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The Digest is SPAM - to some

Subject: Re: Daily Digest June 3-4, 2011

please discontinue this spam

Frankly I've been in foul humour since receiving this not from a couple
newly added but receiving the Daily Digest for a long, long while.

Any others who consider this daily labour to be a burden please let me know
having only eight people consider the endeavour worth financial support
(as usual I've been remiss in sending my thanks) and now this, ticks me off.

Subject: the more things change the more they stay the same???
An Agent Of The King In Every Home
(Thanks Becky)

From: John Halonen
Subject: Re: Were you aware of this online consultation being conducted by  the "Beyond the Border Working Group"

     Was not aware of this online consultation, but like many others we are not players in the Governments activities that will change the lives of all Canadians.  How unfortunate, that our politicians care so little for the people they represent.

    Anyway did provide some thoughts for consideration, but expect that they will not be listened to as so many other Canadian citizens.

To Government Web Site regarding perimeter security and economic competitiveness.

"A shared vision for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness is nothing more than our Canadian Government telling Canadians that Canada is no longer a country and is being replaced by a UNION with the United States.  Canadians have for decades indicated that they wish to remain as a Country, yet our elected representatives believe they know better."

John P. Halonen

From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: Long-gun registry: Where do you stand on the long-gun registry? - Your Community

Another survey.

Subject: Long-gun registry: Where do you stand on the long-gun registry? - Your Community

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: more proof that corporations own us

Public Private partnership

Second half of the public/private ownership video

Subject: Saudi Arabia and Western Hypocrisy & 9/11 and Who Rules Saudi Arabia
From: Jacob Rempel
To: CBC The Current <>, CBC Politics <>,
        CBC Radio World at 6 <>, CBC Newsday <>,

Short, un-spun thorough interviews to explore the history of Saudi
relationship with the U.S. and British regimes and oil corporations,
with details and images from FDR  to Barak Obama.

Former CBC CounterSpin host Paul Jay and The Real News again do
yeoman journalist service for those of us who want better information.

Unhappily, Canada now is hand in glove with US imperial
aggression to control more oil and other resources. That is
what Harper's new big F-35 bomber planes are designed to do.
--Jacob Rempel, Vancouver

9/11 and Who Rules Saudi Arabia
Madawi Al-Rasheed: The Saudi dictatorship was the incubator of al-Qaeda  June 4, 2011

Saudi Arabia and Western Hypocrisy
Madawi Al-Rasheed: Washington is calling the worst repression in the Arab world "evolving reform"  June 2, 2011

From: "Eduard Hiebert
Subject: Page calling Harper agenda into question.   Re: Daily Digest June 3-4, 2011

Joe, thanks for your two links on the Senate Page who held out the sign Stop Harper.

In a further link Mike Duffy and Elizabeth May underline who they are shilling for.  May already signalled her partisan Con interests years ago when she as a newly elected leader took pains to make claims that Mulroney was the greenest of any of Canada's PMs.

Their current comments are as follows

Eduard Hiebert

Mike Duffy, a Conservative senator, said "stunts" such as the one DePape pulled Friday hurt

These things are unfortunate because every time there's some kind of event like this it means security gets tightened," Duffy said. "And we want this to be the people's place, where people can come and talk to politicians and make their point, and so now who knows what the end result will be, but it will not be more relaxed security. It will mean tighter security.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said the protest was inappropriate and in the wrong place.

"I sympathize enormously with youth in this country who feel they've been abandoned when the single greatest threat to their future isn't mentioned in the speech from the throne, and that, of course, is the climate crisis."

From: Geoffrey West
Subject: Congratulations and WELL DONE, Brigette DePape!

Hi Joe;

I extend my congratulations and best wishes to Brigette for her 
courage in using the throne speech as a venue for bringing attention 
to an issue that many others have been trying to do, but have been 
suppressed by the government and the media.

It was a place that HAARP-er and Co. would NOT have expected it to 
happen, and their guard was down.  A brave young soul used her 
position to become a 'whistleblower', if you will, from within.  This 
is what many souls are now doing all over the world.

Those who criticize are likely among the 30-some percent that gave 
HAARP-er his 'majority'.

The CBC reporter in the link above asked her if it was 'respectful' 
considering her position, and the venue.  Coming from a reporter, I 
had to smile at this.
First, the media has been conditioned to sit quietly, and not 
challenge the government on any 'truth-oriented' issues.  They 
diligently report and pass off the information fed to them by those in 
parliament as 'God-given truth'.  It is the same with the US media in 
the White House.  They will not risk their jobs or their reputations 
with the government by speaking the truth.
He is not one to asking her what is 'respectful' or not.

With regards to the venue, she found a place where many were watching, 
and a dissenting voice was not expected.  She did not verbally or 
physically interrupt the speech.  She stood peacefully and silently 
and cooperated when escorted out.  Considering the government has been 
neither respectful or honest with the Canadian people, the question 
should be turned around again to the reporter for a definition as to 
what is 'respectful', and what he is perpetuating, either directly or 
indirectly as a 'journalist'.

Also, the irony is that the reporter talks about 'respect', when the 
chief anchor of his company, Peter Mansbridge, a Bilderberg member, 
illegally began releasing election results which may have helped his 
Bilderberg-buddy HAARP-er, to get a bit of a lead. A leader guilty of 
contempt of parliament, aided and abetted by a Bilderberger to steal 
an election.

In the immortal words of Aretha Franklin:  " R-E-S-P-E-C-T... find out 
what it means to me  .....  "   I think Canadians need to 'Sock it' to 
HAARP-er and also to Mansbridge.

One criticizer on the CBC website said that "There are some 
traditional cultural & social taboos that you just don't break if you 
wish to be taken seriously."   Interesting...considering that she is 
now getting MORE media interviews and attention...INCLUDING the 
attention of the individual who wrote that.  He or she obviously took 
it seriously enough to warrant her/his time in writing a response.  
She is going to be taken FAR more seriously now than many!

The youth of Canada have a new heroine!  Perhaps this just may be an 
action that will mobilize more youth to taking risks and standing up!  
She found a unique and VERY effective place to make her voice heard, 
and I hope other legislative pages will feel the same way.  They could 
ALL get fired, come together and form a coalition.  If Canada ever can 
get a new election called - at the expense of Bilderberger 
Mansbridge/CBC, then the youth will have an entire movement - 
virutally ready to go!  With the youth that are already there, I think 
more Canadians will be inclined to take the youth seriously.

Namaste, peace and love to all!
Geoffrey West

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Harper's cat

How 'democratic' of Harper to seek input for his new cat's name.  Sadly, it doesn't matter a rat's a$$ what the cat is named but it does matter if we lose our country to 'border security' and integration with the USI.  Guess that is not important enough to seek public input?  How is this evil creature even allowed to have an animal under the roof that we pay for?  I thought animal cruelty was against the law in Canada?  Can you imagine being that poor cat at the mercy of a dictator? 
Hope the cat is a good rat catcher.  Maybe he can start cleaning up the infestation of two legged rats in Ottawa?

ps--maybe they should call the cat 'Democracy'?  This is the first time we have been asked what we think about anything by any 'leader' for years and years.

From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <>
Subject: Even fast-growing China is becoming aware of environmental catastrophe

The Editor
Financial Post
Even fast growing China is becoming aware of environmental catastrophe

Re "Start by chopping green," by William Watson (June 3).

I have just returned from a month-long visit to Shanghai, Beijing and other cities of China. It has been a rewarding experience to see a vast country on the march. Shanghai seems to be a city of the future with high-speed Maglev (magnetically levitated) trains running at the breakneck speed of 450 kilometres an hour. The highways and expressways are filled with latest model cars and China has already overtaken the U.S. as the world's biggest market for cars. While the United States and other developed nations are slowly recovering from the Great Recession, China is growing at a blistering  rate of 10 per cent. As Financial Times columnist Martin Wolf noted: 'The West's reputation for financial and economic competence is in tatters, while that of China has soared.'

The first thing any visitor will see is the frenetic buying and selling. From vast shopping malls to tiny roadside shops are packed with buyers and sellers. Even on the sidewalks you are constantly pursued by salesmen trying to sell imitation watches, dresses and electronic goods.  But the biggest show was Shanghai Auto Show. When I was in Shanghai, car manufactuerers and enthusiasts alike converged in the city for Auto Shanghai 2011, themed "Innovation for Tomorrow," featured more than 2,000 passenger cars, commercial vehicles and car-components from more than 20 countries. With China overtaking the U.S. as the biggest market for cars, the future of car-manufacturing is now tied with China. GM, which was to be bailed out in the United States, has been doing roaring business in China.

This frenetic money-making capitalism is evident from the remarks by a Beijing professor. Prof. Dong Fan, professor of real estate at Beijing Normal University, told his graduate students on April 4 that "they should not visit him or mention him as his mentor if they cannot amass a fortune of 40 million yuan ($6 million) by the age of 40." Commentng on his statement, China Daily editorialized: "Money worship, which was abhored in the country just 30 years ago, has become deeply ingrained in our society today."

Such worship of market has come with a price of envirnmental degradation. The air in Shangahi is almost choked with pollution so much so we had to use masks when going out. The evidence of global warming can be seen in the devastating droughts in the interiror areas as moistures are being evaporated by the warmer temperature. When I was in China, vast agriculcural lands have become bone-dry without any rain. Facing such a catastrophe, China has embraked upon a vast program to utilize green energy. From the train from Beijing to Shagnahi, I could see miles after miles of rooftop solar panels and wind turbines littered all over the semi-desertic landscape. Like Prof. Dong Fan, Prof. William Watson seems not to realize that economic growth and environmental protection are inextricably linked.

Mahmood Elahi

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: We are being lied to about Libya
Western Libya Portrait Is Not What Western Media Claim
TRIPOLI, LIBYA -- Western media reports continue to indicate that Libyan rebels trying to oust Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi from power, backed by daily NATO air strikes, are gaining ground in western Libya. During a six-hour drive from the Tunisian border to Tripoli, the Libyan capital, this reporter saw no signs of Libyan rebel successes in western Libya. In fact, I witnessed a spontaneous pro-Qaddafi demonstration on the main Tunisia-Tripoli highway in a town about one and a half hours west of Tripoli.
Subject: we are murdering Libyans
NATO War Crimes In Libya Exposed
 TRIPOLI, LIBYA -- In the current NATO war on Libya, the citizens of European and North American NATO countries are being treated to the largest propaganda blitz by their governments in cahoots with corporate media outlets since the U.S.-led invasions and occupation of Iraq. The situation on the ground in Tripoli, the Libyan capital, could not more different from what is being portrayed by Western news networks and newspapers.

From: "Paul Downie"
Subject: Low Thyroid Video Must Watch

Paul Downie

From: Albert Opstad
To: "Canada Leader Prime Minister Stephen J. Harper " <>
Subject: Canada: An Open Letter To Its Leader, Prime Minister Mr. Stephen
 Harper, June 5, 2011

Canada: An Open Letter To Its Leader, Prime Minister Mr. Stephen Harper, June 5, 2011. 
I commend you for the leadership that you provide for Canada and for the other nations of the 247 total on the globe. Keep it up. You are doing a good job.Thank you. Here are some requests/recommendations/comments for you: 1. You were elected to provide leadership and not to answer idle questions from loser MPs. 2. When re-allotting MPs, do it strictly by population to a random tolerance of +/- 5%. Look at Canada as being 4 nations: The Maritimes (The 4 eastern provinces); Quebec; Ontario and Western Canada (The 4 western provinces plus the 3 territories). If PEI remains over represented, then 1 or more of the other 3 must be under represented. Do similarily for the west if territorries are to remain over represented. 3. Canadian Wheat Board: Don't terminate it. Take government out of it and let farmers run it. 4. The USA wants to take part of Canada's Arctic, so go and get support from the UK, France and Etc. 5. Stop spending money in the middle east and spend it surveying our Arctic. 6. Rather than opposing USA proposals, work with other nations to propose our own proposals.
Albert Opstad

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: the truth about our globalist masters

Canada Set to Become Globalist Bully

Subject: Fwd: more proof that corporations own us
From: Rene Moreau <>

Public Private partnership