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21h00 - Bilan · Chômage: Québec victime de son succès ?
19h40 - Fédérales 2011 · Jack Layton défend Ruth Ellen Brosseau
17h52 - Élections Canada a tranché · L'élection de Ruth Ellen Brosseau est valide
05h03 - Alberta · L'économie ne pourra dépendre éternellement du pétrole


Lilley: Tory crime bill an attack on our liberty

Concerned about this being law? Follow Becky's example - share your views with those making the decision,


.From: Beverley Smith
Subject: Re: Daily Digest May 5, 2011

Explaining to my 180 students this week that
Harper now has a majority, I had to also point out that the 54% of seat count does not match the 40% of popular vote.  They understood the first past the post system as I explained it but still seemed to find it a tad confusing, i.e. not fair.

A majority government has free rein only if we consider all MPs yes-men and yes-women to the party whip. In fact they have to be or they may get kicked out of the party.

That means in essence there are only 4 people in Ottawa really- Harper whose decisions automatically carry, and the voices in the corners of Layton, and the new leaders of the Bloc and Liberals.  Why do we even pay the rest of them?

I suspect it is to suggest other aspects of the discussion not just to administer departments. But there is only hope those other aspects matter if the leader does in fact listen to others' views.

So it becomes a question really of leadership style that distinguishes a majority government from a dictatorship.

Harper went into office promoting change and ethics. I am glad to see that his first few speeches since the win are conciliatory.
There are many people who did not vote for his party, the majority in fact.  As Obama said in the US, he now has to try to appeal to all of them.

Interestingly the origin of "dictator" was the appointment of one person with powers of decision making in a crisis.

Normally there were two "consuls" one able to veto the directions of the other so they had to consult and agree.

Probably the better expression in some ways would be "autocrat", self rule.

From: Anthony Silvestro
Subject: Letter, Re - NDP surge...

Letter to the editor.
·                                  NDP, BLOC heads, Liberals one and the same.
I love the fact that you can have a majority without Quebec. You do not need to pander to Quebec any longer. Enough is enough. This province can not be satisfied period. They are a drain on the country, socially and fiscally and how do the say thanks in french? Well try 5 decades of anti-English language laws such as bills 22, 178, 101…

1)-French is the only official language in Quebec violating Canada's constitution. Violating Canada's Language laws.

2)-In 1993, the United Nations Human Rights Committee ruled that Quebec's sign laws broke an international covenant on civil and political rights. "A State may choose one or more official languages," the committee wrote, "but it may not exclude outside the spheres of public life, the freedom to express oneself in a certain language." Quebec is violating the agreements and policies of the U.N. by creating racist language laws that make English essentially illegal.

The NDP replaced the Bloc heads and they are NO different. They are filled with anti-English language bigots that support bill 101, just like Layton and Mulcair. They are a tax and spend big government party just like the BLOC heads.

The great thing is no-one has to listen to any of these clowns any longer. The cons have a majority. The NDP has no power at all. Quebec, you have voted for a bunch of clowns who know nothing about debt reduction, taxation, how government functions period. You should all be ashamed of yourselves in Quebec. Are you all that brain dead?

The worst thing is we have to pay all of you clowns (58 from Kebec) over $150,000 yearly, just sick. All this for a bad comedy show daily on Parliament hill. This should be fun to watch. NOT!!!
Anthony Silvestro

From: Rebecca Gingrich

Subject:Bill C51--omnibus crime bill

I just sent this to Harper and my MP regarding these two articles


Bill C-51: Investigative Powers for the 21st Century Act 992be0b6b76a8c

Lilley: Tory crime bill an attack on our liberty

From:Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Bill C51--omnibus crime bill
Date: Fri, 6 May 2011 11:47:12 -0400

Mr Harper, Mr MacKenzie--if the internet part of C51 is passed, people who forward a site deemed hateful by some faceless person, will be incarcerated for longer than many criminals?  Why, in a supposedly free country, that is currently involved in killing and being killed to bring 'democracy' to others, are we all of a sudden removing even more free speech in Canada?  What are you afraid of?  We are not terrorists, we are honest citizens who employ the truth rather than the pap we are fed by our government and 'free' media.  Freedom of expression does not mean that we are only free to parrot the mantra of our government.  It means that we can use our own minds to search for the truth.

We will now have the internet police watching our every move.  Freedom in Canada is nonexistent thanks to the controlling moves by your government.  I have no doubt that this Bill will be passed and Canada will then become an example to the world of how NOT to practice democracy.  But that doesn't seem to matter to our government.  We are nothing more than serfs in the feudal system of Canada.  You are a danger to democracies around the world and a deadly threat to all Canadians who cherish what Canada used to stand for. 

Rebecca Gingrich
PO Box 2
Princeton, Ontario

Subject:  Even After Death, Bin Laden Continues to Serve his CIA Masters
              Politics / Conspiracy Theory May 06, 2011 - 09:08 AM By: Patrick_Henningsen

From: Geoffrey West
Subject: Daily Digest May 5, 2011 -response

Hi Joe;
If you would please kindly forward this privately to Mr/Ms. Rutter, I would appreciate this.  I'm not sure if this is appropriate for the DD, however I will leave this to your inner guidance as to whether there is something of value for others in this.

Dear Mr/Ms Rutter;

I honour your desire to express your feelings and beliefs.  Thank you!  What I am taking issue with is your specific comments which imply an intent to judge me as a human being in front of others in this forum. 

"Surely this claptrap sets a new standard for paranoiac mediocrity." . Yours is not an honourable comment to make, although you reserve the right to make it.  I choose to forgive you, as I am sure that your intent was not to harm my character but rather to address mere comments of mine with which you did not agree.  Joe is doing his job in sharing relevant comments and occasional responses.  Each is entitled to share, although I might add that the forum can benefit more from comments that are shared with a greater amount of love and respect than with negativity.

If you have an opinion about what I have shared, the University for Peace or anything or anyone else, please feel free to enlighten me and others.  I would gently suggest however that you back up your comments with a substance that indicates you have the educational background or the sufficient LIFE experiences and research that provides the basis for which your opinion is formed.   Making a blind comment without backing it up suggests fear, and it is fear that reaches out to attack others without regard for their education, research and LIFE experiences.

I kindly ask that you refrain from personal attacks on me or anyone else.   I have worked hard through my LIFE-path to arrive at a space where I know my comments have validity.  I do not know your LIFE-path or how you have lived it, and thus I will not presume to judge you.  Like all others, you are a beautiful human but I will say however that your comments reflect fear, because you have chosen to make them personal, and not relevant to the issue itself.  We are all ONE, and science has now validated this.  Attacking others reflects a state of fear and a lack of love within oneself.  I choose to believe that you are not such an individual.

If you feel so inclined to enlighten me, you are welcome to write to me at 

The Daily Digest is not a forum for personal attacks, although I'm glad Joe chose to print your letter.   It is a forum for sharing and any good forum allows for out-of-the-box  thinking that has the potential to change the way we do things.  My  comments come from years of observation, research, reflection, study and personal experiences.

From where do your fears come?

I believe I can make this promise to you.  Before the end of this  year, you will know whether or not comments I have shared reflect your  personal assessment of me or not.  Things are changing RAPIDLY in the world right now, and I sense that you are already aware of this, otherwise I am sure your very personal comments would not be so aggressive.  My comments have a polarizing effect, either of positvity and awakened support/awareness or fear resulting in grand attacks upon my character.  Both are valid because they reflect the state of inner peace within each beautiful soul in that moment, and I honour where each person is in his/her growth in these exciting but challenging time.  The changing times are bringing out greater amounts of fear in many people for healing at this time.

May you find greater peace within yourself and in your future interactions with others, our planet and with LIFE in all its uniquely different yet equally beautiful forms!

Namaste, peace and love to you,
Geoffrey "Geoff" West
Lecturer/Facilitator, A Greenprint For LIFE, Galactic, Global and Inner Peace/Healing

Masters, Peace Education – UN-mandated University For Peace
Bachelors, Radio and Television

From: Sandra Finley <>
Subject: Lockheed Martin CENSUS:  what a riot! 
Please consider forwarding this to fellow citizens.
For those who are not aware of Lockheed Martin's (the American military's) role in the Canadian census and in Canada, scroll down to the last paragraph.
The large influence of Lockheed Martin, their intentions, and the seriousness, is apparent if you glance through the information assembled by this network, The Battles.  See the last line of this email.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - -
Did you recently receive your "2011 Census" in the mail?
Birgit did.  I did.  
It's a buff-coloured envelope that unfolds.  It is one page of directions for how to obtain your census form: 
1.    Online using the "secure access code" provided.
2.    By phoning a 1-800 number and inputting your "secure access code" for them to send you a paper form.
My census information for the Government is 3 words  "No Lockheed Martin". 
The sub-title on the envelope is "Complete the census – it's the law."
·        Hmm . . . the Prime Minister is the "leader" for our country. 
·        The Government of Stephen Harper was found guilty of contempt of Parliament.  That's about the highest breaking-of-the-law there is for the Prime Minister of Canada.  Unprecedented.
·        If I follow my leader, Stephen Harper,  I will . . . break the law with impunity.  Everyone is equal under the law.  So I guess that the way Stephen Harper sees himself in relation to the law (it doesn't apply) is the way that I should see myself in relation to the law.   HOWEVER!  … continue 
·        However,  I value democracy.  I have put a lot of effort into supporting the rule-of-law.   Scroll down to  on-going warnings to the Government of Canada, starting as early as 2005.  They are undermining the rule-of-law.  Stephen Harper is just the pinnacle. 
From my election brochure:  The leadership of Canada believes no one cares if they break the law. No rule of law means no Democracy.  Danger zone.
It turns out it's up to citizens to enforce the rule of law in Canada.   If we do not, as is so clear in the case of the census,  the laws are used as instruments of intimidation and coercion against us.  In the census example, the threat of prosecution, jail time and a fine are used to take away our Charter Right to Privacy of Personal Information.
Note that although the Harper Government announced last year that the census long form is no longer mandatory,  they never did change the law. 
·        THE LAW on the census?  Click on:  Lockheed Martin, Census, War Economy   and then on LEGAL ARGUMENT.
Wayne Smith concludes his 2011 Census instructions by saying:
·        "By law, your responses will be kept confidential"   
That is an absurd statement:
1.    The Prime Minister of Canada does not believe in the rule-of-law.
2.    The stories about serious breaches of security around electronic data bases are on-going and too numerous to keep up with.  The most spectacular is the leaking of massive volumes of confidential U.S. Government files to Wikileaks. 
Wayne Smith is relying on our wish to feel secure.  He just has to tell us that everything is fine, Big Daddy is looking after our best interests. 
OUR ROLE, according to StatsCan:  PUT WHAT WE KNOW ASIDE, and fall into the ever-loving arms of Wayne Smith and the American military (Lockheed Martin). 
Creatures who are naïve do not survive. 
·        People are doing wonderful, creative and funny things with the census!   I am going to start posting some of them to "The Battles". 
NOTE:  I am hoping that a couple of people will re-send their input on the census – I lost it.  I was laughing out loud!  Good stuff to share with others.  But then I maxed out on Outlook capacity – again – and had to delete emails.
Click on 2011-05-04   Lockheed Martin CENSUS:  What a riot!
Then scroll down and post your thoughts about the Lockheed Martin Census. 
If you wish to remain anonymous, please tell me  - - I have to "approve the comment" before anyone else can see it.  I can delete your name before posting.
·                  Don Rogers' Count Me Out blog:
·                  Count Me Out, UK Census
·        I have been telling the Government through official channels (e.g. Privy Council Office) that they are undermining the rule of law.  Click on:
2005-11-29  "Smart Regulations" - COMPLIANCE - Canadians are learning non-compliance. Census as example. The Government is undermining the rule of law.      

·          Sept 12, 2009.  The email "We are in big trouble if the laws do not apply to those who govern."  Includes "significance of the rule of law".   See  2009-10-08.

·        2009-03-12    Integrity of the judicial system.  Letter to Supreme Court.  Prosecution of people responsible for crimes, regardless of perceived status.  
It turns out it's up to citizens to enforce the rule of law in Canada. 
- - - - -  - - --  - -- -  - - - - - - - - -
My census information for the Government is  "No Lockheed Martin". 
- - - - - -  - - - - - - - - - - - -

Summary arguments:
·        MORAL argument
·        LEGAL argument
·        RATIONAL argument

Officials responsible,   Government of Canada,   for census contracts with Lockheed Martin Corporation (American military).

Go to the INDEX for a chronological listing of supporting information.