Sunday, September 25, 2011

Opinion on Canada's involvement in Libya


A matter of consequence into the future.

The opinion expressed below you may agree with, or disagree or be undecided.

Yesterday an attack was launched after time for preparation against the city of Sirte along the coast of Libya.

I stayed up going from site to site seeking to determine the outcome for it was a very important battle.

The way was prepared by NATO bombing of the city as had been taking place on a continuing basis.

The attack failed, as it had before and as similar attacks on other loyalist held locations have as well.

Tomorrow, Monday 26th of September, Canada will be committed to a second three month extension of our original involvement.

For the reasons stated below it is my belief no Canadian Forces should have their "boots on rthe ground", as is the expression, in Libya.

There are a number of links to articles and videos I hope you will look at to s what we would be becoming more deeply involved in.

I hope you do so and choose to express an opinion on the poll or writing in to the Digest.

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Canada to have boots on the ground in Libya

Subject: Harper Government Commitment: No boots on Libyan ground

There's no doubt Canada will continue to be an active NATO member in making bombing runs in Libya  With Conservative and Liberal Party support this it ensured.

The statement "We have to remember these are inexperienced fighters." in the Aljazeera article "Libyan NTC fighters pull back from Sirte Fighters regrouping after forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi mount strong resistance in former leader's home city". posted to-day, September 25, 2011,raises the potentiality of NATO ground forces being committed to ensuring the success of regime change to a distinct possibility - if not a likely probability.

The National Transitional Council's military showed once again its incapability of success on the ground yesterday by withdrewing from Sirte.

The likelihood of NATO ground forces being committed to consolidate the regime change is increasing rather than decreasing. There are divisions among those supporting the National Transitional Council.  Forces in support of Muammar Qathafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya.are not only continuing to hold Sirte, Sabah and Bani Walid but Tuareg and Tarhuna tribesmen have entered the fray. The Ubaydiyat Tribe of assassinated Abdel-Fattah Younis is threatening to act, his son is quoted as saying " 'If the [NTC] doesn't bring us justice, and if the [international] judiciary don't bring us justice, then we will leave it to the tribe to bring us justice,' "

NATO bombing in itself cannot take and hold territory. The decision between getting more deeply involved through "boots on the ground", in one form or another, or failing, may have to be faced.

There have already been far too many men and women  travelling the "Highway of Heroes" from Trenton to Toronto from the Afghanistan War.

The only way to ensure there will be none flown from Libya to Trenton is our Government giving Canadians a clear, unequivocal undertaking there will be no Canadian Forces committed to a ground mission in Libya.

I hope you agree and press Prime Minister Harper to do so.

Joe Hueglin