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Daily Digest June 26, 2011



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Busting Canada's Public Sector Unions by Fiat

Canadian Workers Face Majority Conservative Gov.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: John Perkins
Isn't it interesting that Gadhaffi was also giving the people the benefits of the oil produced in Libya?  They have free education from kindergarten right through University, free health care, free medication and free travel and treatment if needed in another country!
I also suggest everyone read Perkin's book 'Confessions of an Economic Hitman'.  It is exactly what all the killing is about today.  Obviously we do not want people looked after, we want the rich and powerful to have control of everything.  If we only had leaders of the quality of Chavez, Gadhaffi and all the others that our controllers have killed and tried to kill.  Canada is a corporatocracy and has been for years.  We are not a democracy--we are slaves to the monied evil.  I have been saying this for years but no one listens.  Our attack on Libya proves this statement--it is only for the corporations.  The entire population of the planet lives with a noose around their neck.  Most poverty is caused by these corporations but we are supposed to send money to the poor--they never get the money but the corporations laugh all the way to the bank.
Will we ever wake up???  Henryk K--thank you so much for this video.

Joe--I believe that Richard Neumann has missed the point of our discussions.  The only protesters at the G20 that should have been incarcerated were not.  But those singing the National Anthem and walking along a sidewalk or sitting in a park were considered a danger to the meeting and incarcerated.  They only became 'protesters' when they were illegally detained and treated worse than any criminal in Canada.
'Who gave the orders' is the most important question that we can ask.  Why were innocent citizens treated in this way?  Is police brutality now part of the job description of police?  Obviously this mistreatment of citizens was planned well in advance.  An old law from WWII was dusted off and used with impunity.  How many other 'laws' are sitting on the books waiting to be applied to Canadians?
Has Mr. Neumann noticed that in our 'democracy' we have no way of making our thoughts known to our politicians?  Oh yes--they stand up and read petitions we have signed and then the issue is forgotten.  Our letters to our MPs etc are filed under G(garbage)--I was told this by an MP a few years ago.  Our elected MPs serve the interests of the Party, not the people who elected them.  We have no way of holding our government accountable for the words they speak before an election and their actions after said election. 
We are being forced into a corner where might is right.  Our country is busy killing innocent civilians in Libya to protect the 'protesters' but here protesters are deemed dangerous and have to be manhandled, treated like criminals, and deemed guilty until proven innocent.  What is wrong with this picture?


Subject: Nantroses response to Gord   DD
To the Nantroses--THANK-YOU--sadly we do not live in a 'democracy'--we live in a corporatocracy where money and greed are the only dictates that are followed by our governments of all stripes.  They have been bought and paid for.
As for the NDP working on their filibuster--we fed them and paid for the booze they drank--they did this on our dime.  They were right to filibuster but I don't think they were very effective.  I am not pro-union but I do believe the postal workers were right this time--and they were not fighting just for themselves--if they can be treated like this we all are under the same boot.  It was the government that brought mail delivery to a halt.  They complained that the posties wanted their pension at 55--the exact same age when the MPs can start collecting their pension that we pay for.  I guess some pigs are more equal than others?  I worte this to Layton but didn't hear it mentioned in the filibuster.  Again, our governments are smoke and mirrors.  We are here to serve and follow orders, and the 'protesters' were not obeying.  Now we know what power can be brought to bear on citizens if the police think you may be doing something 'wrong'.  Just shut up and pay your taxes?


Thanks Becky