Monday, July 18, 2011

Two Kites: Funding & Boots on Libyan ground

Two kites are currently being flown. The first, loaning funds to the new Libyan government went up several days ago.  The second, that "boots on the ground" would be efficacious in bringing about regime change, only today.

Should you feel strongly enough as to whether they turn into reality or not send your opinion to the addresses John has been good enough to provide for us.

"I (do)/(do not) support Canada providing (1) loans (2) infantry support  to Libya's new government ." This being sent may impact on whether they fly or are grounded.


"Prime Minister/Premier ministre" <>
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        "Bob Rae"<>,
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"One has to wonder, why?"


"The use of alliance warplanes in what amounts to a combat support role, rather than protection of civilians, is likely to sharpen criticism from some quarters that Nato is overstepping its mandate."    "Lt.-Gen. Charles Bouchard who is in command of NATO's ironically named Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR." must  be be aware of this action and its effect.  And as well his super ordinate, Defence Minister Peter Mac Kay.

Bouchard says " the capital of Tripoli, remain "tense." Gadhafi's troops are keeping the population there down and their safety is constantly threatened" .Is he accurate Tripoli's citizens are under military control? As he states "their safety is constantly threatened", but from whom?

The Government of Canada has had our war planes purchased for defense attacking another sovereign state, has recognized rebels as the legitimate government,  is complicit in going far beyond the United Nations commissioned action and now, that it cannot turn seized Libyan funds over to the rebels,  is considering advancing loans  in the hundreds of million dollars to the new government. <>

"One has to wonder why? is the question the Government must answer. "Why?" because its raison d'etre for Canada's  continually growing involvement in the internal affairs a country that poses no threat to us, its "mandate" as MacKay phrases it, "We've reduced the violence against civilians and we continue to make great strides to add more stability to the country," is inadequate .

Looking ahead to the future, should warfare continue until the Government's sanction for involvement from the House of Commons runs out the end of September, will the reasons Canadians are given for Canadian involvement to the point of being accused of breaking international law be the same? Or will there be more profound "Why?'s presented?

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