Thursday, May 26, 2011

Daily Digest May 26, 2011



A beginning of discussion of future directions.

Subject: Re: QUESTION OF THE DAY and of our future:
From: "Ian Berg"

We don't have much sovereignty to begin with when we let NATO lead our defence policy & the UN our foreign policy. Canada's capability to defend its 3 coasts, its side of the Great Lakes & the long land border is doubtful. We've depended on American warships to defend us on the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans since WWI anyways. The main thing we can slow down or stop is sharing information about our citizens with America, but that would close off info from them about their citizens.


From: Subir Guin
Subject: RE: QUESTION OF THE DAY - incremental continentalism

 Of course, there is no doubt in my mind, we stand to lose some of our sovereignty with this so-called security perimeter with the US.  Firstly, we should be vigorously challenging the Congressional sources who keep persisting that that the 49th is a convenient gateway for terrorists destined for the Land of the Brave and Home of the "Free".  President Obama may not believe this to be true, but public misperception is so widespread in the US, that it benefits those in the administration who want the Northern perimeter set up.
Once implemented, the perimeter will strengthen other areas, where the US would like us to step into line - such as equipping our air force with aircraft from their stables, whether or not we really need them.  The F-35 purchase will be the most extravagant and senseless decision if it goes through.  Even the Pentagon considers the escalating costs makes it an "unaffordable" option.
Another issue is the differences Canada and the US have over drug laws and how we address the problem.  It is unlikely that the US will emulate our ways; besides, some Canadians are reluctant to keep supporting needles-exchange programmes, even though such strategies have been found to be effective in the long run.
The sharing of data on passengers using Canadian air space with the FBI is yet another outrageous idea that will do nothing to enhance security.  If the Harper administration is prepared to sign on the dotted line, we may as well be flying the Stars & Stripes = Subir