Sunday, October 23, 2011

Daily Digest October 22-23, 2011


F-35 stealth fighters lack ability to communicate from Canada's north
Canada's new multibillion-dollar stealth fighters lack the built-in capacity to communicate from the country's most northerly regions.


Tunisia voters go to polls in historic free election
         Libya's interim PM says he'll resign
Libyan pathologist confirms headshot killed Gadhafi
         Libyan PM 'wanted Gaddafi alive'
'Gaddafi murder - international crime' VIDEO -
         Libya's largest tribe is an unnecessary enemy of the NTC
What's next in post-Gathafi era?
         Gathafi is dead but his arms are alive, threaten Africa
'Mission accomplished': NATO to wrap up war effort after Gathafi's death
         Gaddafi's Body is Latest War Trophy for Misrata
Savagery or the rule of law?Captured: The Last Moments of Colonel Gaddafi
        Gaddafi Tortured, Then Shot by Libyan Rebels
Exposed: "Civilizations" BarbarityGaddafi's Grisly Death Raises Questions
        Obama: Gadhafi, Iraq Show Renewed US Leadership
Was Gadaffi Toppled And Murdered By Economic Hitmen? 2 Minute Video http ://
        Gaddafi's Murder and International Law
West Planning Libya Solution For Syria Moscow slams Western draft resolution on
        Documents : White House and No 10 Sought to Topple the Syrian Regime
Turkey Preparing Military Intervention in Syria:.
        From Imperial Democracy to Imperial Police StateThe First Amendment The Obligation to Peacefully Disrupt in a Free Society.
        A World United for Human Rights
Another US Debt Downgrade Is Coming
        49 Kurdish rebels killed in clashes with Turkish soldiers:
Five killed in northern Iraq attacks:
        Iraq PM says failed talks on immunity for US soldiers led to full American military withdrawal : ."
The Iraq War Ain't Over, No Matter What Obama Says: .
Muqtada Al Sadr considers US embassy employees "occupiers; should be    fought":
Clinton implicitly warns Iran not to interfere in Iraq:
        John Bolton Admits All Of These Wars Are For Oil - Video -
24 "militants" killed in Afghanistan: .
         Afghanistan to back Pakistan if wars with U.S. - Karzai:
Pakistan: Nato troops build up on border: .
        At least 20 killed in clashes in Yemeni capital :
Yemen regime massacres dozens as Saleh considers immunity deal: .
        US kills 9 people in Somalia: .
West Papua : Six Dead, Many Injured And In Hiding:
        Four killed as Syrian army clashes with suspected defectors: - .
Iran's Ahmadinejad condemns 'killings,' 'massacre' in ally Syria:
         Ahmadinejad warns US to stay out of Syria: .
Fmr. Director of the CIA calls for an attack on Syria: "
        Gaddafi: "I chose to stay, fight and die with dignity":
Gaddafi's Body To Go To His Extended Family:
        Libyans rule out Kadhafi autopsy but promise probe: .
'Gaddafi Murder - International Crime' :
        Death of Gaddafi May Have Been a War Crime:
I will always love you, Gaddafi tells Obama: .
        Russia bans entry to some US officials:
Australia, US to discuss increasing joint military exercises:
         Millionaires Control 39% of Global Wealth: .
US Debt Downgrade Is Coming In Just A Few Weeks:
        Aussie riot police break up Occupy protest: .
Scores arrested at 'Occupy Chicago' protest:
         California: Occupy Oakland defies vacate orders:

23 October, 2011

Ban voices sympathy, offers UN help after deadly quake in Turkey
UN renews commitment to support Libya as new leaders declare liberation
Cambodia needs to adopt independent judiciary, democratic pluralism – UN expert
UN-backed meeting considers better use of geospatial technology for development

22 October, 2011

UN gives a helping hand to Tunisia ahead of landmark elections
Secretary-General pays tribute to late renowned jurist Antonio Cassese
UN chief voices sadness at passing of Saudi Crown Prince

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22h44 - Victor-Lévy Beaulieu · Foyers recherchés pour minous orphelins
22h33 - Conseil général · Le NPD et le Bloc québécois dans le même hôtel
22h23 - Refonte des commissions scolaires · Des résolutions controversées au menu
21h41 - Rumeurs de démission sur Facebook · Bachand rétablit les faits
21h39 - Pouvoir de contrainte de la commission · Le Barreau a fait plier Charest
20h54 - Commission d'enquête · L'opposition dénonce la «manoeuvre» de Charest
20h39 - Congrès du PLQ · Un congrès branché sur Twitter
19h08 - Ottawa · Les gangs de rue recrutent chez les plus jeunes
15h06 - Élèves handicapés · Pas évident pour les parents et les enseignants
14h45 - Perturbation du congrès libéral · Des tomates pour Jean Charest
14h41 - Nouveau programme · Soutien aux familles des soldats morts au combat