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$720-million of programs and operations on chopping block this fiscal year MORE...
The cuts are buried in 519 pages of main spending estimates Treasury Board President Tony Clement tabled and are among a total of $10.4-billion in spending reductions, most of which are a reflection of recession-fighting infrastructure programs coming to an end. 'Where's the plan?' asks NDP MP Peggy Nash.
Tory budget plans set askew by slow growth projections

Suncor stays out of Libya
THE GAZETTE June 15, 2011 12:02 AM
Suncor Energy Inc. won't resume operations in Libya until there is regime change, Suncor's chief executive said Tuesday.
Operations in Syria continue "as normal, without change," he said.

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MARDI 14 JUIN 2011
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  • 22h20 - Éducation · Pas d'argent pour la for21h39 - Postes Canada · La grève tournante menace les services
  • 19h59 - Chambre des communes · Ruth Ellen Brosseau brise la glace
  • 19h30 - Approbation de 32 projets dans sa circonscription · L'ancien ministre de l'Industrie Tony Clement dit n'avoir rien à se reprocher
  • 17h40 - OTAN · Prolongement de la mission canadienne en Libye : 294 pour, 1 contre
  • 16h51 - Autochtones · Pédaler pour sa réalité
  • 16h16 - Grève chez Air Canada · Ottawa pourrait mettre fin à la grève
  • 15h39 - Grève chez Air Canada · Plus de 70 vols retardés ou annulés
  • 14h51 - Mégaprocès · Fournier convainc Elizabeth May
  • 13h52 - Forces canadiennes · Le Canada restera en Libye
    LUNDI 13 JUIN 2011


    Reality and what ought to be.

    This first youtube "Human Rescue Plan/Sean Penn" ends with what ought to be the focus of spending
    Canada is spending millions on buying 1000-1300 missiles with which to bomb Libya - it could be much better spent.

    This second speaks of the the wars Canada has been involved in, the "western wars", the latest being Libya
    Please take the 13.39 minutes necessary to see what is said - and measure it against what we are being told.


    From: "S Booiman"
    Subject: freedom of choice

    Mr.Glenn Hargrave,
    Thank you for your lecture, glad that you quoted the 21st Century, privilege to learn ANY language in freedom, not by dictation
    as we see in Canada only, because of a minority. Be bilingual, meaning "˜speak French" or no promotion or you are fired.

    not 2008 but now 2013  Long-delayed military trucks stalled by French translation request.(putting it mildly)

                                                                                               Ottawa Citizen 
    In today's 21 Century where it is much easier to learn a second or third language, to believe that the only language of  communication must be English is backward thinking. In countries like Singapore and Switzerland, it is common to have as many as four languages as the standard means of communication. 
       (note: countries choose English as their free second language = voluntarily - after that is Spanish,  French is third on the world list)
    Suan H.Booiman
    From: jbwoodcarver
    To: "S Booiman"
    Subject: Re: freedom of choice

    Great letter Suan......I agree with what you have said.

    From: John Halonen

    Who controls our future?

         Is it the Conservative Party?  Not likely, it really is the citizens of Canada, and that even includes the 60% of those that did not vote for the Conservatives.

         If you don't like the Policies of our Government, phone/write/contact your elected representative.  Tell them if they don't alter their policies they won't get your vote.  That goes for all parties: Conservative, Liberal or NDP.  And KEEP IT UP, make sure they listen.

         It is the constituents that rule Canada, not the elite, nor big business, but the people that cast their votes.

         It`s time that we begin to exercise our rights and take the power back from those that do not, or will not listen.

         You as citizens can make a difference,  contact all that you can, and tell those that were elected by your constituency what you want. If you wish to follow our current direction of moving towards a Union with the US and ridding ourselves of a middle class, then tell them you have their vote, if not tell them to get on with the business that really helps Canadians.

         Don`t expect others to do it for you, it is your choice only.   You will see the difference that we as citizens of Canada can make.

    John Halonen

    From: Marie Hooey
    Subject: For the DD

    Fund Raising
    Marie Hooey
    Last week I was so fortunate to receive a letter from John Walsh, President of the Conservative Party of Canada.  I guess I am still on a list somewhere from 2003.
    No date on it just this – Tuesday Morning –written some Tuesday morning??
    Either Mr. Walsh or his writer must have a background in' theatre' thus the shameful theatrics and fear mongering, which should appeal to his sucker backers.
    *All capitals, underlining and bolding are copied that way from the original.
    Here are a few clips:
    On May 2nd Canadians went to the polls and said "YES" to Stephen Harper and "YES" to a strong, stable majority Conservative government.
    After years of uncertainty, Canada is moving forward and a majority Stephen Harper Con. Government will lead the way with a low-tax plan for jobs and economic growth, thanks to supporters like you.
    Canadians voted for a majority government, but here is the unfortunate reality:
    During this election campaign, we faced an onslaught of negative attacks like never before from the media, from pundits, and from anti-Conservative lobby groups and union executives.
    The fear among the opinion establishment is that if our government is successful, and Canadians see the benefits of lower taxes, sensible and less-interventionist government, and more personal freedom, the Conservative Party of Canada will continue to win future elections.
    Quite simply, smaller government means less power for the left-leaning, opinion establishment, and they will fight that every step of the way.  We saw their tactics last time, and they will be even nastier and more desperate next time.
    *Then it prattles on about the wonderful government and Steve's plan called "Here for Canada."
    This is the right plan for Canada, and a strong, stable majority Conservative government will move it forward in Parliament.  But the anti-Conservative opinion elite will fight us every step of the way, so they can continue to keep things the way they like them.
    Your support now will help us counter the hailstorm of negative attacks that are
    already raining down on our democratically-elected government.  Please use the enclosed envelope and become a Conservative Party Partner today.          Etc. etc.
    Let's see would I like the $250 Platinum, the $100 Gold, or the $50 Silver Conservative Party Partnership.  I could also opt for Other $……?   
    I've decided!!!   I have an old vending machine slug.   I think I will send that, in the enclosed reply envelope.  Yes, I am definitely going for the 'slug partnership'.

    From: Robert Ede
    Subject: Provincialist? Separatist? - quelle est la différence?
    To: chantal hebert <chebert@thestar.ca>

    your TORSTAR piece re-visited
    Hébert: Harper's persistence may pay off (at last)
    If the ALBERTA capital's convention corral was not so new, its pillars might have shaken during the speech Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivered to his jubilant supporters this weekend.

    In an aside from an otherwise self-congratulatory text, Harper spelled out the real agenda behind the terms of engagement of his continuing offensive to woo Quebec BY OFFERING SIMILAR AUTOMONY PROTECTIONS TO ALTA & BC. Only a few years ago, the language he used would have caused a leading federal politician to be branded as a separatist facilitator by much of Canada's chattering class.

    Confident that most people weren't really paying attention, Prime Minister described his own party as "the only one that believes in a TEN + THREE NATION confederation, confident, autonomous and proud within a TEPID, FRACTURED CENTRAL ASSOCIATION - EACH NATION independent and free of the SHACKLES OF THE BNA 1867 . . . ."

    In a room where many of the most vocal opponents of past efforts to recognize Quebec's distinct status sat next to some of its most passionate proponents, the assertion earned Harper a standing ovation BECAUSE THEY WERE GETTING THE SAME "SPECIAL TREATS" AS WAS LA BELLE PROVINCE.

    Over his time as Prime Minister, the Conservative leader has taken many seemingly-uncharacteristic risks that now begin to take shape. His snap decision to lead the House of Commons into recognizing Quebec's national character in 2006 sits close to the top of that list. NOTWITHSTANDING THE FACT THAT IT MADE NO ELECTORAL DIFFERENCE, OL' FIREWALL WAS PLAYING A LONGER GAME

    At the time, many non-Quebec pundits described the impact of that move in apocalyptic terms but five years later, IT IS "THE WEST WANTS IN ... OR ELSE" CROWD THAT'S DOING THE REJOICING.

    For five years, the Bloc Québécois strived to use failed and dated social/language/heritage-preservation issues to continue in office til their full pensions kicked-in ..... but post-Lehman Bros.... nobody cares. Money's the thing.  .

    A collective sense of rejection stemming from the failure to formally acknowledge Quebec's difference drove the nationalist passions of the early 1990s, BUT THAT"S ON THE BACK BURNER IN Quebec now ... jobs and trade's all that's important.

    The Liberal post-referendum flag wars tried to exacerbated those passions. But then, until they merge with the NDP under BoB Rae's care and guidance ... there might not be a Social-Democrat prime minister for the foreseeable future.

    WHILE ON THE SURFACE Harper's Quebec approach is more reminiscent of that of past Tory prime ministers than of his Reform roots, IN REALITY, HARPER IS EQUALIZING THE PLAYING FIELD FOR ALTA/BC WHILE HE HAS THE CHANCE.

    Joe Clark's never-intended to succeed Charlottetown discussions, actually foiled Brian Mulroney's plan to resuscitate his MEECH LAKE ideas as the "only possible course of action" and thereby achieving his "Topping Trudeau" political life's work

    In the same role, the UnioNDP is not about to take issue with Harper's tack on Quebec. To square the circle of the party's corporatist/syndicalist belief in an activist central government with control of the "means of production" with Quebec's strong preference for maximum provincial autonomy, Jack Layton's NDP has embraced the notion of special status, little does he know the tiger he's got by the tail. Talk about the tail wagging the dog!!

    As for the Liberals, there is no doubt that none of their past prime ministers would have been caught dead delivering the Quebec section of the speech Harper gave at the weekend Conservative convention because that would have been revealing their 75 seats-to-power program too obviously - far better to say one thing in French and another in English .... as always!
    Ms Hebert,
    What signal, article or speech from what notable, triggered the enmasse vote swing to the NDP?
    -Electing paper candidates is not the "normal" practice of an informed electorate. Where'd they get the idea?

    From: "Claudia "
    Subject: coming to your place
    Council met yesterday and passed this nonsense­only one against
    Cedar Falls, Iowa­United Nations Fire Code­forces es businesses and multiple housing residents to acquire lock boxes­city must have access to your property under pretext of reducing property damage in case of forced entry to fight fire
    This is known as Ultra Vires-(exceeding authority)­town council shills for UN­there is no more a nation state of America????­guess ss who is next?
    Advice given by one fellow from Texas   ˜do not comply" based on ultra vires

    From: Rebecca Gingrich
    Subject: Extending the 'mission' in Libya

    Joe--I just sent this to those listed.  Thanks for the DD and the info I could use in this email.  I won't get an 'answer' but I hope others write.  But then, Harper has his majority so we are doomed.

    Subject: Extending the 'mission' in Libya
    To: harper.s@parl.gc.ca; mackenzie.d@parl.gc.ca; jack.layton@parl.gc.ca
    Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 07:49:02 -0400

    Mr. Harper, Mr. MacKenzie, Mr Layton--I understand that there will be a vote in Parliament today to 'extend the mission' in Libya.  Firstly--to call this a 'mission' is obtuse.  This is not a mission, it is a war against a sovereign nation that has threatened no one.  When did a peace keeping nation like Canada decide that war was the way to ensure peace?  Gadhaffi only did what our police did, under an obscure law, at the G20 in Toronto. 
    Canada and NATO are committing acts of genocide against innocent Libyans while justifying it as 'protecting the people from their leader'!!  Some of the same 'logic' used in Afghanistan--to bring them democracy.  There are thousands of Afghanis who will never know life again because of us. 
    It is truly sad that Canada has bought into the 1984 mind-set that is now being practiced on the planet.  We as a country have no right to demand that another nation act the way we demand or be 'wiped off the map'!  We have killed innocent people and yet act as if they are not as dead because they were not killed by their own leader???  When did our country lose its way??
    I pray that our representatives have the courage of our convictions in this vote today.  We do not want war.  The planet is not a playground where 'my dad can beat your dad' mentality exists.  We are supposed to be adults and work out any arguments without killing.  I expected more of our country but I guess those days are gone.  I cannot pretend I understand every reason for our behaviour, but sadly, it seems as if the planet is being herded to WWIII and Canada is helping lead the way.  And we are killing innocent people for our own promotion.  I guess it is true that people don't matter, power does?
    War is NOT Peace, and Freedom is not Slavery--when will our government realize that?

    Rebecca Gingrich
    PO Box 2
    Princeton, Ontario
    Subject: This is the US that we want to align our country with even closer???

    Children and War
    By Cindy Sheehan

    Mr. Burns was wondering why the U.S. is bombing Libya, but not Syria, because Syria is, "torturing and killing children," and Mr. Burns didn't know how the people of the world could stand by and watch this happen. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article28324.htm
    Subject: Libya

    Joe--have been watching the 'discussions' re Libya.  I would like to say that never have I heard such bald faced lying but that wouldn't be true.  We heard the same justifications for Iraq and Afghanistan.  No mention if we are saving the people from Gadhaffi but contaminating them with DU.  Sadly all of our controllers are the same--they all serve the same master and we and the people of Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq, and how many countries before and after these will pay the same price.  Our turn is coming. 
    Of course the government has already made up it's 'mind' to continue bombing Libya--that is why we are buying more bombs.  I feel for the people of Libya and Canada--we are in the same situation--controlled by evil.
    Subject: Libya
    Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 15:51:35 -0400

    Ms. Ambrose--I heard you state in the 'discussion' today on Libya that we are bombing to 'protect the women and children'.  Odd that you and your government are using the same argument that was used to justify us going into Afghanistan.  That worked so well, didn't it?  Karzai is much worse than most 'leaders' in the world and yet we are killing and being killed to protect his government.  Read what Scott Taylor has to say about what is happening to the women in Afghanistan, and yet we say and do nothing.
    I am ashamed of what our country is perpetrating around the world.  And everyone of you controlled puppets in Parliament bow to these actions. 
    Not all Canadians are stupid enough to believe the same propaganda twice.  Surely you could have come up with another excuse to take over Libya?  And there is no mention of the affects of DU that are probably in those bombs we are dropping.  I guess the women of Libya will not be upset when their babies are born with two heads or other horrendous mutations?
    How can our government be so evil?
    I pray that you and your government will face reality and realize that no matter who kills the Libyan people they are still dead.  Us bombing them kills and more bombings mean more death.  The UN mandate does not order the removal of Gadhaffi but that seems to have escaped the attention of Canada.  When did we become killers instead of peacekeepers?  NOTHING justifies killing--no matter which controlled government body orderes it--be in NATO, the UN or the World Court.  We are all sovereign nations or we are all subject to the same actions by others.

    Rebecca Gingrich
    Subject: Libya

    To: laurie.hawn@parl.gc.ca
    Subject: Libya
    Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 16:58:27 -0400

    Mr. Hawn--I just watched your speech about how Canada is increasing it's military equipment because of the events in Libya have shown how important it is for Canada to be able to defend itself.  I cannot understand this 'logic' because Libya has never attacked Canada and has never threatened Canada.  In case you hadn't noticed it is us that is attacking Libya!
    The deception I have heard today has me wondering what space our Parliament is inhabiting.  Nothing stated today holds one iota of truth--just more lies about protecting 'women and children' --the same propaganda used to justify killing and being killed in Afghanistan.  I wonder what those women and children will feel like when the DU in the bombs starts changing their lives forever?
    Now Gadhaffi has to be removed because he fired on rebels who were shooting at people trying to take over the country.  I have one question for you--what would you do if rebels started attacking Ottawa?  I know that is a stupid question--we already know what our government would do--we have the G20 as an example of what free speech and actions mean in Canada.  I wonder why Gadhaffi didn't rush over here to save the people attacked by the police under orders from government?
    I am including this article by Scott Taylor, a man I admire very much.  He writes about Karzai and his treatment of women in Afghanistan under the regime that we are killing and being killed to protect.
    Your military build up and actions in Libya and whatever the next country you deem necessary to attack next will cost Canadians the lives of their children and grandchildren for generations to come.  But I guess that is ok with our government--there are plenty of people to use as cannon fodder in your wars.  Sadly, it is the actions of our schoolyard bully governments that  keep the world in turmoil and death.  But we are the good guys???

    Rebecca Gingrich


    From: "Efstratios (Stratos) Psarianos"
    Subject: RE: Daily Digest June 12, 2011

    Elizabeth May, log off. MORE....
    And tune in!
    Federal Liberals are suffering because they lost their way.. MORE...
    Uuuum ... to where?!?
    Stop the rhetoric.. MORE...
    No way! Just ensure that it's worth listening to.
    How Quebec's massive mistake may cause big power vacuum. MORE...
    Power vacuuming is how we suck you all in, esteemed Fellow Canadians. Bring your gold, myrrh, and frankincense, and pray for our votes. Well, so much for Kiska and Attu and all that. (Alaska's Aleutian Islands were invaded by Japs out to divert Yank forces).
    And what about those Jap balloons that drifted over California and blew up … uuuhhh … nothing? And that Jerry sub that sank an oil tanker near an East Coast beach?
    Ontario PCs appear on course to topple McGuinty, poll finds
    The name of the game is 'Push over the pushover', I believe.
    Long-delayed military trucks stalled by French translation request
    French speakers are exemplary in their concern! The fact that they DEMAND that instructions be translated to English shows just how humane they are.
    Think about it … just what would anglos understand if they were to read 'signal to turner adroit'?!? I mean, John Turner was a klutz and all.
    (Going on a limb with the wordplay here … but what the heck, I'm writing this for adults).
    Candidates dive into Orange Wave
    … as the tart sweetness of the Orange Crush sugar-pickles their bodies and dissolves their souls. Give me awkward Tory protein ('Beef Jerky') any day!
    From: Rebecca Gingrich
    Subject: the real 'anti-semites' on the internet are the jews themselves.
      But it helps control our free speech!!!

    "Proxy Buster" Software Exposes False Flag Antisemite

    An unclassified version of the software used by the FBI has allowed Veterans Today to track the IP addresses of a group of, what appeared to be, hate mongers and racists whose rhetoric borders on terrorist extremism. What we found was astounding. In one case, an individual using the email address "youdirtyfXXXingjew@XXXmail.com" was traced to the computer of the head the largest Jewish "defense" organization.
    Others, reposting copyright materials without permission on extremist sites or posting comments filled with racist threats were traced to homes and public buildings in Tel Aviv or to members of Washington lobbying groups tied to Israel. Most noticeable, though the message is primitive, the syntax is flawless and often elegant. Spelling and punctuation are "spot on."

    That being said, how hard is it to spell 'kike', and 'yid' anyway?

    From: The Natroses

    Hi Joe,  Had a good laugh at Stratos line of thinking........."
    Thank you, thank you. I do it all for you, my adoring fans. (Hahahaha … well, for the benefit of mankind if you don't believe that).

    At last, history catches up to Karl Marx. The West has grown from anarchy (pre-Roman times); empire (Romans); anarchy again then empire then feudalism (the Frankish Empire); then centralized monarchy (c. Louis 13 in France); then evolution/revolution starting with American independence and the French Revolution.
    Summarily: war chiefs have been neutralized; then emperors; then landed nobility; then kings, lords, and squires; and recently the proles. NOW what's next … the POOR rising up? WHEN will this END?!?"

    In these sad days of Conservatives levelling everyone by emphasizing their common individuality, what's a traditional Conservative to do? Have we truly strayed so far from our mission? That of 'impeding progress', as understood by British Tories in the mid-19th Century?
    Remember the book of 1984?
    The next link is all about Orwell and how eerily his words are becoming reality. And Stratos, I know not your age, but when I was a teenager it was the only book that was read from the beginning to the end.
    Sure, I remember 1984. That was the year when Apple revealed its Macintosh computer to the world, with the Olympics as a backdrop. That is what you're alluding to, right?!?
    (Well, what? I AM modern, after all. And anyway, Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World' stuck with me more than '1984'; my growing up as a teenager believing that I was Alpha-Plus and that my schoolmates were Epsilon-Minus Semi-Morons is at the root of my character.)
    And the people shall rise up and put an end to the lies of those who keep us in chains of lies.
    And the meek shall inherit the Earth. … Considered as canon in the Bible.
    And they'll have to pay down the mortgage, too. … For some reason, deleted as apocryphal. Something about not depressing the faithful woebegone, I understand. ('Neither a borrower nor a lender be' was penciled in the margins later.)

    And there is tons of articles comparing 1984 to the governments of the world. Below is one such comparison.
    "Orwell Quote: "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength."
    Things didn't quite turn out the way GO envisioned them: nowadays, ignorance is BLISS. Or at least it seems to be so to lots of people I talk to.
    * Obama Administration: Shortly after coming into power, the Obama administration decided to change the language when describing Islamic terrorism. His administration went on a journey to purge Bush era terms like "war on terrorism,"  "radical Islam," "jihadist," and Islamic terrorism" from all government publications, speeches, testimonies, etc. For example, rather than talk about "Islamic terrorism," the administration wants everyone to talk about "violent extremism."

    Changing ages, changing speech. Back in days gone by (c. 1950s, when bright types came up with ditties like "If you see a nuclear flash … Duck (under a desk at school)! Quack-quack"), Superman was the archetype of truth and resolve. These days, the job's done by PR Man ('Able to build a tall metaphor with a single noun!')
    Plus, two-word adjective-noun catchphrases grow unpalatable over time. I mean, if the problem at The Nation's (that is, the US') southern border isn't about Jihad Johnnies (or Jamals, whatever), things like 'Spic narcowars' just get out of hand.
    Thus, it appears that Obama is trying to do the same word games that the government did in "1984." By controling language, you can control the situation. The problem with such an approach is while it may give those in power more control over the debate of a specific issue, it obscures the true reality of the situation. If you do not understand the reality of an issue, the chances of successfully solving that issue are minimized. How can you argue against war if it has the same meaning as peace? How can you solve the problem of Islamic terrorism if you deny that it exists? Obama's attempt to control the language will put us further away from understanding the root cause of the Islamic fanaticism and how to defend against it.
    Read more: http://www.bukisa.com/articles/385007_the-obama-administration-2010-vs-george-orwell-1984#ixzz1P6qAbpQD

    War, peace … processes that lead to the future. Nothing's ever been solved by violence? Meseems that Carthage was 'solved' by Rome, violently, way back when. 'Delenda Carthago est' ('Carthage must be destroyed' said the great Cato.)
    And the above is pointed at Jim, who maybe actually believes that the latest crop of Conservatives that are in power in Canada, stands and represents the people of Canada. Even though that bunch up in Ottawa, is all for War is peace, Freedom is slavery, and Ignorance is strength. If Becky was a character in 1984, it would not be too long before Big Brother shuts her down, just like Jim wants Becky shut down for voicing her objections to the Canadian government. As in her latest post, " I guess this is how you install democracy??  Can't have the people of Canada believing they should get a payment from the oil produced here, now can we?"  http://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2011/06/08/natos-alternate-universe-in-libya.html

    Me, I assert my freedom through self-parody (I mean, what's the likelihood that in real life I'm like the way I portray myself here? Hahahaha …); that, and mental/written free-association (aka 'obscure jokemaking').