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Daily Digest October 17, 2011



Texas conservatives reject Harper's crime plan
Been there; done that; didn't work,' say Texas crime-fighters.
Conservatives in the United States' toughest crime-fighting jurisdiction ­ Texas ­
say the Harper government's crime strategy won't work.


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21h34 - Économie sociale · Assurer l'intégration économique des Premières Nations
21h19 - Commission d'enquête sur la construction · Charest pourrait aller de l'avant
20h56 - Contrebande de tabac · Des pertes de 225 millions $ pour Québec
20h07 - Langues officielles · Les transporteurs affiliés visés
19h56 - Québec · Un comité étudiera les drames familiaux
19h29 - «Indignés» · L'opposition tente de récupérer le mouvement
19h17 - Législatives de 2012 · Les Français du Canada ne pourront pas voter
18h02 - Calendrier scolaire · Le fédéral remet Pessamit à l'ordre
17h54 - CSST · De bonnes idées pour prévenir les accidents?
17h31 - Ottawa · Imprudence d'une clinique
17h11 - De Québec à Toronto · Un TGV économiquement viable
17h02 - Rapport fédéral d'experts · Favoriser l'innovation en entreprise
16h07 - Nouvelles infrastructures · Moratoire sur le développement autoroutier
15h54 - Union européenne | Canada · Un cheval de Troie contre le projet de libre-échange
15h40 - Gaz de schiste · Bilan sombre d'un voyage en Pennsylvanie
13h44 - Nouvelle-Écosse · Le cimetière de l'Atlantique devient un parc national
12h33 - Congrès à Québec · Les libéraux vont avoir de la compagnie
12h14 - Sondage · Un jeune Québécois sur cinq n'a pas le moral
12h11 - Canada · Les temps d'attente pour une chirurgie en hausse
11h01 - Chantiers de construction · L'intimidation serait encore présente
09h00 - Ottawa · Harper choisit deux nouveaux juges à la Cour suprême
07h39 - Loi sur l'éthique · Charest mis au défi
06h09 - Tabac · 1150 dépanneurs ont fermé
06h09 - Contestation · En guerre contre Hydro
05h45 - Violence envers les profs · Un véritable fléau
05h29 - Rentabilité · Un TGV entre Québec et Toronto serait économiquement viable


23h59 - Terrebonne · Démissions à l'association libérale
22h46 - Course à la direction du NPD · D'autres appuis pour Brian Topp
22h10 - Industrie de la construction · Une commission d'enquête annoncée mardi?
20h28 - Construction navale · Un contrat militaire de 35 milliards $
18h42 - Faim dans le monde · Oxfam presse Harper d'agir
17h31 - Toxicomanie · Un nouveau départ pour 230 personnes
16h40 - «Indignés» · L'opposition interpelle les conservateurs
12h06 - LGBT · Subventions pour lutter contre l'homophobie

From: Ron Thornton
Subject: Daily Digest October 15, 2011

Hey Joe:

Just a few quick comments in regards to the latest Digest. Should the CBC lose 10% funding? Not sure on an amount, but they are basically just PBS with attitude. Time to ring those phone folks.
-- Quebeckers want power, not independence? Good to know. If the rest of us remember that, they will wind up with neither.
--A Montreal suburb's mayor denounces the mafia's role in construction? Hell, J. Edgar Hoover denied there even was a mafia. Apparently it does not matter who you can be wrong.
--I would be part of this whole Wall Street Occupying thing, but I don't want to associate with folks who have no hope in hell of ever being deserving of having much wealth in the first place. That said, I do think Bill Gates has too much money, and the power that goes with it. I do think the financial markets are too much of a game for those who wish to get rich quick and has little to do with actual financing business enterprises. When they go to hell they just wind up taking the rest of us down with them. Pretty damn expensive game...for we mere schmucks.
--I was going to march for global democracy until the organizers provided us with such democratic examples as Egypt, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Spain, and Greece where the bullet has governed the ballot...and still do from what I'm seeing. So, if you don't mind, forgive me if I don't give a damn.
--Oh, how do we get more people to vote? Well, the political parties must provide us a reason to get involved, to want to get THEM elected (as opposed to doing what we can to not allow someone else get elected). I tried being really involved once and things did not work out so well. Turned out I was just one of the flock and the shepherd was a misleading asshole. Quite frankly, as long as you allow good citizens an opportunity to vote, folks need to then take the responsibility of learning the issues, pondering the choices, and getting off their damned asses to make an intelligent vote. If they can't do that, then I propose leaving it to those who do give a damn to make a reasoned choice, rather than let the coin tossers jump in there. Pay them to vote, let them vote from home via computer? If it comes to that, it is time to just go to the eeeny-meany-miney-moe method. Much cheaper and with the same random result.

Thanks, Joe.

Ron Thornton

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: George Jonas: The world according to Amnesty International,

Re:  George Jonas: The world according to Amnesty International,   Oct 15, 2011

According to George Jonas, we shouldn't prosecute the alleged torturer George W. Bush because the U.S. might not like it and could send in their marines.  Fear of potential retaliation is an excellent reason to exempt foreign nationals from the application of Canadian law.  Authorities should back off charging drug dealers, fraudsters and human smugglers if their country of origin has power to intimidate us.  We're Canadian, and we're ready to apologize for our laws if they cause visitors any undue inconvenience.
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Occupy protesters lack real focus,
Re:  Occupy protesters lack real focus, Friday, October 14, 2011

Protestors in Libya, Egypt and Syria who took to the streets had varied and multiple demands.  Did your editorialists accuse them of lacking focus?  In Canada income inequality has increased, unemployment has grown, and now the government claims it must cut more services.  The majority of workers who have seen their salaries stagnate while the rich get richer are fed up with government and big media that dance to the tune of corporate interests
From: Rene Moreau
Subject: Re: Daily Digest October 15, 2011

To Joe
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
re; Glen Harewood and paying voters to vote
   At the risk of repeating myself, I will mention that the BBC new T.V station sometimes shows a main screen that says, 'NEVER STOP ASKING QUESTIONS.' How would it be if many of us started asking  people if they voted, including especially the younger generation? (Like for instance, asking our kids to ask their kids to ask around.) {From a grand-father}
   Imagine our surprise if we found out that most people do vote, instead of believing the media that trot out the apathy figures from their political masters.
   As to the suggesting paying people to vote, think of the potential for entities formed to make a profit, lobbying to take care of the job for the government. Nafta, of course, would demand that we let the neighbour corporations do it for OUR election system, just like the OHIO computer-run voting machine company that has done our elections from time to time.
   Just imagine  using a foreign corporation to do Canadian elections with a machine that can be jiggered by a kid, and calling it an honest election!  No offence to the kids.

                                                       Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

From: Mahmood Elahi
Subject: A little revolt is good for democracy

The Editor
Financial Post
A little revolt is good for democracy
Re Editorial: "March of the global anarcho-crazies," by Terrence Corcoran (Oct. 15).
In 1786, the farmers of western Massaxhusetts were angered by the denial of their right to vote in the new republic and by the neglect of the veterans of the revolutionary war. One farmer, Daniel Shays, with his band of farmers and veterans, marched toward Boston. Sam Adams, who earlier instigated the Boston Tea Party against the British, was then Senate chairman and he signed a Riot Act and sent General Benjamin Lincoln to crush the revolt. Many protesters were arrested and in a trial, some of the captured rebels were put to death.
America's ambassador to France (later to become president) Thomas Jefferson wrote to James Madison (also to become president)  about Shays' rebellion: "I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical." This also applies to the current rebellion against the excesses of the bankers and financiers whose greed and incomptetence nearly bankrupted America.

From: The Natroses
Subject: Re: Harper Government rejects Conservative Legacy

Joe, must watch video - Making the rounds Should add corrupt governments.
An INTENSE moment of TRUTH with MAINSTREAM Media

From: John Duddy
Subject: Iran 'most significant' threat to world: Harper 

Mr. Harper is a threat to world peace when he threatens the government of Iran.
Just read the comments here.
Several comments remind readers that Mr. Harper's friends are the real terrorists.
Subject: 'Israelis, Saudis' behind Iran terror plot - Press TV News - YouTube

Prime Minister, you need to change your Middle East policy.  John Duddy.
Subject: Is Obama Admin Fabricating Iranian Assassination Plot To Distract From Fast & Furious Investigation? - YouTube
Prime Minister, you need to see this.
And re-think your Iran position.  John Duddy.
Subject: Fw: World News links on Bush visit
To: "Prime Minister/Premier ministre" <>
Cc: "Joe Hueglin" <>,                          
World News on Bush Visit Amnesty asks Canada to apprehend Bush-(International Middle East) Canadian response luke warm to Amnesty's call to arrest George Bush ( Switzerland ) Amnesty International asks Canada to arrest George Bush ( Egypt ) Arrest Bush! Canadians call for Presidential scalp (Russia Times) Request that George Bush be barred from Canada ( Montreal ) Amnesty wants Tories to arrest Bush during visit( montreal ) AI urges Canada to prosecute George Bush (Business review Canada ) Arrest Bush ( Bangladesh ) No amnesty for Bush (The Voice of Russia) Council on Foreign Relations on Bush visit Amnesty urges Canada to arrest George Bush ( Pakistan ) Don't let Bush get away with torture (Human Rights Watch) Amnesty to Canada : arrest George Bush ( New Zealand ) Jurist-Rights group urge Canada to arrest Bush ahead of visit AI wants Canada to arrest Bush-(Tucson Sentinel) AI calls on Canada to arrest Bush (PanArmenian) Amnesty calls Canada to arrest Bushfor torture Japan (Radio Netherlands ) (Asian Tribune) ( Sri Lanka ) (MSNBC) (Times of India ) (The Australian)

From: The Natroses
Subject: Re: Daily Digest October 15, 2011

Joe, Below are the real reasons why Occupy Wall Street, the 99 percenters exist today, and when Adbusters appeared on the scene.
"First of all, the #OWS 99% Movement is a genuine leaderless decentralized grassroots movement. In my opinion, it is built upon the hard work of hundreds of thousands of people who have taken it upon themselves to fight back against their own financial oppression and in defense of their family and country. As someone who has spent countless hours, days, weeks at Liberty Park, it is evident that people here come from all different walks of life and have all different political viewpoints. The uniting factor is that most of the people here realize that America has been taken over and is currently occupied by global financial interests. They have seized control of our government, economy and tax system, and have rigged our political process against hardworking Americans. People at Liberty Park, the 99%ers, are here to defend the United States against a global financial oligarchy. They are not here because they are the puppets of anyone. They are fighting back against economic tyranny PERIOD."
Check out the videos when reading the below link. And for those who think it is being and co-opted by the economic elite, think again. And for those who think Canada is not in the same position, think again. And for those who think that 99 percent of Canadians are not experiencing the difficulties of living from one pay check to the next, think again! Or one day, in the not far off future, you will joining the occupy protests, in between the work of two or three jobs, just to keep ahead of the rising costs of food, shelter, gas, and utilities.
Hi Joe, Ron has a passing thought, "I have noticed that one thing that really bothers me is bullshit passing as news. Instead of getting the straight goods, we end up getting trumped up nonsense under the guise of a balanced presentation of the facts. Well, so much for Rene Moreau's link that touts how our schools have become just like prisons"  Hypocrisy? Perhaps from Ron, but it is typical on what people sees as the straight goods, and the tactic used by our esteemed governments, politicians and the global forces, to swallow hook, line and sinker the surface facts, and somehow adopt the new information into their lives, knowledge, and their values. For Ron, he whole heartily believes the downfall of the education system, all fault can be attributed to the parents, as well as the accountability. Ron has fallen hook, line and sinker of the oozy, sloppy ideology that come from the hallowed halls of the public education, saying in so many ways that everyone in society is to be blame, but not the education system, their dogma, their instruction methods, their resources, their curriculum, nor their decisions that for the most part, always serves their best interests, and never the students, and least of all never the taxpayers and/or parents. Ron's  statement below, indicates a lack of awareness of the deep fault lines of the public education system.
"If your child was not raised to be courteous, to respect authority (including your own), to have instilled within them a desire to learn, grow, and succeed, if you do not ensure that your child attends school, strives to make the most of their education, to know how your child is progressing, and to take full responsibility for your child and their actions until they are 18, then might I suggest that the problem is you."
Unaware that  close to 50 % of the adult population have low literacy and numeracy rates. Close to 36 % of the grade 12 graduates have low-literacy/numeracy rates. Or the big ones, that most parents like Ron who blame parents and the kids' behaviour, that remediation for the 3 Rs is not normally given to children until well after grade 4, most kids who are doing poorly are being passed on from one grade to the next without ever having their learning problems remediated and the biggest one, by grade 9, over 60 % of the students have low reading, writing and numeracy skills.  So the education establishment deems arm guards and detectors as a solution, but not the remediation for the 3 Rs. So Ron, and others like him, stay in your cocoon, wrapped up with the knowledge that you followed the dictates and mandates of those who are in charge of education. Take comfort, that your children are learning the new ways of the world, where children are learning how to obedient, and more importantly, that those who are in charge know what is best for their children. But don't go running to those who know better, when you are footing the bill for education that should have been taught to your children back in high school and grade school. Somehow, Ron you must have missed the 40 % of new  first year college and university students , taking remediation courses in writing and numeracy. Stuff that should have been taught in grade school and high school. To understand, one must go deeper than the 158 character tweet, and take off your blinders, that have blinded you from seeing the multi-facet of education, to where children are being written off early on by the education establishment for many different reasons, just like my child was written off back in grade 1.  If I have left it to the education system, who knows where she would be, but that much I am sure, she would not be sitting in the top 15 % of her class, as she is today. Stopped believing in the bullshit Ron, and start asking questions, or one day you might find yourself on the wrong side of the fence, wondering why you were locked up in a jail cell, for not producing ID, or the other little things that matter in a democracy.
Brad's post, is another just scratching the surface, without providing the background info needed - "The fact that the corporate controlled mass media is doing their advertising for them is sufficient proof that this whole thing is a scam, just another lie. Once the people gradually get what they call for the media will then speak of what a great success the "people power" was, while the globalists\congratulate themselves."  Sorry Brad, but that could not be further from the truth. Adbuster is outside of the corporate controlled mass media and marketing.  "Adbusters Media Foundation is a not-for-profit, anti-consumerist, pro-environment [1] organization founded in 1989 by Kalle Lasn and Bill Schmalz in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The foundation describes itself as "a global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age." [2]
The Adbusters Media Foundation publishes the reader-supported, advertising-free Adbusters, an activist magazine with an international circulation of 120,000 [3] devoted to challenging consumerism. Notable past and present contributors to the magazine include Christopher Hedges, Matt Taibbi, Bill McKibben, Jim Munroe, Douglas Rushkoff, Jonathan Barnbrook, David Graeber and others.

Adbusters has launched numerous international campaigns, including Buy Nothing Day, TV Turnoff Week and Occupy Wall Street, and is known for their " subvertisements" that spoof popular advertisements.
In English, Adbusters has bi-monthly North American, Australian, and International editions of each issue. Adbusters' sister organizations include Résistance à l'Aggression Publicitaire [4] and Casseurs de Pub[5] in France, Adbusters Norge in Norway, Adbusters Sverige in Sweden and Culture Jammers in Japan.[6] [7] ."
If anything Adbuster is anti-mass media for very good reasons. "On April 3, 2009, the British Columbia Court of Appeal unanimously overturned a BC Supreme Court ruling that previously dismissed the case in February 2008. The court granted Adbusters the ability to legally go after the major corporations that originally refused to air their anti-car ad "Autosaurus", specifically the Canadian Broadcasting Company and CanWest Global. The ruling represents a big victory for Adbusters, but it is the first step of their intended goal, essentially opening the door for future legal action against the media conglomerates. Co-founder Lasn declared the ruling a success and said, "After 20 years of legal struggle, the courts have finally given us permission to take on the media corporations and hold them up to public scrutiny." The mass media, as well as the globalists, the big banks, Wall Street, all governments especially the G20, are annoy that Occupy Wall Street, has the backing of Adbuster, as well as other orgranizations that are offering their professional expertise, in marketing for the 99 percenters of the world, to get their message out, 'Enough is enough'.

Of course some would say what messages?  Or Brad who thinks that Occupy Wall Street will fizzled out, and be co-opted by the Wall Street gang. They just don't get it, people are fed up with governments, politicians, the banks. hydro outfits, regulations, and the hyprocricy of our governments and business leaders. But what is really amazing, the establishment thinks people are stupid, easily manipulated, and engrossed with the daily tweets and facebook, without ever noting the lies, the hyprocricy, the unfairness, and the difficulties in daily living. Tell that to a mother and her crying baby, who was kicked off the bus, because it was annoying the bus driver.

CTV did have the link, but of course with mass media, standard procedure to removed, when it shows the divisions between the haves who have good paying jobs, and the have-nots who do not have good paying jobs, nor speak very good English, are immigrants, are subjected to orders for those who do not. At the next bus stop, all the riders walked off, protesting the treatment of this woman. Hell Brad, there is so many reasons why the 99 percenters are protesting across this world, and being kick off a bus for a crying baby, is just as good as the reasons given to us by our political leaders, and the lies they dished out each and every day. Below is a video, that shows the words of the politicians, that is a prefect example in any country.
I AM NOT MOVING - Short Film - Occupy Wall Street
Of course, Conrad Black has joined the chorus, first by understanding why the people are protesting. "Of course, this is a pretty hackneyed scatter-gun indictment by people who haven't really thought it through, but their anger and frustration are largely justified nonetheless: In the past decade, many prominent financial houses joined in the process of issuing consolidated debt obligations (CDOs), consisting of unfathomable patchworks of mortgages on packages of residential real estate, unsupported by any real base of invested equity in the underlying assets by their ostensible owners, and covered by diaphanous fig-leaves of default insurance. These instruments were made deceptively presentable by certifications from the main rating agencies that they were investment-grade, as if issued by serous entities and secured by unquestionable assets."  Than he goes ahead to defend the status-quo of the capitalistic system and the 99 percenters is very much like the tea party groups. and telling them, to go vote for Republican Cain, who apparently is the latest psuedo-saviour for the 99 percenters. Conrad or Cain, all marching to the tune, of serving their own best interests, one sitting in jail and another who is pretending they have the best interests of the people, and not the other guy.
Or Harper, and his latest pearls of wisdom. "
We have no quarrel with the Iranian people," said Harper. "But the regime in Tehran represents probably the most significant threat in the world to global peace and security. So we take these matters very, very seriously and we'll be working with our allies."

Read more:
While he was saying that, he was laying down the foundation of Quebec retaining their number of seats of the 24.4 percentage, as well as other provinces. Quebec will get a couple more seats, and the rest of the provinces will not loose seats. "Harper says Quebec's proportion of seats in the House will remain the same, as his government prepares to give B.C., Alberta and Ontario more MPs to match their rising populations."
He certainly doesn't care about the provinces that lie mostly east of Quebec, and choosing his words carefully, people will once again fall hook, line and sinker for the sleazy words oozing out of Harper, that he is playing fair with the representation of the provinces. Once again, Quebec gets more seat, no matter if the population drops to 100,000. Hyprocrisy at its best. It is what people are fed up with. It is why the protests across the world is happening, It is just hard to articulate it, because there is so many reasons why.........

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: this is why we are being told by the msm that 'vitamins are dangerous'?  More government control of our every move and the NAU to be installed

If you're reading this from anywhere in North America, you are about to be "harmonized" under a new regulatory threat: The Trilateral Cooperation Charter would allow the FDA to take part in a tyrannical regulatory scheme spanning the USA, Mexico and Canada, where many vitamins are outlawed and dietary supplements are severely restricted.
Read more about this latest threat to food freedom, which will undoubtedly criminalize raw milk too!

Yesterday we exposed the media hoax about "deadly vitamins." Here's part two of this report which has already gone viral across the 'net (with part one):
Subject: New round of free-trade talks to kick off in Ottawa...critics fear it will strip Canada of some of its economic sovereignty, destroy jobs and hurt domestic companies....

New round of free-trade talks to kick off in Ottawa
OTTAWA — The ninth and potentially final round of negotiations begins Monday in Ottawa on a controversial Canada-European Union free-trade deal that could profoundly impact Canadian jobs and consumers....
Seasoned trade officials believe Canada will pay a hefty price for CETA...(emphasis added)
Euro-geddon: The EU, born out of idealism 60 years ago, is now a byword for waste, financial chaos and unaccountability
North American EU is a terrifying concept
In addition to enacting crazy rules mandating straight bananas be the only type sold in Europe, the bureaucrats and judges empowered by Brussels have run roughshod over the national laws of member countries.... (emphasis added)
Subject: 'We care not who makes the laws.  Whoever controls the money controls the country' is more true today than ever

The Video That Scares The Federal Reserve Traitors
The Birth of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank - How usury destroyed America
Subject: The controllers never change thier game plan and yet our 'leaders keep falling for
the same lies and our children keep dying in wars created by these evil, genocidal maniacs

First Great War of The 21st Century Is Here!
Alex Jones interviews Gerald Celente
Subject: all israel wants is peace--they jsut spell the word wrongly--what they really want is all the  PIECES of Palestine 

Israel plans new settlement of 2,600 that will isolate Arab East Jerusalem
Britain, the EU and the UN condemn Israel's decision as provocative and a further threat to the peace process
Subject:  more news from Libya--if this is what our government calls 'bringing democracy' then they have proven they know nothing about democracy.

Lies, Damn Lies And NATO
Claiming Control Across Libya
Subject: NATO has boots on the ground.  so much for UN directives.

Libya News Update Oct 17 6.00pm GMT
Subject:  so much for GW
Rense & Felix - Mini Ice Age Is On The Way