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Daily Digest October 29, 2011



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Best we make certain all the cats are out of the bags
so we don't end up being sold on buying  pigs in the pokes

From: John Kruithof
Subject: Harper's new winning strategy - War on Labour

The Oct. 28th DD link to “Harper’s new winning strategy – War on Labour” wwarrants close attention.  It is typical of Harper to shift the unpopular coddling of the super rich to a portrayal that it is actually the unionized working class being coddled.  He has been doing this since he set foot in Ottawa (and probably before that): Tar other political parties with shenanigans actually being conducted by Conservatives.  Harper’s credibility is like the approaching winter: below zero.
During my working life, I was quite active in the labour movement and trust it will rise to the occasion and make a good case for the continued existence of unions.
John Kruithof
Ottawa South

From: Robert Ede <>
Subject: Capping debate
 Is Tory penchant for capping Commons debate efficient – or arrogant?

" Why do you have to invoke the big stick on every occasion?"

 An Answer
As the author of the linked piece stated "Prime Minister Stephen Harper is determined to push these items – some of which have been on his agenda for a very long time – through Parliament with as little opposition input as possible. "
They ran on these points or proposed them in prior sessions (repeatedly)
They have the minimum majority of 50%+1 trained seals (totally unsatisfactory in my mind -2/3rds far better)
The minimum number of Canadians voted in the minimum # of ridings to support this Party's trained seals .... rather than someone else's trained seals
Perhaps this is what is meant by "minimalist" government.
PS Why did the late Mr Layton go on TV calling himself Prime Minister Layton in the last few days of election ? ... if he had not done so, IMHO, Firewall Steve would have been held to a minority (and then quit, like he always does)
From: Ray Strachan
Subject: Beaver or Bear
Beaver or Bear, neither has come close to destroying the inhuman race.
If I had my druthers I would personally adopt  " The Dove". I would do that for my children and grandchildren.  I know, The Dove is an animal, but, I am hopeful that if I win the $40,000,000 jackpot this evening,that I will qualify as a lobbyist. MY first lobby would be to legislate that a "Dove" would not be classed as an animal,just a simple bird.    Anyone think, that forty million could buy that?.  I really don't know the cost of bribery.    I would only hope that it could ,if the right manoeuvres were made, and that The Dove, would become "The Canadian Symbol ",by a very wide majority of voters.
Ray Strachan

From: John Duddy
To: "Prime Minister/Premier ministre" <>
Subject: Please, Prime Minister, protect Canada from similar situation.
Subject: Wonderful news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blair & Bush To Be Tried For War Crimes

Source : Press Release
  KUALA LUMPUR, 20 October 2011
Subject: I put my faith in creative philanthropy - The Globe and Mail
To: Prime Minister/Premier ministre <>

Dear Prime Minister, please read the comments following this item in Globe & Mail.

You will read lots about your friends here.

Too bad you allowed Bush, Blair and Cheney to enter Canada.

From: "Sandra Finley" <>
Subject: It is all right here:  The Third Industrial Revolution - an interview with Jeremy Rifkin.
This email is posted on-line at 

 For me, the interview below is amazing, exciting!

I just called the bookstore:  they have both of Rifkin's most recent books in.   The Empathic Civilization and The Third Industrial Revolution.  I am going to get them.   Rifkin's insights are a beacon on the way forward. 

The interview makes one painfully aware of the lack of enlightened political leadership in Canada.  Maybe we could entice the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, for example, to immigrate!    The back-up plan:  we have to become informed ourselves.  Drive the change from the bottom-up, if it's not coming from the top-down.

It is all right here:  The Third Industrial Revolution - an interview with Jeremy Rifkin.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: NAU Harper style???  Harper is giving our country away and must be stopped
Subject: [more slaughter in Africa.  Weren't we supposed to send aid money  there because the people were starving?  I guess bombs are easier to send.
  The US afraid of the word Islamist?  They believe their own lies about  9/11?????
Wasted $1 trillion in the futile Iraq war? Being defeated by medieval Afghan tribesmen? Can't pay your bills at home or abroad? Government paralyzed? Worried about China?

What's the answer? Simple.

A new little war in Africa.

Having finished off former ally Muammar Gadaffi, the US Pentagon, CIA, and the new US Africa Command are now focusing on East Africa.
Subject: Criminals have rights in Canada, victims don't?  We bomb other countries because they don't live up to our 'standards' and yet we subject  our people to known criminals without a thought?  We are sick

From: The Natroses

Hi Joe, Geoffry mentions Nigel Farage, but suggests that he is not part of the mainstream, but rather out there in his politics. Could not be further from the truth. He is a person to watch for, a man who basically opposes globalization that ends up costing ordinary citizens dearly in their respective countries.
Just one letter of an ordinary citizen, that speaks more on the European Union and the costs that are inflicted on the ordinary citizens.
"'Despite being a qualified refrigeration and air conditioning engineer since 1982 unless I have an EU safety certificate, I am unable to work.
To work with refrigerants, which are an essential part of my job, I need a certificate which last year cost me in the region on £2000 despite having worked with them since 1979.

On top of this, should I want to work on vehicles, I would have to spend another £200 or so to take a course which will provide me with an inferior qualification but which will have the correct number on it.

I can have two vans outside: same make, same model. One I can (legally) repair and one I can't, even though BOTH refrigeration systems are driven from the engine.

The difference is, one vehicles refrigeration system cools the cargo compartment and the other cools the passenger compartment.

                                             "So I'm over qualified then?"

"Well yes, but you haven't got the correct certificate!"

The difference is, one vehicles refrigeration system cools the cargo compartment and the other cools the passenger compartment.

I am not permitted to work on the latter, as the certificate I have doesn't have the correct number on it!

This all means additional costs in money and time for the small businessman which cannot absorb the costs in the way large companies can. Once again the EU has made life more difficult for those of us who want to contribute to the British economy because of ill thought out laws made by civil servants."

Nigel belongs to the UK Independence Party, a party that is growing throughout Europe.

"Some truths about the EU…

Britain is deeper in debt than an ANY time in its history and yet we're borrowing MORE money to pay for the EU. In fact the EU is now costing Britain £45 million a day!

The £300 billion paid to date would pay for thousands of doctors, nurses, teachers, hospitals and schools. Without the EU, tuition fees could be scrapped, VAT slashed, immigration could be controlled.

Here are some common myths and truths about the EU...

THE MYTH: 'The EU is good for the economy'

THE TRUTH: It costs us around £45 million a day to be part of the vast European bureaucracy, yet the benefits are hard to define and especially hard to justify when we're already deep in debt. We're borrowing money to pay for the EU. And with 70% of our laws now made in Brussels, we're being strangled by red tape. And we're bailing out the Eurozone, even though we aren't in the Euro.

Find out more here...

Join online now
THE MYTH: 'The EU is all about trade and jobs – vote YES for a Common Market'

THE TRUTH: When Britain voted 'yes' in the 1975 referendum, we didn't really know what we were voting for. It was a trick. Who would have voted for a colossal, centralised bureaucracy, the eradication of our borders and the loss of British sovereignty? Recently, the EU announced its own Diplomatic Service, costing £8 billion and duplicating existing national embassies around the world. There will soon be EU missions in Barbados (46 lucky staff), Burkina Faso in Africa and Vanuatu in the Pacific. EU money already subsidises French colonies in South America and the Caribbean."

Question: How much is it costing ordinary Canadians to maintain NAFTA, the harmonization of rules, and what will be the costs for having a trade agreement with the European Union?  How much is it costing ordinary Canadians, for world wide globalization, along with the harmonization in terms of increase prices in food, shelter, drugs, health, water, hydro rates, and all the other necessary services and goods needed to keep the wolf away from the door.

An example: " The European Commission is to demand direct taxation powers to generate one-third of the EU budget by 2020 under proposals that will impose £3 billion a year in "stealth taxes" levied on Britons.

The measure would add an extra tax burden to the average British family of over £200 a year for the EU financial period 2013 to 2020.

Janusz Lewandowski, the European budget commissioner, wants tax raising powers to shift EU funding from national government transfers to EU-wide taxation on energy, travel or banking.

"I have as an objective a future budget being fed two thirds, 66 per cent by member state contributions, and own resources, one third, or 33 per cent," he told The Daily Telegraph."

Another question:  Will there be stealth taxes imposed unto Canadians, to pay for the operations of the trade agreement between Europe and Canada?  I would say yes, in so many different ways, because enforcement will be a bitch on the Canadian side. Dealing with all the little municipalities, and provinces that want to contract out to their own, bringing out the nationalism that is so eschewed by the trade agreements. After all, in the NAFTA agreement, heaven forbid if a municipality decided to banned a product for health reasons, and than they are paid back, by having the companies suing them for breeching the free trade agreement.

I am in agreement with Farage, that the individual countries need to develop a backbone and protect the individual sovereignty of the individual countries, instead of the current fiasco of eroding the rights and freedoms of the individual citizens, to create economic activities of crass opportunistic always favouring the bottom profit lines of the international companies, as well as forcing citizens to choose between two evils, and if not, penalized them by bearing the full weight of the laws of the country. I cannot help thinking of the Canadian potato  farmer and his imprisonment.

"The lawyer for a New Brunswick farmer jailed in Lebanon for more than four months says his client is being treated like a criminal and the Canadian government is doing nothing to help.

Jim Mockler said Tuesday night that Henk Tepper, 44, of Drummond is being held in a cell in Beirut because of a commercial dispute with Algeria and has not been charged with anything.

"From where I stand the government has done absolutely nothing, the embassy has done absolutely nothing, and I just find that beyond despicable," Mockler said to about 125 people gathered at the municipal hall in Tepper's home community in the province's northwest.

Tepper was detained in Lebanon on March 23 under a criminal warrant issued by the International Criminal Police Organization at the request of the Algerian government.

Algeria alleges that Tepper forged documents related to the export of Canadian potatoes to the country in 2007, claiming in the warrant that he was trying to sell food he knew was rotten.

Tepper's lawyer denied the allegation, stating the potatoes were inspected in Canada before shipment and met Algerian standards."

However, I doubt it that the governments of the world, will developed a backbone, because globalization, trade agreements, and the subsequent harmonization of rules and regulations, have benefited governments throughout the world, by having greater control over what, where, by whom their citizens can access and take advantage of their freedoms and rights. And provides the structure, where the big global corporations have the final say in government policies. It is why hydro rates across the country are increasing as well as other consumer prices, and the prisons are filling up with people for non-payment of fines, in violation of the rules and regulatory regime. Just check out the European Union, and soon to come in some watered-down version in North America.