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Eco program still faces problems

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Talking with someone this evening
two thoughts entered my mind.
Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise
at times I wish I could honestly say as did
Sergeant Schultz "Nothing, I know nothing." 
Of course to arrive at this happy state

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Greece and the Flotilla

Joe--this is the email I sent to the Greek PM.  Isn't it interesting that Greece is dead broke so I wonder how much they got paid to do this for israel?  I hope they got the message about the 30 pieces of silver!

Dear Sir---I thought you would find this site interesting and see what the rest of the world thinks of Greece's fall into the maw of israel.

You, by your actions, are destroying anything that Greek history has stood for.  Democracy--what is that???  Greece was the cradle of democracy but no more--it has become a servant of evil.  I pray you find your way back before you are crushed like the Palestinians, Libyans and on and on.  Thirty pieces of silver doesn't last very long.

Rebecca Gingrich
Ontario, Canada.

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Publisher comments
Toronto Council needs to push hard for "electoral justice"
Canada Day flag waving
Vancouver mob scene shows what coulda happened in T.O.
Management audits of constituencies?
Brown bag lunches for older Tories
Short note from Doug Hawkins, Whitby-Oshawa
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To defenders of our parliamentary democracy - and some media
Hize-O-Gram & Replies-O-Gram* #115
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while four of his
buddies take turns
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The credo of Lord Macaulay, the 19th-century
British historian and politician: "Our rulers will
best promote the improvement of the nation by
strictly confining themselves to their own legitimate
duties, by leaving capital to find its most
lucrative course, commodities their fair price,
industry and intelligence their natural reward,
idleness and folly their natural punishment, by
maintaining peace, by defending property, by
diminishing the price of law, and by observing
strict economy in every department of the state.
Let Government do this: the People will assuredly
do the rest." from a letter in the Globe
and Mail. 05 10 13
Publisher comments
Toronto Council needs to push hard for "electoral justice"
A remarkable difference beteen the U.S. census activity and ours is the degree of
media attention to the two processes. Although we cherish illusions about the more
advanced state of our Canadian democratic institutions, the Yanks are way ahead on
some crucial consequences of population shifts from, generally, the more northern
states to the more southerly ones.
Their fixed number of congressional seats shift automatically with population
shifts whereas in Canada, since the Mulroney government of the mid-1980's, nuthin'
happens, except that the three fast growing provinces of Ontario, Alberta and British
Columbia lobby endlessly to get more seats in our bulging house of commons to
match up with the growth in population.
The prime minister recently made it clear that he plans no cuts in the seven
provinces and additional territories whose comparatively slow-growing populations
would otherwise see some of their 18 unjustifiable Commons seats, not counting
the additional 8 wiggled by some senate legerdemain, all shifting to the growing
Surely one of the desired advantages of a solid majority government should see
the national government clean up the bloat however much the seven over-represented
provinces might howl! However when one recalls how passively the under
represented vast bulk of seats in the Ontario legislature accepted then new-premier
McGuinty brazenly adding back into the grossly over-represented ten northern seat
region an additional provincial seat, not matched by the feds, which the redistricting
commission had properly cut out, then, as well as the very new, federal Tory indifference
to seat bloat, dear reader, come to terms with a continuing Liberal
indifference to the issue in the country's biggest province.
Look not to Jack Layton, head of the New Democratic party and leader of her
majesty's loyal opposition for progress on this subject either. A colour-coded map of
the country's party loyalties will show how strongly, the over-represented, but but
what somemight see as the perpetually discontented, northern regional seats have
long given their loyalty to the N.D.P.,! So old-fashioned, honest-to-God, rep by by
pop, what a Bloor Stret United lefty dared to call, powerfully, "electoral justice"is not
likely to get much attention from any of the three major political parties, nor their
too frequently subservient constituencies!
In this setting, ripe for doing nothing, the city of Toronto population, averaging
13.4% more population per M.P. than the 308 seats nationally, and living with northern
Ontario's 11 provincial seats, averaging only 69.2%of the other 96 Ontario seats
(!), always under represented in national and provincial assemblies, ten years ago
did formally ask the provincial re-districting committee to hold variances between
the 106 Ontario constituencies to a 5% variance. This formal request, delivered in
person by two powerful members of the council, had a modest effect, in that the majority
of the to-be 23 city of Toronto constituencies were kept close to the Ontario
"quotient", which of course continues to be higher than the national one. Otherwise
the inequitable variances within the province essentially continued, most notoriously
the ten / 11 provincial northern ridings.
While our new mayor has, appropriately, made nice with other governments, I
hope that he and the new council will soon come to regard the 13.4% disadvantage
per seats compared to the rest of the country, as just plain INTOLERABLE, in the
light of levelling of electoral district populations going in in many Canadian provincial
legislatures and for two generations in the United States, and quite currently in
the United Kingdom.
This loyal(ish) Toronto Tory also reminds readers that on May the second of this
year the Toronto voting population elected nine Tories of 23 total M.P.s, meaning that
our great party now has a new and potentially powerful "City of Toronto Parliamentary
Caucus"! So we must watch their moves, and the current City Council's, as
our tardy media finally start thinking through the power implications of the new
census, in T.O., ON and across the whole blooming country!
Canada Day flag waving
My dear departed, Unionville grandmother, Kate Smith, always plastered her
main street house with all sorts of flags on Empire Day and Dominion Day, if you recognize
those terms. A sluggard on the 24th, however I did get a big Stars and Stripes
up on the side of the cottage for this current weekend in honour of visiting Americans,
the Canadian flag in the place of honour on the pine tree-made flagpole! Our
American friends remarked that they tell guests to their cottage to only bring things
which can go home in various tummies!

Vancouver mob scene shows what coulda happened in T.O.
Progressives, who have caterwauled for a year for additional hearings on our G20
events, hopefully compared the minor, but real difficuties in Toronto with the innocents
in Vancouver getting overwhelmed by the frenzies of the mob, run amok! I still
think the Toronto police service needs to establish as a terminating behaviour, hiding
one's badge name!
I also hope to see mytown establish a pamphlet on good civics. It should have a
small section on what to do when rallies get threateningly big and somebody reads the
Riot Act!
Management audits of constituencies?
I vaguely recall, somewhere in the Tory's Ottawa meet, some suggestion that some
form of handbook of good constituency practice might be evolving somewhere. While
the great minds ponder I hope to get my independent counterpart into high gear
shortly and will be approaching those same nine successful T.O. M.P.s for views along
with the 14 other "candidates of record" and all their teams.
Brown bag lunches for older Tories
One of my equally aging Tory buddies is cool on the very popular pub nites partly because
some of us run out of gas that late in the afternoon! He favours lunches and I
tried him out on some of the Tory activists in the Yonge and St. Clair area getting together
only very occasionally for an informal lunch. I hereby propose a gathering in
the delightful garden of my condo, Avoca Vale, later on in August, possibly mid-week
and those interested to bring their own lunch. Lemme know if it appeals.
Short note from Doug Hawkins, Whitby-Oshawa
To all presidents and policy chairs....
82 resolutions were up for discussion on Friday...almost exactly as planned
9 survived the social fabric breakout, 10 survived "role of government" ,10 survived
so 29 survivors...of which 28 were adopted as policy on Saturday
as you can see, a proposal that survived on Friday, had an extremely high probability
of being approved
On the other hand, only a third of the items discussed on Friday "survived"
Of the 76 surviving resolutions from outside our Region,22 were adopted (29%)
Our 8 Regional EDAs, had the good fortune of getting 6 of our proposals on the
table on Friday.
5 of the 6 (83%) of our ideas became Party policy on Saturday afternoon !!!!!
To put this another way, 5 of the 27 new policies...approx 20 % ...were generated by
our eight EDAs!!!
Replies-O-Gram #115, write, if you are pleased or offended, or anything in between!
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