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Feds will intervene if Air Canada workers strike: Raitt
With an Air Canada strike looking increasingly likely, the airline has announced
it is allowing passengers to rebook their travel plans to avoid the expected disruption.

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From: "Claudia
Subject: CETA

WIN!   French River passes CETA resolution

Read and then act to have your municipality join the "WIN!" column

To find out how you can pass a CETA resolution in your community, please go to http ://

From: Robert Ede
Subject: economic planners can't know the will of others, they end up acting like despots.

part 4 tomo (tues 11th)
from pt 3

"The Road to Serfdom" ...Hayek  .... He said the common perception that the extremes of Left and Right were polar opposites was a misapprehension because both -- by replacing market forces with state planning -- assaulted individual liberties. He reiterated his belief that as economic planners can't know the will of others, they end up acting like despots.
Robert Ede,
"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle" - Philo of Alexandria
From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: voter turnout    DD

Anthony Silvestro is right--but the same arguments apply to all elections--Municipal, Provincial and Federal.  The reason for this is that all governments, no matter the stripe, are controlled by the same bankster/corporations, and they do the bidding of the controllers, not the people.

I was a scrutineer in this Provincial election.  Never have I seen such inept 'organization' by any group (Elections Ontario) controlling the elections.  So many people were not on the voters list.  So many people did not have voter cards.  Apparently the 'lines of where to vote were changed' and people had to drive many miles to vote.  I phoned over 100 people to remind them to vote.  I got an earful from many who stated with the price of gas they were not about to drive great distances to mark an X.  I have heard from people working at other polling stations and they had the same problems.   The help desks were undermanned and people spent time standing in line to give information that should have been on the voters lists.

I have to wonder if this was orchestrated?  After all, if governments can whine that people didn't bother to vote (not that it makes any difference) will they decide that they don't have to ask for our ballot marking--again, not that it matters--nothing will change.

As I have said many times before, if we have no way to hold our elected officials accountable, voting is a farce, as is our 'democracy'.

Is the fact that people are not voting prove that so many have seen the light of this farce?  That is the positive light I wish to see re the low turnout.  Sadly, we do not have a Ron Paul at any level of government in Canada.  Anyone that would have the courage to turn this farce around will not be allowed to enter politics.


From: The Natroses

Hi Joe, A Happy Thanksgiving, and that is if we remain thankful to what one has. For governments, politicians, and the rest of the globalists, although some will know it as the New World Order, would have us think, they are the true saviours of the world, representing the freedom that people desire. But as Fredrick Toben, says in an interview, "This is now breaking down because the system that they have established is inherently predatory and it is destructive under the guise of freedom and democracy; it rubs and plunders countries for its own benefit."
Much like the interview on Sixty Minutes, last night where the viewers were treated to a international CEO, who proudly claims he is a globalist, and cannot understand why the people in America are not worshiping at his feet, or at the very least rooting for them to succeed. This comment came after, his statement that his international companies have the investors and shareholders to answer to, and the creation of jobs is not his priority. A by-product, but his job is to raise the financial returns of  the investors and shareholders. But it is ok in his world to stand in line, with the rest of the globalists, for the U.S. federal's pot in billions of dollars to create jobs. Billions of dollars are handed out to the globalists, while the governments of the world, practices the art of plundering in their citizens' pocketbooks, to finance the corporate bailouts, and the pseudo-saviours of the politicians.  Just one of their many sins, that ordinary people all over the world are becoming aware of.
The statement of the protesters, Occupy Wall Street is telling the globalists shove it, jack-off boys, and over all, the globalists as well as governments no matter what stripe, are nothing more than predatory jackals, preying on its citizens.
Keep in mind of the first video, where white shirts are beating up the protesters,  Back to Sixty Minutes, "Eight months after ousting President Hosni Mubarak, whose regime repressed and tortured citizens for decades, Egyptians are now facing the same treatment from the country's military. Bob Simon reports from Egypt, where he meets the troubadour of the revolution, Ramy Essan, a musician who continues to sing protest songs, despite the brutal torture he has endured. "I just want Egypt to be better," he says.";cbsCarousel
As reported in many news outlets, off the beaten track, Egypt and their citizens are back to square one, oppressed, tortured, and most if not all, filling the prisons up, are the people whose only crime is speaking against the army, the globalists, and the United States government. After all, freedom and rights must be curtailed, so the new world order can continued their predatory practices, and their politicians can continued their free loading ways, as well as coming up with new methods to control their citizens. After all, it is not the citizens that elected them, but the international globalists, their CEOs, who earned that honour. Which makes me wonder, if the costs of elections are hidden from the public  because of the backroom deals being struck before an election writ is dropped.
"Immelt worked with the president to devise his $447 billion dollar jobs package. And now this week he and his Jobs Council - that's been holding meetings all around the country - will give Mr. Obama more proposals such as: reducing government regulations and spending more to retrain workers.";contentBody
Going through that interview, is a piece of work, where job creation for American citizens consists of lower paid jobs, and that is their answer to the economic woes of United States. No wonder, Occupy Wall Street is getting stronger in their numbers, where many of the youth, will never have the opportunity to own their own home, because of the greed of the globalists and their goons, the governments.
Where governments are justified using globalists talking points to cut health benefits for veterans, and politicians fly off on military jets to seek pleasure from their toils of finding ways to reduce their citizens freedoms and rights.  "Dear veterans...please note that travel is permitted only to attend hockey games, fishing trips or to wallow around in Nova Scotia potato patches."  One of the comments  on health benefits being cut off, but it does say it all.
"A new silver coin with Toronto's skyline below a map of the city was produced in Switzerland, a Royal Canadian Mint spokesman confirmed Friday."  
After all, one of the major complaints of the globalists, is that governments must end their nationalists tendencies,  for the good of the globalists, and their one-world vision of enslavement.
"The National Post says it believes in free speech and free expression, yet it recently withdrew an ad after some people were, "offended" and who did not like the ad. In fact, it issued a grovelling apology in defense of its suppression of free expression"   Where globalists and government alike, secretly pat each other on their backs, when the media is in their back pocket, controlling the flow and content of information, and it creates inequalities, divisions across society, where no one has free expression, and now, it will soon be considered hate speech. If all else fails, than the police and the military are brought in to beat up their citizens, when messages run counter to the governments and globalists.
Where consultations of their citizens at any level of government, are no more, because the decisions have already been made ahead of time, and the consultations is the ruse, and the opportunity to brain wash their citizens into accepting the new reality. Where globalists get free reign, and the citizens rights and freedoms are confined, and boxed in by the rules and regulations. If all else fails, the law bears down heavily on the individual, while the globalists and their partners are free to plundered, start wars, lie, and freely expressed themselves, without being accountability to any laws, except their own, that serves their best interests. The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition are rules that the globalists and their partners live by, but at least in Star Trek, the Ferengis did get their just deserts, Unlike the reality of this world, where they have complete freedom to do whatever they want, and the truly dangerous citizens are of the honest types who dare to question their ways. Ferengi rule # 27 - "There's nothing more dangerous than an honest businessman".

From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: Feds set to melt down millions worth of military memorabilia | Canada | News | Toronto Sun
Begin forwarded message:

The story is getting out, Will it have any effect.   What happened to the 7.62 C1 (FN FAL copy) rifles when the forces changed to 5.56?
Subject: Fwd: letter to Joe Preston re: destroying Browning pistols
Hi Folks
If you feel like it, take a moment to read this letter that I sent to Joe Preston, MP, and Peter MacKay, Minster of Defence. If you agree with any of my points and would like to support the preservation of these firearms you can write these gentlemen at and

Dear Mr. Preston
  Hello Joe. I hope things are going well for you during this new session of Parliament. I look forward to watching the Conservative Party continue to move Canada back in the right direction, back "on the rails" so to speak. The recently introduced bill to make flying the Canadian flag a right rather than a privilege, among other initiatives, is a fine example of this.
  However, I am distressed to read (see accompanying article) that the Department of Defence is planning to destroy 19,000 Browning Hi-Power pistols after replacing them with new Colts. I oppose this plan for at least three reasons. The first reason is that selling these firearms to collectors and target shooters could potentially offset the cost of the replacements to the tune of seven million dollars, assuming that each Browning fetches a selling price of $400.00, which is quite reasonable. In this time of supposed fiscal restraint, it seems terribly unwise to toss seven million dollars out of the window. The next reason is the historical value of these firearms. Please read the article to garner the information regarding the value of these firearms in this regard. Here in Canada we are way too willing to destroy the old to make room for the new, that we too often discard our history, oblivious to it's worth. This can be seen in our destruction of classic buildings to make room for concrete bunkers (St. Thomas Post Office for example), or our destruction by negligence (Alma College).
  The third reason, and maybe I'm guessing here but I doubt it, is the government culture here to "d-normalize" possession of firearms. The article states that the DND is committed to the safe disposal of small arms via the smelting process. What about safely "disposing" of these small arms by ensuring they end up in the possession of qualified, licensed firearm enthusiasts? Somehow, I get the feeling the bureaucrats at the DND feel that dispersing these Brownings into the public domain would somehow jeopardize public safety. Why else would they infer that smelting them is the safest method of disposal? I find this insulting.
  I am interested to get your opinion on this issue, and ask that you do whatever you can to see that these firearms are preserved rather than destroyed.

From: John Halonen

Only in Canada, can our Federal Government participate in a war in Libya that was Not authorized by our Parliament , and on the other hand NOT provide for a jobs package for Canadians that was authorized by our Parliament!

John Halonen

The Royal Canadian Air Force WAS authorized, but to protect civilians - not bomb them.
From: John Kruithof
Subject: Immigration

The Ottawa Sun on October 8th ran a story based on: . The URL says it all.  The Ottawa Sun in turn headlined the story: "Canada losing billions", making its pitch in the first paragrah, stating "More than 22,500 foreign millionaires are waiting abroad to resettle in Canada, bringing with them more than $9 billion to help cash-strapped Ottawa, immigration officials say".

My rebuttal was published in LTE Oct. 10th:, text of which is: 

Cashing in
Re: "Canada losing billions," Oct. 8.  It is a crying shame that eligibility for immigrating to Canada should be determined by how much money one can dangle in front of politicians and lawyers.
When the "well-heeled crowd" does apply, I am grateful experienced Canadian immigration officers, residing in the countries where immigrants come from, observant of local nuances of how that money was obtained, determine who comes to Canada and who stays out.

Heaven help us if self-serving politicians and lawyers call the shots.

John Kruithof
(Politicians and lawyers are self-serving??? Surely, you jest!)

As is its wont, the Sun has the last word, often caustic.  In this case, however, it is the politicians and lawyers who should worry about their eroding credibility.  They can be so infuriatingly nearsighted.

John Kruithof
Ottawa South

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: [On-Guard] Smashing the Illusion of Consent… Peacefully...Voting in the context of our current system is the mechanism by which we enslave ourselves ..
The truth written in this article brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat.  This is exactly what our 'democracy' is.  Rule by dictator with the farce of an election where we get to vote for the next dictator.
Smashing the Illusion of Consent… Peacefully
by Eric Peters

The sickness this country suffers from is the false idea that the government operates with the consent of the governed. I don't know about you, but no agent of the government ever asked whether I consent to anything that has been done to me, or done in my name. If they want my money, they just take my money. My rights – and yours – have been regulated, delimited, conditioned and outright taken away against my expressly stated wishes – and yours too, probably. But we play along, because we have The Vote and because the system has conned us into accepting this absurd notion that it operates with our consent....
[read full article at link below]

From: Ray Strachan
Subject: Photo from Sudan
A year ago I subscribed to ADBUSTERS CANADA Magazine.
In latest edition which I recently received,there is a photo of a very little girl,
trying her best to balance herself on he elbows and knees. She is absolutely starving to death.
This photo was taken during the Sudan famine.
Behind the little girl, waiting patiently is a huge Vulture (bird). (This is a photo not a painting)
The picture was taken by photo journalist Kevin Carter.
He committed suicide 3 month later at age 33. He had seen too much.
I don't know for sure,but I think that in The Jewish-Christian Bible, that Mr. Carter went straight to hell, for in this case, exhibiting some humanness.    So much for the biblical god.
Do I believe in  A God of Love, Yes, but I  also believe that it is up to each of us to prove that we love people who need love.    Do I love everyone on earth, No.   Do I want to  No.    Christianity MAY? have worked ,if The Christian Bible had NOT been headed by The Old Testament,    the most ungodly writing I have ever encountered.
Ray Strachan

From: John Duddy
Subject: Fw: Office of the Prime Minister / Cabinet du Premier ministre

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Subject: Office of the Prime Minister / Cabinet du Premier ministre

Dear Mr. Duddy:

Thank you for writing to the Prime Minister. Prime Minister Harper appreciates being informed of the views of Canadians.

You may be assured that your comments have been carefully considered.

For more information on the Government's initiatives, you may wish to visit the Prime Minister's Web site, at

Once again, thank you for taking the time to write.

M.F. Bustos
Executive Correspondence Services
for the Prime Minister's Office
Services de la correspondance
de la haute direction
pour le Cabinet du Premier ministre

  From : jduddy      Received : 06  Oct  2011 02:31:45 PM   >>>
  Subject : The 9/11 Consensus Points | Consensus 911   >>>>

Dear Prime Minister,

At a recent gathering in Toronto, a group of experts published several professional opinions that would make the official 9/11, 2001 report
appear to be a false document and a fraud foisted on the people of the planet.

Since Canada has lost many lives and spent many billions of dollars based on the official conspiracy theory, it is time you issued a statement
to the House of Commons and to the Provinces making it clear that you still accept the myth, or that you are ready to lead the nations in finding out
what really happened.

Since you are tough on crime, it is time you exposed the real terrorists who are still at large.  It is time Canada showed the world that we are
still peacekeepers.

Please have your staff examine the findings linked below

John Duddy.  Calgary Centre.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:  Humanitarian Aid?????

Libya News Updates Oct 10
Subject: Of course NATO bombs Red Cross vehicles also