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From: "Brasscheck TV" <news@brasschecktv.com>
Subject: The last word on Osama

An "idea" or an organization?


.From: Richard Neumann
Subject: Re: A positive view of the election result.


Am on the road once again, from Halifax to Thunder Bay in thirty-six easy hours of driving with dog and wife.  Before I leave, a quick thought on last night's momentous election. 

First...I TOLD YOU SO...

Second, the only thing more fascinating than this election will be watching the results of this election unfold over the next year.  Although as a Conservative I am obviously pleased, if not elated, with a Conservative majority government.  At a minimum it will allow the volunteers and Board Members of my EDA to take a short and well-deserved break from the constant threat of election and to focus on some of the more social aspects of political discourse.  As an activist, and this I believe would be the case for most activists regardless of party, we are a tad burned out and we all look forward to a period of stability, at least within Conservative ranks.  Unlike many of your contributors, I do not believe that Stephen Harper will take a hard turn to the right of the political spectrum.  Rather, I suspect that he will continue to court the centre, not only because it is the correct thing to do from a tactical perspective, but also because a majority government means he has greater leeway to make policy decisions that respect the broad wishes of the population without necessarily being concerned over the immediate affect those decisions have on the loyal core of the party most regularly associated with Reform.  I have always believed that Harper was a fiscal conservative attempting to deal fairly but strategically with a social conservative core.  He will govern from the centre right, but he will continue to be relentlessly criticized as being borderline fascist by the left.  Harper can take some credit for polarizing Canadian politics during a time of minority governments, pushing the Liberals away from the centre and into a battle for left of centre votes that they ultimately could not win, however there remain a great many Canadians in that mainstream centre who consider themselves social progressives but economic conservatives.  Should the current political realignment signify a permanent shift, these Canadians will decide elections and where they make their home will be ultimately decided not in four years, but within the next 12 months.

Believe it or not, this majority parliament will not be nearly as nasty as the last two minorities.  The government will dominate the committees where served as the arena for much of the mudslinging, and that should bring some calm.  The immediate agenda of the government was defined in the last budget and some crime legislation, and that will provide the legislative framework over the next six months (with perhaps the notable exceptions of ending public subsidies to political parties, and ending the Long-Gun Registry).  Although the latter two might bring some howls of protest from the opposition, both were visible parts of a platform that was brought to the people and passed the ultimate test.
While the Conservatives move forward on a relatively pre-determined short term agenda, the opposition parties will be busy responding to the game-changing results of this election.  For the Liberals, there will be a leadership contest that will ultimately answer the question of whether the left will unite.  That debate will take the form of that leadership contest that pits Bob Rae, who would merge the party, and an as yet unknown defender of Liberal centralism.  The NDP will insert itself into that debate, but it cannot be decided until the Liberals have settled their question of leadership.  The NDP meanwhile, will have to deal with the new realities of having a caucus dominated by Quebec for the first time, on-the-job training for some very questionable MPs, and learning how to balance the need to oppose the government while not abandoning the picture they have painted for Canadians of being a voice of reason and compromise. 

It was always my view that this election might very well bring about a Conservative majority, if the NDP vote held.  The split was more pronounced in Ontario than even I'd believed, and a look at several close ridings reveals that the Conservative victory could have been even larger than it ultimately was.  It could also have been a very close minority.  Although the unpredictability of the "orange wave" made majority extremely difficult to predict, the NDP was able to get their vote out largely without the ground team normally associated with that type of success.  They will now need to turn the "message" sent by Quebeckers into an organization, and a longer term commitment by the voters of that province to their brand.

As the NDP has its coming out party, and as the Liberals turn inward to a period of reflection that they should have undertaken immediately following the Stephane Dion debacle, and as the Bloc reaches the ultimate conclusion that its presence in Ottawa is an additional and unnecessary burden on the separatist movement, the Conservatives will be afforded an opportunity to either solidify themselves as the new natural governing party, or to further polarize Canadian politics by attempting to move the political centre to the right, instead of governing to the centre.

These are indeed interesting times.


From: The Natroses

Joe, I do remembered watching the video of Bhutto stating that  Osama Bin Laden was killed in 2007. Rather odd at this time, to declare Bin Laden dead at this time. The following day, the world stock markets rise, while security levels rise once again. With leaders predicting a rise in terrorist attacks, while declaring that the spiritual head of al Qaeda has been sever. Bhutto may have been murdered in getting in the way of the agendas being carried out by the powerful and rich. If one considers the rise of people in the Middle East, demanding democratic reforms, and freedom, second the tracking and locating people on their cell phone devices, plus other devices, and lastly which has been reported in the main media from time to time,   a worldwide decline in living standards.  "As workers globally, and the United States is no exception to the rule imposed by the ruthless, continue to be squeezed as living standards and social benefits decline, revolt becomes inevitable. In this context, the burgeoning police state that functions as a well-armed pit bull for financial swindlers and capitalist oligarchs alike, are being marshaled to surveil and when necessary, repress, those challenging the prevailing "free market" paradigm."  http://pacificfreepress.com/news/1/8651-too-smart-by-half-phone-whos-listening-to-your-call.html
Already happening in North America, and some politicians do think it is right and just to downgrade the living standards and decline of social benefits, to do just that - lowering of labour costs and wages. 

Subject: Re: Daily Digest May 1, 2011

Hi Joe,  To my point that fighter jets and jails do not make a strong economy, here is an article that should be read by everyone titled, Harper and the illusion of economic management.

"The Conservatives cannot claim much credit for Canada's economic success of the past decade. The surge in our natural exports has been due largely to the spike in commodity prices driven by rising natural resource demand and dwindling supplies.

Even before the latest round of corporate tax cuts, Canada's oil, gas and natural resource exports nearly had doubled in value in recent years, and now more than 25 per cent of Canada's economy is directly or indirectly tied to the mining and oil and gas industries, even more so in Alberta and Newfoundland and Labrador, where oil and gas account for nearly 40 per cent of provincial GDP.

It was also because of the Conservatives' sheer luck ­ not economic management ­ that Canada did not suffer a financial crisis and end up like the United States or many countries in Western Europe.

Canada's banks were better regulated than those in other countries. However, if not for parliamentary committees asking questions, Canadian banks were just as ready to engage in the risky financial activities that would later put the world economy on the brink of collapse. Even so, the Bank of Canada had to purchase more than $35 billion in bad mortgages from the banks, as well as "toxic" assets leveraged by corporate CEOs and worthless corporate debt.
Nor have Harper's policies helped us much in getting through the global economic crisis. Over the last two years, all levels of government made commitments of approximately $13 billion in new capital investment to stabilize our economy. But the reality has been far more irresponsible."
One just has to look in their own back yard, to see the economic policies of the Harper government at work, to cut government services,  paying more personal income taxes, paying more consumer taxes on more services, rising consumer goods/services prices well above the inflation rate, the continued decline of manufacturing jobs , and the disappearance of well-paying jobs are the top indicators to look for in your backyard.  As reported in the article, the most disturbing stat, is that 50 % of Canadians are now classified as low-wage. How many are working two to three jobs in your backyard just to keep the wolf away from the door?  The Harper government has the dubious record of being the major culprit in the rising of low paying jobs to the 50 % mark. And all done under the Harper government's economic policies.
As Tom has opined, "Indeed far too many Canadians, in my opinion, assume Harper is so angelic!
Oh yes... Little do they realize, if we give him a majority we are toast!!
The best thing that could happen is a minority government and if Harper cant
live with that LEAVE! That is the way of our government albeit should Harper
get a majority!!"
The woman who confronted Tom, will regret her decision to support the Harper Conservatives. She will regret her decision not to investigate the budgets of the Harper government, especially the last budget of 800 pages. Buried deep in the last budget, are the cuts to services and funding of services that will take place to pay for the jet fighters and jails. None of which will help the woman when the wolf comes knocking at her door, demanding her to pay her fair share to support economic policies that creates the illusion of the Harper government of having sound economic policies. Not sound for the 50 % of Canadians who are now classified as being low-waged. And as Tom has stated, Canadians will be toast if Harper succeeds to obtain a majority, or even a minority, because Harper's intentions is to continue to increase the number of  low-waged Canadians, while the Harper government preaches the fear of "the sky is falling" to ward off anyone questioning the outcomes of the Harper's government economic policies.

From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
To Joe; and others
re; the death of Osama;

   Say the pro-corporate leaders of the world, wanted to knock off  Gaddafi, which obviously, they already tried, and missed,  and needed a spin machine to cover the news item, or the significance, what better way than to use a big story, that they have killed Osama? 
     Then, they destroy the evidence, by 'burying him at sea'.
    All must dance to the corporate tune, or else, perhaps?
   Meanwhile, Gaddify had a central bank that was not owned by the corporate entities that rule the Federal Reserve Bank of the States or the Bank of England. Amazing, is it not, that the so-called  'rebels', in Libya, go to the trouble of setting up an alternative 'central bank' to Gaddify's. WATCH, just Watch, as the 'new' central bank, just HAPPENS  to have  'corporate ownership', as does the Libyan Investment Authority already!!
                                                                      Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

From: Merle Jacobs
Subject: Re: A positive view of the election result.

If that is the case maybe we will see it in his pick for cabinet, then I will relax.
Merle Jacobs

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: coalition government
Joe--with the majority win of the CPC we already have a coalition government in Canada--a coalition of israel and US Republicans.  More wars and death to follow.
Subject: excerpt from the full article

Items of interest from a journal I've kept for 40 years, part III
Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez memoir, Wiser in Battle: A Soldier's Story, pages 349-350: April 6, 2004. Sanchez was in Iraq in video teleconference with President Bush, Secretary of State Colin Powell, and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. One major American offensive was in operation, another about to be launched. According to Sanchez, Powell was talking tough that day: "We've got to smash somebody's ass quickly, "Powell said. "There has to be a total victory somewhere. We must have a brute demonstration of power." Then Bush spoke: "At the end of this campaign al-Sadr must be gone. At a minimum, he will be arrested. It is essential he be wiped out. Kick ass! If somebody tries to stop the march to democracy, we will seek them out and kill them! We must be tougher than hell! This Vietnam stuff, this is not even close. It is a mind-set. We can't send that message. It's an excuse to prepare us for withdrawal. ... There is a series of moments and this is one of them. Our will is being tested, but we are resolute. We have a better way. Stay strong! Stay the course! Kill them! Be confident! Prevail! We are going to wipe them out! We are not blinking!"

Noam Chomsky: "If there is really authentic popular participation in the decision-making and the free association of communities, yeah, that could be tremendously important. In fact that's essentially the traditional anarchist ideal. That's what was realized the only time for about a year in Spain in 1936 before it was crushed by outside forces, in fact all outside forces, Stalinist Russia, Hitler in Germany, Mussolini's fascism and the Western democracies cooperated in crushing it. They were all afraid of it."

To Hitler, America was both the enemy and a role model, inspiring in its imperial seizure of great territories by force, its use of slave labor, its eradication of native populations.
NATO's secretary general, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, made clear in a speech to the Brookings Institution in Washington in 2008 that western interests in Afghanistan went well beyond good governance to the strategic interest in having a permanent military presence in a state that borders central Asia, China, Iran and Pakistan.
CIA Special Collections of documents; "Instances Of the Use of US Armed Forces Abroad, 1798 - 2010"

From: "Richard Konopada"
Subject: RE: A positive view of the election result.

Joe, unfortunately the Canadian voters have given approval to a Prime Minister and Party that has shown contempt for our Parliamentary system of Government, distain for those who differ in opinion, a Party that smear campaigns and a lack ethics is its core values.  Canadians have looked at our once proud country and have decided that US politics and Republican tactics is what is needed for today's Canada.  Welcome to the new Canada. 


Richard Konopada

From: Anne Dickinson
Subject: Re: A positive view of the election result.

Hi Joe-
Triumphalist cant from John Ibbitson.
Whether or not Harper will trim his sails to try and hold the center, we shall have to see,
But one thing is sure, the secretive hyper partisan, dishonest and anti democratic Harper government
was supported full bore by the Globe and mail and especially by John Ibbitson who is more of a cheer leader than a reporter..
Contempt of parliament and the erosion of the importance of parliamentary democracy in  this country is dismissed thus by (soon to be senator) John Ibbitson.
They gave Mr. Harper high marks on all counts, and discounted any howls about Parliament being prorogued or reporters not being able to ask questions.
The cover-ups and attacks on neutral civil servants and lying to the house of commons-these are not unimportant, though they were dismissed out of hand  by some pollsters
and it seems that the politicians and reporters took the advice and waived them off while pursuing such straw men as Harpers coalition scare
We will see what develops with this  government but if it is a government of bullies, arrogant and dishonest and partisan and secretive, no one can claim to be surprised.
But the press in this country has already failed the test.
Editorially at least. there is not much to choose between the Sun and the Globe and Mail.
Anne Dickinson

From: Peggy Merritt
Subject: Polls are for Dogs!

Hi Joe;  Old Dief was right on!  Even though the pundits couldn't give the Conservatives a majority they certainly predicted the Bloc demise. Harper's record over the past five years in a minority government has been a triumph and he has not been given any credit for the things he has accomplished.  All this nonsense about how Canadians should be fearful if the Conservatives gained a majority has been ignored by the Canadian voters throughout Canada. The demise of the Bloc is also a great thing for Canada and the NDP got their minority from Quebec voters.  It will be interesting to see how all these surprised NDP winners in Quebec adjust to their new careers. Hope they got back in time from their holidays out of the country to acknowledge their election wins.  So I celebrate that we have A wonderful Prime Minister in Stephen Harper and know that Canada is in the hands of a principled, intelligent man who has the best interest of Canadians in his heart...Thanks Joe   Peggy

From: Lorimer Rutty
Subject: timely

For many months your DD has been saturated with vociferous,venomous and vain anti Harper
slurs and innuendoes.
My crew is on stand-by to group photo those individuals  as they eat crow.
For travel arrangements, we suggest beautiful Port Hope.


From: Real Gagne
Subject: Re: A positive view of the election result.


Where I disagree with Ivison is where he claims that the Bloc is done and that the portion of Quebec voters who supported it have suddenly abandoned their objective by supporting the Dippers.

The Bloc hasn't disappeared. It's simply taken on an orange tinge and Layton is going to have live with the results.


From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: a staged event--
Osama bin Laden's Second Death
By Paul Craig Roberts http://www.rense.com/general93/osa2nd.htm

This morning's headline has the odor of a staged event. The smell reeks from the triumphalist news reports loaded with exaggerations, from celebrants waving flags and chanting "USA USA." Could something else be going on?
If today were April 1 and not May 2, we could dismiss as an April fool's joke this morning's headline that Osama bin Laden was killed in a firefight in Pakistan and quickly buried at sea. As it is, we must take it as more evidence that the US government has unlimited belief in the gullibility of Americans.
Think about it.
Subject:  14 signs that the collapse of modern civilization is already underway

NaturalNews Insider Alert ( www.NaturalNews.com ) email newsletter
 Dear NaturalNews readers,
You just gotta love the whole media / White House circus over the Osama Bin Laden announcements. Remember when we were told we had to go after these dangerous terrorists so we could be safer? Remember when we were told that the terror alerts had to be put on orange and red because Bin Laden was "living in a cave" and plotting to bomb us?
Well now that the White House insists they've killed Bin Laden, where's the celebration of freedom and safety? Why aren't we firing the TSA and reversing the Patriot Act? Isn't the danger now over? Can we bring bottled water back on airplanes again?

From: Robert DeWolfe
Subject: Post election

Hello Joe,

Thank you for your post election analyses. It has helped put some perspective on what for some of us, was a traumatic election result. We wonder how such a strong majority of Canadians can be so accepting and supportive of a leader and a party that is as unethical corrupt and undemocratic as any seen in memory. What does that say about Canadians as a whole? But I think your interpretation of exactly what it was Canadians were saying helps to cushion the blow somewhat. Helps to restore my faith in Canadians if not the Political process.

Bob DeWolfe

Subject: A potentially positive outlook for this election..a polarization of 70% of those who do not support Harper..a new lawful sovereignty movement..
From: Geoffrey West

Hi Joe; (and all whom I have copied in)

The election has produced a very sad result, and yet there is something positive within it.    Here is what I am observing at this point:

Since the voter turnout was a little under 60% or at least around that point, Harper has taken a majority government with about 30% of the vote.  This is probably now obvious to most.

With a Harper majority, Canada has now become, more or less, a lawless state.  Why?  It seems that anyone who breaks the law (contempt of parliament) or who is a war criminal (participating in illegal wars, and sending Canadian citizens to die in the name of those illegal wars) can ascend to the chief law-making role in Canada.  With his majority, it seems a "majority" (30%) also support a lawless state.  Do the remaining 70% support this?

The Law of the Sea, also known more commonly as 'commercial law' or 'statute law' is the basic law that lays the foundation for the legal system we currently have, which by the way is NOT the supreme law of Canada.  The Bill of Rights states firmly in its first line, that it is the law of God that is the supreme law of Canada, superseding all other law.  Governments try to tell the people that 'their' law – statute law is the supreme law.  If Harper is able to rise above laws that were enacted by his brethren within the Bilderberg group and banking cartels, this signals a belief that Harper himself does not acknowledge statute law as supreme..however he must still be held accountable to the Higher law.

It is a sad day for Canada, for democracy, for journalism, for human rights and so much more.  Journalists who tout a leader guilty of breaking the law are themselves not honouring the ethic of journalism or their service to people they are claiming to serve.  As a member of Bilderberg, with its own agenda, (that is collapsing), it is likely that Harper will attempt to take more rights away from Canadians. 

What is good about all this? Here are some thoughts to consider:

The global paradigm is collapsing, and will continue to do so - mark my words on this.  It sounds pessimistic, but actually it is very positive.  Although Harper has succeeded in pulling a veil across a certain percentage of the population, there is another 65-70% that do not recognize or honour his leadership and they are among the awakening millions worldwide to the lies, frauds and criminal corruption of the banking cartels that have created the fractional-reserve banking model that has contributed to the enslavement of humanity.  This group sees what many in the world are now beginning to see; that leaders and institutions of leadership have been taken hostage by criminally fraudulent groups tied to the banking cartel.

Proof?  How can two leaders on nearly opposite sides of the world give EXACTLY the same speech to their respective parliaments within two days of each other, advocating the same actions against Iraq in 2003?  Harper and former Australian PM Howard demonstrate that someone outside of their parliaments is pulling the strings:

The irony here is that a less technologically-advanced state like Egypt can rally its citizens using social media to peacefully revolt and remove a criminal leader and yet, allegedly as one of the countries with the highest use of social media and a country formerly held in high regard for its 'peace-loving' reputation, Canadians apathetically lie down and watch their rights continue to be stripped away by a law-breaker and war criminal who would rather spend money on military jets than solve problems among the population.

George Bush won a second term, much to the dismay of the world and many US citizens. It took me a long time to get over the frustration and disgust I felt at that, but eventually I came to realize that we should be thankful for that.  We should be thankful because he polarized many of the people who are now forming the basis for the truth movement that is sweeping the planet.  This includes the negative truth movement of people like Alex Jones and the positive truth movement of all those who are considered the 'Lightworkers' - those bringing in greater energies of love and Light while contributing to the higher human and planetary consciousness rising at this time.

70% of Canada does not support Harper, and this represents a great opportunity for peaceful resistance and rebellion through the Freeman On The Land movement.  A groundswell of people who are committed to living peacefully and lawfully outside of government representation.  We do NOT have to pay fees for various licences, nor is it necessary to register (pay) for birth certificates that enslave us to the corporate Canada.  We do not have to pay taxes because our tax money does not really go for services anyway - it goes to pay back the banking cartel and fund all their illegal wars.

Citizens banding together to declare sovereignty as HUMANS, supporting each other under the law of God while peacefully rejecting laws that support the continued enslavement of humans and the poisoning of humans on Canadian soil through chemtrails, fouride, GMO foods, dangerous vaccines and so much more.  Canadians demanded health-care as an issue in the election, and Harper successfully kept the focus on health-care, while avoiding the issue that government itself as being controlled by the elitist banking cartel is contributing to making people sick and thus creating the fear within people of a need for health-care.  This alone is worthy of a charge of crimes against humanity.  I however do not seek punishment for him or those involved.  As long as they agree to leave politics and surrender their power/control over the people of Canada, I am willing to forgive them, and let them go live somewhere quietly and let Divine law hold them accountable for their actions.  I choose not to harm another who is a part of the ONENESS that is LIFE.

However, as I said, the current economic paradigm is collapsing and will continue to do so.  This is unavoidable.  It is best that Harper is in the 'seat of control' when this happens so people can see for themselves that he will not be able to create the 'great future' that he claims he can create - barring any sudden reversals in his character towards one who truly understands peace and service to humanity and our planet.  This way, no other leader can be blamed for the collapse.

People will eventually see the truth.  Many already are.   Maybe there WAS truth within the sovereignty movement in Quebec afterall.  Although their idea of sovereignty was based on a fearful separation between English and French...the ESSENCE of what their movement represented is a lesson that can be applied now.  The sovereignty is not one based in differences between humans.  It is now a sovereignty OF humans choosing to live lawfully outside of oppressive, unrecognized and illegal governance - a basic human right as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as set out by the UN and signed by Canada.

In the meantime, the best and most peaceful revolution I could suggest is to educate oneself on the Freeman On The Land movement, and rally people towards communities of self-support, self-sufficiency and de-jure governments, as opposed to 'de-facto' governments.  Our First Nations brothers and sisters can work together with those Canadians who understand peace and creating community to support each other.  Create within each community a system of participatory democracy, as opposed to a representative one.  The 70% that oppose Harper can, LAWFULLY, exist outside of Harper's control...and this is the revolutionary message that TRUE Canadians can send to the world and that we know how to create an honourable democracy, and use the statute law to turn the tables and restore common law to the land in a peaceful and loving way!  I have had my letters prepared for some time now to declare my sovereignty from government representation, and if I ever choose to set feet upon Canadian soil again, one of the first things I do will be to send those letters in.  I do not recognize, nor consent to the governance of a law-breaker, war criminal or a criminal against humanity.   A proper de-jure court of law COULD have the power to bring him down again lawfully....again if people are willing to educate themselves and work together!

This could be the next revolution, and Harper does not have to have control over us.

The media article that you just shared suggested that people had to unite.  Harper united just enough people to consolidate his control.  The 70% of us that do not acknowledge his leadership must now unite in a lawful, peaceful means that still exists within the legal structure of a system that Harper himself does not abide by.

As a side note, I have taken the unusual step of admonishing my alma-mater, the University for Peace by giving them a choice to revoke my Masters degree in Peace Education because in exchange for a refund in my tuition because this university no longer understands the vision of peace..only the business of peace and the profits that come from maintaining states of peacelessness.  The administration does not support the holistic vision of peace that my work advocates and thus I can no longer endorse it as an institution for study for those who truly wish to understand the nature of this word 'peace'.  Not surprisingly, they have not responded.  They are most fearful of true holistic peace because it removes the opportunity to capitalize on the fear.  I am willing to stand up to them in a peaceful loving way, by giving them the choice.  Are we all willing to stand up now equally and lawfully!?

We just have to work together!
Namaste, peace and love to all!