Friday, June 24, 2011


Police were marshalled to move against those at Queen's Park after the Black Bloc (who had been provided liberty of action in their vandalism) had doffed their outfits and melded in.

Commands were issued to leave the Black Bloc alone, to assemble the forces to charge Queen's Park, to begin arresting and incarcerating that night and next day c.1 000 Canadians.

Only a judicial inquiry with the capability of demanding testimony under oath can clarify who was/were the decision maker(s) ordering these actions.

Rather than a precedent for future misuse of the police through orders of such a nature again, the precedent ought to be set that should their issuance be contemplated again, responsibility for so doing will become public knowledge.

Hopefully you will agree, upon viewing the following, a judicial inquiry is necessary so there be no repetition of what transpired without full knowledge of who made the command decisions. .

Joe Hueglin

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