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Daily Digest September 18, 2011



Harper's moment to entrench Conservative politics has arrived

For going on six years, Stephen Harper has sought to remake federal politics in his political image.
Monday, he finally gets his chance, as the 41st Parliament begins its first fall sitting.


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84% of Imported Food Failed Compliance Test
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Canadian Food Inspection Agency reveals most imported food contains inaccurate or missing nutritional information.

So apparently, only 16% of food imported to Canada between 2010 and 2011 passed the nutritional compliance test. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said the rest failed to provide accurate labeling by making non-compliant nutritional claims, misleading health claims, lying in their Nutrition Facts tables, failing to provide required information, including banned ingredients, or otherwise being nutritionally sketchy. This is a pretty significant downgrade from 2009-2010, the golden year when about 26% of food was found to be up to par. In their study, they also found rye bread that failed to contain rye, and preservative-free products with preservatives. The CFIA has deemed the abysmal compliance rates "an issue."

Indeed it is an issue. My action would be to take action against the foreign company producing the goods and the Canadian company importing and selling them.

Any suggestions as to what the actions could be?

From: Marianne Van der Wel

Town Hall Forum
Policy Not Polls
September 22, 2011
Reclaim Our Democratic Canada,
Canadians Advocating Political Participation Oakville and Fair Vote Halton
are co-hosting a forum on
September 22nd 2011
7.00 to 9.00 pm
At The Oakville Town Hall, South Atrium,
1225 Trafalgar Road Oakville
All Oakville and Halton Candidates have been invited
In addition to calling on mainstream media to provide issue-based coverage (instead of daily poll results) the group is offering candidates and voters the opportunity to participate in a new-style discussion forum and take political discussion of issues important to citizens to a new level.
Candidates will be asked to address questions on democracy and voter engagement in their opening remarks. Audience members will have the opportunity to pose questions and to state their concerns and opinions.
The candidates are encouraged to provide some honest and engaging insight into how they will plan to deal with some of the most critical issues facing Ontarians in this coming election: economy, health, education, environment, transportation, jobs and democratic reform.
Forget news reports about who's ahead in the polls.
Come out and make your voice heard.

From: "S Booiman"
Subject: misuse of funds

Reading Mr.Richard Priestman’s detailed explanation were our money goes and how we
go deeper in debt, it seems odd to me that no one ever quotes the work of Trudeau with
bilingualism. (officially how to enforce French)
Based on a study by Mr.Jim Allen AC  the cost from 1969 to 2010 has been for the taxpayer
                                                   $   1. 165.000.000       yes more than a trillion
40 years later achieving nothing, not producing anything, not unifying the Nation.

To Joe;
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
re; Keystone XL pipeline -- key to prosperity

   When you call up this article, notice that it has NO BY-LINE.
    It is what they, the Globe and Mail, and the other papers say does not need to be revealed, when you call. So, say the C. D. Howe Institute wants to spin an issue so the citizens get the corporate view, without knowing that it is the corporate view, or that it is what they want us to believe. One term for this is 'muddying the water', since they don't want citizens knowing the full story.
   This particular Globe and Mail,article,  Keystone XL pipeline is one such story. When word gets around that Big Oil corporate wants to take our, Canadian oil products and sell it to the rest of the world, from Texas, from Texas, WHY NOT ? After all, you can depend on the Globe and Mail to help you do your corporate thing, by not telling citizens that call in who ACTUALLY WROTE THE ARTICLE, by saying it was the opinion of the board, and so you're not allowed to know.
   Justification of theft thus goes on without any names given out.
   Neat, eh?

                                                           Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
   You have to read the article to see the scam.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Canada should tap into U.S. labour pool: Kenney  DD

Kenney wants to bring in foreign workers while the unemployment rate in Canada increases???  This fat ass is so far removed from reality.  I guess only his place at the trough is important?  He doesn't have to go to food banks and live on the street.  Those still employed in this country are the ones that pay this creature to destroy us.  They grab their entitlements while we go wanting for jobs--what is wrong with this picture?  We should look at bringing Ron Paul to Canada to take over our government--that may wake Kenney and his ilk up?
Subject: [more on the protest in NY--I hope Canada wakes up before it is too
 late if it isn't already
Wall St. protests explode #!
Subject: Libya child and maternal health?? 
what would Harper know about
 that?  Does he have a treatment for DU poisoning or some way to grow limbs
 back?  He doesn't care about Palestinians or Libyans--jsut his own power
Harper rejects Palestinian statehood bid
Subject: [On-Guard] democracy--you gotta love it?
Peace, order and good government, eh?
Who promised you democracy would be easy?
September 17, 2011
We welcome your opinion. Once it's too late to matter.
There have been concerns expressed in the media recently about the lengths our federal government may be willing to go in appeasing the United States in order to reverse some of the thickening of the border between our two countries. Specifically, there are fears that the feds will be willing to share more of our personal information with Americans than we might like. The government has responded and while that response is brief, it speaks volumes.
Subject:  How a dictatorship came to Canada.  DD

Joe--thanks so much for this article.  I see that most people are blaming the Harper government--when all Parties are the same.  I will never forget going to bed and Anne McLellan(lib) had lost her seat, but in the morning I hear that they had 'found a ballot box' and she won!!!  Elections Canada is involved in this as dogs, children and dead people get the right to vote.  I had a friend that got 4 cards to vote in different elections.  I called EC for her and they hung up on me, shouting that everyone knows they can only vote once.  There are people that get cards to vote from their business addresses and their home addresses.  And it goes on and on.  All Parties stuff ballot boxes.  Voting is a sham to make us believe we live in a democracy.  We are a bankster controlled country and only what is good for the monied will be passed.  Whoever is the PM is the dictator.  We have no say and are only here to pay the way for the theft perpetrated on our country.

ps  interesting to read the polls at the side of this article.  I guess they haven't fooled most of those that voted.  Why are these polls not taken as accurate?  They probably have much more creditability than our 'democratic vote' does.
Subject: Is There Hope For Canadians?  DD

Joe--Richard Priestman's article on debt is interesting.  I will be the first one to admit that I am not a financial wizard.  I was taught as a young child that if you spend the money, you no longer have it.  If you borrow the money it costs more than the original money was worth.  So I try never to borrow and never to spend my money on things I don't need.
Now, to get down to the feds and their spending of our money.  As it is OUR money, should it not be spent on what is good for Canadians, not, for instance, some entitled jerk to spend a million dollars on government plane flights using our one million dollars?  Would it not be possible for the MPs to pay for their own pensions like we do rather than using our tax dollars for their entitlements?  Would it not be possible for these MPs to pay for their own lodgings rather than charge us.  It is not as if they didn't know that by being elected they would have to live in Ottawa.  Would it not be possible for these MPs to pay for their own food?  Instead we pay for the chef and all the food(and it is not Kraft dinner)in Ottawa, and by the looks of the chubby cheeks etc on many of the MPs they are rabidly using that facility. 
Instead of trying to find a better way to save money on debt we should demand that they spend the money they have on Canadians, not themselves and their pet projects.

From: "Sandra Finley"
Subject: URGENT:  Centre for Nuclear Innovation at the University of Sask.  NEED YOU TO COME.  Thurs Sept 22, 2:30 - 5 pm

DATE:  Thurs Sept 22
TIME:  2:30 - 5 pm
PLACE:  Neatby-Timlin Theatre (Room 241) Arts Building, University of Saskatchewan
TOPIC:  The SaskParty Government giving the University $47 million, ear-marked for the nuclear industry.
(NOTE: a fundamental of democracy - the politicians are not allowed to give money to the University and tell the University how to spend it.  Universities are to be free and independent to determine – through University Council - -  the allocation of the money they receive.)
·        Fukishima laid to rest any remaining doubts about the nuclear industry.
·        The people of Saskatchewan gave a resounding "NO" to the nuclear industry in 2009.
·        The Government of Brad Wall is moving $47 million to the University for the nuke industry.
·        We have a takeover by Corporate interests of the Government AND of the University.
·        Corporate rule = fascism. 
·        It has to be stopped.
·        Please help spread the word.
·        See you there!
= = == = = = = = = == =  = ==
Hi Sandra,
This is disturbing news.... the Center for Nuclear Innovation is being brought to University Council for support on Thurs Sept 22 2:30 - 5 pm, Neatby-Timlin Theatre (Room 241) Arts Building
The whole submission may be viewed at   under agenda item 9.3.
This is the 47 million dollar baby. There is no course, degree or certificate associated with this funding. The whole thing, like the UDP (Uranium Development Partnership), is based on the assumption that the nuclear development in Saskatchewan is a good thing.
I would like to see it rejected by Council.
It would really help if we had some public support and or as many folks out as possible to protest against it.
Council meetings are open and members of the public are allowed to address Council.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Uranium/nuke is only the most egregious, pressing and easy to challenge example of the corporatization of the University at this moment.  The issues like conflicts-of-interest, harassment, abuse of power, etc.  being brought to light are symptoms of the corporatization.
It should be noted:
1.      corporate control of the state is by definition, fascism 
2.      intellectuals in general served the nazi and fascist states of Europe in the previous century
3.      the corporate takeover in Saskatchewan, including of the university, is part of the corporate "harmonization", de-regulation,  and integration of North America.  Brad Wall is the "co-spearhead of the largest on the planet Canada U.S. Western Energy Corridor".   Their game plan is corporate ownership and profits through the export of fossil fuels, electricity and water. They need the nuclear industry in Saskatchewan for tar sands development and for the export of electricity (25-30 million people in the western U.S. have a 50/50 chance of losing their main electricity supply (hydro-electricity from the Hoover and Glen Canyon Dams) by 2017 and a 50/50 chance of losing their water supply by 2021 (the Colorado River is running dry).  The universities are strategically a "legitimizing" tool to bypass public opinion on nuclear development, water export, and Canada-U.S. integration.
4.      The reason the nuclear agenda on campus is the most "pressing" is because it is the enabler for tar sands expansion.  Climate change is real;  tar sands expansion should not proceed.  (Note that the University of Regina with its "Petroleum Technology Research Centre" – the funding of corporate interests - -   is the other half of the nuke-tar sands development in Sask.)
5.      There is a larger picture with a number of battlegrounds.   The battle at the University to stop the corporate takeover, strategically in the nuke area,  needs to be supported by a political effort using the provincial election on November 7th to halt the nuclear agenda.   It is a huge challenge because corporate interests have the SaskParty in their hip-pocket but also the NDP through Duane Lingenfelter's leadership.   It is why I am helping to organize the Greens (grass roots serving the public interest.  In no way does nuclear development serve the public interest.  Remember Fukishima.).