one) not a servile lapdog of a committee of the Commons (i.e. lowest on the power-totem constitutionally).
I care not about the political-loyalty of MPs who sit on any committee -
I care not who gave them "or else" instructions -
I want to see those reports published .... warts and all!
Particularly the "Integrity" Commissioner stuff!  -- perhaps we'll have to define the word!!
People THINK!!
On what precedent does ANY Canadian dare to defy the law? only at peril of "getting caught"!!!
What authority allows a Privy Counsellor, Senator or ordinary member to dare to conspire to keep these "official secrets" hidden from view?
Where's the Governor General in all this?  Missing In Action? Lounging at la Citadelle?
Robert Ede,

Subject: New World Order 'breaking down'
From: Steve Campbell

From Dr. Fredrick Toben:

Please view PRESS TV news clip New World Order 'breaking down' - Press TV has conducted an exclusive interview with Fredrick Toben, an Australian author and political commentator, to talk about the consequences of the ... ... and read Professor Petras' latest analysis.
Then remember that anyone working in the media, who then travels to the USA, must sign a statement promising not to make critical remarks about the United States of America. Is this the death of the USA?

Just before former US ambassador to Australia, Tom Schiefer, left his post I had a discussion with him and raised the matter of the First Amendment. He said that if it was eliminated, as some Jewish groups publicly were set on doing, then that would be the end of the USA – 'but it will never happen', he said!

Here's hoping.

Fredrick Töben - Adelaide, currently in Teheran.

From:  Bill
Subject: Re: October 6, 2011: Libya update regarding reality and future
 probabilities following to-day's NATO Meeting in Brussels

when do we start to clean up syria perhaps yemen next  lets get our peacekeepers over there  instead of our forces  coming home  from  afghanistan divert them to  the arab world and give those arab a taste of  good canadian hospitality  i'm sure the bad guys over there wont mind canadians  coming into their world  and wont retaliate and come over here and  cause trouble this would also be good for canada because it would take  our minds of our troubles and  keep us watching  to see how many canadian body bags  coming home  im sure our cost  of  fixing up libya has been not been talking about  and im sure our cost at fixing up those other  naughty arab countries would be minor  and over quickly  cheers   bill

From: Larry Kazdan
To: "Letters (ott)" <>
Subject: Letter to Editor re: European Commission calls for global tax, Canada
 says can block it,   Reuters, October 5, 2011

Re:  European Commission calls for global tax, Canada says can block it,   Reuters, October 5, 2011

Stephen Harper's Conservatives have an ambitious foreign policy initiative.  It's not to fight poverty.  It's not to fight climate change.  It's  to protect the banks from a miniscule .1% transaction tax that could help restore government budgets and assist the most vulnerable. The European Commission intends to promote a global financial transaction tax at next month's G20 summit, but Canada will try to vigorously block the proposal. Unfortunately for most Canadians, the compassionate side of the Conservatives is reserved for hedge funds, and not for ordinary people.
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Glad to see Ottawa turn off per-vote cash tap,

Re:  Glad to see Ottawa turn off per-vote cash tap,  MARILLA STEPHENSON,  Oct 6

Eliminating voter subsidies at a time when inequality is increasing, unemployment is rising, and the middle class finds itself financially squeezed will no doubt result in an advantage to parties who can attract donations mainly from the affluent; a consequence of which Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are no doubt aware.  But any advantage may be short-lived if faith in the political process is eroded and class warfare erupts in the streets.
Larry Kazdan,
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Ottawa promises  new Champlain Bridge,   René Bruemmer,
 The Gazette, October 5, 2011

Re:  Ottawa promises new Champlain Bridge,   René Bruemmer, The Gazette, October 5, 2011

The Conservatives prefer a public-private partnership for the new Champlain Bridge but is that in the public interest?  If the Bank of Canada can create funds to bail out auto companies and big financial corporations, it can also lend money directly to provinces and cities for roads and bridges, and thereby save the taxpayer billions of dollars in interest which would otherwise go into private hands. 
Lest anyone argue that Bank of Canada lending for provincial and municipal infrastructure would be inflationary, a reminder that WWII was largely fought on the basis of Bank of Canada loans at near-zero interest rates. Although the national debt at war's end stood at about 120 per cent of gross domestic product, the war was followed by a period of great economic expansion and a rising standard of living, without any inflationary outbreaks.
But the world-wide shift to neo-liberal ideas and over-reliance on private financing since the 1970s has led to greater government debt and austerity, a squeeze on the middle class, riots in Europe and now the "occupation" of Wall St. and Bay St.  It is time to stop repeating the errors of those who claim there is no alternative.  If the Bank of Canada can use its resources to prop up struggling private firms, it can just as easily lend money for solid investments like public bridges.