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Daily Digest October 24, 2011

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Defence Department looks to freeze size of regular forces, sell off property
Canadian Forces will be frozen at 68,000 people for the next several
years and the military and Defence Department will look at selling off property and shutting down facilities
as part of its belt-tightening, according to documents obtained by the Ottawa Citizen.

Huntsville emails raise new questions about G8 fund
Newly released documents suggest Conservative cabinet ministers were given the power
to directly approve infrastructure projects submitted to the cabinet by individual MPs.

Why Occupy Wall Street Is Analogous To The American Revolution

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19h56 - Frontières · La taxe d'entrée de 5,50 $ est là pour rester
19h00 - Selon un nouveau livre du colonel Drapeau · La justice militaire canadienne est désuète
18h46 - Politique · Le Canada ne craint pas l'adoption de la charia en Libye
18h40 - Politique · Fermetures de bases militaires: le ministre MacKay reste vague
18h22 - Programme Qualité Logi-être · Les aînés pourront exprimer leur satisfaction
17h59 - Politique · Un colloque pour repenser la social-démocratie québécoise
17h53 - Politique · Michael Ferguson au poste de vérificateur général du Canada
17h18 - Projet de loi controversé · Ottawa est maintenant prêt à abolir le registre des armes d'épaule
16h34 - Famille · 15 000 nouvelles places en garderie d'ici 2016
16h11 - Construction · Débrayages sur les chantiers du Québec
15h23 - Selon un rapport soumis à l'ONU · Le Canada néglige les enfants autochtones
15h03 - Commonwealth · Harper va défendre les droits de la personne
12h07 - Médias · Le «Huffington Post Québec» sera lancé en janvier
11h59 - Finances · Raymond Bachand fera sa mise à jour économique mardi
04h16 - Augmentation mammaire · Implants: principaux risques possibles
04h08 - Augmentation mammaire · Des implants dangereux


'High-class terrorists running US, UK and France'

Which countries may be the next target?
Answers at the videos end.
Something to follow on the Digest, eh.

From: John Duddy
Subject: Gaddafi's Stolen Billions: Max Keiser Explains 'Financial Terrorism' - YouTube
To: "Prime Minister/Premier ministre" <pm@pm.gc.ca>
Subject: Fw: News on Bush protest in Surrey BC on October 20th
: "Prime Minister/Premier ministre" <pm@pm.gc.ca>
Cc: <Rae.B@parl.gc.ca>, May, E. GPC" <emay@magma.ca>

News on Bush protest in Surrey on October 20th
BC protestors give raucous welcome to bush


Hundreds demand George Bush's arrest

George Bush protest surrey

Bush event draws protests

From: Ray Strachan
Subject: Socialist Haze
Mr. Rutty, perhaps all the people who are against your particular type of human being,are neither free lunchers or Socialists.   Its funny, in my lifetime I have found that, the people most likely spewing  your  brand of (Dribble lol), are the first to figure out how to get something for nothing. That is what you people live for. The ones you brand as   Socialist freeloaders, if you will notice, have a heart, they dont like seeing unfair division of wealth such as it is. It has never been ,like the propaganda you people have spewed." Ohhhh, they want to have everyone making the same amount of money". Of course that drivell has always been, stupid,ridiculous and dishonest .  Mr. Rutty, I will try to understand that you, and your ilk ,own all the natural resources in Canada, The USA and in fact the world,therefore all the $$$$ that ultimately come from those resources are yours??, Wrong. Try to get your greed in check . We are lucky enough in Canada to have Medicare, its not perfect because there are too many infiltrators who want it to fail.    Here is a tip Mr. Rutty. Medicare does finance implanting new hearts , or as in your case, having one is questionable,all you need do is apply. As you say, everything has its price,it would cost you your real self. Thats not an option is it?
Ray Strac
Subject: Alberta Reform Party
Canada is now governed by The Alberta Reform Party.
What did they stand for?      What did they finally become.
The Government of Canada.      Lucky us.
I wont lie, I have lived in Alberta  for 41 years,had no use for them at their best,now that they have reached great hights, I have less use for them.   The National Progressive Conservatives capitulated to scum.    Because the (Progressive Conservative of Canada)     had more sympathy to the Alberta Reform Party than to decency.
Where are the Progressive Conservatives in The Canadian Conservative Party,,What ever were The Progressive Conservatives.   I dont really ecspect an answer.which rules us?
They are dead because they were torn.    Be Progressive or go to Fascist Power.    Well enough of them went to fascist power

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Libya destroyed 'democratically'?????

A Libyan in London Speaks about Libya - Part 1

A Libyan in London Speaks about Libya - Part 2

From: "S.McDowall"
Subject: comment - the CPP Fund

What will happen to these funds if there is a stock market crash...which is not at all unlikely.
Once the policy as to how these funds could be invested  was changed they were put at far greater risk than in the past.
It is not as if the politicians, political leaders etc were not warned over and over again.  Particularly the NDP had it spelled out for them.  Still they put the welfare of the financial institutions, many in the U.S., ahead of Canadians.   All the NDP has talked about is overall reform of pension funds...nothing about the CPP.  Nothing at all, yet they were not ignorant of the risk

----- Original Message -----
the CPP Fund

  If the CPP Fund value follows  global stock indicies and  "private equity" is adjusted in value parallel to the publicly traded equities then the reduction in portfolio value will have been about $16 billion from April 1st to October 1st.
It is possible that a "value at risk" examination caused the CPP IB to cash up in May and April but unlikely as that practice seems out of character for the CPP IB. Mind you if VAR signals were correct, as they should have been for a sensative model, and the CPP IB took action on such information then the second quarter report will reveal it. Something to look forward to in a few weeks.

"All He needs to do is to READ the Bank Of Canada Preamble to find the purpose of OUR (yours and mine) Central Bank".
  1. Flaherty Considering More Explicit Bank of Canada Mandate BusinessWeek - 3 days ago Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said he's considering a more explicit mandate for the Bank of Canada, rather than adding to thecentral ... 310 related articles
From: Mahmood Elahi
Subject: to the editor

The Editor
The Ottawa Sun
For the sake of national unity, Ontario should forgo more seats
Re "Quebec's political woes a self-inflicted wound," by John Robson (Oct. 23).
With more than 3 million square miles, Canada is a huge country -- the second largest in the world. Yet, with only 33 million people, it has a tiny demographically. And most of this small population are concentrated in Ontario (13 million) and Quebec (7 million). With 106  out of a total of 308 seats, Ontario already dominates the electoral scene. The Liberals, led by Jean Chretien, won three back-to-back majorities by winning 100 of Ontario's then 103 seats, despite losing most seats to the Bloc in Quebec and to the Reform/CA in the West. After sweeping Ontario, the Liberals needed only marginal seats elsewhere to form a majority. Similarly, the Conservatives formed a majority by winning more seats in Ontario than the total number of seats they won in all four provinces in the West.
If Ontario is awarded more seats because of its growing population, its domination will be total. Moreover, if representation by population is considered as the guiding principle, then our first-past-the-post (FPTP) electoral system that allows a party winning majority of seats and minority of votes is undemocratic. Prime Minister Stephen Harper won a contrived majority, despite winning only 40 per cent of votes.
However, democracy is not a tyranny of the majority and in all fairness, provinces with smaller and less growing population should be awarded more seats to address their concerns about being swamped by growing population of Ontario, Alberta and B.C. As for Quebec, as the only and the lonely French-speaking majority province in North America, Quebec should be allowed to have more seats than its population permit. For the sake of national unity, Ontario should forgo any increase in seats.
Subject: Pipeline will create few temporary jobs at the expense of envionment
To: "Letters to the Editor" <lettertoed@thestar.ca>

The Editor
The Toronto Star
Pipeline will create few temporary jobs at the expense of environment
Re "Pipe dreams?" by Bruce Campion-Smith (Insight, Oct. 22).
The proposed pipeline to carry Alberta oil-sands crude to Gulf Coast refineries in Texas will create some temporay jobs at the expense of agriculture and environment. It will not make even a small dent on the America's depressed job market. To create jobs on a mass scale, Obama will have resort to major stimulus spending to improve America's crumbling infrastrructure abd public services and he will have to raise taxes on the rich to fund the projects. Allowing the pipeline may actually hurt, not help, him in the job market.
Allowing the proposed pipeline on the hope of creating enough jobs will be counterproductive. It will only enrage the environmentalists and their acolytes who might abstain in the election and Obama might lose the election because of their non-participation. As Bruce Campion Smith has rightly pointed out: "Disgruntled environmentalists aren't likely to vote for Republicans. Rather, the greater danger is that they will sit this election out completely, robbing Obama of the volunteers, financing, and ultimately the votes that helped him to win in 2008 and that he badly needs again next year." Obama will commit political suicide if he buys the argument that the pipeline will create many jobs in the U.S.
As for Canada, refining the crude in Alberta rather than piping out for refining in Texas will create many permanent jobs in Canada.

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Let the U.S. judge Bush, Sat Oct 22 2011
To: lettertoed@thestar.ca

Re:  Let the U.S. judge Bush, Sat Oct 22 2011

Even if one does accept the argument that George W. Bush should be prosecuted in the U.S., why was he given a green light into Canada?  Numerous individuals have been denied entry at the border because of their association, sometimes quite tenuous, with subversion, violence or terrorism.  However, there is overwhelming evidence that the Bush administration was responsible for systematic abuses - kicking captives, confining them in boxes, depriving them of sleep and exposing them to cold temperatures, waterboarding, shackling them for prolonged periods, and threatening their families with ill-treatment. You can bet your throwing booties that any former leader from Sudan, Iran or North Korea with that kind of record wouldn't be in Canada giving speeches at $600-a-plate dinners.
Subject: Letter to Editor re: New stealth  fighters lack ability to communicate from Canada's north, Murray Brewster, Sunday, Oct. 23, 2011
To: Letters@globeandmail.com

Re:  New stealth fighters lack ability to communicate from Canada's north, Murray Brewster, Sunday, Oct. 23, 2011

Although the F-35 fighter jets may not have appropriate communication capabilities for Canada's north, could be difficult to land there, present technical problems for refueling, have single engines that could put our pilots at risk, and may cost more than we bargained for, let's look at the positive side.  Even if these aircraft have limited use in carrying out urgent humanitarian missions, their full panoply of missiles, cannons and bombs will be very useful to the U.S. if we are ever asked to be a junior partner in their next war.

From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: Tories poised to loosen self-defence laws

The Harper government has pledged to alter Canada's laws governing self defence, with an eye to giving citizens increased latitude to protect
themselves and their property. http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Tories+poised+loosen+self+defence+laws/5599747/story.html

From: "Sandra Finley" <sabest1@sasktel.net>
Subject: Update on ARREST BUSH:  Attorney General of BC arbitrarily stays torture charges against Bush.
on-line at  http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=3403

The battle heats up.  More people are active, more are aware of what Canadian authorities do or don't do.

This is the latest development in the efforts to have George Bush and Company tried for war crimes.   The B.C. Attorney General immediately blocked a private prosecution of Bush for torture. 
At some point it may be necessary to do what I said needed to be done  (2009-09-30): 

Let's say that they do not arrest Bush.  That would open the way AFTER Bush's visit, to bring legal action against the responsible persons for failure to carry out their duties under the law.

BTW:  I sometimes post information to the blog but don't find time to email it out.  Please go to www.sandrafinley.ca (Arrest George Bush) if you are looking for more.  

Thanks!  /Sandra
Subject: U.S. Marines join the OCCUPY movement!

Semper Fi: Occupy Marines Bringing Reinforcements To Occupy The Nation October 22, 2011

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:  I wonder if they will investigate NATO human rights abuses???

PM heads for Commonwealth hornet's nest
Debate expected over rights abuses
By Mark Kennedy, Postmedia News October 24, 2011
Read more: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/business/heads%2BCommonwealth%2Bhornet%2Bnest/5595442/story.html#ixzz1biUrat2E
Subject: [Wopnder how Harper likes the result of his killing Libyans has become?  Where is bin Laden when you need a scapegoat???  Oh right, he has already died twice so he is at the bottom of the ocean.

Divide and Rule: Sharia Law Comes to Libya Kurt Nimmo Infowars.com October 24, 2011
Abdul-Jalil is from the Harabi tribe in eastern Libya. Harabi is connected to the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG ) and al-Qaeda. The LIFG is now known as the Islamic Movement for Change and has vowed to turn Libya into an Islamic state.
"We are an Islamic state," said Jalil....
International bankers wasted little time after the murder of Gaddafi. On October 20, the IMF and World Bank announced they would soon assess Libya's "economic and financial needs," including the repair of "water, energy and transport sectors as Libya's ruling National Transitional Council [al-Qaeda] focuses on rebuilding Libya" following its destruction by NATO and its designer rebels....(emphasis added)
[read full article at link below] http://www.prisonplanet.com/divide-and-rule-sharia-law-comes-to-libya.html
Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks with Chairman of the Libyan National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdul Jalil
Subject:  Gadhaffi was not the leader of the country but people listened to him.  Would that we had a leader of Gadhaffi's courage and ethics
Drones, Dictators, Dirty Deals: By RT
Gaddafi worth more dead than alive?
Subject: Libya had real democracy until NATO came!
Mixed Messages On Gaddafi
By Stephen Lendman 10-24-11 http://www.rense.com/general95/mix.htm
Nothing from NATO, political capitals, puppet TNC officials, and major media scoundrels is credible. Nonetheless, manipulated public opinion says he's gone.

From: The Natroses

Joe, here is another inspiring message - lyrics and music by Johnny Cash - Very powerful

On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 8:56 PM,

One way of protest, is to stopped watching Dragon Den's, and it might effectively get the CBC's attention that some staff are just plain out offensive.
"UPDATE -- CBC issues apology on 2011-10-18
http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/olearys-nutbar-remark-breach-of -...

"CBC: "The watchdog says hundreds of complaints were filed after Mr. O'Leary called the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist "a nutbar" during CBC News Network's The Lang & O'Leary Exchange on Oct. 6. The remark came during a seven-minute segment about the Occupy Wall Street protests unfolding in the United States."
One of the comments from the 1547 is this one, "Kevin O'Leary is uninformed, self absorbed, unintelligent and ignorant. And those are nice things that can be said about him. Every time I see him on CBC Newsworld in the morning trying to show off how important he is by being interviewed via skype in his self aggrandizing locations, I cringe. His opinions are not well thought, not supported in fact and just blatherings of a man who has never had to work hard for anything in his life.

O'Leary yearns to be the next Donald Trump and in that regard, he's half way there, not a real business person and unbelievably offensive.

Lang is almost as bad.

The CBC though shouldn't be up in arms, they hired this buffoon. What do they expect?!?"

On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 5:59 PM,

Joe, another interview - "Chris Hedges: "What happens is in all of these movements ... the foot soldiers of the elite -- the blue uniformed police, the mechanisms of control -- finally don't want to impede the movement and at that point the power elite is left defenseless ... the only thing I can say having been in the middle of similar movements is that this one is real, and this one could take them all down ... I can guarantee you that huge segments of those blue uniformed police sympathize with everything that you're doing." -- Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges brings his 20 years of experience as a war correspondent, having covered movements and revolutions throughout the the world, to the discussion."

On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 5:44 PM,

Joe, A call for a massive protest, on October 28, 2011. But it has a twist, and you don't have to carry a sign.

On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 2:06 PM,

Joe, I roared with laughter, and the predictable reaction of Lorimer. He cannot be bother to review his stance, on using the words of a preacher, and rather a famous one,  than twisting his words, to suit the sensibilities of the ultra-conservatives, to preach the working class needs to be under a 'nanny' state to ensure that they would complied to all directives from the government. Of course, in his world, it doesn't applied to him even though he is in the same vote as the rest of us. Than he calls me part of the free lunch crowd. By the way Lorimer, would that include the senior citizens known to populate the malls, to save on heating and cooling costs at their homes as part of the free lunch crowd. Or do you see it, as a necessary unwritten policy for governments, not to provide social policies concerning quality of life issues. I meant dribble, because it was dribble that was written.
Another post in the DD, that is a must read is Richard's link. "Who's bailing whom? Challenging the private credit system"
http://rwer.wordpress.com/2011/10/20/who%e2%80%99s-bailing-whom-challenging-the-private-credit-system/ Creating money out of thin air, is a favourite of the banking system, as well as the current governments especially in the developed countries. What other economic policy, can keep ordinary citizens so busy at taking care of day to day things, trying to keep the wolf from the door. Perhaps Lorimer is one of the wolves, baying at those who dare to voice their concerns, in the protests. Try this one from one of the 99 percenters. He even has a job Lorimer.
Married, 2 kids, employed, good health, shop at Target

Drink at Starbucks.  "No alarms & no surprises, please."

I do not live in poverty.  I do not need welfare.

I am not on the fringe of society.

I am "middle class" = I live paycheck -to-paycheck.

Mortgage ——–> $50 K underwater

Student loan debt ——–> $50K

No savings,  no assets,  I own nothing.

What I DO want:

Politicians & corporations held accountable

Change that is actualized, not promised

Upheaval of special interests, greed, systemic inequalities and cultural divisiveness.

I AM THE 99%

I am speaking up for the first time in my life.

There will be others."

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/who-are-the-99-percent-story-12.html#ixzz1bWgCiib6
Call them the free lunch crowd if you wish Lorimer, but if you really did the research, the free lunch crowd is the one percenters, and boy do they have expensive tastes and needs to satisfied their palates. The corporate welfare bunch, the free handouts, is no match for the ordinary citizens who shoplift food in a grocery store. Jail for them, and to set an example for the rest of the 99 percenters, who thinks there is a free lunch, or dare to help ourselves in the same way as the one percenters. After all, God put us on this earth to take care of the one percenters? Isn't that what you think Lorimer? I can't really tell, because you never support your stances, with evidence and logic.
"That's what food retailers all across the world have been asking, according to a new report by the Centre for Retail Research (CRR), which finds that cheese is the most stolen food internationally. The report studies the problem of "shrinkage," quite possibly the best euphemism ever. Shrinkage refers to the phenomenon whereby inventories shrink for unknown reasons — almost always shoplifting and employee theft or occasionally having to with stocking errors. In other words, CRR is looking at which foods are the most stolen in the world."

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/what-is-the-most-stolen-food-in-the-world.html#ixzz1bWielt95
I can believe that too, since cheese is quickly becoming part of the luxury food items. Something that is fought over in the trade agreements across the world. Globalization has done wonders, to ensure cheeses across the world are the most expensive of the dairy products. Cheese once upon a time, a staple for the ordinary people.  Alas, no more.
Yes Lorimer, every decision has its price. There is always trade-off and benefits. But you seem to forget, that no one lives in a vacuum, where the individual  decisions do not impact others. Saying that, when a government moves towards policies that favours the one percenters, and make up excuses, (some of them being very pathetic), for the inflation, high banking fees, and so forth. It amounts to the same thing as in the old days of kings and queens, and their justifications in razing down the thatched homes of their serfs, gather them up for press labour in their armed forces, exiling them to far off lands, or hanging them for a stolen crust of bread. Today the only difference is, that it is the individuals making the day to day decisions of food, shelter,  transportation and other basic needs, within the parameters of the economic policies and free market. Except it is not a free market in its true sense, since the market is rigged in the first place, controlling prices, supply lines, and traffic flow. Crony capitalism where the costs are passed down to the bottom 80 percenters, plus become the blame for everything that goes wrong in society. Than new policies and products are developed to counteract the bad outcomes in society, but most of them are taxes, and more things to buy, in order to save a buck or two, to pay for the overall increases in some other aspect of the market. As for the big guys that form the one percenters, their charity only extends to the political voices of the world, and if one adds up the other charitable donations from the one percenters, it would amount to 2 percent of the profits that are raked in by the big guys. Even their political donations, topped over the 10 percent mark. But than again, donations to the political world, has big pay offs, and the purchased of political capital, compared to feeding the destitute. The big guys have found ways to make a profit no matter what, and if they could, they make a profit off the dead. Yes, Lorimer accepting the alms of the big guys has a heavy price, because underneath the giving, there is profit being made, and political capital being purchased.