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Daily Digest June 9, 2011



  • AG turns spotlight on RCMP, G8/G20 summit cost MORE ...
  • Something uncommon about the Commons. MORE...
  • Politeness in Parliament?.. MORE...
  • Artists should ask Krista Erickson why she lobbed softball questions at Brian Mulroney.. MORE...
  • Tories still making big bucks from taxpayers.. MORE...
  • Canada's Conservative spring.. MORE...
  • How BQ's death spiral may impact Canada.. MORE...
  • Canadians have soured on Big Government.. MORE...
  • Proposed Taiwanese cultural centre puts Canada on the spot.. MORE...
  • Sovereigntists in search of identity.. MORE...
  • Canada in Kandahar, wrong place, wrong time.. MORE...
  • Canada set to repeat Afghan aid flop. MORE...
  • The Libyan quagmire. MORE...
  • Why do we neglect our veterans?. MORE...
  • CPC appeals to party supporters to finance fight against media, pundits
  • Prime Minister Harper asks to meet Green Men
  • Opposition blows gasket as PM jets to Canucks-Bruins game
  • Libya mission has cost Canada $26M: MacKay
  • Why I did it: Senate page explains her throne speech protest
  • The majority's Godfather
  • Tories quarrel over leader election policy
  • MPs' pension plan has paid out $804-million since beginning, says new report
  • Senators urged to disclose outside income
  • Ottawa, native leaders commit to sweeping overhaul of reserve life
  • NDP MP retracts support of flotilla to Gaza
  • Feds slash search-and-rescue centres
  • Newfoundlanders baffled by coast-guard cuts
  • Departing Canadian soldiers bury a rock memorial to fallen
  • Air Canada facing strike next week
  • European Parliament slams Canada's oilsands
  • Harper shifts aid policy from grants to backing multilateral lenders
  • Canada still seeks reversal on seal ban
  • Energy drink relabelling appears to be stalled
  • Weather is a national obsession for Canadians, survey finds
  • Clement floats user fees in sketch of public-service spending review
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    JEUDI 09 JUIN 2011


    Nothing special for me to go on about to-day
    Here are the latest updates saying it all

    Tories crack munchkin joke for Elizabeth May, give cold shoulder to G8 critics

    The Commons: Tony Clement's bike racks, streetlights and boulevards

    As the Tories seek waste, their own ridings are a good place to look


    From: The Natroses

    Hi Joe, Of all places, The Canada Free Press -  I read an article that I agree with word to word, and I am impressed with a writer who is relatively young to speak such words. He must have an old soul.

    " The rise of Western democracy was the rise of the Middle Class protecting its rights and its interests. Now the Middle Class is dying,  it is being replaced by a class of professional government workers subsidized by the slowly dying industries that once powered the commerce of a mighty nation. It cannot be exported by NGO's or replicated by global covenants. Not when the same progressives vowing to export democracy and human rights are hard at work crushing them at home.
    The progressive ideal is a tragic misunderstanding ending in national catastrophe. The idealization of government is not only the second best possible route to tyranny, but also the death of the institutions that generate a nation's vitality. Reformers champion change, but their worship of government leads to static systems that make change and reform impossible. Their final vision of world government is an idealized failure from the start. Their failure to understand the nature of power and the extent to which their own ideals are cultural, rather than universal, dooms their inevitable world order to be not only not inevitable, but impossible."
    From: "Paul Arnold"
    Subject: The Majority's Godfather

    Enjoy the read…



    Subject: Re: Daily Digest June 8, 2011
    From: "Michael Watkins"

    Miscellany for the DD, it's been a long while since I penned something for

    Ms. Gingrich worries about UN gun control and cites an article in Forbes
    where the author declares that the terms of the UN initiative are not yet
    known but despite this obvious problem the author launches into
    speculation over maybe's with as much certainty as if they were already
    written in stone.

    Personally if it were actually possible that a governmental organization
    like the UN could disarm the entire planet I'd be very happy. Clearly no
    arm of any government - world, national, regional or local - is that
    powerful or more importantly, that able. Could we all please give our
    heads a shake?

    Like Vancouver's police chief, like the president of the Canadian Police
    Association (representing officers, not brass) and like dozens of other
    chiefs and groups, I support the continuation of the long gun registry. I
    say that as a former farm boy myself, and as the son of an RCMP officer.

    On the other hand, once it is gone the CPC will lose a source of funding
    since it won't be able to whip up rural Canada on the issue any more. So
    maybe there is a silver lining in the destruction of a useful tool anyway.


    On "taking the roof off campaign donations" Gerry Nichols also once was
    the president of the National Citizens Coalition which one Stephen Harper
    also chaired, and the both of them were against Elections Act provisions
    which restrict third party advertising during campaigns.

    Be careful what you wish for -- Mr. Nichols, and presumably Stephen Harper
    too, still wants those restrictions lifted so that Canada can "enjoy" the
    freedom American's enjoy -- even more partisan and uncontrolled
    advertising. We'll have our own version of "swiftboating" political action
    groups on the attack. Just what Canada needs -- an increase in vile attack
    politics designed to numb the electorate into submission.

    Another in the DD suggested that elimination of political subsidies (the
    per vote subsidy in particular) is a good thing but by all means let's
    keep the tax credit system long in place. One problem with that idea: the
    tax credit system delivers -- from the taxpayers trough -- far more
    dollars into the hands of political parties than the per vote subsidy.

    All in or all out, I say.

    Might there be a blow-back problem with dropping all tax credits and per
    vote subsidies? Maybe. The Conservative Party of Canada has been
    particularly effective in squeezing its membership for contributions, and
    mostly these tithes have been small - 20, 50, 100, 200 dollar
    contributions from individuals are typical. The appeal letters sent to
    extricate dollars from the wallets of supporters are typically charged
    with fearful partisan language. The Long Gun Registry has long been a
    money-getter for the Conservative Party. Crime or social issues work on
    other demographic groups. There's got to be a demon out there if you want
    to fund-raise.

    Stripped of subsidies (all well and good?) the other parties will have to
    jump into the same sandbox in order to compete. We won't be presented with
    ideas but fears. Parties A, B and C will duke it out for donor dollars by
    throwing around the most fiery rhetoric they can come up with.

    In short, we'll be taking another step towards the wonderful American
    system. We all know how much Truth and Fact plays a role in that electoral

    There's more at work here than the surface moves indicate.

    A last, late, thought:

    Mahmood Elahi wrote that Politicians should also pay their own way, and in
    an unrelated comment John Halonen noted "Sure was interesting to see our
    Canadian Prime Minister at the Boston Gardens tonight."

    Let's mash the two thoughts together and all question why the Prime
    Minister of Canada decided it was ok for him, in an apparent time of
    necessary austerity, to fly on a government jet - with his daughter and
    perhaps also Vancouver-area Heritage Minister James Moore - at an
    estimated cost of $11,000 an hour. With body guards in tow the round trip
    likely cost upwards of $30,000. Why? Oh, too insecure to travel
    commercially the PMO will say.

    Oh - an airliner, sitting behind security, metal detectors and bomb
    sniffing equipment - is somehow less secure than the stadium in Boston
    filled with 15,000 people?

    When Stephen Harper was Leader of the Opposition he and his MP's
    frequently tore a strip off the sitting government of the day for such
    abuses of the public purse. In October of 2004 Jason Kenny decried the use
    of government Challenger jets (which in Kenney's own math cost $11,000 an
    hour to run) the Liberal PM of the day to attend a partisan speech.

    I don't hear Mr. Kenny attacking Stephen Harper for using the same jets to
    attend a hockey game in Boston. Nor did I hear Kenny attack Finance
    Minister Jim Flaherty who in the fall of 2009 took a government jet from
    Ottawa to Montreal to attend with his wife a party thrown for Brian
    Mulroney and then return. Cost to tax payers? $22,000 or more.

    Meanwhile British PM David Cameron took his leave from the G8 meeting
    recently and decided to fly off to a sunny clime in Europe with his
    family. Cameron flew *economy* on a budget airline. Cost: a few hundred
    euros. Cost to tax payers? Zero.

    Stephen Harper and the New Conservative Agenda For Austerity says ... Do
    as I say, not as I do.

    ... with that, I intend to go back to DD hibernation.

    Mike, our loss
    From: Larry Kazdan
    Subject: European Parliament calls for Parliamentary Chamber at the UN

    European Parliament calls for Parliamentary Chamber at the UN
    Larry Kazdan, Vice-President,
    World Federalist Movement Canada – Vancouver Branch


     Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly

    Citizens' watchdog at the UN!  Please read the appeal text and endorse on-line.

    From: "Jim Calvert"
    Subject: Daily Digest

    Reading the DD has become one of the high points of my day,
    No matter how many problems there may be in my life,
    I never have so much hatred as people like Becky.
    People need to get on with their lives.
    We had an election, CPC won a majority of the seats.
    They will be there for four years!
    Wait three then start screaming, this will give you time to rest up and accumulate more hatred that you can spew out during the fourth year.
    If the CPC has commited all kinds of atrocities by then, you'll have lots of ammunition.
    If, as I expect, they turn out to be a bunch of people just trying to do the best they can for their country, then you will look less like fools for making false accusations.
    Either way your blood pressure will get a rest.
    Jim Calvert
    Parry Sound Muskoka

    Venting helps blood pressure, doesn't it?
    From: Robert Ede
    Subject: to John Anderson through you

    3. Separation of the PMO and the PCO

    I want to see the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) and the Privy Council Office (PCO) downsized, and I want to see the re-establishment of a clear distinction between the two.  The creeping politicization of the Public Service must cease -- immediately.

    I want to see decentralization of authority from the PMO/PCO to individual departments.
    Both of these initiatives would be in line with Harper's stated goal to reduce the size of government.
    Dear John,
    My favourite topic! No one but you has struck upon it's importance!
    these separate functions have only been merges since 1940
    The Privy Council is the Independent advisors of GG s.11
    The Legislative Power was never intended to control the Executive

    Robert Ede,

    From: "S Booiman"
    Subject: Senate

    Hello Joe,
                             Senate reform and the Quebec “we want”.
    Do support the Harper plan to change the Senate,.it is long overdue that some one
    tells the Country who has been elected to be in charge. The 7/50 agreement can
    easily be dealt with, four Western provinces and Ontario, the 3 Eastern can be
    bought with some carrots.Tired of reading about negative attitudes, does not
    accomplish anything. Unfortunate the budget did set aside 2.2 billion for Quebec,
    it should have put some commitments onto it, like the change of the Senate, plus
    informing Quebec it already is overrepresented with 75 seats for a declining population,
    down to 7 million and that only because of importing French speaking. Besides that
    there is no entitlement of 24% in a country that claims equality. The time is now
    for the country to grow up and face reality. We don’t live in the 19th century
    No one is looking for separation but the time of the so-called French culture is long
    past.  The promotion is only a reason for isolation, we are special.
    That is why the Census question on languages is misleading, the truth would
    be asking “what is your origin”, a question so feared  by Ottawa.  
    For the same reason Harper should change the House seating with no special status.

    From: Radical Press <>
    Subject: Re: Daily Digest June 8, 2011

    Dear Joe,

    Re: Subject: CBC Question: "What Do We Want From Harper's Majority Government?"
    From: John Anderson

    5. Canadian Foreign Policy

    I want to see a more independent Canadian Foreign Policy.  Canada has traditionally had an extremely competent and apolitical Foreign Service.  This tradition needs to be re-established and re-invigorated.  Slavish adherence to the policy directions of the U.S. government is not our tradition.  Again, the politicians need to avoid narrow idealism and look at what is truly "best" for Canada and the world.

    I believe that "slavish adherence to the policy directions of the" state of Israel ought to supersede event those of the USA. In that way we'd be killing two cuckoo birds with one stone.

    6. Defence Policy

    ... We have seen in the last few years (beginning with Paul Martin's Liberal government and continuing with Stephen Harper's Conservative government) a re-invigoration of Canada's military capability, and recognition of Canada's proud military tradition.  This needs to be sustained, but we need more openness (White Paper?) with respect to what capabilities we will maintain, what missions we anticipate, and what it will cost to do this.

    I get the impression here from John's assessment that he's talking more about an Offensive Policy for Canada's military rather than a defensive one. We need to stay out of other nations' business and they out of ours. It's as simple as that. As well, given the history of the past century, I don't think that we can be as "proud" of our "military tradition" as we might like to be. Canada, like too many other democratic nations, was suckered into fighting wars that only ended up benefitting the financial interests and agenda of the global elite. That should be apparent to all given the current nature of our political reality globally.

    8. Environmental Policy; Nuclear Power

    ...We absolutely MUST reduce our dependence on fossil fuels for energy generation.  Renewable sources of energy get great media coverage, but they are not the full solution.

    ...I would like to see Harper give full government support to Canada's nuclear power industry.

    Nuclear energy came about as the indirect result of warmongers and arms dealers who would best be classified as psychopaths of the worst order. Has John not fathomed yet the import of Fukushima? Nuclear energy is insanity posing as a technical Nirvana but ultimately only holds promise of becoming our collective Nemesis. Pushing nuclear power is therefore both logically and morally unjustifiable given that this world requires natural, organic systems to ensure its long range sustainability.

    Arthur Topham

    Subject: Fukushima escalates to worse-case possibility

    Fukushima escalates to worse-case possibility --Japan has suggested the situation at the Fukushima nuclear plant has gone beyond a meltdown into a worst-case melt-through
    . 08 Jun 2011 (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) For the first time Japan has suggested the situation at the Fukushima nuclear plant has gone beyond a meltdown. Japan says that nuclear fuel in three reactors has possibly melted through the pressure vessels and accumulated in the outer containment vessels. Japanese media report this melt-through is far worse than a core meltdown and the worst possibility in a nuclear accident.

    From: Rebecca Gingrich
    Subject: DD 
    The US ambassador to Canada says there's no reason the 49th parallel can't be more secure as well as more free-flowing for people and trade at the same time.

    Joe--of course this idiot would say this--he has nothing to lose and everything to gain.  What scares me about it, other than losing Canadian sovereignty, is that it sounds as if they are preparing another false flag op to jsutify their border actions.  What better way for the controllers to get everything they want by 'proving the necessity' with a false flag op or two?  
    I stated in my last post that the numbers will be skewed to make it appear that most Canadians are prepared to lose our country for 'security and trade'.  As Mark Twain stated--"there are lies, there are damn lies, and then there are statistics'!!  And we all know that the government employs all three!
    Subject: The Crown Jewel of Understanding- Agenda 21 and The Club of Rome
    Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced… a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals -an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of evey human action be integrated into individual and collective decision making at every level.
    Subject: Guatemala victims of US syphilis study still haunted by the 'devil's experiment'
    Yes--Canada should have better border security--FROM AMERICANS!!!

    Guatemala victims of US syphilis study still haunted by the 'devil's experiment'
    Survivors tell of damaged lives after being deliberately infected in secret 1940s experiment on 1,500 men, women and children
    Subject: The Arrogance of Authority

       Joe--I think it is time we all go out and get a bull???
    Subject: The Arrogance of Authority

    A DEA officer stopped at a ranch in Texas , and talked with an old rancher.
    He told the rancher, "I need to inspect your ranch for illegally grown drugs."
    The rancher said, "Okay , but don't go in that field over there.....", as he pointed out the location.
    The DEA officer verbally exploded saying, " Mister, I have the authority of the Federal Government with me !"
    Reaching into his rear pants pocket, he removed his badge and proudly displayed it to the rancher.
    "See this badge?!  This badge means I am allowed to go wherever I wish.... On any land !!
    No questions asked or answers given!!  Have I made myself you understand ?!!"
    The rancher nodded politely, apologized, and went about his chores.
    A short time later, the old rancher heard loud screams, looked up, and saw the DEA officer running for his life, being chased by the rancher's big Santa Gertrudis bull......

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