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Daily Digest September 21, 2011


Military leaders defied orders to boost reserves, report says

Scholar presents scathing account of 'sandbagging, obstruction, futile wheel-spinning' at DND. Canada's bloated military bureaucracy has
consistently defied explicit orders from government ministers to increase the size of the army militia as directed.
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Tomorrow's news will be focused on the visit of Prime Minister Cameron .

The questions below will not be asked - there will be no answers.

This being so, each of us must arrive at what we consider them to be.


Subject: Is Libya a "template" for Canada's future involvement?

Cameron and Prime Minister Stephen Harper are expected to talk about their roles in NATO's mission in Libya,

. . . the rebuilding of the country's damaged infrastructure  . . .

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told NPR he sees the Libya operation as a template for future NATO missions and proof the United Nations can outsource its muscle to the alliance.

Will Prime Minister's Cameron and Harper when talking about "their roles in the mission in Libya" mention the "collateral damage" of a bombed university and civilian deaths?

The promise is being given of assisting in "the rebuilding of the country's damaged infrastructure". Will recognition be given that this is repairing done by their bombing missions?

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen sees the current Libyan action as a "template for future NATO missions". Ought not Prime Minister Harper seek the views of Canadian's as a whole before committing Canada to future missions of like nature? When asked, will he promise to do so?

Subject: Canadian Veterans Advocacy ­ CVNDO
Protest news article - Please forward to any friends you might have that will add their voice to ours on November 5th!
From: Mike Blais <>

Canadian veterans to protest government policies

Canadian veterans to protest government policies
By Rosalind Russell
Posted 8 hours ago
It's Legion Week this week, but a more important date is coming up this fall. The Canadians Veterans National Day of Protest is set for November 5, 2011.

Veterans and Canadian patriots will be gathering once again at their Member of Parliament's offices or making the veterans pilgrimage to Parliament Hill on November 5 to address the consequences the New Veterans Charter on veterans.

Nothing can be more important to veterans at this time than taking steps to halt the Canadian government's proposed five to ten percent cuts to Veterans Affairs Canada operating budget. This is an extraordinary amount of funding, a potential annual decrease of over $300-million dollars.

Last spring, the Canadian government acknowledged veterans concerns about inadequate support through the passage of Bill C-55, in essence, the provision of $2-billion dollars of enhancements to address NVC shortfalls.

Bill C-55 was rushed through Parliament and the Senate without time for proper debate and the consequences, as demonstrated by Royal Canadian Legion Dominion President, Patricia Varga's, extraordinary accusations about discrimination against WW2, Korean and Peacekeeping veterans, are not surprising.

Of the $2- billion, it has been confirmed that $189-million will be committed to veterans over the first five years, equating to $38-million additional funding dollars per year, a rate that will take over 50 years for the $2-billion to be committed.

Sounds good, but wait a minute. Although the award is based on a war-time disability, a majority of the new enhancements are fully taxed and will return hundreds of millions of dollars to the government's coffers.

Let us also put this in context of the proposed cuts to Veterans Affairs Canada's budget and while the government claims to be willing to address the profound inadequacies of the New Veterans Charter via Bill C-55, they are concurrently planning on a 5-10 % reduction from the Veterans Affairs Canada budget. Do the math. How does this serve Canada's warriors? Should not their treatment be considered in the same vein as politicians salaries, exempt from any austerity programs? Is it right for politicians to pay off the national debt on the backs of disabled veterans they sent to war?

The CVA is encouraging veterans, their families and all Canadians to proactively pursue this matter with their elected member of Parliament.

Veterans are also encouraged to contact their MP during this period and encourage him/her to vote for the speedy passage of this bill.

And, thank a veteran this week. It is the least we should do, to acknowledge all disabled veterans and their families and all those who stand on guard for thee.

From: Yves Marchand
Subject: RE: Daily Digest September 20, 2011 / $90,000 a day consultants


Re: $90,000 a day for private consultants not hired through a fair and openly competitive process - If the elected government does not have the expertise to find those easy cuts that will save the $40 billion or so in deficit spending, perhaps it should not have run for office in the first place.  If indeed, this government requires the help of private enterprise to determine policy and direction, perhaps the wages of the PM on down could be docked to pay for this lack of expertise.  Either that, or perhaps these consulting forms should run for office.

It is high time government takes charge and makes the tough decisions that are required to implement policy without hiding behind excessively pricey consultants reports all on the taxpayers' dime.  Did the PM find the political fallout from program cuts too difficult to sell without shelling out millions for a private enterprise firewall?  Perhaps he should not have made the promises he did.

Yves Marchand
Watrloo, Ontario

From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: Scientists sign petition denying man-made global warming - Telegraph
Subject: Fw: Fw: Lemon picker

         HELP WANTED

Lemon Pickers Wanted !!
The woman from Canada applying for a job in a Florida lemon grove
seemed to be far too qualified for the job.
The foreman frowned and said, "I have to ask you this:
"Have you had any actual experience in picking lemons?"
"Well, as a matter of fact, I have!
"I've been divorced three times, owned 3 Dodges, rooted for the Maple Leafs, and I voted for McGuinty.
From: Joerge Dyrkton
Subject: "The Culture of Fear" and Related Thoughts: Excerpts, Questions and Answers

Hello, Joe;

Here is my latest blog offering, an alchemic combination of two readings in particular:
Barry Glassner's The Culture of Fear: Why Americans are Afraid of the Wrong Things
 and Paul Ricoeur's History and Truth.

I hope some enjoy it.  Thanks.

Joerge Dyrkton, D.Phil.

To Joe
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

re; Harper's Lisa Raitt, (labour minister)getting involved in negotiations between Air Canada and the Union.

  Correct me if I'm wrong, but why is the Canadian government getting involved in the negotiations? Most people know, thanks to the head of the Pilots Union putting the story in the Toronto Star a while back, that Air Canada, run by Robert Milton, American citizen at the time, has been 80 % owned by G.E. Capital of New Jersey, Cerberus hedge funds, and Deutschebank of the States for years, ever since Milton bankrupted  A.C. and used the occasion to turn over to foreign corporations, a Canadian asset.

   Now, all of a sudden, Harper's Lisa has forgotten that we got scammed, and she would  help Air Canada negotiate against it's union? Neither does she know or remember that that same Robert Milton took $2 billion  from Air Canada Enterprises WHICH HE HEADED, and gave it to the shareholders, (see the aforementioned 3 corpos), just before Air Canada declared a $1.3 billion shortfall in operations.

    Holy Cow! When does Robert Milton get his Order of Canada for ASTUTE BUSINESS PRACTICE, (shrewd and crafty)? He sure as hell taught us how to screw a foreign country. That's us Canadians, by the way.

   By the way, one is reminded how Suncor's Rick George, also diddled Canada by pretending to be a Canadian company to 'partner' with Petro-Can, so they could get their assets  and sell them to other American corporations. He DID get the Order of Canada, for his efforts.

   No, we are not all idiots, just really badly infiltrated by corporate.

   Magna Carta time, again? You bet!!

                                                    Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Re:  Feds hire outside tech consultant for key program in strategic cuts plan, Dean Beeby, The Canadian Press

We don't need a $20 million expense to tell Flaherty to cut back on hiring expensive outside consultants, stop building unnecessary  prisons, and cancel the F-35 untendered contract for single-engine fighter jets that aren't suitable for our Arctic and which will cost billions.

Larry Kazdan,

From: "Brian D. Marlatt"
Subject: I have no idea who Global Oneness is, but they and others have picked this link
Video - A Progressive Canadian Talks About Health Care In Canada.wmv

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:  do the 'entitlements' ever end for the more equal?

Search-and-rescue chopper picked up vacationing MacKay
Subject: some terrorists and war criminals are more equal than others?????
  Why was Bush not arrested for his crimes?

George W. Bush comes and goes, Toronto barely notices
Subject: Child killer Olson dying of cancer

Hope this isn't just a ploy to give him parole?

> From:
> QR77 News has learned that child killer Clifford Olson has cancer and has just days to live.
> > Sharon Rosenfeld, the mother of one Olson victim, says prison officials have told her the serial killer has been moved to hospital.
Subject:  Our tax dollars at work?  Wonder if Delloitte will suggest this
 behaviour stop?

Cost of Stanley Cup jaunt to Boston: $11,000. Harper's share: $1,060
Subject: QP

I have watched as much of QP as I can stomach in one day.  Flaherty was patting himself on the back for hiring Delloitte stating it may cost $90,000/day but for each dollar spent we are saving $200.  This must be the new math?  Sadly, he also states that they have to hire the best to direct them,--well, I thought we were paying the MPs such high salaries etc so 'we could get the best'?  What are these jerks best at--wasting our tax dollars?  That seems to be the only thing they excel at other than lying and playing sleight of hand with our money.