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Daily Digest July 13, 2011


Sun Media embracing 'shock value' over accountability:
media watchdogspapers from Ontario's print media watchdog is a blow to the accountability of Sun publications and does not
bode well for the company going forward, says the executive director of an international group of media ombudsmen. MORE...

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Tories launch summer spending blitz
"Conservative ministers and MPs fanned out across the country Tuesday in support of airports, donuts and pork.??"
Treasury Board President Tony Clement said the blitz was fully in line with  the government's belt-tightening measures.
"Our review is about finding ways to spend less of taxpayers' money on government while preserving responsible, affordable, targeted investments like these that create jobs and growth, spur local economies and help to position communities for long term success," he said in a statement.
Hmmm . . . must be forecasting recession starting in 2014, I reckon. Good to know there's heads up planning, eh!

"One thing the reeve learned was there will soon be a cooling-off period of the federal infrastructure money, before its ramped up again in 2014, but for only special projects. "


.From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: RE: Boycotts: Sauce for the Goose - Not for the Gander

Joe--I guess if israel can be called a democracy then our government's aim is to 'make Canada as 'democratic' as israel?  We haven't had war here to seize citizens land--we have expropriation laws and government is welcome to seize any property they want.  I will never forget an elderly couple who had their home expropriated to build a highway in Alberta.  The wife had been born in the house and had lived there all her life.  All that was left of the property was a few pine trees.  We fought so hard to save their home but no one listened.  So I guess that is democracy and private property rights?  The government decides what is for 'the common good'?  They decide what we value even if we are diametrically opposed to their moves and make it known. Is that what israel is doing???
This is a very well written LTE with many strong and glaring points pointing to the total control our governments have over our every move.  Will watch for it in the msm--although I doubt that anyone will have the guts to print it--they are all controlled by the same masters.
Thanks for sending it.

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Start distancing Canada from UN

Re: Start distancing Canada from UN

         Canada has already distanced itself from the United Nations.  We were once among the top suppliers of UN peacekeeping troops; today we have less than a 100 under UN command.   Instead, the bulk of our troops have been preoccupied with the misadventure in Afghanistan, a campaign in which many innocent civilians have been killed, where the government we       have supported is corrupt, where it appears we have turned a blind eye to the torture of detainees, and which has cost the lives of many Canadian soldiers as well as billions of dollars.
        Contrast that with two diplomatic initiatives which Canada championed and for which we have been lauded around the world - the Land Mines Treaty and the International Criminal Court   - two incredible breakthroughs in international law that will likely save the lives of millions of people.  Canadians are better off supporting the United Nations and multi-lateral    agreements than primarily acting as junior partners of the United States, and automatically fighting in wars at the time and place that the US chooses.
        Larry Kazdan,

From: Robert Ede
Subject: Accountability? is it possible in our Constitutional Monarchy?

Re one small part of your Sauce/Goose Gander post
There was no public input into he privatization of CANDU reactors, the sale of Nortel assets to foreigners with no question asked as to the benefit to Canada, nor will there be, we are told, about ending the CWB's current role. Grain farmer have been told in advance their opinions expressed in a plebiscite will be ignored.
"It is the nature of a democracy that some of the people will always be unhappy no matter what happens.
Experience has taught that the way to influence the policies of government is to get involved."
To me, the root of all public "dissatisfaction" "disengagement" "anger" "mistrust" etc comes down to one thing - if we have a constitution, shall be follow it or not?
Why bother will the trappings of Royal Assent to a Bill ... if everything "important" slinks through as an Order In Council?
Notwithstanding any other argument, fact, belief, custom, interpretation re: how the "democratic element" (Lowest House) within our system operates, the whole-shebang is run under the authority of, in the name of, with loyalty sworn to .... the Crown.
The Public is only involved in the bait-and-switch game we call elections, and of course in buying lottery tickets and avoiding as much taxation as possible.
The Essence of the Dominion of Canada is the Crown .... that said who/what is that?
If the Monarch-in-person is not solicited for advice (what a waste of institutional memory that is in itself);
If the Monarch in Council (UK Privy Council) has resigned from action in Canada;
If our Executive Power's Governor General dare not take an independent (of PMO) position;
If our Executive Power's Privy Council for Canada is populated by the same persons it's intended to supervise;
If the Comptroller General's Office -vet spending BEFORE it's spent- has been abolished (let the managers manage phase - Glassco 1962);
If our Legislative Power's Upper House (it's s.23 & s.31 qualification/disqualification standards indicating its position representing Taxpayers & property owners) has lost its mandate through inflation and patronage appointments;
If no one in the Court system seems willing to apply the as-written BNA/Constitution - they feel fine reading-in analogous bits into 1982, but won't enforce the existing administrative structure of 1867;
Then who/what is the Crown?
Who/what is the source of our 'sovereignty'?
Who/what is the authority/double check on the Legislative process?
Who/what is representing the will of the Crown-subjects/ citizens that (erroneously) think they live in a democracy?

From: Mahmood Elahi
To: "Dennis Henigan, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence" <>
CC: <>,"Joe Hueglin" <>, <>

The Editor
National Post
Copy to: Mr. Dennis Henigan, Acting President, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Washington D.C. : With a Conservative government, battle for gun control is now lost in Canada. However, Canada's two most populous and urbanized provinces of Quebec and Ontario can still stem the tide of the gun lobby which is determined to repeal the gun registry. Your victory is a source of inspiration of all Canadians who support gun control measures.
To understand how unregistered guns are being misused in domestic violence, look at Texas
Re Will Ontario be the next to consider a provincial gun registry? by Matt Gurney (July 12).
Those who want to repeal the gun registry fail to realize that guns are increasingly being misused in domestic violence and gun registry can help stem such violence. Al look at Texas will make the point clear.
When 14-year-old Juan Ramon, of Halthom City near Fort Worth, got angry after a family row, he didn't kick the family cat or sulk. With a high-powered rifle -- a Christmas gift from his father -- ready at hand, he started shooting. He shot a dog and seriously injured three neighbours before killing a cop who had answered an emergency call. Later, Juan Ramon was killed in a hail of police bullets.
Juan Ramon's weekend shooting spree was quickly followed by several other shooting deaths in Texas. In the Lone Star state, the national capital of gun culture, such stark tragedies are nothing unsusal. Texas has a population of about 17 million. Between them, they legally own 68 million guns -- or about 4 guns for every man, woman and child. There is no state or federal gun registry law. Gun registry would have prevented Juan Ramon's father to give a rifle as a present to his minor son. Not surprisingly, thousands are being cut down by gun fire in Texas every year.
The confusion over what to do about the anarchic proliferation of guns is not limited to Texas. In Washington, the Brady Bill, named after President Rolnald Reagen's press secretary, who was maimed in an assassination attempt, was allowed to expire by the earlier Republican dominated House and Democrats were afraid of the gun lobby -- the NRA -- to revive it when they controlled the House. Now with the Republicans are again in control, President Obama is trying to revive some gun control through executive actions. But it is an uphill task. In Canada, the Conservatives are about to repeal the gun registry. They tend to ignore the fact that gun registry is extremely useful in stemming anarchic proliferation of guns and misuse of guns in domestic and workplace violence. A Raymond Kelly, the New York City's police commissioner, said: "Gun registry will leave behind a trail of ownership and an interesting trail of civil liability for those who disposed of their guns illegally or just recklessly."

.From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject:  Al Gore is back with his BS!!!!!!

The campaign will begin with a large-scale, global event called "24 Hours of Reality." This happening, scheduled for September 14-15, will be presented in numerous languages and in 24 time zones. The Climate Reality web site has more information about the launch event:
Subject: The Illuminati Depopulation Agenda--Canada is just as involved in this agenda
July 11, 2011 — Dean Henderson
Subject: Harper appears as cop in 'Murdoch Mysteries' cameo

Is there anything Harper can't contaminate???   This is my favourite TV show and now he is on it also.  Wonder if they 'brought him to life'???
Subject: How many Canadians know about this--and the Canadian taxpayer also pays for it.

Canada Park: An Example of Ethnic Cleansing
One of Israel's national parks and most popular leisure spots is Canada Park, located a few kilometers north-west of Jerusalem. Visitors enjoy its spectacular panoramas, woodland paths, mountain-bike trails, caves and idyllic picnic areas. 5 A series of signs describe the historical significance of the landscape, as well as that of a handful of ancient buildings, in terms of their Biblical, Roman, Hellenic and Ottoman pasts. What is not pointed out, is that the park was built on the remnants of 3 destroyed Palestinian villages. 1,2,4

From: Geoffrey West

Hi Joe and regular readers of the Daily Digest;

This will likely be my last posting to the DD, because to be honest, I never follow mainstream news, and have not for a number of years now.  I have just simply lost faith in it, and in our institutions of leadership.  As well, perhaps the kind of information I do share is not as meaningful in this particular forum. 

Instead, I prefer to focus on the solution, and putting my energies toward what I believe the solution to be, instead of using my time and energies building up my frustrations and complaints about what the situation is now.  The solution stems from being aware of the following information below, and beginning to use it against HAARP-er and all powers-that-be, to turn their game against them.  Writing letters of complaint, and maybe followed up with a little cautious 'fire-fighting', throwing water on the 'electrical fire' will not put it out, but rather may end up electrocuting you.

I am in the process of updating my book, A Greenprint For LIFE and hope to release it in the near future with CreateSpace, a publishing arm of Amazon.

Here is what I would like to share in this posting:
  1. Humanity is enslaved to an elitist cartel, whose power and control is beginning to collapse
  2. This enslavement has come from a group of city-states known as the 'Empire of the City'.  The Queen is actually a part of this and is under their authority.       http://
  3. The legal system they created is known as the 'Law of the Sea', 'Maritime Law' or in its more common form, Commercial Law.  It is enforced and administered by the International Bar Assocation and all its country affiliates.  All lawyers, judges politicians and others who have been 'called to the Bar', have sworn an oath to serve 'The Crown', but that crown is not the monarcy; it is the Crown Templar, based in the city-state of London City, and is part of the Vatican banking cartel.  One article, written about the American Bar Association is relevant to all associations:
  4. Commercial Law is based on commerce, and for controlling people.  This control over people cannot be forced, because this is a 'democracy'.   Instead this control must be solicited voluntarily, so using 'law', they scared you into all kinds of contracts, from your birth certificate, to your driver's licence, passport and so much more.
  5. This control started with your birth, and there is a registry number tied to your birth certificate that basically makes you a mini-corporation, to the corporation of Canada.  This number creates what is known as a 'strawman identity' or legal fiction identity, which is your name in CAPITAL LETTERS.  The number on the back of your birth certificate is also a BOND NUMBER that has been set up to pay for everything that you were to ever use through your life.  Go onto YouTube and search 'Finding your bond account with your birth certificate number'.   Many example are US-based, but the premise is the same.  Your birth certificate is MONEY!  I'm still learning about this, but there is allegedly a process called 'Accetped For Value', or A4V.  You can take advantage of this.  Want to look up your bond account? .     People are profiting from the money that has been stored away – your money – to buy everything that you need, because they did not tell anyone that the people have a right to claim this bond.  Instead, a slavery economy was set up through an unlawful banking system.  See below.   'Meet Your Strawman'
  6. EVERY time you sign a document that has your name in CAPITAL LETTERS, or you wish to create a 'legal' document such as passport of driver's licence, you are surrendering your rights and liberties over to the UNLAWFUL 'legal' system and their control.
  7. The LAWFUL system of justice is Common Law, and is recognized in the Constitution as the Law of the Land, the supreme Law of God, ahead of all other law.  
  8. The LEGAL system is the commercial law system set up by the elitists to keep people under control but also to enforce 'Acts' and 'Statutes' which are merely words given the FORCE of law to keep people in fear, in debt while profiting the elitist groups and banksters.   If you look at the following link,                                          , you will notice two things.  It is called the Constitution ACT, 1982.  This means that the constitution, technically is their words being given the force of law.  However, in the VERY FIRST LINE, they also acknowledge:  "Whereas Canada is founded upon the principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:"  They created a document with the force of law, but also acknowledge the Law of God, or Common Law as the supreme law of Canada.  This is the way we can use their system against them to restore a lawful system and bring the curtain down on their game.
  9. Upon my return to Canada, hopefully next week, I will be sending in my Letter of Intent and Claim to inform all necessary parties, indicating my intention to live as a sovereign human outside of government representation within the Common Law jurisdiction that Canada recognizes as supreme.  With those letters is also included a FEE SCHEDULE, to protect myself from any individual who seeks to impose the unlawful 'Acts' and 'Statues' upon me as a sovereign human.  With this step, I begin taking the process of educating myself how to use their system against them, and to not allow them control over me, to the best of my ability.
  10. A legal precedent has now been set in the UK invalidating the monarchy.  Upon making her oath to the world at her coronation, she swore to uphold the Law of God, or the Law of the Land.  During her 50+ years, she has however given royal assent to thousands of man-made laws, abandoning her oath to serve the Law of God, and giving precedence to the commercial law that has contributed to human enslavement.  The case of Regina vs. John Anthony Hill (JAH) was a jury trial, requested by JAH because he was calling into question the authority of the monarchy and thus also the authority of the presiding judge.  A jury trial was necessary, and is a right, upon request.  A judge cannot make a ruling in a case where his/her authority is also being called into question. The jury upheld the argument by JAH.  This is a ground-breaking precedent, and if used by all, has the potential to help shut down this criminally-fraudulent, UNLAWFUL, 'legal' system.                                          
  11. The banking system is also tied to the 'Empire of the City'.  London City controls the global financial structure.  Through their partners, the banking families and the US Federal Reserve Board, an unlawful financial structure was imposed upon people; a system called the Fractional-Reserve model of banking, based on a book called Modern Money Mechanics.  This system effectively creates money out of thin air, and all loans made by banking institutions to you are in fact not lawful, because the bank has NOT 'risked' anything in loaning you money.  The bank loses NOTHING if you default, but they DO get something that DOES have 'value'; your car, your home, or whatever else.  The banking contract is upheld and supported by the criminal legal system to keep you in fear of paying this 'debt', when it is really not a debt at all.    Part I (skip the first four minutes) Part II which gets to the fraud of bank loans.
  12. Thanks to all the courageous souls who HAVE been taking action over the last few years, all of this is being exposed.  They were willing to risk their lives, their careers, their salaries, their reputations, their families and more to bring truths that have helped bring human awareness to the point where these structures are now rapidly collapsing.   They have stood for truth, for honour, and for integrity.  More importantly than all this was that they stood for YOU, when you could not or would stand for yourself.  While military soldiers honourably (but naively) go to fight illegal wars for the profit of the elitists, other soldiers are taking the front lines of the war against your sovereignty and enslavement.  Which cause would rather die for, if it came down to making that choice?  Which cause is truly in the name of 'democracy'?  The soldiers are now becoming aware of it, and are speaking out:           Are you?
  13. July 8 marked World Disclosure Day around the world.  (    Did you hear about it?  Possibly, but probably not.  Most mainstream media would not cover this, although there were a few that did in Europe, I have heard.  This ONE announcement is the one that truly scares the elitist cabals.  This ONE announcement has the potential in a very short period of time, to strip the elitists of their power and control, and begin implementing strategies to clean the water, the air and restore abundance to the people of Earth.   The second most fearful thing is the information above: people awakening to their lies and deceptions and using their system against them.  This however will take longer, and allow them to stay in power longer.  The announcement of DISCLOSURE  will put a stop to their crimes against humanity through the creation of earthquakes/tsunamis; pandemic scares; radiation scares; dangerous/illegal vaccines; dangerous pharmaceutical drugs/medications; chem-trails; fluoride in water; GMO-foods; unlawful legislation stopping people from growing their own food...and the list is endless!
  14. You can spend all your time, energies and money complaining about these relatively-speaking 'smaller' fires in our society, or we can all join together to bring this one issue into mass awareness and bring the collapse these structures of enslavement, INCLUDING the HAARP-er government.  Paul Hellyer, a former minister of defence has stood up for years and spoken about the existence of our galactic families.  Thousands are now beginning to reveal what they know, or what they have seen, or what they have been a part of.  ( ), scores of video sightings on YouTube now,  and the following article:                                                                                                                                                                                                                         See also (The 2012 Scenario) for more articles of interest re: the current and coming times.
  15. Do you REALLY want to see the end of what you are currently allowing yourself to be enslaved to?  Perhaps you are happy complaining, because everyone else is, but because it is a system with which you are familiar, will you grudgingly continue along being a slave, happy to complain, but not act?  Are you afraid of what you might become – a galactic citizen, and be a part of something much larger?  What is it you require to begin taking that step?  A five minute clip demonstrating how we begin to change our mindset out our current reality, to one that is now rapidly beginning to form:    Dr. Quantum – Flatland  (Fear of the unknown...or rather, the not-yet known?? )

I realize much of what I have offered here many will not be familiar with.  The presentations I give and discussions I facilitate offer all these and much more about what is happening, and where our future is not going.  My entire LIFE-path has been a study of all of this and more, and I have spent much of the last five years becoming more familiar with the larger topics, and add them to my presentations and lectures and now also to my book.  There will be things that some do not want to become familiar with.  What I can assure you is this:  people around the world, and people from very high-levels of formerly secret governments and organizations are making a huge push at this time for global awakening, change AND disclosure.  Whether you like it or not, and whether or not you are ready for it, it is coming.  On this, I am most certain!  It will be a grand time of celebration to watch the final pillars of elitist control come crashing down.  HAARP-er may be putting on a brave face to the public, but I believe I can say with confidence that he is probably very scared at the prospect of all this truth coming into the Light, and this would be one reason why he has been seeking to control the internet with usage-based billing; to stop people from using what little money they have left to learn about their enslavement, and awaken to his crimes against humanity, and everything else.

He may try.  He will not succeed.  There are forces at work that are beyond what most of us know or are aware of.  This will be revealed in a very near future moment of 'now', I am certain!

Namaste, peace and love to all!

Geoffrey West
*Lecturer/Writer – A Greenprint For LIFE, Galactic, Global, and Inner Peace/Healing

*Radio host: 'The Awakening Wanderer' on BBS Station One  (coming soon)
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M.A., Peace Education, UN-mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica
B.A.A., Radio and Television Arts, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

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