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    My views follow. Yours are invited.
    To: National Media  <>
    From: Joe Hueglin <>

    Quite reasonably on CBC Power & Politics  Mike Lake, Parliamentary Secretary to the Industry minister, presents the positive side of the sale of AECL's Candu to what he repeatedly states is a "World Leading Canadian Company.", SNC Lavalin ,   Prominent is the end of new financial losses paid by taxpayers.

    The sale was made without its terms being debated either publicly or in Parliament or with studies or detas made public but solely under powers obtained through an add on to the 2010 Budget Implementation Bill, subsection "2139. 1) The Minister may, with the approval of the Governor in Council and on any terms that the Governor in Council considers appropriate,  . . . " and under "2139. (2) The Minister may do anything or cause anything to be done that is necessary for, or incidental to, a measure approved under subsection (1).".
    Not taken into consideration is that off setting costs to taxpayers is the value to the Canadian economy and to Revenue Canada from the nuclear industry. "Economic impacts of Canada's nuclear industry" .

    Unmentioned is the growth potential for Candus due to their capability extended as a means of directly using recovered uranium from light water reactors

    Of no consquence is that AECL as a government related negotiating agent could negotiate with other countries government institutions on a basis of equality whereas SNC Lavalin can not. Of no consequence as well are the firm's involvement both in Kerala and in questionable activities elsewhere which suggest all do not see it as a "World Leading Canadian Company " .

    So, the Cabinet has, through its fiat, privatized sale of  Canada's unique heavy water system to countries preparing to seek safer nuclear power systems . This is for good in the Government,  not so in the opinion of others:

    "In fact, when the back and forth is totalled (Lavalin gives Ottawa $15 million; Ottawa gives Lavalin $75 million), we end up paying $60 million for the privilege of no longer owning that chunk of AECL.

    Lavalin gets the lion's share of the nuclear technology company's $1.1 billion worth of assets ­ including land, buildings and tools.

    The public, on the other hand, is stuck with all of all of AECL's $4.5 billion worth of liabilities."

    The question: Action taken for the betterment of Canada for Canadians or to realize with the only available buyer its belief government ought not to be in business.

    COMING UP: the Canadian Wheat Board and . . .

    Joe hueglin

    From: "Claudia Hudson"
    Subject: G20 rally last Saturday

    From: Real Gagne
    Subject: DD


    Just a short note to let you know that on the DD you posted yesterday I got the following message "FORBIDDEN: YOU DON'T HAVE PERMISSION TO ACCESS /2011/ THIS SERVER" beginning with the entry entitled "Stephen Harper wanted for high treason" for thirty some entries ending with the one entitled "Chemtrails  are Real, etc."

    The remainder of the entries worked just fine when I went to open them.


    Went to an unusual source for content.
    From: Joerge Dyrkton
    Subject: David Hume - and the Right of Resistance: Canadian Implications of the Arab Spring

    Hello, Joe;

    Some of your readers might be interested in the following piece.  According to the Scottish Enlightenment political philosopher David Hume, the right of resistance need not be confined to the Arab Spring alone; it has Canadian implications too.

    Here is the link:

    Joerge Dyrkton, D.Phil.

    From: Ray Strachan
    Subject: In Flanders Fields

    I for one would dearly like to know,that which is impossible to know.
    What would Canadian,Lt. Col. John McCrae think,
    Of all the Illegal,Immoral Wars, Fought, and are being fought by we,
    the so-called Western World, since he penned the poem,
    "In Flanders Fields" ?
    Ray Strachan     Grimshaw Alberta

    From: "Eduard Hiebert"
    Subject: Charelswood P&J:  With US (and complicit Harper)  backing, Greek Armed soldiers approaching flotilla boat headed for Gaza

    The email below is from a Jewish organisation taking an active role in the Gaza destined flotilla of boats.
    Another informative article from  "Athens" contains among other facts "Secretary of State Hillary Clinton provided some US diplomatic cover for Israeli actions against civilians on the high seas when she stated last week that the flotilla organizers have created a situation in which Israel" has the right to defend itself." and is copied further below and is available at
    Among the "Canadian content" articles is
    Greece halts Canadian ship in Gaza flotilla

    In closing, each of us in more than one setting have heard that we are all "moral agents" and in other settings  "they also serve who stand and wait".   At the macro level we can't snap a finger and change any of the above, yet at the micro level to deplore and do no more is not enough, and in faith, including our politics, neither faith nor politics is a spectator sport.  That is, can standing and waiting ever be passive, as contrasted with active?  
    From: Robert Ede
    Subject: Reflections on July 1st - Formerly known as Dominion Day
    To: torstar <>

    Canada is my country, English/Scots is my ancestry and precision is my great 'un-doing' because if I see a "wrong", I feel an obligation to correct it.
    If Canada is correctly styled "The Dominion of Canada" - whose dominion is it? ie who's the Boss, whose interests are to be ultimately served?
    God's? The Monarch's? the Citizen's? the Prime Minister's?
    As well, if Canada is correctly described as a "Constitutionally-limited Monarchy", where the absolute sovereign authority of the Monarch is limited and shared with the constitutionally-described governance system, why are we not following the as-written provisions of the BNA/Constitution Acts (as amended)?  - it's truly a power-sharing agreement.
    If the BNA of 1867 laid out an hierarchical system of checks and balances on the "democratic element" (the Lower House - the Commons), by creating a series of "higher authorities", why don't we respect these institutions and follow the as-written laws concerning their place, purpose and powers within this power-sharing agreement?
    -1) the Upper House, styled the Senate (a regionally-represented assembly of property-owners, with a dollar-described net worth, sadly never adjusted for inflation);
    -2) an Executive Power -the Governor General with an independent Privy Council of advisors (a separate and discrete source of information/advice than that flowing from the Legislative Power)
    -3) the Monarch (controlled by Her Privy Council until 1982, when they resigned authority over Canada)
    In my view we should a) restore the BNA/Constitution (to check the power of the now, out-of-our-control PMO/PCO), b) start electing the Governor General and c) change our collective attitude towards our citizenship in Canada (actually subjecthood to the Crown) by doing a "deemed disposition" of the Crown in Canada.
    Henceforth, we should live as if Canada's Crown is held by 'us', the taxpaying, resident, citizens of Canada - without a stroke of a pen, nor a piece of legislation, just an attitudinal shift.
    If the Crown is 'us', then we own all the land (and have an interest in all the freehold property), all the assets etc that the governments are simply "stewards of". With this shift, the governments are accountable to 'us', the Oaths of loyalty are to 'us' and our future belongs to 'us'.
    What a difference being a 'proprietor' makes to your prespective.
    Try it
    Robert Ede,

    Subject: Re: Canada Day 2011: the thoughts of our Confederation's Fathers
    From: "Robert G. Gauthier/The National Capital News Canada"

    Joe Hueglin - you are an important inspiration - people all over the world are fighting and dying to obtain the freedoms that most Canadians have no idea how they came to enjoy them - the Duke and Duchess placed a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier to keep alive our links to our history.

    I wish you the energy to keep up your essential contribution to the lives of future generations, as we owe our good fortune to those who went before.
    A grateful fellow Canadian,

    Bob Gauthier

    From: Brian Marlatt
    Subject: God save the Queen, and God bless the Queen's loyal Canadian subjects: a practical discourse on the meaning of our Monarchy

    From: Lorimer Rutty
    Subject: new direction?


    If this is your idea of 'Journalistic Excellence'. best of luck!


    From: Rebecca Gingrich

    Please Email the Greek Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs minister to ask them to release the flotilla ships.

    Subject: [On-Guard] Jesse Kline: Internet freedom is under threat worldwide...
    the Conservative government is trying to sneak so-called "lawful access" legislation into its omnibus crime bill....

    Democracy--you gotta love it

    Jesse Kline: Internet freedom is under threat worldwide
    Here in Canada, the Conservative government is trying to sneak so-called "lawful access" legislation into its omnibus crime bill. The measure would have dire implications for online privacy and free speech. It would force ISPs to install costly surveillance equipment on their networks. Part of the cost will fall on taxpayers, and private companies will be forced to foot the remainder of the bill. And the cost to small businesses will be considerable.
    The legislation would require that all ISPs give personal information to the government, including the names of their customers, as well as their IP, e-mail, and mailing addresses ­ on demand and without a warrant, or any judicial oversight....

    Subject: DD
    Joe--it was not mentioned in this article that some governments are more equal than others?  It is obvious that Juppe and his ilk do not consider israel to be under the same dictates?  Israel kills with impunity but the 'international community' turns a blind eye.  It is mentioned in one of the articles that you posted that Greece is stopping aid ships from travelling to Palestine.  Is this not the direct opposite of what we are supposedly doing in Libya??  It is ok if we kill Libyan civilians to 'save them' but it is a crime against humanity if Gadhaffi fights to protect his country from rebels?  It is ok if the jews kill Palestinians who are trying to save their land, their children and their animals that are being stolen and murdered, but not ok for Gadhaffi to try to save his country?
    You have to be schizophrenic to believe what is reported by our media and governments.  What we and our allies(controllers?) do is perfect, the decisions we make are unquestionable, so obey, don't think?

    Subject:  Happy Canada Day for 900 people???
    AECL prepares for mass layoff
    Published Friday July 1st, 2011
    Employment: Nine hundred jobs, or 40 per cent of company's workforce, expected to be cut: union official, memo

    Subject: NAU

    Joe--this statement caught my eye in the article you posted---

    'The Resistance Comes With A Well Informed And Alert Citizenry That Are Able To Clearly Identify The Real Issues Behind All The Media 'Fluff" And Spin, And As A Result, Can Make More Informed Choices When It Counts Most'. Make informed choices?????  What does it matter what choices we make--we are not a democracy and therefore have no input into anything our government does.  They ask for(or in many cases buy) our vote and then we are supposed to shut up and bow before the masters.  Most things are decided behind closed doors and then a flowery spin is put on it to convince us that it is good for us--not that that matters a damn because no matter what words are written or spoken it will only benefit the elite.  We have not been asked for our opinion since the Charlottetown Accord--and they didn't like our answer then so have refrained from involving us in their 'decisions'.

    I admire these people for trying but when decisions are made by the likes of the zionist controllers of our country, the corporations and the Bilderbergers we are nothing but Libya in their eyes.

    We got a flyer from our MP stating that we should fly the Canadian flag today, July 1st, Canada Day.  If I had a flag I would fly it at half mast--our county is dying and there is no way to save it short of revolution--and that ain't going to happen--we have been shown the power of the government and those they control.  They have all their bases covered to protect the country from 'terrorists' but it is they that identify what a terrorist is--and look in the mirror--it is anyone who doesn't bow to the masters.


    Subject: [On-Guard] This is what Canada is leading and we are supposed to be proud of our country????

    Pack Journalism Anti-Gaddafi Propaganda
    By Stephen Lendman
    Western media, especially America's, mostly ignore multiple Obama wars (including against Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia), focusing mainly on promoting terror bombing Libya, slaughtering civilians to save them.
    Ongoing since March 19, killing and destruction continue daily. NATO's second in command, US Admiral Samuel Locklear, told Congress that Washington wants Gaddafi assassinated. Earlier, one of his sons and three grandchildren were murdered, as well as around 40 Libyan imans, attending a peace conference to end the carnage. Ruthlessly, Obama, the peace candidate, wants it continued, claiming lawless executive privilege to do it.

    From: Radical Press
    Subject: Re: Daily Digest July 1, 2011

    On 1-Jul-11, at 9:56 PM, Joe Hueglin wrote:

    You will no doubt find much chafe and hopefully some articles worth the reading

    This was the most important for me - new dictum of international community

    Speaking about the situation in Libya, Juppe commented that every government has a responsibility to protect its citizens from crimes against humanity.

    "If a government fails to do so, the international community should assume that function. This is exactly what we are doing in Libya," the minister said.

    Hi Joe,

    Hoping your Canada Day was a good one!

    As for Juppe's comments? What a crock of stinking, Orwellian double speak dung! Did the "international community" step in when Stalin was starving and slaughtering anywhere from 7 to 14 million Ukrainians during the early 30's? Reasonable estimates indicate that close to 60 million Russians were genocided in one way or another during the period of the Soviet reign of terror that commenced with the Bolshevik take over in 1917 most of them dying in the gulag. Those who ran the Bolshevik killing machine later transferred their allegiance over to Israel in 1948.

    Fast forwarding to now we are witnessing the same genociding of the Palestinian people by the Zionist Ashkenazim Jews who control the illegal 'state' of Israel. Is Canada on the bandwagon to protect the Palestinian people from "crimes against humanity"? Hardly.

    When we speak of anything political or economic that is "international" then we are speaking of entities created by the Zionist International Rothschild cartel intended to benefit their one world government agenda. This includes the former League of Nations, the present United Nations Organization and all of its affiliate international agencies such as the IMF, World Bank, UNESCO, etc.

    Our federal government IS under the control of the Zionist criminal cartel that created these Trojan Horses. The sooner we realize this as a nation the sooner we'll be able to rid our country of their nefarious, widespread influence and regain our sovereignty.

    All else is rhetoric and deck chair arranging.