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Daily Digest July 5, 2011

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Scientists finally get angry about indifference to climate change

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LOWELL MURRAY: You do not govern, you hold to account those who do

No comments from me.

Hopefully some from you
on what truths were spoken
from your point of view

From: Rebecca Gingrich

Joe--most people prefer ignorance to reality because 'we can't handle the truth'?  I imagine that those that keep the majority in ignorance prefer to see the end of the DD also.  Knowledge dare not be available in Canada--we are to obey, not think?  We need the DD to keep us awake.

Talking with someone this evening
two thoughts entered my mind.
Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise
at times I wish I could honestly say as did
Sergeant Schultz "Nothing, I know nothing." 
Of course to arrive at this happy state

From: "Brian Marlatt"
Subject:  Pushed to the Left and Loving It:
The Neoconservative Passion for Alexis de Tocquevillepushedleft.blogspot.com
 A CULTURE OF DEFIANCE: History of the Reform-Conservative Party of Canada
From: John Duddy.
To: "Prime Minister/Premier ministre" <pm@pm.gc.ca>
Cc: "Layton, Jack - Personal" <LaytoJ9@parl.gc.ca>,"Joe Hueglin" <joe.hueglin@bellnet.ca>
Subject:  Go Tell It To The People |  US Veterans Today
Dear Prime Minister of Canada and Opposition Leaders.
Please ask RCMP and CSIS to research this article by Dr. Alan Sabrosky.
Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D, University of Michigan) is a ten-year US Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of the US Army War College. He is an Editor and Director of Policy Issues at Veterans Today, and can be contacted at docbrosk@comcast.net. 

Prime Minister, Canada needs protection from fallout resulting from this awakening.
Opposition Leaders, please support the PM; keep Canada on the right side of history.
John Duddy.  Calgary Centre.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: pain and pensions

Joe--and interesting read on the pensions in the first article of the DD.  I seem to remember we have been told time and time again that we have to pay the majority of MPs pensions so they can have a comfortable life after they leave politics!


It is only us poor suckers that pay for their and our pensions that get a pittance upon retirement.  Remember when Paul Martin closed Voyageur Bus Lines and people that had worked there for 25 years got no pension because there was no money left in the pension fund?  To me that is theft but Martin got away with it and is collecting his pension on the backs of these and all workers in Canada.  Where is the Magna Carta when we need it???
Subject: [If this is a UN initiative does it also apply to Canada???

Is the U.N. stealing control of our water (and Republic) right out from under us?
Subject: NATO on the Ground in Somalia?...In our view, Western powers that be are trying to wipe out the last vestiges of resistance to a one-world

NATO on the Ground in Somalia?

It is difficult to tell in this day and age why wars are being fought. The answers given by the powers-that-be have not proven especially convincing in the past decade. NATO is said to be bombing Libya to protect citizens, but sometimes it seems as if the bombs are murdering more civilians than strongman Muammar Gaddafi.
It is hard to avoid the conclusion that there is some level of an economic component to these wars; Western economies are so bad that any distraction is good. And with what now seems to be six separate engagements in and around the Middle East, there are plenty of such distractions....

From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <mwente@globeandmail.com>,   <jsimpson@globeandmail.com>
Subject: Booming China has eclipsed bankrupt America

The Editor
The Globe and Mail
Booming China has eclipsed bankrupt America

Re "It's evening in America," by Margaret Wente and "Are Canadians happy: We say we are," by Jeffrey Simpson (July 2).

I realized how the United States has become a declining power after visiting China. I recently returned from a month-long visit to Shanghai, Beijing and other cities of China. It has been a rewarding experience to see a vast country on the march. Shanghai seems to be a city of the future with high-speed Maglev (magnetically levitated) trains running at a breathtaking speed of 450 kilometres an hour. The highways and expressways are filled with latest model cars and China has already overtaken the U.S. as the world's biggest market for cars. While the United States and other developed nations slowly recover from the Great Recession, China is growing at an amazing rate of 10 per cent. As Financial Times columnist Martin Wolf noted: "The West's reputation for financial and economic competence is in tatters, while that of China has soared."

I also saw China's industrial might while visiting Shanghai's huge container port -- the world's largest. As far as eye can see, ships of all sizes were loading and unloading containers (mostly loading). It was an almost intimidating demonstration of China's industrial clout. Recently, China has overtaken the United States as the world's greatest trading nation and now the United States is running huge trade deficit of $350 billion vis a vis China. In fact, China is now bankrolling America's trillion dollar budget deficit.

China is also on the way to bypass America as the centre for research and development. While a bankrupt America is finding difficult to provide financial resources needed for research, China is targeting a number of critical areas of science where it intends to be among the world's leaders. Jing Naihe, director of Shanghai's Institute for Biochemistry and Cell Biology, said that "our top stem cell labs are among the world's best" and in "10 to 20 years we should be at the top." Top Chinese scientists working abroad are now returning to China because it has now the resources to provide them with first class equipments and facilities. Once long ago, America used to be a magnet for such talents.

I also found Canada is most respected in China. When I told them I am from Canada, the invariable reply was Canada must be a wonderful place. Most Chinese I talked to were interested to visit Canada. When I asked them about visiting the United States, they were less forthcoming. Most think the United States is a violent place and racism is ripe there.

However, in one respect, China might be replicating the United States in the wrong way -- to get rich quickly. A Beijing University professor created an outcry by urging his students to get rich quickly. Prof. Dong Fan, professor of real estate at Beijing Normal University, told his graduate students on April 4 that they should not "visit him or mention him as their mentor if they cannot amass a fortune of 40 million yuan ($6 million) by the age of 40." Fortunately, he was roundly criticized for glorifying greed. China Daily editorialized: "Money worship, which was abhorred in the country just 30 years ago, has become deeply ingrained in our society today. ... For years, the news media darlings have been successful business people who made a quick fortune, despite the fact some probably made their money by exploiting workers or even allegedly bribing officials." China may be reminded that America's present bankruptcy stems from such buisness people trying to make a quick fortune without regards for rules and regulations.

Both Margaret Wente and Jeffrey Simpson have raised important points which should serve as a reminder why the United States is not a model fror Canada.