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Daily Digest May 5, 2011


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JEUDI 05 MAI 2011
22h07 - Québec · Quand Ben Laden divise l'Assemblée nationale
21h16 - Promesse des conservateurs · 30 nouvelles circonscriptions, mais aucune au Québec
20h21 - NPD · Ruth Ellen Brosseau toujours invisible
19h54 - NPD · Mulcair clarifie ses propos sur Ben Laden
17h12 - Défaite historique · Michael Ignatieff retourne à l'enseignement
14h48 - Sondage · Les Québécois font confiance à la GRC
L'13h26 - Politique fédérale · Parti libéral fédéral: défi énorme à relever
13h00 - Alberta · Le déversement de pétrole rend des citoyens malades
07h28 - Photo controversée · Une députée du NPD rattrapée par son passé
07h13 - Politique fédérales · Le NPD embauche
06h38 - NPD · Plus de place pour le Québec


From: Ray Strachan
Subject: Fw: Canada??????

From: "Ian Berg"
Subject: My thoughts about Election Night 2011

Stephen Harper is the biggest winner tonight. He has a mandate now to govern for 4 years and to establish the Conservative Party as Canada's natural governing party for the 21st century.  He has 5 years of experience as prime minister and has successfully pushed any serious challengers to his leadership to the curb.  But like Mulroney and Diefenbaker before him, he will have to balance sharply competing ideological and regional rivalries within his caucus and party.
Jack Layton is the second biggest winner tonight. This is arguably the greatest election night in the history of the CCF-NDP movement. For the first time ever it is the government-in-waiting of Canada.  Jack Layton will dominate his caucus of rookie MPs simply with his personality.  He will just have to take care this does not prove to be his undoing.
This election seems to doom the Bloc Quebecois. But this could boost the Quebec sovereigntist movement, allowing it to focus entirely on re-electing the Parti Quebecois rather than splitting its efforts. Canada could be right back to where it was in 1974 after we gave a majority mandate to a minority Prime Minister and soon saw the PQ storm into power promising a referendum.
The Liberal Party took about 20% of the vote but is reduced to third party status for the first time in the history of Confederation. It faces an existential crisis. Liberal stalwarts may wonder if Bob Rae simply joined the party on a secret mission to destroy it and fold it into the NDP. He has now poised to take over as leader, if he wants the job. The Liberal Party has time to find a new leader and do some soul-searching. I recommend a Thinkers Conference II modeled after the first one in Kingston back in 1960 which laid the framework for the Pearson-Trudeau Era. Then it has 3 years to establish its new leader as the true alternative to Stephen Harper rather than Jack Layton on the basis of its new vision for Canada.
Ian Berg

From: Radical Press
Subject: Re: Daily Digest May 3, 2011

Hi Joe,

Re: From: Anne Dickinson
Subject: Re: A positive view of the election result. 

I'm always amazed that the majority of Canadians still haven't figured out the basics of Canada's so-called mainstream media and continue to be shocked or surprised that papers and tv outlets don't act independently or impartially.

Canada's media had been under total control by the Zionist forces (call them the Israeli lobby, or the Rothschilds, or B'nai Brith International, or Jews or whatever term you wish) for well over half a century now and still people scratch their heads and try to get a grip on why events are portrayed as they are, editorials appear as they do and politicians behave as they must.

Canada, with the election of a Harper Majority government, is now officially a Zionist-Occupied Nation (but with 60% of the population still there to resist this coming dictatorship). Time will reveal this over the next four years but still the readers and watchers of the msm will go on believing they have an impartial media representing the national interests, just like they believe that Osama bin laden was just murdered (again) the other day. Seeing those headlines in our so-called independent "Canadian" media was ample and living proof that the BIG LIES of this international cartel of criminals continue with no regard to truth or integrity or principle.

Arthur Topham

From: "Paul Arnold"
Subject: The Terd Party

In 1993, The Reform Party of Canada was elected with one less seat than Lucien Bouchard's Bloc Quebecios despite the fact that Reform had won 2,559,245 votes to the BQ's 1,846,024 votes. The Bloc became the Official Opposition.

Then Liberal  Prime Minister, Jean Chretien, took great pleasure in referring to Reform Party Leader Preston Manning as the Leader of the Terd Party. Well, what goes around comes around.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper would never be so rude as to refer to the now leaderless Liberal Party of Canada as the Terd Party, even though that is exactly what they are.


John Halonen
Subject: Re: Daily Digest May 3, 2011

Look towards the Future

Quite pleased to see that National parties are representatives of all citizens,

But still concerned as to the current Government representing the interests of all Canadians.

When the Conservatives accepted a bribe from another country and still continue the payback like the no engine Stealth Bomber then one must be skeptical as to their intentions.

Perhaps with their majority they will act like a responsible Canadian party.

We will have to hope that the Opposition keeps them in check, and is not afraid to expose the corruption.

John Halonen

From: "Serge Crespy"
Subject: Osama bin Laden ?

Hi, Joe:

A CNN article mentions that Osama bin Laden's "custom-built" compound as, "the most heavily secured property, in the area"; is it not silly of bin Laden not to have included an "escape tunnel / chute" , from (or) a "false-room" ..... No guard dogs; no motion detectors, or radar ?...... Were there any "stinger missiles" found on site. to handle a possible air attack? ..... No 24 hr. surveillance / guards? It would seem the Mexican Drug Lords would have beeen much better prepared.

Best Regards,
Serge Crespy
Collingwood, Ontario

From: Lorimer Rutty
Subject: the University for Peace and Geoffrey West

Having a slow day?
Surely this claptrap sets a new standard for paranoiac mediocrity.


From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Canadian government plans to outlaw internet linking...This bill contains some of the most dangerous and oppressive sections in Canadian

So much fro freedom of speech eh?  Is there nothing they won't control???

Canadian government plans to outlaw internet linking
Bill C-51: Investigative Powers for the 21st Century Act 992be0b6b76a8c

Subject: shades of the G20--we are all considered terrorists

Subject: This is exactly what went on in this 'election'!!!

  Six Issues Canadian Election Won't Touch

From: "Glenn Harewood"
Subject: Re: Daily Digest May 4, 2011

Re. your under 30 article "Has/Will Harper Mellow?" some psychologists say that present or future behaviour is based on previous/past behaviour. If we accept that premise, then one can expect what we saw over the past five years. It does not seem that Harper considers his political behaviour as being affected by his ideology. On Monday night, when asked by CBC reporter Terry Meleski (?) how would he be governing  now that he has a majority government, Harper immediately dismissed the pertinent question by saying, and I paraphrase: " I always feel uncomfortable talking about myself. The people are not interested in me but in the policies that I design for them."
His answer says it all. He does not seem to consider his ideology, his character, or his political outlook to influence his policies.
That brings me to a comment on the 2011 Census. Did you receive the notice/letter about the census that the government sent us? The notice says "complete the census -- It's the law."   One would think that the census questionnaire would be part of the letter, but the notice merely informed one to go "on line," or to telephone the government to receive a paper questionnaire.
* How much or taxpayers money is is costing to send out a notice about the questionnaire rather than the questionnaire?
* Will any money be really saved by filling out the questionnaire "on line?"
* Does everyone who may be threatened by "complete the census -- it's the law" have access to "on line"  facilities?
* If the onus is on the population to complete the questionnaire, why didn't the government send the questionnaire? Many people will reason that they did not receive the questionnaire, therefore they have no obligation to complete something which they did NOT receive. And would such reasoning be illegitimate?
* How will new comers to the country who may not yet be competent in language or computer skills
 respond to this order?
* How many people will just dump the notice without even looking at it? And could they be charged?  After all there was NO questionnaire included with the letter/notice for them to complete. And how about people who have moved, or who are impaired?  What about those who are sick or in hospital?
* How secure is an access code if it does not identify an animate human being? Could pets be counted in the answer(s)?
* Any what about accuracy and predictability?
So much for the short-form, rather than long-form census. What a "bright" idea??? How short-sighted can one be?
Glenn H.
From: "Efstratios (Stratos) Psarianos" <>
To: "'Joe Hueglin'" <>
Subject: Mike Harris risks being canned from a job that pays more than Ontario premier

You know, I'm all for politicians being spokesmen for things they believe in; but being tools is too much for my taste.
Will Mikey get the boot? Shareholders and advisory groups say « No way on pay!"

Mike Harris risks being canned from a job that pays more than Ontario premier

Few Canadian politicians have faced as much public criticism for their performance than former Ontario premier Mike Harris.

And, this week the man who served as Ontario premier from 1995 through 2002 is
under fire for his record at a part-time gig that paid him more in 2010 than he earned from five years in office.

As lead director of the board of Magna International, the Aurora, Ont.-based automotive supplier, Harris oversaw the payout of US$127.53 million to six executives last year.

Frank Stronach was given nearly half of that, along with honourary chairman contracts and a stake in an electric car subsidiary that could value his final payout from the company he founded in 1957 at $1 billion. Belinda Stronach, his daughter and former executive vice-chairman, collected more than $20 million.

Magna shareholder dissatisfaction with Harris, though, has provided a window to highlight the activities of the former Progressive Conservative premier since he left office during a tumultuous second term for his "Common Sense Revolution." The provincial Liberals, led by Dalton McGuinty, handily won the election the following year.

Such was the shadow cast by Harris that his name is constantly evoked as a reason not to vote the Conservatives back in this fall under current leader Tim Hudak.

A shareholder revolt at Magna, from which Harris took home $749,710 last year, could result in the entire board of directors being ousted at the annual meeting on Wednesday.

The pay, which Harris took in the form of stock, was about $308,000 more than what David O'Brien received as chairman for Canada's largest company, the Royal Bank.

Two major proxy advisory firms recommended against the re-election of all the directors on the grounds of the recent dealings.

Magna's current voting system, however, doesn't allow for directors to be voted against. The company has planned to adopt a majority voting policy in 2012 but, for now, board members can either be voted for, or have their votes withheld.

So, despite the discontent, Harris and the rest of the board could keep their jobs for the coming year
with a small amount of support.

Politics would likely continue to play a role in his life, regardless.

While he may not be a public part of Hudak's campaign ahead of the Oct. 6 provincial election, the former premier's name was
uncovered in the appointment book of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, as part of a December meeting in his office at law firm Cassels Brock.

And, whatever the case, the $2,623,626 he took home in cash and stock from Magna in the past five years should soften the blow.
And here I thought that Frankie Stronach's getting megabucks for his multiple-vote shares was obscene. Put up a little cash, make off with the dosh … a fine example for us!
 P.S. Where do I get a job just dispensing money like that?